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  1. Hint…it has something to do with @GoState99755’s mom
  2. Why am I strangely aroused?
  3. We gone Votr on this or not slap Dick? be hard to not vote Pokes for me. I was there and witnessed that steaming pile of shit….
  4. Please don’t fire the dude! It may be our only legitimate chance for a win as long as Bohl is our coach!
  5. I’m at a loss for words. As good as we’ve looked in a few games we were equally crappy in others. Offensively we are dogshit!
  6. Speaking of bush…tell yer mom hi for me Sparky
  7. Kinda like CSU…lol. I kid sheep I kid! Pun intended
  8. Not bagging on either program but it was definitely amateur and lackluster.
  9. Some pictures of years last. my boys with a wild Turkey I harvested about 15 years ago and my dad with some walleye we caught in Canada about that same time.
  10. I’ll be honest the whole trophy thing was pretty tame. WYO and CSU raise hell and have some fun when they go get the boot after a win. It was like watching a jr high team today when Fresno went and got the V…
  11. He was probably drinking Gatorade already…powering up for round two!
  12. I remember the bet kind of…. Yeah Dre was the mom guy. K5 was a total homer but I didn’t mind him all that bad. I lurked here when he was going strong.
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