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  1. This is what I'm thinking. Tedford has a few more years in him, then when it's time to hang up the headset he'll give Dilfer a call. We will have to see how he does at UAB.
  2. I went with SDSU, they have way too much talent on that roster to only muster 3 points on senior night.
  3. It will be a hard fought game, but depending on the injury for Perales it will hinder our ability to corral Taylen Green and stop the run game. If Boise can extend plays and make first downs to keep Haener on the sidelines that will be the difference here.
  4. I'm on the bigger side myself and I hate flying, but when I do have to go somewhere I normally upgrade to business or first class so I don't have to put myself in these situations. The seats are a little bigger with more leg room.
  5. Hell of a win for the Bulldogs. Shutout on senior night.
  6. Haener needs to sit down. He's done enough for tonight.
  7. What made it worse was that it was friendly fire.
  8. Second TD for Mims. Moreno-Cropper needs 30 more yards to hit 1k.
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