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  1. Would be have used it though? We had two, maybe three timeouts left last game and didn't use them to set up a play and instead crank up a long three with seven seconds left. Same thing happened when Maldonado turned the ball over at the end of the game a few games ago. I am just frustrated and it is probably coming out in my posts. They continue to play hard and hopefully can sneak a conference win out before the end of the season.
  2. Edwards has a freshman who is not our primary ball handler bring the ball up with under a minute left, classic.
  3. Well I am not wasting this lube. FM!
  4. Trying to figure out where HT defensive responsibilities lie. He looks lost out there.
  5. I am lubed and ready.
  6. Not a real big fan of rap, but rock and roll is an attitude so I have no problem with bands like NWA voted in. Agree
  7. They do. I think the beer sales prop up our basketball program.
  8. I need a translation. Guys?
  9. Hope you are right. A winless MWC record is a real possibility.
  10. Sucks. I read his books as well. Really interesting as were his lyrics. Loved the early Rush and also liked snakes and arrows, one of their last ones.
  11. Could be wrong but I thought I remembered Rocky's wife was from Wyoming. I am sure she has fami!y here.
  12. So we all agree SDSU is first and WYO is last. Easy