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  1. I would have much preferred if ACB didn’t look like she was sitting through a double root canal during the entire proceedings. Like you said she was in control, relax a little.
  2. That book cover is a famous painting done by well known western artist Charles M. Russell. I could also read that book, it's up my alley...
  3. Shocker alert, the TV series Ozarks IS NOT actually filmed in the Ozarks (Missouri). Don't fall out of your chair...
  4. Creepy, you are going to have to speak to Ozuna. If he wants to continue playing like a Dbag, he needs to learn to be much sneakier. He always waits for the play to be over before he takes his cheap shot, or does something stupid when there is a referee standing 3 feet away from him, staring directly at him. If he wants to be dirty he has to be smarter about it, I'm sure someone as shrewd and calculating as you are could straighten him out on this topic.
  5. Creeper what is your score prediction for this game?
  6. What a load of crap about Fresno. Fresno has beaten SDSU 5 of 7 times since joining the MWC in 2012. And the two times SDSU did manage to win were the worst seasons in the history of the program, 2015 and 2016. At least Fresno has the decency to beat SDSU when they have winning records. Fresno will be just fine next year, mainly because of the coaching staff and influx of good players. Fresno will also once again have one of the best defenses next year with 8 defensive starters returning. So I think what you meant to say was that you think SDSU will improve and they will be chasing Fresn
  7. If the game is cancelled, SDSU is basically screwed regarding any hope of winning the west div title. Even if Fresno loses the SJSU game next week, they should be a shoo in for the west div title. I would rather the game be played, but as has been mentioned there are significant health issues present. Fresno faced a similar situation with the Colorado game cancelled in 2013, due to a weather related issue (excessive flooding) and the game was never made up, just written off. If the SDSU game gets cancelled there just is NO TIME to make it up or reschedule, simply no time left.
  8. No one has forgotten these lop sided games with the Broncos in those games, the Fresno teams were clearly outmatched in terms of coaching and personnel, in this weeks game, there will be a more level playing field lets see how Boise responds when they are not considered the prohibitive favorite in the game and actually have to face some adversity
  9. Biggest problem with your premise is those 2017 teams no longer exist. Fresno's 2018 team is better both offensively and defensively than last year's team In 2017, Fresno had the 72nd ranked total offense and 15th ranked total defense In 2018, Fresno has the 47th ranked total offense and 14th ranked total defense Boise's 2018 team is better offensively and WORSE defensively than last years team In 2017, Boise had the 57th ranked total offense and 21st ranked total defense In 2018, Boise has the 21st total ranked offense and 42nd ranked total defense so Boise
  10. Fresno scoring offense - 40 ppg vs Boise scoring offense - 38 ppg Fresno scoring defense - 12 ppg vs Boise scoring defense - 23 ppg
  11. why not. and then after that they can order in and eat on the donk logo at midfield, and leave all the pizza boxes, beer cans and fast food containers on the field as they leave. And the donk fans in the stands can stare on in disbelief at the spectacle before them and then slowly file out of donk stadium in stunned silence never to return.
  12. If the game turns out like the Boston College game in 2005, I can live with that.
  13. this 2018 bulldog team is much better than the 2013 team. And if i remember right the 2013 team that lost to the Spartans beat the Broncos that year. Might I suggest you start drinking early in this weekend's game, since you wont be celebrating jack after the game ends.
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