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  1. Fresno State baseball is about as Jekyll and Hyde as you can get. We never know which Bulldog team is going to show up. We won the conference and made it to regionals last year, but the year prior we didn't even qualify for the MWC tournament. We open the season with 12 home games and our first series is against UC Irvine who finished 2nd in the Big West last year. Fans have been calling for Coach Batesol's head for quite some time, but he does just enough every year to get an extension.
  2. Why so angry? We joined in 2012. We were still in the WAC during the 2011 season and Pat Hill's final year. Be sure you do your own fact checking before you start name calling.
  3. I'm pulling for the Chiefs. I have some really douchey coworkers that are Niner fans and they have been unbearable these last few weeks.
  4. Is she somehow related to Tommy DeVito from Goodfellas? Did the guy off camera tell her to go get her shinebox?
  5. Packers may not win, but Adams is representing after beating Sherman and catching that 60 yard bomb.
  6. If by some miracle Tumey can work a deal to get USC into Bulldog Stadium the game would be sold out in a heartbeat with standing room only. We were over capacity for the for the Oregon game in 2006 and Wisconsin in 2008 if I remember right.
  7. Happened back in 2015/2016 between Yankees and Red Sox, both teams were caught and fined. Yankees stopped after the rules were changed, apparently the Red Sox didn't get the memo. As for the Dodgers.....ok? that doesn't tell me anything. "suspicious and believed" of using video cameras isn't hard evidence. Houston was caught WITH evidence and is paying the price for it.
  8. I fully believe there is more at play here. I don't normally dive into conspiracy theories, but my tinfoil hat is strapped on right now.
  9. Astros are going to get booed out of every stadium they visit this year. I wouldn't be surprised if there are free trashcan giveaways for the first 15k fans each game. They will be lucky to win 65% of their games.
  10. Carlos Beltran now out as Manager for the Mets as part of the cheating scandal during his time with the Astros. The plot thickens now with reports coming out that Jose Altuve is being accused of wearing a wire under his jersey that buzzed telling him what kind of pitch was coming during the ALCS game last year against the Yankees. I think that if all of this is true then the Astros need to be suspended from the playoffs for 2 seasons, first round draft picks need to be stripped, team needs to be fined, and players knowingly involved need to be suspended. If Altuve wore a wire then that should be a lifetime ban. https://www.mlb.com/news/carlos-beltran-steps-down-as-mets-manager
  11. You're missing the point, it doesn't have to be a natty game. It could literally be any situation involving a G5 program.
  12. I'm conflicted. Yes, things need to change and this was a big "+++++ you" to an archaic system, but if this happened to a G5 program then the book would be thrown at them. Since it's the SEC nothing will come of it.
  13. I believe until they sign with an agent or no longer enrolled.
  14. Lol damn, he was quick to throw them under the bus.