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  1. And CSU knows ALOT about terrible football hires recently!
  2. Been a lot more impressive if you would’ve talked shit before the game… also Buck Foise!
  3. Sorry Donks…pulling for the Dawgs in this one. Reffed some jr high basketball this morning. Going to settle down with some Irish Whiskey and watch football the rest of the day.
  4. I’d of put a cap in that’s cats ass without hesitation.
  5. Glad to have you back you glorious bastard!
  6. I’m on board with that. Teaching these days is an amazing job! Most days I love what I do but…there are some parents that have no business being parents. Makes the job tough sometimes. Also the bs that is pushed down from the state and national level doesn’t help in the classroom!
  7. The joke that keeps on giving!
  8. I heard he was embarrassed because yer mom gave him the clap so he’s transferring so he doesn’t have to show his face on campus…
  9. Honestly the “school isn’t doing it” made me bristle. While I can see your point I feel it’s more of a parental problem than a school problem. Definitely a slippery slope no matter how you cut it.
  10. As long as his life is +++++ing miserable I hope it’s all of the above
  11. But…the whole white/black thing? Weird
  12. Ok correct me if I’m wrong…if Fuentes is a white supremacist and Ye is black and they were hanging out….how does that work?
  13. I hope that cyclops looking mf gets his ass banged in prison daily!
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