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  1. This is all fake news! Ahhhh....I was 19 and she was a 25 year old divorcee with two children. That was truly the first black hole I'd seen! Almost had to strap a 2x4 to my ass so I didn't fall in that crater!
  2. Wyoguns


    Have a mormon buddy and he always joked when we were younger that Mormon girls would save their virginity for marriage...but the b-hole was non off limits. They could take it in the crapper and still be virgins for their husbands. LOL
  3. Wyoguns


    Just what I was going to suggest...at least they are into anal. If the end game is sex he may have an opportunity there.
  4. Had labs for twenty years now. Just put our old yellow lab down about a year ago. He was almost 14 and it almost killed me to do it. Didn't have a dog for about 8 months and it sucked. Found a older yellow female and adopted her...she is an absolute sweetheart and it's like she's lived her whole life here. Labs are the best damn dogs ever!
  5. You poor bastard! Enjoy the heck out of it... You'll miss it some day!
  6. Too much finger pointing and too little working across lines for the betterment of all people. Not surprised
  7. Weak sauce sister...not one of your better troll attempts.
  8. Not to highjack the thread but instead of molten salt could we use the boiling salty tears of byu fans? I mean after getting knocked out of their conference tournament and the poor showing in football the last decade I'm sure we could easily collect enough salty tears of byu fans to run one of these reactors. @#1Stunner.. what do you think?
  9. I agree...they should allow the relatives of the victims kill them...
  10. I'll drink to that! Just not that 3.2 shit!