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  1. Nuggets were not going to win this game or series but the refs screwed up ejecting Jocik.
  2. Ask me again in a year and it will probably change. Obviously love all of car wheels. Changed the locks. Those three days and love the guitar in Pineola. I remember how you are a fan of Jerry Jeff and Snider. You have a good taste in music my friend.
  3. Menards is fine for building materials but don't buy any of their tools.
  4. I wore out her album "Car wheels on a gravel road".
  5. Agreed. Just going off the title of the thread. Also love the song "Take the skinheads bowling" from Lowery's previous band.
  6. Not a golfer but Caddy Shack is great. Have watched Happy Gilmore more times than I care to admit. Also really enjoyed Tin Cup.
  7. Too bad you feel this way. The country is stronger together. But you continue to do you.
  8. Your people? This is part of teams and shit. Hard to see Americans coming together any time soon.
  9. Not a huge NBA fan but Jocik is a joy to watch play basketball. A seven foot point guard.
  10. Never to late! There was a Laramie band in the eighties called "Special Ed". They had a short bus all decked out with their name and played all the local bars.
  11. I actually enjoy when you just stick to music. Had not heard that story about the pilot. Thought they were just buzzing Ozzy and got to close.
  12. Repeats but- Major league Replacements Mystery Alaska
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