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  1. Some yes... not all by any means. Quit being so obtuse Convert...errr I mean Retro
  2. Sure it does... ol slugger was basically making reference to my family and that it was all that matters. In some ways yes but Helping others less fortunate is very important to me. I may not make a difference in the big picture but helping my community is important.
  3. A swing and a miss! I volunteer my time several times a year to a food bank in my town...I also donate money several times a year. I could care less if that time and money is used on a white kid, a black kid, a Hispanic kid etc. my sons also donate time a couple of times a year at the same food bank. So keeping swinging away slugger!
  4. You overcame that setback because you had a good mother and or friends etc... weird how you could do that but we make excuses for certain groups of people who can’t seem to overcome that for one reason or another
  5. My wife and I both paid our way through college and have teaching degrees. Very little help from either set of parents. Got jobs and because we wanted more for ourselves and children we got extra jobs. My wife worked as a part time janitor at the school and I worked for maintenance and did all the lawns at the same school. We also worked as janitors at the district office for over four years. I’m not saying this for a pat on the back but that if you want things you have to do some crappy things sometimes. It wasn’t fun... now all that said I realize inner city people don’t have access to extra jobs or good paying jobs all the time BUT.... all the more reason to move and better their circumstances! Weird concept I’m sure.
  6. I desperately want football to happen...my youngest son will be a senior in high school and my oldest will be a redshirt sophomore at a d2 school. I hope I get to watch them both this year!
  7. You didn’t detect my sarcasm I guess...
  8. I have no idea why people do what they do. I’m sure it can be explained that because they live in poverty they are more prone to violence. I’m sure there is some truth to that but also I don’t buy that argument 100%
  9. And to play the devil’s advocate what are the percentages for violent crimes concerning white and blacks.
  10. While I don’t have a problem with protester per say if they stand in the road and damage vehicles +++++ em I say!
  11. I’m guessing it involves Tailingpermits mom, jello, and a kiddie pool but I’m not certain. That’s how I’d break a tie (or a leg) though!
  12. I’d be fine with that! The Pikes would be12-0 and playing a New Years Day Bowl for sure!