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  1. 2020 is a mixed bag for me... I am very thankful for my loving wife if 23 years. My oldest son hung up college football because of shoulder issues and just getting on with life. My youngest just won a state championship in football a week ago. I have a great job and so does my wife. So while 2020 has been a shit show on many levels the three most important people in my life are healthy and doing well. My parents are healthy so far and I hope we make it through the whole COVID-19 thing. also, I’d like to thank everyone on this board for giving me something to do during my spare time.
  2. I use bag balm on yer moms udders....
  3. Quit being a pussy and rub some dirt on it like a real Wyoming Cowboy would do!!! Jeez, you’re starting to act like a whiney assed CSU fan!
  4. Sounds like the kinky shyte yer mom is into....
  5. No kidding...I make tailingpermits mom wear a mask all the time and it helps because I don’t get the Rona AND I don’t have to look at that snaggle toothed hooker!
  6. Off the top of my head... lots of powdered sugar, eggs, vanilla I think and some spices along with hot water and and spirits. Grand dad had that shit mixed up from thanksgiving on every year.
  7. Ill post my late granddads Tom and Jerry batter recipe when I find it. Mix with boiling water and a shot of spiced rum and a shot of cheap whiskey... two or thee of those and you’ll be hammered. Lol
  8. My wife is slightly more conservative than I am I think. Her parents are hardcore republicans and my parents are hardcore democrats. My wife and I lean slightly right but I don’t feel either of us are stupid about it...
  9. Wyoguns


    I guess I can restate my post. She’s ok until she opens her mouth and then those giant teeth pop out of her face like Mr. Ed and I don’t find her very attractive. So... if she kept her mouth completely shut she’d be better! also even though I’m a registered R I have never voted straight party lines in my life and I doubt I ever will. I’m one of those weirdos who tries to educate myself on what each candidate stands for before the election. some in here ought to try it!
  10. Wyoguns


    Attractive??? Wtf? I don’t care for her that much but don’t hate or fear her that much like some on here but.... she has a horse face I think
  11. I truly think you are spot on here for the most part. I didn’t vote for either but I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Trump. I don’t like career politicians either but he’s an ass. Biden is like the absent-minded professor to me. It still floors me that these are the two who made it to the end!
  12. He’s almost as big of asshat as trumpy
  13. Also per your post liberals will all call any conservative a racist blah blah blah etc...
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