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  1. With all the janky tilted cam and dramatic music before going to commercial break.
  2. I'm not a huge fan of MMO's, but I started playing Star Wars: The Old Republic and I've logged almost 80 hours in the last 3 weeks or so. I'm playing as a Gunslinger/Smuggler and my wife is a Jedi Consulor. It's fun that we get to play together on story missions and flashpoint raids. This game is 10 years old and I'm just now playing it.
  3. Rodgers should have ran it on the 3rd and goal play rather than try to pass it. He had nobody in front of him and could have walked in.
  4. @TheSanDieganI've learned more about watches in the last 10 minutes than the previous 32 years.
  5. The one that triggers me is when he says, "they have to pin their ears back".
  6. Both teams that I wanted to win today lost. Damn!
  7. My wife is a Packers fan so she's happy.
  8. BA in History at Fresno State. MA in Education and Teaching Credential at University of La Verne. I was initially offered a position for archiving at the Kern County Museum, but with budget cuts the job never materialized so I decided to go into teaching. It was the best decision I've ever made.
  9. You didn't flash your tits to try and get out of it?
  10. Ben Shapiro is the definition of a brilliant dumbass.
  11. This, I never use a personalized voice mail message. I use the standard AT&T robot message system.
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