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  1. Bullshit. There's no way you guys are getting out of coming to Laramie so you can go jerk off BYU and the other kool-aid sippers in Utah, unless they give us the same home schedule next year when we'll be even more loaded with upper classmen. If you guys are dropping a game from this years schedule it isn't going to be your trip to Laramie.
  2. I'm fine with the neutral site crap if we keep our schedule from this year for next year, otherwise, they better not take away a schedule where Wyoming can win a conference championship because BYU and Boise have some cultist, reach-around series and BYU already purchased butt lube and green kool-aid.
  3. Thats big enough for every SDSU football game in history that didn't involve fireworks or a free cucumber enema.
  4. Wyoming was going to play USU, SDSU, AFA, and Boise at home. That's a huge advantage during most seasons, especially this one when those are four of the top half teams in the league. If they're going to change that at all, then they better give the teams that had advantageous schedules the schedule they were supposed to have next season or it's a disadvantage for the teams that just finished playing the better teams on the road.
  5. I'm sure the 25000 Reb fans that attend will be happy to pay the jacked up ticket prices to watch games in a stadium 60 percent empty. Higher prices, less atmosphere, and losing football...sounds great.
  6. UNLV is renting that facility. The Raiders would be at the top of the MWC in a football facilities race though.
  7. Boise and BYU fans showing each other man love. It's amazing what happens when you can't beat your rival or you don't have any that aren't in the junior college ranks.
  8. He just showed up because he knew people would be happy we're playing and he wanted to take credit for it.
  9. Yep, if you want people to scream nigga at you while having your ass groped by a rich booster, and being pressured into playing(extremely poorly) while you're sick as hell and afraid of dying, then Fort Collins is for you.
  10. Similar to the way he does his job, his lips were moving for about a half hour and absolutely ZERO valuable information came out.
  11. If fans aren't allowed to attend, will SDSU still report 60,000 a game?
  12. I'll congratulate CSU when the three separate investigations for racism, covid shaming, and sexual assault are all concluded.
  13. Agreed. He did struggle to hit the screen pass in college, but he could make every other throw on the field. In fact, he could hit the across the body throw on the run which I had only witnessed Elway and Favre being able to complete consistently. Hell, if Buffalo wouldn't have leaked racist tweets of Josh's from high school he would have ended up number one in the draft too. I guess we should be thankful because Buffalo is in one hell of a better place than Cleveland.
  14. This shit again, just become someone agrees with an old poster about Josh Allen doesn't mean he is that poster.
  15. It isn't homerism. It's reality. Kaepernick had a 38 on the wonderlic, had a little bit worse mobility and athleticism, and his arm is no where near as good as Josh's. It's a fun game to play because you can do it with most qb's in the history of the game and as far as physical tools go: Josh wins. Joe Montana: 6'2" with an arm no where near as strong Elway: not as good of an athlete, not as good of a runner Tom Brady: not very athletic, not fast You can go down the list and Josh wins against all of them when it comes to the complete package of skills.
  16. Wyoming has more players in the NFL than all the other MWC teams or BYU, so BSU/USU/BYU fans need to hit the mute button on conversations about college players in the NFL. Allen has always been a superior athlete. Now he's getting the experience necessary and has the weapons around him to be one of the best qb's in the NFL. We'll see if he can grow into his potential, because honestly, you can go down the list of qb's in the history of football and it's hard to find any of them that have the same tool set Josh has. He's a freak. 6'5" that can throw a ball faster than any qb in the hi
  17. He might be talking about Gabe Davis, the rookie that made the diving catch in the end zone. He's an emerging star.
  18. Isn't that like showing the bully that stole your lunch money a receipt from a really nice restaurant to prove that you have eaten before? I'm asking you because you're a BYU fan, so I'm pretty sure someone has stolen your lunch money at some point. You're right though. That would have been funnier after getting ass raped on national t.v. if he ran to the sideline, grabbed his ring, and then came back to show it to him.
  19. Josh might have the best combination of physical skills for a qb in the history of the game(big, strong, fast, smart, and with a cannon). Did anyone see his last td to John Brown? He threw it 55 yards without stepping into the pass and it looked effortless.
  20. Not just the time to recover from injuries but also the fact that teams will be missing their best players during the heart of the season as they prepare for the draft. If they do play in the spring then football and basketball will both lose t.v. games since the t.v. schedule will be so congested playing both at the same time. I dont see anyway that spring football is going to happen regardless of vaccine or no vaccine.
  21. I agree with that, so what do you do with the entire high school class of 21? Do they just float for a season and enter the class of 22? If that's the case then the class of 22 will be loaded and some borderline recruits won't get a look at all.
  22. Or will they grant them a hardship waiver? If they do grant everyone an extra year of eligibility, what happens to the high school seniors that suddenly dont have any scholarships available and most likely didn't get to play high school ball their senior years? I feel bad for the high school kids. They seem like the ones that are really going to get f'd.
  23. Actually, it wouldn't be cool at all. Tracy Ringolsby talks about it in this article: injuries and players missing for the draft. https://www.si.com/college/wyoming/around-the-mwc/mountain-west-presidents-once-again-show-a-lack-of-regard-for-constituents
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