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  1. Ship them off to London and they can be the London Silly Nannies.
  2. Rams and Raiders in LA makes too much sense for those bozos.
  3. Definitely Fresno, we stunk up the joint in the 2nd half.
  4. He has a good defensive mind, but was a terrible head coach that was hands off with player development. It's well known that Derek Carr was the head coach and offensive coordinator the last two years he was here. There were multiple games were OC Schramm (Scamm) would make terrible play call decisions and Derek would have to audible at the line then rip into the OC when he got off the field. DeRuyter is good in the booth, but is clueless when he's on the field.
  5. I knew this would be a rebuilding year, but I didn't know it would be this frustrating to watch. If we would have picked up a W against either USC or Minnesota I would feel a little better and chalk up last night as that one "wtf" game we seem lose every year, but that was just horrendous. If I were Tedford I would have left coach Watts and the rest of the defensive staff in Colorado. Not getting off the field and AFA having 24 minute ToP in the 2nd half is embarrassing and inexcusable. Our next game against UNLV will be on Friday night, so with that mixed with our record we will be lucky to see 15k in the stands and that's being generous. Bulldog Stadium will be a ghost town next week.
  6. The Bows will drop 60 on this putrid defense.
  7. ight, imma head out. GG Air Force. Leave Coach Watts at the airport, he can find his own way home.
  8. This announcer is annoying. "Another offsides?? When is Fresno going to learn, the chance of blocking kicks is very slim." Didn't the Bulldogs lead the nation in blocked PAT's and field goals last year?
  9. Okay, we have problems...serious problems.
  10. Free preview weekend most likely.
  11. This defense is giving me Vietnam flashbacks of DeRuyter's defenses.
  12. Yeah I just turned the game on and saw the last TD. Our defenders look lost out there.
  13. Great win Rebs!! Way to represent the MWC!
  14. Most teams look awful on defense against the military academies in the first half. Once we make adjustments at halftime it should be better. If it's not then we have real problems.
  15. It still irks me when I look at the list and I see Mike Bell's name. Bell and Jeff Allison would have dominated the field this year and brought strong leadership to our defense. Idk who got in their ear and told them they were in the best position to leave, but they were given bad info. I hope for the best for them, but it's still painful to think what could have been.