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  1. It will be interesting to see how many Fresno players declare for the draft and opt out of the bowl game. This team is so injury prone it wouldn't surprise me if at least half of them including Haener declare for the draft and skip the bowl game. All Haener wanted was the title and he got it, he's already played and beaten PAC12 schools before. Watch it be our luck that we draw UCLA or Oregon State as our bowl game opponent.
  2. I like how during the MWC Championship Game even the announcers were annoyed with Saban. They didn't believe that Alabama had a shot at getting in and if they did it would be because of playoff privilege for simply being Alabama.
  3. That's awesome that they let fans on the field for the trophy ceremony.
  4. Major props to Boise. Always a tough team to play and Green will be deadly next year.
  5. Go Dogs!! Hell of a win on the Blue!
  6. Bulldogs take a lead and they immediately go to sleep.
  7. Haener and the offense just can't get going.
  8. Huge. Got some big momentum going into the half. Great half of football.
  9. Special teams is doing its job, defense is doing its job, c'mon Haener!
  10. We need to be attacking the middle of the field with slants and dig routes. Donks line backers are banged up and our WRs have the speed to beat man to man.
  11. Allegiant would be the ideal location if it has to be a neutral site.
  12. Green is so deadly with his feet. One juke and he has defenders on ice skates.
  13. He has the arm, smart with the football, and has guts, but he's injury prone and not very big.
  14. I've been very impressed with our defense so far.
  15. Congrats BSU. Bulldogs are too amped up and making stupid mistakes.
  16. I understand establishing the run, but Haener needed to come out slinging.
  17. When USC loses, America wins. You love to see it.
  18. The diner is the main reason why I left that cesspool.
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