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    MWC and WCC Merger for Basketball

    I do like a merger between the WCC and the MWC in basketball, it will never happen but it should. Add St. Mary's, The ZAGS and BYU get rid of San Jose State, Air Force and Utah State. That automatically makes a better league than the American Conference and strength of schedule increases to make something like a 3-4 bid league every year. Then add New Mexico State basketball to top it all off. If the conference knew what was good for it, this should have already happened. Oh wait, it hasn't guess we're all doomed to be fans of mediocrity. The conference would be St. Mary's 19-2, Nevada 18-3, New Mexico State 17-3, Gonzaga 17-4, BYU 17-4, Boise State 16-4, UNLV 14-5, Fresno State 14-6, Wyoming 12-7, SDSU 11-7, New Mexico 10-11, Colorado State 10-11 (12 team league) All but 2 teams would be over .500 and all teams would get a recruiting boost just from being a better conference to begin with. Revenue would increase because it would be a higher level of basketball. Yes I know that the records would be different than they are now, but every teams RPI would be elevated from playing each other. None of the teams would actually lose ranking for playing teams like Air Force and San Jose. Get over what stupid affiliations and contracts you may have with the lower conference mates and bail now. Do it before the Pac-12 decides to steal all the good remaining teams out west. Keep Utah State for football but drop san jose state for Byu or NMSU. You could drop Hawaii too if you wanted to add both of those schools for football.