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  1. ridgeview2

    UNLV at SDSU

    Seeing Aztec fans come out of the woodwork to talk trash on Fresno last night only to lose to UNLV.
  2. ridgeview2

    Fresno @ Boise

    Good game Boise, but holy shit that officiating was beyond awful.
  3. ridgeview2

    Fresno @ Boise

    WTF? NO CALL?!!
  4. ridgeview2

    Fresno @ Boise

    Dayum that blocked field goal!
  5. ridgeview2

    Fresno @ Boise

    He's waiting patiently for someone to say something stupid so he can unleash another legendary "bump".
  6. ridgeview2

    Fresno @ Boise

    That's one phrase that I despise hearing from every analyst and commentator in sports. That, and Herbstreit saying "they have to pin their ears back".
  7. ridgeview2

    Latest CBS Sports Bowl Projections - Jerry Palm

    Would be nice to see Stanford in the Las Vegas bowl rather than USC.
  8. ridgeview2

    Fire Sanchez

    He would fall and break a hip from slipping on his own spit.
  9. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Kick'em out.
  10. ridgeview2

    Week 9 GIFs

    Coach Tedford when asked how he feels about getting 100 wins. Fresno State getting ready for the smurf turf.
  11. ridgeview2

    Fresno @ Boise

    I think what most people are missing is that these players are 1-1 with the Broncos, they see it as an even playing field. They don't believe in the stigma of the Blue Turf or the beat downs prior to Tedford since nobody was on this team the last time we played them in 2014 I believe.
  12. ridgeview2

    Fresno @ Boise

    Luckily for us Tedford and this Bulldog team doesn't believe in that shit.
  13. ridgeview2

    Fresno State at UNLV Game Thread

    Nice to see the 2's and 3's get some playing time and get a score.
  14. ridgeview2

    Fresno State at UNLV Game Thread

    Damn, no shutout tonight.
  15. ridgeview2

    Fresno State at UNLV Game Thread

    Near butt fumble.