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  1. Something to do with BBC? BSUTOP25’s mom is something of an expert I’ve been told. Man I miss that guy! He needs to come back to make these jokes work!
  2. I’m not coming to his defense but this this is silly to be outraged over
  3. This “outrages” me about as much as the birthing person thread…
  4. Listened to some Coe Wetzel tonight on the way home from Nebraska…
  5. She had him stumped for sure! That answer made less sense and had no direction…maybe worse than our previous president and the one we have now.
  6. Or UNLV2001’s mom….
  7. 104!here in SE Wyoming today. Humidity will be at 35% so that isn’t horrible. Still damn hot for me though.
  8. Anybody who vapes should be tased IMO…. only kinda kidding!
  9. Money talks and people are greedy… I don’t know if there is a good answer to this but I’d prefer some American advisors to help keep things on the legal side.
  10. Also we’d need Americans imbedded so we could see if there was any funny business going on like the Mexican police force is now.
  11. I’d nominate myself but my crank is way too large! Ask @tailingpermit’s mom....she knows! 😉
  12. There are certainly cops who are dumbasses out there but I doubt most of them cheered this clown on. I’m guessing way more of them cringed while reading this.
  13. And why should Jeff Bezos foot the Bill?
  14. Mostly because the one dude is wearing a fedora not because of the gun however!
  15. We could add the Boise Rodeo... it’s where I mount Ibanzes mom from behind and tell her she’s the worst lay I’ve ever had and I try to hold on for 8 seconds... She’s and ornery old tramp!
  16. That is bullshit! Unfortunately it happens all the time. I have a similar story from a couple of years ago involving a job I applied for and another dude got it because his father in law was in school board etc.... long story
  17. Also...It sucks to be a CSU ram and it always will!
  18. Damn it!!! Now I guess @tailingpermitwill bear the brunt of all the mom jokes! If any of you Boise buttholes talk to him tell him “yer mom”’for me.
  19. My ‘61 Chevy my grandfather gave me before he passed away in 1983. I was 12 at the time and thought it was a cool old truck. Sat in a barn for years and I’m restoring it slowly but surely.
  20. Normal....ass kickings the previous five years. Yes that is normal. Daddy will take you pussys behind the wood shed and spank that ass
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