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  1. This post is hot-buttered awesome.
  2. Yeah, I should have said, it's always going to have a bunch of rentals for all the college kids, because the rent isn't even cheap.
  3. Yeah I get that. My problem is you painting Laramie as some "dusty" old cow town with bank robberies. The majority of people in Laramie don't even lock their doors at night. It's pretty modern in Laramie. There's 20 billion in new banking assets moving to Wyoming because of the regulatory framework to attract crypto/blockchain businesses. In fact, Wyoming is the only state in the country with the regulatory framework to bank the blockchain industry. That's pretty cutting edge. Some of those businesses are going to Laramie. Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Nevada are all trying to convince their legislatures to pass the same laws that Wyoming has passed in the last 2 years so they don't get left behind. The campus keeps growing and getting newer by the day. When the planned projects finish, Wyoming will have invested over 1.5 billion in the campus alone since 2005. 300 million in dorms will help Wyoming grow enrollment. Its the finishing touch to the massive campus renovation that Laramie needed. As far as the stadium is concerned, the next project is 80 million for a Corbett pool renovation, and an ambitious renovation of the west side of the war that includes tearing down parts of the west side of the stadium and building new club seating, possible luxury boxes, chair back seating, new concessions, new restrooms, and a renovated press box. When I graduated from high school in the early 90's Laramie was a ran down shit hole. A lot has changed since then. Laramie will always have a lot of cheap housing. It's a college town, and over 1/3 of the population are poor college students. That's the reality of small college towns. The other reality: there isn't another campus in the country that has invested more in infrastructure than Laramie has since 2005.
  4. Did the robbers escape on horse back before the posse caught up to them? You should have went on a jackalope hunt between the waterin' crik and the lynchin' tree. That's where us natives go after we hitch our horses and finish carrying buckets of water to our cabins. It's a real hoot.
  5. The only roads that could be considered "main" are 3rd and Grand. All the roads around those are paved. There isn't a dirt road in Laramie. Are you sure you weren't driving through people's yards or your car wasn't dusty from the drive to Laramie? Try washing your car. That's what I do since mine gets dirty every month or so, regardless of what town I'm in. That's just weird. "My car got dusty". It might have been dirt from all the lots with construction. All the 100 million dollar projects being built in a town of 30,000 generate a lot of dust.
  6. Did you visit Laramie in 1890? The roads have been paved a while now. Old Laramie used to be a bit of a dive. That was over a billion in campus developments ago. They just started the building process for 300 million in new dorms and the next athletics project is an 80 million dollar renovation of the pool and the West side of the war.
  7. Maybe you should consider that you don't have the game to attract hot women when you go to Wyoming, because I've been there plenty of times and I'm rarely standing next to anyone ugly.
  8. I'll bet you've never been accused of being original. Every time you type, the same conspiracy theory comes from your fingers. Maybe the other Boise fan was right. If I ignored your posts I certainly wouldn't miss much. Yeah, yeah, CJ, CJ..... Let me guess what your going to say for your next 100 posts.
  9. And your prestigious academic standards that Boise is famous for.
  10. When did you guys start that? You can get into Boise with an ACT score of 7.
  11. Maybe the ones you hang out with. I hang out with the ones that have all their teeth, smell like excellence, and look good naked. I understand you have to take what you get in the militant, neo nazi, compounds that Idaho is famous for.
  12. They already have one for football and the only members are Josh Allen and Alex Smith. I guess you have to get drafted 7th or higher to qualify.
  13. Laramie women don't match the Albertson's turf. She's wearing blue for a reason.
  14. Every contender in the league is foaming at the mouth to see how Boise replaces 8 out of 9 starters on the line and 2 of your back-ups on the defensive line: 10 out of 18 linemen in your 2 deep. The league title is up for grabs next year.