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  1. On 11/23/2023 at 12:09 PM, bornontheblue said:

    Again you prove you have the intellect of a dirty mop. Educate yourself on the 2000 Camp David meetings with Barak and Arafat. The political mood in Israel had turned pro peace by 2000 and it was reflected in electing a pro peace prime minister. Clinton tried to take advantage of this and wanted to leave the office with a shiny new peace deal. Israel offered numerous concessions including Palestinian sovereignty. See the previous link where I had to educate your ignorant ass on the topic. 

    Why the jealousy disguised as hostility toward my career choice. Did an accountant tell you that you didn’t make enough money to be worth his time? Well if you take your w2 from Popeyes chicken for $22,000 in a couple months and take a picture of it and upload it to turbo tax ,  it will do your taxes for you. For a guy like you with real simple finances it should be a breeze, but you might be too dumb to figure it out. 

    Barak, much like Rabin several years before, didn’t have popular support at home, and only tried to set these up in an attempt to hastily save face after his previous negotiations with old man Assad in Syria failed. Desperate, he wanted to use the last few months of Bill’s presidency to try something for any sort of a W. In all reality, the summit should probably never have taken place. 

    The summit itself was ill-conceived and ill-advised at the time. Barak and Arafat were both held hostage to the politics in their respective jurisdictions at the time; Barak’s gov’t literally came unraveled at that summit ffs. The Israelis weren’t willing to play ball on Jerusalem and didn’t consider the right of return, plus gave a really shitty attempt at a land grant…have you ever seen the map? Probably not.  

    The sauce here, too, that you’re clinging to like Charlton Heston is a generalized opinion piece masquerading as news on the ADL… that’s like getting an unbiased account on Jan. 6th from the Hannity show lol.

    I’ve been to Israel countless times and still have family there, please spare me the faux intellectual superiority you’re trying to broadcast because you read a slanted opinion article on the Internet is. Congrats, you’re as shitty at paraphrasing as you are at life lulz.

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  2. On 11/22/2023 at 6:46 PM, Nevada Convert said:

    Dude, you don’t know what you’re talking about. The P’s have NEVER been in favor of a two state solution from the very beginning. They have pretended to and then backed out with ridiculous excuses when presented with it going back to the 1940’s. The clear majority of Palestinians will not be satisfied until all the Jews are relocated far away or killed. That is a fact. 

    Sure Israel has made big mistakes and certainly aren’t blameless. But Israeli culture has been created by its extraordinarily difficult environment, past and attempt to survive. It’s laughable the way some people frame Israel as the powerful arrogant cruel occupiers that are a threat to the Muslim Middle East. There are 15 Muslim state countries in the world, and only 1 Jewish. And it’s tiny. And a majority of the Muslims in these countries would like to see Israel wiped clean. Does Israel want the same for them? Of course not. They just want to be left alone. 

    So the context of Israel’s difficult environment and survivalist mentality makes some of their mistakes understandable. Israel certainly could understand the P plight of having nowhere to go and no other countries that want them. But the P’s have royally fvcked that up using violent Islamic extremism. How do you think the civil rights movement would’ve gone in the 1960’s if the blacks in this country were largely Muslim and decided to use suicide bombers to get their civil rights? Not only would it not have made any progress, it would’ve gone massively backwards and this would be a very different country right now, and not nearly as great. 

    They’ve been in favor of one since 1988. Or is the UN not a reputable source, Mr. Birch? 


    Your analysis is garbage and terribly misinformed lol. The Palestinians aren’t a monolithic Muslim bloc, nor is the greater Middle East. There are a number of Christians throughout the region. 

    Also, let’s not forget that Israel and Lebanon nearly had a peace deal in the 1980s when the Phalangists controlled Beirut’s government. Let’s also not forget that Israel and Iran were once great allies before the rise of Khomeini. Additionally, the Saudis and Israelis have long cooperated (as have a number of Gulf nations) on a number of issues, albeit not in an official capacity, and there was nearly a deal between the Assad government in Syria and Israel prior to the war breaking out in that country in 2011.

    Are there hostile parties? Yes. That can’t be disputed. There are bankrolling individuals in the Persian Gulf that fund the atrocities like 10/7. But there are individuals within Israel such as Bibi and Ariel Sharon who have moved the needle of death other directions too. 

    Bottom line is, we’ve reached a point where the hardline extremists have control of their respective parties, and this is the fallout. I have relatives in Israel and am close with many Palestinians. Please spare me the “yOu DoNt KnOw ShIt FrOm ShInoLa!!!1!!” rhetoric, Dog Man, and go back to slinging stories about the time you and your hairless cats washed Eddie Vedder’s rhinestone thong in your little grass shack in Kealakekua, Hawaii. You’re better at that. 

  3. On 11/22/2023 at 7:23 PM, bornontheblue said:

    You stupid bastard. The 2000 agreement at camp David had , many, many concessions offered by Israel including a separate state. You are the one who needs to educated about this son. 


    No it didn’t. Both parties threw up a one-time Hail Mary that was a flawed approach. There was never movement on a right of return, there was never movement on Jerusalem. It was never a serious attempt at negotiation by either side. 

    The only way you’d ever see any serious movement is the pre-1967 borders, which Israel isn’t willing to entertain at this point. The Palestinians have accepted the reality of a two-state solution through their Declaration of Independence in 1988, but you can’t offer a square mile in Hell’s Half Acre and say you seriously are negotiating. Israel already comprises almost 80% of the former Palestine, how much more is enough? 

    Again, I’m in favor of a one-state solution, it would benefit everyone as a whole. It’ll never happen, but it should. Both peoples have competing claims to the land, and really have coexisted rather peacefully for eons before 1948. There’s two sets of polarized extremists running each actor currently, leading to the blood-filled mess we’re in. 

    Also, brush up on your insult game a bit there, too. I know it must be hard molesting collies as a cuckolded Wal Mart tax preparer who lives in his in-laws’ basement broom closet with the wit of the autistic, but still, maybe try harder? 

  4. On 11/22/2023 at 5:01 PM, East Coast Aztec said:

    What does color have to do with being a Cubs fan?


    We can just ask them outright:  Do you want Jews gone, or Israel gone.  Saying it is one and the same is inaccurate.  And go the other way, ask them if they want Muslims gone, or Palestine gone.  We have heard discussions of both being wiped out.  Which is why I have been a little bewildered at support for either being such a thing as an outsider.  If they want to eradicate Jews, or eradicate Palestinians, I am not for it.  If they want to F up Hamas for what they did to innocent people, I am for it.  But if Israel does something, and they have before, and they are now, am I supposed to act like any reaction to that is a hate for the religious or ethnic Jew?  No, I just don't like Israeli gov't doing something that we get pissed at Hamas about.  Which is why I don't support either political entity, but will support innocent people of either side, and right now am definitely more pissed at Hamas for their actions that have created this situation.


    But, I guess I am antisemitic.  Gotta go yell at my Jewish lady, I suppose.  

    Weren’t Cub fans all colored green (with envy) until 2016? lol

    You’re putting in strong work on this thread, I’ve enjoyed reading your thoughts. 

  5. On 11/22/2023 at 12:29 PM, bornontheblue said:

    They already tried that many times, and even offered Palestine their own sovereignty. Palestine instead decided to elect terrorists. Choices>>>Consequences. 
    Maybe this time they will learn , but I doubt it. 

    Lulz. You’re not talking about the peace “deals” in the 90s right? Those were flawed from the start for a number of reasons, many that could individually fill their own books. 

    They’ve never (to my knowledge) offered Palestine any sovereignty. The original deal that Bill brokered in the 90s had about the closest thing you could get to it, but it still didn’t cross the proverbial goal line. 

    Read some stuff before you shut dumbassery from the digital rooftops.

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  6. Maybe the Donkos can get Joe Philbin. He was on HBO once, has a life tragedy that sells, and is hella good at making PowerPoints. Trifecta of success there Carl, I’ll tell ya what. 

    If not Joe, maybe Carl Selmer. He’s familiar with the region, having gotten his start at Worland (WY) HS. No idea if he was a fan of Ranchito or not. Plus, he has ties to Florida, would be great for recruiting! 

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  7. Anyone who professes full support for one side over the other who doesn’t have a real dog in this fight besides they really like to try to pretend to be this week’s socioeconomic global fad expert du jour, they’re wearing some serious blinders. Every belligerent involved has blood on their hands in this gong show of reality.

    The Israelis poked the hornet’s nest by expanding their aggressive settlement policies during their descent into near civil war with Bibi on his 9,000th political life after selling his left nut (the last horucrux of his soul) to the right wing extremists to stay in power, the country got into a widespread distracted pissing contest, it got the best of them and they dropped the ball, and a lot of innocent people got massacred. 

    Hamas is basically running themselves and plunging Gaza into even more of a ruined urban hellhole than it already was (if that were even possible), as part of some group of rich guys’ evil plan over in Qatar, and now they’ve basically signed death warrants indirectly of thousands of innocent children. 

    There’s bloodlust on both sides of this emotionally charged conflict. A Jew myself, I am greatly bothered and abhorred at the massacre of so many innocents on that dark day in October. At the same time, why subject Gaza to ruin? The real perpetrators of the attack are in Doha, after all. So many young lives lost, tragically, at the behest of a few extremists in Qatar. 

    I’m all in favor of a one state solution featuring a secular state where everyone, Palestinian or Israeli, or Druze, enjoys equal citizenship and rights. I realize it’s much more likely that we’ll see Hawaii in the CFP this year. I can dream though. 

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  8. Thought I saw you at the Garden when I was sitting by Tracy Morgan and Chris Rock, then I realized it was Fat Joe. You should become an impersonator…lol

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