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  1. Yep. It really helped they picked up Diggs and then drafted the best performing rookie wr in the league with Gabe Davis. We haven't even seen Utahs stud rb yet due to injury. He's surrounded by talent, his line is giving him a lot of time to throw, and he can extend plays if he doesn't get time, stressing db's trying to cover all that talent. With his skill set, and now a 72 percent completion percentage, people better watch out.
  2. Now he's up to 36 td's for his last 3 interceptions. For his entire career, he's scored 42 touchdowns in the red zone without throwing an int. The only time he's turned it over in the red zone was a fumble. People are starting to recognize that Josh has an elite skill set that has never been seen in the history of football. 6'5", with a 37 wunderlic, with one of the biggest arms in the history of the game, Elways pocket presence, as strong as any qb in history, and with wheels like Cam Newton is completely unique at quarterback. Josh is on a different level as far as potential i
  3. It's amazing what he accomplished in such a short period of time, during the peak of Covid lockdowns. He put together a top 50 class with 3 weeks to recruit, while keeping all of our best players from transferring. He assembled a staff that turned a lot of heads and most of them love Laramie. Shaun Vandiver, who's been in Wyoming for about 20 years, stayed on board with Jeff. He really knows the lay of the land and is one of the best when it comes to recruiting Colorado. He gave Riley Grabau his first college gig as the director of recruiting. He found a Wyoming high school legend in
  4. Yeah an no amount of hashtags and Ivyoffers will change the value of a degree from Boise. Its almost as good as newspaper to wipe your ass with when you run out of toilet paper.
  5. This thread is boring. You still can't change the title of it though no matter how much you squirm and shift the target. Wyoming > Boise at guys contributing to NFL rosters.
  6. You guys offered some one with an Ivy league offer so you could create a hash tag. Does that help you guys hide your academic reputation thats on par with Devry and ITT tech? #Devry
  7. Yeah, your j.c. degree in advanced motor vehicle operations is right up there with anything Wyoming has on offer, which is why you're glorified tech school is held in such high regard nationally, or even regionally. And I atill haven't researched your 12 active guys yet. Its easy to see what Wyomings 15 guys are doing, just turn on ESPN.
  8. No wonder you idiots are on mute. Aside from Ryp some Dallas turd wr is the only guy from Boise doing anything. I understand how you guys win recruiting. With zero academic standards Boise is one of the easiest degrees in America. That and a complete disregard for someone's criminal record makes recruiting easy, "Here's a parole and a post-dated degree. You get both when you sign a Boise loi." Then your four star guys apparently practice just as infrequently as they go to class, while Wyoming guys work hard to get a degree. One star guys develop while Boises guys don't develop as muc
  9. I think Otis Redding's version is hard to beat but I have to give some North Shore love to Jack Johnson and all the crazy good surfers that ran that place in the early 90's.
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