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  1. Tubby was being Tubby. Nothing he said should have resulted in threats of violence or death. The other guy? Threatens to kill, asks a dude if he beat it to the image of his dead kid. Apples and oranges.
  2. Therm’s the breaks. Shouldn’t go swim in the ocean and bitch about getting wet.
  3. Your threats of violence instigated everything. You literally threatened to kill a guy who admits to living in a tent and then mailing him a bomb. Then you have the audacity to cry elephant tears to anyone who’ll give you a tiny bit of attention.
  4. He’s still kicking around. Busy guy though, harder to get ahold of than Nixon’s ghost.
  5. No one cares about your pathetic existence. We get it, you’re a whiny +++++face who molests collies and hates on people who live in tents. No need to tell us your Lifetime Network story in every post.
  6. There’s no genocide talk other than in that puny shit filled head of yours.
  7. I’ll have to pour one out for them both. RIP to whatever corners of the universe they’re on.
  8. Where did he threaten you? Now you’re lying too. What are you? 3?
  9. This mother+++++er here is like Mr. Bill. You literally threatened violence against a guy who admits to living in a tent, then threatened to go Ted K and mail him a bomb. Then…you fake this outrage and go whining like a sniveling assbag in every thread.
  10. God you’re such a self righteous twat bag. If you’re any reflection of your family, it’s no wonder why they’re no longer with us. Moddds! Moddds! Ataturk is being mean to me.
  11. Modddss! The bald man is posting historical figures’ pictures!
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