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  1. Never worked out well for the guy in Sudan, he’s still there. Absent an invasion or a Noriega type deal, I think he’d be safe.
  2. Democracy doesn’t work in the region; there’s too much tribalism and violent repercussions for minorities. See: Lebanon and Israel. Secular Dictators are a necessary proposition, not perfect by any means, but being equal opportunity offenders allows for the growth of a more stable society. Syria under Assad is much better than the alternative. Iraq under Saddam, the same. As was Qaddafi in Libya, or the dictators sandwiching the disastrous Morsi experiment in Egypt. Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, ditto. We +++++ed up killing Qaddafi, the people in that country have experienced far greater atrocities since then than they ever did before.
  3. Are you ok with the Saudi Arabian gov’t?
  4. Just like Assad is in Syria. Killing Qaddafi was a strategic blunder for more than a few reasons. Not as dumb as W killing Saddam, which was an all-time work of idiocy, but def on a level of stupidity otherwise unseen since we took out Milosevic.
  5. Mario Odyssey might be my favorite Mario game ever made, at least top 3 with Mario 3 and Mario RPG.
  6. https://aaronrupar.substack.com/p/trump-2022-midterms-losses-desantis-primary Good read here.
  7. The LGBT panic by the right is so retarded.
  8. Plus you have the legions of incels who get angry that girls won’t give them the time of day, despite them being chief chili fry maker on 4chan and go on kill rampages. Freud world have a field day with that bunch.
  9. The worst part is, once you have access to the Interwebs, there’s no telling how far down the rabbit hole you’ll venture. Not to mention they get stuck on these “games” too. It’s pathetic. To be sure, the Internet is a great tool in that it allows a ton of access to information and connects people, but jesus, the epidemic of little kids and bigger ones on those devices has become a disaster. To me, it’s different than people bitching about me playing Mario 3 as a kid, I was going out and raising hell otherwise and not drooling like a coke-fueled zombie in front of a screen. The Nofriend-o had its place, but it definitely wasn’t my end-all, be-all.
  10. I took my kid to the pediatrician to get earwax build-up out, I was shocked at how many kids 2-5 had phones and tablets. Mine only uses a Chromebook at school…kind of verboten here in my house. What ever happened to experiencing the world and asking questions? Lazy parenting, and the inundation of tech is terrible.
  11. Those flowers are some of the prettiest in the plant kingdom
  12. The purple Opuntias have always been a favorite of mine, though I’m partial to the Ficus-Indica variety myself.
  13. That’d be awesome to see. I’ve always wanted to do something like that.
  14. They think Hitler is in Heaven while all the Jews he had murdered are burning in hell. Wonderful people.
  15. I always thought the GOP in NV pulled a boner back in 2010 by supporting that one dingbat instead of DT. Cost them a real chance at unseating Harry Reid.
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