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  1. Rice has been there for 10 years, out spending every team in the league, and so far his biggest accomplishment is he won a conference title. You don't recruit better, Wyoming ranked 1st in the league in recruiting this year. You might have recruited better last year, not this one. The only thing Boise has on Wyoming basketball is that you were better last year. That's all. Wake us all up if you guys actually go to the Dance and win a game.
  2. 2015 wasn't. We won the conference tournament. 2002 might have been a long time ago, NEVER is a lot longer than 18 years. You guys have never won an NCAA tournament game. Boise is a basketball dumpster fire historically. It's hard to find many teams out of 360+ that have accomplished less at basketball than Boise. To date, your biggest accomplishment is winning a conference title.
  3. No you don't. You have a better team, currently. Wyoming has a Helm's National title in 34, a regular national title in 43, TWO NCAA Player of the Year awards, an NCAA tournament MVP trophy, way more conference championship trophies than Boise, way more players that played in the NBA, Wyoming invented the jump shot, and Wyoming has been relevant in more than one decade. You guys should compare yourself to San Jose. They're more like you: never won an NCAA tournament game. Boise has absolutely nothing better than Wyoming's basketball program, aside from the current team was better LAST season.
  4. How long has Rice been there? You guys still haven't won an NCAA tourney game.
  5. Boise has played 7 games in the history of the NCAA tournament and lost all of them. The consensus around the country is that some field mice have more basketball history than Boise j.c.
  6. It's easy if UNM doesn't play. That's not exactly my idea. My idea would be the schedule remains the same as it is right now. Then you add a home/home game with your rival to get to nine conference games total. The final week of the season is a floating week which allows the MWC to play semi-final games for the MWC championship. The top 2 teams from each division face off at the home of the team in first in the division. The other 6 teams are to be announced with the teams that finished 5th, 6th, 7th getting home games. I wouldn't even count the extra home/home rivalry game as part of the conference standings. The same eight game schedule that we have right now decides who appears in the semi finals and the floating week games. That would add the following games to our conference schedule: Wyo/CSU, SDSU/FSU, UNLV/Nevada, Boise/AFA, USU/Haw(or you could switch so it's Boise/Haw, AFA/USU). It would add 2 semi-final games at the end of the year. That would maximize the product for our t.v. partners. That's my plan.
  7. Agreed. How do they do it though? I say take advantage of the opportunity to make as much money as possible for our t.v. partners by adding marquee games. Home/home rivalry games with Wyo/CSU, SDSU/Fresno are marquee games for the league. A 4 team tourney for the title would add marquee games to the league.
  8. And the majority of you douche geysers come with the attitude displayed in the post I'm quoting. You think having biased officials, stuffed replay booths, and special rules to allow you to let 300 pound Tongan freshmen bulk up to 360 without ever losing their eligibility is doing people favors? You guys are the biggest pain in the ass to share a conference with out of any school in America. Keep it real, you guys are the annoying, door knocking, kid that requires a special set of rules. Have some more "MWC is about to help BYU" kool-aid though. It should be a nice change from the kool-aid you usually sip.
  9. I think 10 games would be ideal. It would give our t.v. partners more match-ups and still give us 2 weeks to reschedule games in case of lockdown. So how would we get to 10 games with our regular 8 scheduled now? I would like to see teams have the option to play a rivalry game twice: Wyo/CSU, FSU/SDSU, UNLV/Nevada.... Maybe we could set up a mini tournament at the end of the year. Have the top 2 mountain division teams play off vs the top 2 western division teams, with the championship game to follow. We could create our own play-offs for one year. What are your ideas? How many games should we play and what format should it be if we have to go conference only?
  10. You assholes never had a favor on the books with Wyoming, or AFA, or CSU, or UNM, or.................... Helping BYU in this time of need would be career suicide for a lot of people that work in the athletics departments of those four schools. There's no way in hell you're getting any of them to help you.
  11. Here's my idea to start negotiations with BYU, "+++++ You BYU, is that clear enough for you?" There are too many "Eat a Bag of Dicks" votes for BYU in the MWC.
  12. Yeah, you guys are awesome. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/tournament/history/_/team1/5403
  13. Yeah, that's why three professional basketball teams and an NFL team all left. Is there a city in America that has a shi+tier history of supporting sports than San Diego?
  14. I'm bright enough to know that I've never heard a finance expert refer to finance as financing. That's about as frequenting as a stripper using her real name.
  15. That must be why SDSU is building a 40,000 seat stadium as the most high profile NCAA athletics program in a surrounding area with 10 million people: demand. San Diego has a history of really supporting sports teams/events.