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  1. The one with the good temperament is already thinking about his career choices. Unfortunately that leaves the one that just wanted health insurance
  2. I am friends with two police officers who both worked for me when they were younger. One served in the navy (no college) while the other one has a criminal justice degree. One has a great temperament to be a cop, the other one, not so much. Both had less then three months in the police academy before given a badge and a gun. Worked in the jail before going out on patrol, all within the first year. Not nearly enough training in my opinion.
  3. How about the President of the United States tell the truth. Problem solved.
  4. Once again, choice is the lessor of two evils. I try to stay off this side of the board and Biden was like my fifth choice, but I will walk barefoot through a field of cactus to vote against the clustertrump.
  5. Mostly read non-fiction biography type books. Just finished Flea's - Acid for the children. Used to read everything by Stephen King but it's been a few years so thinking about diving back in. Really like the Count of Monte Cristo story but the long version of that book was slow. Also haven't read Hobbit or the rings books in a couple decades, I will have to re-read those.
  6. My dumbass bought my wife a brand new car in February. Guessing I would have gotten a much better dealer if I would have waited (but who knew). Also with the uncertainty of the economy, we might have rode with our old car a while longer.
  7. Not reading 100 pages of the same back and forth, just want to know "WTF is the plan?"
  8. K, just finished it. Freaking awesome. Sat with him a couple times during the spring games and had him sign my 1943 championship picture at a basketball game and he was a true gentleman. For everyone looking for some thing to watch during these crazy times, this is it! You do not need to be a Wyoming fan to enjoy this. Just a sports fan and a fan of humanity.
  9. I read this a few times, the answer is no. Don't understand your point. I think you misunderstood mine.
  10. Just curious on the surveillance. Don't we all willingly carry a little computer in our pockets that knows more about our habits and movements then our close friends? No easy answers here but am very lucky to have both my independent elderly parents alive and would like to continue that for a while.
  11. Please tell me they didn't get the plans for the practice facility from CSU
  12. Define "drinking while working"