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  1. MWC Sports.... CSU sucks and will suck for a long time. Politics... hopefully one of the major parties will nominate someone who isn't on the extreme fringe of either party and doesn't suck as bad as CSU. GoStates mom will still get passed around by lonely cowboys during the long winter months.
  2. Weird you would admit to this...
  3. I like Mondellos in Cheyenne... Joes special is fauking good I think
  4. Rammies win round one of the slapfight... This season just needs end now so we can make the coaching change and start over
  5. Not cool bruh! The picture you posted for Laramie is a picture of TP's mom with a freshly shaved back! I don't think he'll appreciate it...
  6. What a dumbass move...by both Glass and the official. If the official was a buddy of mine he'd never hear the end of this. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
  7. I am grudgingly rooting for the flyboys but man I cannot stand howdy +++++ing Doody!
  8. Speaking of positions and GoStates mom....oh nevermind, I don't want to give all her secrets away. ­čśü
  9. That's not very LDS-like...
  10. While you guys are at it...have tailingpermits mom shave her back.
  11. CSU was also being charitable to the Pokes and the rest of the SEC mountain by hiring "the dude"
  12. It's a joke you whiney twit...laugh a little.
  13. GoState...yer mom should've swallowed you... A much better effort on my part!
  14. Damn it! I keep forgetting one of the most important mwcboard rules. I'll practice this skill every chance I get so as not to make this mistake again. TP...yer mom is a skank and should've swallowed you. I feel better already!
  15. Don't think we have any sheep +++++ers in the family. Honestly I did giggle at your response. But, absolutely I wasn't kidding you about your mom swallowing you.
  16. That's what she said....
  17. Orange was a poster that got the boot from here a couple of months ago...very abrasive! He had some sand in his vag
  18. Bookworm=orange. It's creepy it's so close
  19. The only good thing about this is we are one game closer to the end of AE's reign of terror....
  20. Oh for Christ's sake...act like you've been there before. It was ybu not lsu...
  21. You at least got the independent nobody part right...