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  1. @Joe from WY...have you eaten the pizza in Centennial at the Bear Tree? One of the better places in WY to get pizza I think. They've changed owners in the last month or so and I haven't been there since. I like their pizza with peppers, pepperoni, onions... They also have a taco pizza with green chile on it that is damn good.
  2. We suck...i cant even sugar coat it...
  3. While way to liberal for my taste I kind of miss the dumb shit at times...
  4. Wyoguns


    I was teaching 6th grade at the time...it was hard not to watch how that day unfolded. However I didn't know how my students would react to it. I chose to watch when I had planning periods and not when I had students. We did talk about it throughout the day however. One of the worst days in my 48 years on this planet.
  5. Biscuit AND gravy.... that is a large human to be playing QB.
  6. I'm not sold the Pokes are world-beaters either. That said the win over Missouri is awesome. We'll see how this team develops... QB play had better improve a lot or we'll be in trouble
  7. Who left some points on the board also. If they would've taken advantage of red zone opportunities UW would've ran away with this game.
  8. I know innocent until proven guilty and all but +++++ these clowns! Should've been put down 20 years ago. I'm sure we have enough evidence to prove them guilty or we wouldn't be going through this dog and pony show. Pisses me off!
  9. Kill two birds with one stone and come watch the Pokes slap the sheep around at The War!
  10. I think Swen is going to be an absolute stud!
  11. #3 great effort...God damn it!
  12. That's what she said...and by she I mean tailingpermits mom
  13. We'll leave the sheep for you weirdos!