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  1. I remember where I was when I heard the news. I was always a much bigger Alice in Chains fan but I had heard Bleach before teen spirit hit. When I first heard teen spirit, I was hooked. Layne Staley died on the same day eight years later (not sure how they know for sure, rumor has it he had been dead for days before they found him.)
  2. I have on a couple occasions but the endless emails afterwards really turned me off.
  3. Late to the party but holy shite- what a game!
  4. This is why I was hesitant to post on this thread. Lots of judgement. Why be embarrassed about the music you enjoy? Everybody wants to be a critic.
  5. This stuff is hard. Brings me back to a kid when we would ride bikes around with an AM transistor radio. This was a big song. Also remember Billy don't be a hero. Not great songs but the nostalgia value is off the charts.
  6. I was there. Thought R.E.M. was great. My recollection though was Natalie Merchant sucked, she screeched the whole time. Man the A & S used to have such great shows. What happened? I remember Stevie Ray and Lonnie Mack and the place was only a third full during a snow storm. We went down and danced in the orchestra pit. We were lit up!
  7. Got my second Pfizer shot today. Feel like crap, but I think it's because we door dashed Chili's. Seriously, arm is sore but feel fine.
  8. Thank goodness this thread got derailed. I was about to bare my soul on my history of bad music. Dodged a bullet there.
  9. I am guessing the majority of bullying is online now. Everybody has a phone and a Facebook page. (No Facebook for me).
  10. Who felt empowered with his gun. Agree with the other stuff though.
  11. No. Gun owner from Wyoming. Just want some common sense gun laws.
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