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  1. You're the one the making the same argument as Mark Zuckerberg, the douchebag from twitter....... Where do you think they fall on the political spectrum? It's not on the right and it's not in the middle. Keep all your good customers on this board happy though. You might be able to sell ads number 7, 8, and 9 this year.
  2. Since I post on this board about 20 times a year, I have moved on. Are you starting to feel threatened now because someone is calling out your standards, "Post whatever you want, just post something, so I can sell it to the "only 6 ads" that have popped up since I bought the board. You monetized the board. You could try selling heroin: I here there's good money in that, and zero accountability. You're the one that posted a political thread on a sports board, expecting everyone to agree with your left wing agenda that liberal media outlets should have unfettered access to shape t
  3. So you can monetize it, cover it in countless ads, and allow people to post thousands of hours of toxic garbage. That's ok, because you're getting paid. What's not okay is that you may be held accountable for the toxic garbage that gets posted here. If you're so confident the MWCboard is upstanding and just, then being held accountable for the garbage you sell shouldn't be that big of a deal. Money = okay. Accountability for the product you provide = not okay. Got it. You have the same business principles as Purdue pharm.
  4. Twitter, Facebook, and the MWCboard should have to be responsible for the toxic shit that gets posted there. The qb of a football team that has a bad game shouldn't get bombarded with messages from millennial douchebag, internet gangsters encouraging him to kill himself. Something needs to be done to make someone responsible for the toxic nature of those places. If the one getting paid for it isn't responsible, then who is? Repeal 230 and help fix the shithole that is the MWCboard.
  5. Yep. The long term effects of Covid are the scary part. They don't really know what they are yet, but myocarditis is one of them and it isn't good at all. My friend from high school has been on a ventilator for the last two weeks. They've killed the covid in his system, so he's now covid negative. According to the doctors on Caringbridge, his recovery will likely take 6 to 10 months just to get back to a normal lifestyle. After that, he'll still have the long term effects. He's 47, and doesn't have any factors that would make him high risk to get covid: diabetes, obesity, lung issues.....
  6. No. That doesn't happen every year. The last time it happened was Hank Gathers in the early 90's. There might be a few in between there that I missed, but saying basketball players collapse and die on the court every year is complete b.s. They already have studies that Covid attacks the heart and weakens long term heart health. Its probably covid related. Covid isn't a scam created by the flat earth society. Its real.
  7. Do you have anything to actually add to this thread aside from a random comment about transfers and some salt for letting Linder out recruit SdSu?
  8. I don't know how that relates to Jeff Linder out recruiting SDSU in his first class at Wyoming, but sure........ In related news, my next door neighbor dresses her poodle in a sweater when it gets cold.
  9. This. During Linder post game interview he said part of that is by design. We protect the three point line, make a lot of threes and force teams to beat us by scoring a lot of 2 point baskets. He would rather give up a lay up then a three point shot. They want teams to have to make contested 2's. So far this year that has led to physical post players dropping 25 points on us. The other factor, we don't have a post player that performs the job that Linder wants....yet. Thompson can shoot and stretch the floor but struggles to rebound and defend the post. Nelson is a solid defender but does
  10. In Linder post game interview last night he said Ike would be back in a "couple of weeks". I dont think they will take any chances but it sounds like Linder is expecting him to play relatively soon.
  11. After Marcus' 30 point night against DU, Marcus is now the third highest scoring freshman in the NCAA. He scored the first 7 points against Oregon State in his first game on the road, before getting into foul trouble. We'll see if he can build on his road form against Utah Valley, today at 2:00(on the Wac streaming network). If you want to see what all the hype is about. Here's a link to today's stream. https://wacdigitalnetwork.com/?bfplayvid=209995
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