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  1. I always come back to this video every once in a while. I love the music and voice over work.
  2. Meth has already been compromised!! https://kmph.com/news/local/police-in-texas-warn-community-of-meth-contaminated-with-the-coronavirus
  3. I'm going on my honeymoon to Hawaii in the first week of May. My fiancee and I are discussing the possibility of postponing when we meet with our travel agent next week.
  4. Yard work is very therapeutic. I used to hate doing it as a kid as well, but my dad used it as a form of punishment. Now that I can do it whenever and however I want, I find joy in it.
  5. I'm a big Dan Carlin fan. In his last podcast he said that he was writing a book which is why it's been taking so long between episodes. I'm also a big Disney Park fan so I enjoy listening to the Imagineer podcast where they bring on Imagineers and discuss the construction and operation of different attractions at the various Disney Parks.
  6. Dog House Grill across the street from the Save Mart Center for a tri-tip sandwich and their basket of fries/onion rings. Trying to find parking is a hassle, but the food is worth it.
  7. Over the last 3 weeks my fiancee and I have gone back and watched entire series of Star Wars: Rebels. It's definitely a lot better than I remember, but I think it was because this was the first time my fiancee has ever watched it so it was all new to her. She enjoyed the humor more than I did during my first time around. Ezra is still annoying as hell in the first 2 seasons, but he got significantly better in season 3. I wish there were more episodes of just Kanan and Hera, I would have liked to have seen their relationship develop more because they don't fully explore it until the final season.
  8. It's not that I care, it's that although Kobe was a legend on the court and loved by many but he was also really phucking arrogant. I just don't want to find out that a he pressured the pilot into flying in unsafe conditions to fuel his own ego as Kobe is a helicopter pilot as well.
  9. I don't understand how Bloomberg is getting support when his ads are so phucking insufferable! They've been playing nonstop on my TV, YouTube videos, radio spots, and mailbox.
  10. I just don't want to find out that the pilot said it was unsafe, but Kobe pressured him into doing it anyways.
  11. Good, maybe now he can drop the "fragile with a walker" act.
  12. Once when I was walking home from elementary school with my next door neighbor through a housing construction site I almost fell into a trench. We were in the 5th grade at the time and we would pass through it every day to shave off 10 minutes of our walk and none of the workers ever noticed us as we would sneak around the back the homes. One day we passed through the workers were digging trenches for pipes and when we jumped over some of the dirt gave way and my foot slipped. My neighbor grabbed my shirt and caught me before I could fall in. After he pulled me in we both looked down and noticed a pipe sticking straight up that had a sharp edge like it was broken. I knew that if I had fallen in I would have been impaled by it.