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  1. That book cover is a famous painting done by well known western artist Charles M. Russell. I could also read that book, it's up my alley...
  2. Shocker alert, the TV series Ozarks IS NOT actually filmed in the Ozarks (Missouri). Don't fall out of your chair...
  3. If the Captain thought offloading his crew was the necessary and right thing to do, why didn't he do it? He had the means and opportunity to do it... He was near Guam.
  4. Fresno were conference champs the year before, big whup and what's better we took the championship away from the defending champs while playing on their home turf...
  5. You don't say? How do you explain Boise St's loss to BYU last year? Who was lacking in talent last year between that match up? Must be Boise since they lost right, since you are not taking any other factors into consideration...
  6. Just don't forget a little common courtesy, when Fresno pushes BYU's shit in, they always provide the obligatory reach around. Try and be a good competitor at all times...
  7. I find it hilarious you guys think this is a filler game for BYU. Newsflash, BYU and Fresno have played each other 11 times and Fresno is ahead in the series. Just because BYU beat Boise last year doesn't mean that Fresno is going to be a push over for BYU in 2020. BYU could very easily lose that game just like they did last time Fresno played them in 2017. just laughable...
  8. well here is another thought. Kobe contracted the services of the helicopter company and pilot. The other passengers were probably considered his guests and most likely did not enter into any contractual relationship with the helicopter company since they probably were not asked to pay for the helicopter ride to Thousand Oaks. The next question, whether there were any liability waivers signed by any of the passengers to fly on the helicopter? I have seen that occur before...that could also change the whole dynamic with respect to the helicopter company and their legal exposure.
  9. I don't agree with your body bag analogy. In 2017, I would agree that Fresno was not going to be competitive with either Alabama or Washington. But Fresno can be competitive against teams like USC, UCLA, OSU, WSU, BYU, etc...going forward, last time we played BYU and UCLA we beat them...that 4-8 record last year is not indicative of what the bulldogs are capable of, they will compete for the west div title again this year. Mark it down...
  10. the new AD is ramping up Fresno's OOC scheduling, Bulldogs also have a home and home with Wash State coming up...so there is another home run you can add...
  11. no kidding, you finally said something I can agree with. I thought only teenage girls drank ginger ale?
  12. That's all you got? I was hoping for something a little more inspired. And yet I am left with this same self-indulgent diatribe from a Bronco front running bandwagon fan who has been regurgitating the same small minded and vindictive dis-information that I have heard countless times from you in the past about the bulldogs. I doubt you have ever lived in Fresno or let alone spent much time in California so your opinion regarding these areas is of little value or importance. I hope your health has improved. sincerely, SB P.S. Oh I forgot to mention what a chickenshit closet Fresno State football fan you are turning into.
  13. I don't dispute that. Just that their good is generally better than anyone else in the conference with the exception of Boise. Fresno needs to find some consistency and stability. Fresno is on their 3rd Head Coach and wholesale assistant coaching staff changes since Coach Harsin was hired in 2014.
  14. 20. But we weren't talking shit about Boise, you were talking shit about Fresno remember?