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  1. Now if we could just win an outright conference championship before I die that would be great!
  2. Wyoguns


    Independent fact checkers have verified that this statement is false! Yer mom posts are always appropriate!
  3. Hers the problem with this post. You assume Dems are too dumb and are brainwashed into voting one way. As bad as it pains me to say this….Wyoming is just as dumb the other way. People only vote GOP here and could care less what the issues are as long as a Republican is pushing the agenda. It’s maddening and im a registered Republican!
  4. I’m in support of voter ID’s AND making it as easy as possible and convenient for people to vote!
  5. I’ll miss the Saturday game (match) whatever they call them but I’ll check my phone. Monday I’ll be tuned in with a beer in hand cheering my ass off.
  6. Hell I even really enjoyed young guns 2.
  7. Young guns is one of my favorites of all time!
  8. If in fact it did kill Billy The Kid…..
  9. Because it’s soccer…who gives a +++++! Don’t get me wrong I want Americans to win at the Olympic Games but seriously +++++ soccer. Communist sport anyway.
  10. Depending on who the commentators are I do that on occasion.
  11. To piggyback off my previous post. No politics unless the only sporting event is soccer…then I’m all for politics to give the game some excitement. Screw soccer.
  12. I don’t know man. I tune into games etc… to watch the game and enjoy whatever sport I’m watching at the time. I truly don’t need to hear a bunch of commentary on politics.
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