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  1. It's gotten them to change the channel to Fox Sports which is actually a lot more interesting imo. I used to hate Skip Bayless until he switched over to Fox Sports and started his new show with Shannon Sharpe. At least Shannon played the damn game so he knows what he's talking about. I also like that they sit down and actually talk sports rather than yell at each other like what is going on over at ESPN with First Take. I laugh at the hypocrisy of Stephen A when he would throw out the race card during every argument especially when it came to head coach hirings. I always said that as long as Marvin Lewis was the head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals race was never an issue in the NFL since Lewis held his tenure in Cinci for 15 years and never won a damn playoff game. 99% of head coaches (black or white) would have been fired after 3 years if it were any other team....except for maybe the Dallas Cowboys.
  2. Carr is right though. Sports talking heads like SAS and Max don't understand the type of work he and other athletes go through on a daily basis yet they can say "well it looks like he quit". I've been following Derek's football career since he was in high school and one thing I can say about Carr is that he is definitely not a quitter.
  3. To be fair, if I were President I would be having my hometown favorites shipped to me all the time. I would be flying in Dog House Grill's tri-tip sandwiches, fries, and In-N-Out.
  4. Seasons 3,6, and 7 were definitely my favorites. My fiancee and I are huge Game of Thrones fans and we are counting down the days until season 8 starts. It's strange, when the series first started in 2011 I couldn't get into it, but before season 3 premiered the hype was everywhere so I decided to give it another shot. My friend loaned me his season 1&2 blu-ray's and I took a weekend out to binge watch both seasons and I was immediately hooked! Here's to my prediction, Jaime will kill Cersei but he will die by sacrificing himself trying to save Brienne of Tarth who is escorting Sansa and Arya out of Winterfell which will complete his character arc of redemption.
  5. Lol nope. Saints getting dominated right now.
  6. I can never understand why people break their shit when their team loses. A profanity laced tirade is fine as I've done that a few times, but physically throwing objects is just dumb.
  7. Agreed they did and I think this should be a wake up call for the SEC and how they baby Alabama and the other top teams of the conference. This is what happens when the Tide has to travel to play a competitive team and not stay in the confines of the South. Clemson isn't afraid to travel into someone's backyard from a different conference. Texas A&M, Auburn, and South Carolina are in the SEC, but Clemson willingly played at their house while Alabama relies on 8 home games and neutral site games for OOC every year.
  8. Galu Tagovailoa waiting for Tua to get home.
  9. I'm loving this, but never count out Bama. As a long time Miami Dolphins fan, Saban is the Bill Belichick of college football and I've witnessed enough Patriot comebacks that I won't feel comfortable until there's a 4td lead with a minute left.
  10. Have to admit, that was a good ending. Lol
  11. Lol!! Watching the Special Teams coach plead his case to Saban after that shit show was comical.
  12. No, but ESPN requires "inclusion".
  13. The ink on the Lóréal Shampoo contract is still drying.