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  1. These idiots will do anything for airtime. This will literally happen for a weekend to commemorate Disneyland Paris opening in 1992.
  2. My uncle and cousin are season ticket holders and they hopped on the portal and paid upfront for all of the post season games. If the Rams make it to the Super Bowl then season ticket holders are thrown into a random drawing for the chance to purchase SB tickets at face value.
  3. In the grand scheme of Russian history, the loss of 50k troops is just another Tuesday to them.
  4. Sorry, but Ukraine isn't worth getting involved with. I voted for some economic sanctions and an embargo, but that's it. As to what Mug said, unless Russia attacks one of our NATO allies it's not worth getting our military involved. We literally just pulled out of a 20 year war not even 5 months ago.
  5. NFL really needs to adopt the college OT rules.
  6. The amount of times that Suh has kicked, stomped, and roughed QBs over the years I have no pity for him.
  7. Special Teams coaching staff for Green Bay probably got fired before even reaching the locker room.
  8. Will be interesting to know the contract details. Will Chang have control over the coaches he wants to hire?
  9. A lot of underdog teams are making some noise this season and I'm loving it.
  10. I've only seen a few episodes here and there until my wife sat me down and we binged the entire first 3 seasons and season 4 pt.1 over the summer. I'm really excited to see how they finish it. My wife has all the mangas, so she knows how it ends but I told her not to spoil it for me.
  11. I checked out when Boba recruited the "modifiers" and their goofy looking speeder bikes. That was the worst chase sequence I've ever witnessed in any tv show or film.
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