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  1. Man sorry I missed ya. Just read this. Worked till six, then messed around in my garage. Safe travels and next time the beers on me.
  2. There is so much good new music (and old stuff I have yet to discover) that I get overwhelmed. I find myself going to my favorites and music that I love and are comfortable with as my default.
  3. As someone said already "So much good music, so little time".
  4. Good stuff! listened to the new John Moreland album this morning. Mellow but perfect for a Sunday. Also check out Willi Carlisle, To Tell You the Truth album. Daughter sent it to me. Nice mixture of humor with the music.
  5. I think it will only help us having Ike and Maldonado play less minutes.
  6. Not necessarily. Great team again next year and the buy out drops a bunch. Plus he seems to really like Laramie. Fits his lifestyle.
  7. Have read Adam's books and enjoyed them. I don't know enough about Newsome, but he didn't get destroyed. The world is not black and white, lots of grey area. Adam did most of the talking. I would like any politician, Republican or Democrat, to have solutions to those problems (and answer them on the spot on his pod). What would be Adam's solutions? Also arrest the flower sellers? Force couples to stay married? Lots of questions.
  8. Gotta prep . We're all hooked on drugs and out of money.
  9. I think you would totally dig the "Jar of flies" ep.
  10. This is great. Saw them a few times when I lived in Florida. They were playing large bars and outdoor concerts by that time.
  11. My son bought a house in Boise three years ago after looking for over a year. He is close to downtown. Supposedly it has almost doubled in value. He feels extremely lucky.
  12. I think I have triples of every AC/DC album on vinyl. The soundtrack of my youth!!
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