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  1. Actually feel bad for the Rams. Can't even bring myself to give them crap. I want them to be good because it feels better to beat them when some thing is at stake. C'mon CSU, get your [email protected]#t together. You should be one of the premier teams in this league.
  2. If he loses this fall, no chance he runs in 2024. If he is not in jail, the amount of books and documentaries about these past four years will sink him. Republicans will act like they never knew him.
  3. Buckled my son in his car seat and set the diaper bag in the roof. As I drove away i saw it tumbling down the road and went "$hit!" . That was his third word he ever learned and used it constantly.
  4. Wyoming was about to roll this conference. If we dont have football this fall, y'all dodged a large bullet.
  5. Don't trickle on my back and call it rain
  6. Just assumed it was Don Jr and Eric
  7. Biden was like my fifth choice. I will be voting for him this fall. P.S. I am embarrassed that Barrasshole represents Wyoming
  8. Not wanting to get into a 2A argument, but where did you get that 2.5 million number from?
  9. Not so much. It has turned into a Colorado KOA. Fortunately I know the area very well
  10. Instead of your portfolios, tell us about yourself as people. That has always been more important than how much money a person has.
  11. Camped all weekend in the snowies. Had a front row seat to the comet. Unfortunately my phone sucks or I would post pictures.
  12. Not wanting to get into a 2a discussion but where did you get the 2.5 million number from?