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  1. I watched the game from beginning to end. This Dodger fan tips the cap to him, that was awesome. It must really suck to be a Rangers fan right now. They throw a bitch fit after Tatis Jr. hits a granny on a 3-0 pitch against them last year, they had to sit at home during the playoffs while hosting the World Series, they got blown out of their own building during their home opener, and now Musgrove pitched a no-hitter against them.
  2. Thanks for checking in, I appreciate it. So far I'm doing good. My arm is sore and I woke up last night feeling a little cold, but I covered up with an extra blanket and I went right back to sleep. My wife on the other hand has been miserable. She's had a dead arm since yesterday and she got chills and body aches last night. We both took tylenol before I left for my interview this morning and when I got back she was still in bed. I made her some hot tea and she managed to get that down, but now she's back in bed sleeping.
  3. Thanks for the heads up. My interview is at 9:00 am tomorrow and I got my shot at 11:00 this morning, so I'll definitely load up on meds before I go in.
  4. My wife and I got our second dose of Moderna this morning. So far we are feeling okay, but I'm a little worried because I have a job interview tomorrow morning and it can't be rescheduled. I'm hoping if I have any side effects it happens tonight or tomorrow afternoon.
  5. 2 years ago I went to a Dodger game against the Giants and the Sandlot had a reunion. The cast did a race around the bases and Patrick Renna (Ham) faceplanted while rounding second.
  6. I'm tempted to bite the bullet and get a pre-built. At least I can customize it to what I want.
  7. Idk if this is the best thread to ask, but considering the title I'll just put it up here. Is there a way to get a new graphics card at MSRP? No way in hell I'm buying from a scalper. I've looked everywhere and spent the last few days on discord waiting for drops, but they are being bought up by bots in seconds. I'm getting the itch to build a new comouter, but GPU's are impossible to find and when they do pop up they are marked up into the thousands of dollars by scumbag scalpers.
  8. My wife got me The Ten Commandments on 4k. I grew up watching it with my grandparents every Easter.
  9. I'm a Windows/PC guy, but at my school we have to use Mac desktops and they are awful.
  10. My wife and I get our second Moderna shot in 2 weeks and our group of friends (5 other couples) are on track to get their second doses in the next few weeks as well. We have a huge BBQ get together planned for the end of April. I've been perfecting my tri-tip skills on my smoker these last few months and I'm excited to finally have people over so I can cook for them.
  11. I was reading through this thread and was immediately reminded of this. I was going to post the video until I saw it.
  12. There was a Blockbuster video store down the street from my house when I was a kid. My mom would pick me up after school on Fridays when she got off work early and we would go there before it got crowded. If I had good grades I could pick out an N64 game for the weekend.
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