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  1. ridgeview2

    Nevada at Toledo

    Tough game Nevada, you guys were clicking on offense. Just need to get that defense started and you'll be a tough team to beat. Looking forward to the Oct. 6 game.
  2. ridgeview2

    Nevada at Toledo

    Yep, I was in the band. That heat mixed with being in those old wool uniforms caused a lot of people to pass out on the way to the stadium. Same thing happened at UCLA in 2008, we had people dropping like flies in those uniforms. Thankfully we got new ones the next year that were much lighter and were breathable.
  3. ridgeview2

    Nevada at Toledo

    That 06 game was my first Bulldog game. It was phucking hot! On the field was like 110.
  4. ridgeview2

    MWC on the catwalk: Week Four

    Fresno State, Boise State, New Mexico, Wyoming, San Jose. Sit back and enjoy the weekend fellas!
  5. ridgeview2

    Chip the Buffalo shot himself

    Right in the dinglebarries with the t-shirt canon. He's fine, but had to be carted off the field. Not sure if this was posted already. http://dailysnark.com/colorado-mascot-shoots-himself-in-the-balls-after-accidentally-facing-t-shirt-cannon-wrong-way/ Check out @JoshParcell’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/JoshParcell/status/1042462695738494978?s=09
  6. ridgeview2

    I blame you Boise, its a runaway train at this point

    Wasn't it Miami who started it with their turnover chain?
  7. ridgeview2

    Do You Read Your Rival's Homer Board?

    I lift (cut) excerpts/posts from my own home board and post it on here quite a bit, just not from others. Lol
  8. ridgeview2

    Do You Read Your Rival's Homer Board?

    I jump around to everyone in the conference, but I rarely post on their boards. I mostly like to read P5 boards when they lose to a G5 or FCS. The meltdown on the Michigan board after they lost to App State was a thing of beauty.
  9. ridgeview2

    This is hysterical, a few MWC mentions. CFB Week 3

    "How are we dominating this game, but losing 27-0!"
  10. ridgeview2

    MWC Bowl Projections: Week 3

    Would be nice to make both LA school's the MWC's bitch.
  11. ridgeview2

    MWC Bowl Projections: Week 3

    We still want our turn.
  12. ridgeview2

    Show me where UCLA wins a game

    Arizona, Oregon and maybe USC.
  13. ridgeview2

    Week 3 in gifs

    Last one for me. Boise fans and AAC fans watching the Broncos lose in Stillwater.
  14. ridgeview2

    Week 3 in gifs

    SJSU going into Eugene and losing to the Ducks, but still makes the Pac12 look bad.