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  1. I understand that, but that doesn't change the fact that Congress will be watching the War Powers Resolution like a hawk if he decides to do something. Democrats are trying to find any way possible to impeach Trump and him taking action against Iran will ruffle enough feathers that people will finally have had enough.
  2. With Democrats in control of the house, there's no way in hell they will authorize a declaration of war.
  3. This is probably the best comment on here and I agree with it 100%. There were a lot of mistakes made by Germany with "Operation Barbarossa" probably being the most important one. It's known throughout history that every war Russia gets involved in (even wars started by Russia) they always seem to stumble out of the gate and their military forces are never prepared. If Hitler listened to his advisers and pressed the attack against Moscow like they did against France and Poland then it's most likely that Russia would have fallen and probably should have, had it not been for the Russian winter. The United States had too much financial/oil interests with other allied nations that getting involved would have been inevitable at some point had Pearl Harbor never happened.
  4. It doesn't matter which side of the political aisle people sit on, this bill should be voted on as its own entity (not tacked onto something else) and should be passed unanimously. No discussions, non negotiable.
  5. Robert Baratheon has the best stories. Damn I love the earlier seasons, these scenes is what made Game of Thrones amazing.
  6. WTF?? Why would she openly brag to someone (particularly an editor/journalist) about spending donor money on office furniture?? How stupid!
  7. It literally made no sense for the Unsullied to make those demands when they were leaving for Naath in the first place. It's like the other houses could have accepted the deal and waited for the Unsullied to leave then be like "ok good they're gone, Jon it's all good you don't have to join the Night's Watch". When Jon got to Castle Black and led the Wildlings past the gates I think he said f**k it and left everything behind and abandoned the Night's Watch as there is no use for them anymore.
  8. This video is kinda long (36 minutes), but it perfectly sums up my issue with Game of Thrones and how it went from a series that had a lot of promise and then just fizzles out. (also language warning in case you watch it with little ones around or you're at work.)
  9. They filmed multiple endings to throw people off (didn't really do much), but I wonder if they will have a "choose your ending" option when it's released on Blu-ray.
  10. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either. Whelp... On the bright side at least I have Chernobyl to look forward to.
  11. That was something I never understood about people who read the leaks/spoilers then turn around and bitch about the show not surprising them because the leaks/spoilers they read were true. Either way this show has become something popular to hate so I'm just ignoring e everyone until Sunday night when I watch the finale and come up with my own thoughts about it overall.
  12. The series is 5 episodes long. It's really good and I will definitely be picking it up when it's released on Blu-ray so I can listen to the Directors commentary and behind the scenes extras. The creator and writer for the show, Craig Mazin put his heart and soul into it to make sure everything is accurate/authentic to honor the victims that were affected by it.