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  1. Said every CSU fan on the board
  2. I may be in the minority here but I thought the first one was absolutely stupid. I typically love movies like this but for some reason just didn’t find it funny other than a couple of one liners.
  3. And honestly why should it be imho.
  4. My mom does daily... Drives me crazy
  5. What a twat... shut the F up!!! Lmaoooo
  6. Marshall Faulk stats in 1992 I believe weren’t great in Laramie. Pokes beat that poor dude to death that day damn near. Also saw a dude streak the field and get taken down hard by the Laramie pd... freaking hilarious!
  7. Finally got tested this morning. Not a lot of fun but it’s over in roughly 10 seconds. I swear they swabbed my brain. No wise ass comments about my brain either you dickweeds!
  8. I don’t disagree with you. I feel for the cops who shot him too because I truly doubt 99.99% of all cops want to do something like that no what the narrative is from some people.
  9. I guess I don’t know how he was supposedly arrested. If he pulled a gun and wanted a gun fight I guess he got what he deserved. If he was shot just because then I have a problem with it. I’m guessing he had a gun so it is what it is...
  10. I won’t argue a bit on your points.
  11. Ok I laughed my ass off at these. They’d be a hell of a lot funnier if they weren’t so true. Good Christ what are we becoming as a country?
  12. Thank you. as teachers we wear our masks religiously but I’m not sold on how much good they actually do. But I love my job and the kids in my class so I’ll be a good soldier and do what I can to keep them and my family safe.
  13. Which in turn would make us all gay...you know... soccer and all.
  14. Also blue...it’s to...not too in your statement.
  15. It was about a 6 hour turn around from test to results. I could give two shits if you believe me or not you clown. lol There are other tests...I’m getting tested tomorrow... that take 2-3 days
  16. We were not wearing masks at the time but we were at least 6 feet apart. Je felt poorly the next day and went in and tested positive....just got a text from him and he is running a 102.2 temperature right now
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