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  1. Wyoguns

    UNLV at Wyoming

    Naughton absolutely sucks balls. How is he on a D1 basketball team?
  2. Wyoguns

    Slightly OT: Wyoming Enrollment declines

    The I-80 corridor from Rawlins west doesn't count as the real Wyoming!
  3. Wyoguns

    OT: Babies!

  4. Wyoguns

    OT: Babies!

    Raising two boys...wouldn't trade it for the world. One is a freshman in college playing D2 football...youngest is a sophomore in high school. They've made their fair share of mistakes and it hasn't always been easy. That said they are both straight A students (thanks to their mom) and are generally damn good people if I do say so myself!
  5. Wyoguns

    #7 Nevada @ Wyoming

    We did beat CSU however...lol. Had to throw that in there to remind myself that on one night at least we own them. Otherwise I'd go walk in front of traffic...😣
  6. Wyoguns

    It sucks. To be. A CSEwe Ram.

    My apologies once again. Go Pokes!
  7. Wyoguns

    It sucks. To be. A CSEwe Ram.

    Oh for Christ's sake relax Francis... I shouldn't have said it...it was tongue in cheek. I apologized...it's over...plus it had nothing to do with a drug deal gone bad.
  8. Wyoguns

    It sucks. To be. A CSEwe Ram.

    Poor attempt at humor on my part...
  9. Wyoguns

    It sucks. To be. A CSEwe Ram.

    Questioning how in the hell do you have three HS buddies with gay children? I'm not judging...just an honest question.
  10. Wyoguns

    Alonzo Hall signing

    No kidding...one would think he'd have something more important to ask like...which Wyoming Cowboy knocked my mommy up?
  11. Wyoguns

    At the end of the day

    I'm guessing yes...no wonder it sucks to be a CSU ram all the time!
  12. Wyoguns

    Has Wyoming football peaked the last 3 seasons?

    I think a better question is has halfmanhalfbronco quit his full time job as a fluffer in the porn industry to become a full time troll on the board?
  13. Eventually... They are average for a d2 school. UNLV will drub them...
  14. My oldest son plays football at a RMAC school that Dixie State is currently a part of. We beat them this year. While they had some talent they are going to get flat embarrassed in the near future at the D-1 level. I'd be surprised if they are within40 points of anybody when they make the jump...