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  1. I especially want to give a shout out to @tailingpermit’s mom and @BSUTOP25’s mom! Wink wink Nudge nudge!
  2. Sadly that is society these days I think...who can be the loudest and sadly most ignorant is the popular one. As a teacher I see this crap every day...
  3. Cheney has her warts imho but what she did calling Trump out was awesome! I am leaning more left every day after looking at what these dumb shits are doing.
  4. May be a rhetorical question but...Trump or UNLV2001? I’m confused...
  5. @#1Stunner...you Mormons need to start marrying more women and spitting out MOAR babies!
  6. I don’t want to brag but my snout is Hugeeeeee!
  7. Poor bastard is gonna pay for that less than attractive ass he married.
  8. Speaking of trimming bushes....yer moms is overgrown @BSUTOP25.... going to be a big job for me. seriously though...painting my garage and shed. Gardening and planting trees and flowers. Gotta get it done before graduation in three weeks...wife is really busting my balls!
  9. Better yet Ph... how much do you think she’d charge you for a roll in the hay?
  10. Respectfully I disagree. I just think poking the bear for shits and giggles because Biden doesn’t really give a shit is dumb. Grandstanding at its best
  11. So let’s poke the bear when in the big scheme of things it doesn’t +++++ing matter! +++++ing dumb...
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