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  1. Said every CSU fan on the board
  2. I may be in the minority here but I thought the first one was absolutely stupid. I typically love movies like this but for some reason just didn’t find it funny other than a couple of one liners.
  3. And honestly why should it be imho.
  4. My mom does daily... Drives me crazy
  5. What a twat... shut the F up!!! Lmaoooo
  6. Marshall Faulk stats in 1992 I believe weren’t great in Laramie. Pokes beat that poor dude to death that day damn near. Also saw a dude streak the field and get taken down hard by the Laramie pd... freaking hilarious!
  7. Finally got tested this morning. Not a lot of fun but it’s over in roughly 10 seconds. I swear they swabbed my brain. No wise ass comments about my brain either you dickweeds!
  8. I don’t disagree with you. I feel for the cops who shot him too because I truly doubt 99.99% of all cops want to do something like that no what the narrative is from some people.
  9. I guess I don’t know how he was supposedly arrested. If he pulled a gun and wanted a gun fight I guess he got what he deserved. If he was shot just because then I have a problem with it. I’m guessing he had a gun so it is what it is...
  10. I won’t argue a bit on your points.
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