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  1. He said the same about you, but I was skeptical with you being a CSU fan .
  2. You had a much better time then I did. Thanks for the kind words, right back at the Lobo fans, good bunch. Except for the Lobo fan impersonating you to get a free beer . A bowl game would be nice but don't think it's happening this year. Glad you had fun and good luck!
  3. Congrats on the win Loboman. It was nice to meet ya. See you on the BB court. Good luck the rest of the way.
  4. Section C. Right down from you. Brown Wyoming football hat. Blonde wife. I have bright yellow poke shoes
  5. Please. Not six more quarters of ineptness.
  6. I will be there. Look for me in the brown and gold gear ­čśü. Seriously good luck today and I will buy you a beer if I see ya.
  7. Like to see what Williams can do against New Mexico (No offense Lobo fans) and maybe get his confidence up. Fan of Chambers, the person, but maybe a change is what we need if Levi is healthy.
  8. As a Wyoming fan, I have to be optimistic. I think we will be much improved and finish in the top five. Graham Ike is going to be a problem for a lot of teams in this league.
  9. Sorry to hear this. Been through that too many times. Dogs don't live nearly long enough.
  10. But this is our deepest team ever.
  11. I feel Wyoming will play much better in this one. They were embarrassed by Air Force and will bounce back at home. I am fan of Chambers but if he struggles again, put in Williams and see what he can do. Hoping X goes off.
  12. Is Gruden going to become the new Republican martyr? Next on the Tucker Carlson show.....
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