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  1. Communications major at UW. Never graduated but had arguably the best three years of my life. Wife has her master's degree and two of my three kids graduated from Wyoming. Have season tickets for football and basketball the past 25 years which makes me an expert in all things Cowboy.
  2. Wyo looking much better tonight. My stream sucks though, very choppy.
  3. Remind me not to hang out with you
  4. I know Twitter is the devil but follow "a well regulated militia" . Nothing but dumbasses with guns.
  5. No excuses. We are getting our butt handed to us but Wyoming is playing three freshmen and has no seniors on the roster.
  6. 500,000 times a year people are pulling out their guns? That's a lot of "get off my lawn".
  7. I don't think Wyoming is this bad, Boise is this good.
  8. Gun owner here and hate that this gets argued every couple months but do not believe the three million times a year stat.
  9. Boise looks good. Very athletic.
  10. Feel bad this is happening. So glad I grew up in a era without phones. Our youngest graduated right about the time smartphones became popular. Hopefully she will be able to block any unidentified numbers, I know I get two to three spam calls a day.
  11. Haven't listened to am radio in years (except for live sports) but driving across Wyoming at any point in the last forty years, rush was sometimes the only thing you could find on the dial. Now imagine these old ranchers listening to that shit non-stop for decades with a helping of Hannity. I usually listen to music, better for your soul.
  12. I worry about more pardons for himself, family and others if the impeachment doesn't go forward.
  13. Hoping the big kid from Colorado can get some playing time. Thought he might be healthy by now.
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