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  1. Beautiful picture of me and yer mom! Kinda has that horse face but she’s a hell of a cook!
  2. In his defense it’s better than a full out war... also, it wasn’t great for the American consumers either for the most party.
  3. It needs to happen....quit building the rest of the world up and the electing home soil. First president AND congress to do that will get my vote period!
  4. Moving stuff out of my wife’s grandparents house after they had passed. Found an arrest warrant for her great great grandfather for bootlegging and having a moonshine operation. Laughed our ass off in that one.
  5. Lobos miss six straight free throws on technical fouls in Wyoming’s bench. What the hell??
  6. Lived in Newcastle WY during that time. Lots of cold and snow that winter. I was pretty young and still remember that winter!
  7. So that excuses this? Clarify please...
  8. Bet you wished you had a buck for every time you “used” them! Hahaha
  9. Phucking cold in the 307 right now! -30 wind chill tonight in SE Wyoming
  10. And closer to yer mom! She’s a good time even if it is a little beat up...
  11. Winter camped several times in the snowies above Laramie but I was always less than a mile or so from the pickup after snowshoeing into the timber. Probably not near as prepared as you’ll be by any means. Enjoy the solitude and peace! Upload some pictures when you get back!
  12. So does yer mom! I especially like when she does that humming thing with my nuts...
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