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  1. I don't expect the Bulldogs to be world beaters, but c'mon. Really?
  2. I'm doing video conference office hours twice a week with students. Other than that I've been catching up on my shows, playing Resident Evil 2 Remake, and cleaning out the garage.
  3. I have a box of them in my garage that I bought to use for the Fresno State football games when the wild fires were still going on.
  4. If a quarantine of New York does goes into effect then no doubt the National Guard will have to be called in to establish law and order. People are going to freak. I don't see how border protection and the coast guard will have much authority towards the masses.
  5. I'm over at my grandmothers right now to making sure she has everything she needs and she was watching the Today show. They were interviewing a woman who had Covid-19 and already recovered. She suggested that they test the antibodies and those who have fully recovered can return to work and get the economy back up and running. When she said that they shut the interview down real quick.
  6. You know what I mean. *sigh,* I haven't had my coffee this morning.
  7. I was talking to my mother about this over coffee. She's a rep for Liberty Tax services and got an email from her supervisor to schedule a video conference meeting to go over the package. She said there's no way this will be non taxable, in one way or another the government will get its money back. I wouldn't be surprised if 6 months down the road the House tries to pass something in the middle of the night to change it so it's taxable.
  8. We could all use a laugh around here. Funny how they are talking about infections and I didn't hear the sink turn on.
  9. The woman forgot she was on conference call on her phone and got up to use the bathroom. It was the girl on the far left.
  10. We are required to give them work and tests, but we are doing it more for analysis to see how they are learning. I teach Sophomore World History and the kids are keeping up on their work simply because I know they're bored and doing the work is keeping their parents off their backs. We are doing a "fight the Coronavirus" spirit week right now. Monday was pajama day, Tuesday toilet paper day (take a picture of your toilet paper collection), Wednesday was wash your hands while singing a song, today is exercise day (do a workout in your house or backyard), and tomorrow is cooking from home (take a picture of something you baked or cooked from scratch).
  11. That's the dilemma we're facing is how we handle graduations and moving students onto the next grade. Since the students are technically still learning and not simply on vacation we are required to assign work and give tests in our classes so students meet the standards. This will allow the schools to not extend the school year into the summer. However, every state is doing something different. I just know here in California they are doing everything they can to not have the school year go into the summer and would rather start fresh in August. That means no summer school and if there is no summer school then they will have to come up with another plan because No Child Left Behind just went out the phucking window.
  12. I seriously hope this happens because Newsom has done nothing but spread fear whenever he steps in front of a camera. The LA mayor has said he's asking for the utility companies to shut off power to businesses who don't fully comply to the stay at home order. That is an aggressive overreach of power and if I was a business owner I would sue the shit out of the city if he followed through on it.
  13. Oh trust me, a few of my coworkers and I have been on zoom conference calls drinking wine and whiskey swapping email stories from parents. It's very satisfying. We set up a schedule to meet with our students twice a week on zoom for office hours. I'm genuinely surprised that the kids have responded well and they are completing their work on the due dates they were given.
  14. Sorry, but these types of headlines need to stop. If 13 is "Apocalyptic" then what will be the term they use if it reaches 20+?