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  1. I think the biggest controversy that came out of this incident was Disney's inability to control the situation. Disney's new security policies for a hands off approach came back to bite them in the ass and the friends who I talked to that currently still work for Disney have told me before they closed the crowds were more rowdy than previous years because of the new policies.
  2. Another reason why NCAA Football needs to make a comeback. I still go back and play NCAA14 on my 360.
  3. In the last 24 hours I've gone down the Traeger rabbit hole by reading extensive reviews and watching YouTube videos. From everything I've seen people are either really happy with it or it's a pain in the ass from day one. The main issue I've seen is the control box where heat fluctuates on the smoke setting from 150 degrees to 300 degrees and can't stay consistant. It needs constant management.
  4. Well that's a bummer. GameStop was having an online used game sale about a month ago and I picked up Halo 5 Guardians, Battlefield 5, Wolfenstein: The New Order / II The New Colossus, and Dark Souls 3 for all for $25. The game I'm looking forward to this year is the Mafia: Definitive Edition Remaster. They are completely rebuilding the original Mafia game that came out 18 years ago and was one of my favorites.
  5. Was this a legit arrest, or more of a scare tactic? Either way, it's a bad look.
  6. Those graphics looked terrible. Halo 3 that came out 13 years ago looked better. I'm currently making my way through the Master Chief Collection on my Xbox One.
  7. When the protests started is when I noticed everyone thinking "to hell with it". The small business owners who were being forcefully shut down by state officials were looking out their windows and seeing protesters gathered by the thousands while the same officials turned the other cheek.
  8. I'm in the market to buy a new grill. I've been using a cheap-o table top portable grill that I got for Christmas several years ago since I'm living in an apartment, but I'm looking into one that's a little bigger. I'm still in a small space, so I'm looking into a 2 burner. I've been looking at the Weber Spirit II E-210. Any other recommendations? Any recommendations on a small pellet grill?
  9. Saving saving saving! This is the most money I've saved in a long time and will continue to save. My wife and I have enough money in the bank to put money down on a new house, but like others we are waiting to see what the housing markets will look like in the next year or so. My mother-in-law sold her almond farm just before the housing market crash in 2008. She managed to buy a house in an upscale neighborhood from the bank at a rock bottom price.
  10. Sad how the rape victim card is always the first one out of the deck to be used when holding separate parties accountable. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I'll never blame a rape victim and even using that as an example is bad form. "Both sides didn't coordinate the response". In a way they did, the Republicans neglected it and the Democrats were being hypocritical about it.
  11. With the amount of shit we've been through in the last 5 months expect a lot more to light up and try to forget this year ever happened.
  12. Everyone is pointing fingers, but they simply fail to accept when they are wrong and then they double down on being wrong rather than make the necessary adjustments. Trump was wrong, Fauci was wrong, CDC was wrong, WHO was wrong, state governors were wrong, city mayors were wrong, city councils were wrong, the news media was wrong. It's okay to be wrong, but it goes a long way to admit the mistake and correct yourself rather than double down on pride and wade through the sweeping currents hoping to reach the other side without drowning. We all have an equal role to play in this, but pride will be our downfall.