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  1. Could run a well with radioactive lead infested water for free and it’d still be a better buy and quality than either Coors Light or Bud Light.
  2. Maybe your kids’ll join the After School Satan clubs popping up. It’s free exercise of religion, after all.
  3. The “history only” standard they’ve applied will.
  4. The GOP at this point with their selected court is more or less the terminally ill kid at the Make A Wish meeting LeBron. They get short term satisfaction, but at what long term cost?
  5. https://babylonbee.com/news/gandalf-the-white-returns-as-gandalf-the-black-upon-hearing-about-1-million-reparations
  6. Tears of the Kingdom is an absolutely incredible game.
  7. Mortal Kombat with the red case was edgy af back in the day
  8. They’ve always been big on a Right to Privacy up there, it’s even enshrined in the MT Constitution if I remember right.
  9. I’d own a tank if I could…I actually agreed that the “may issue” CCPs were unconstitutional, but I thought their reasoning with the “history only” standard was retarded, it’s so…subjective. Same with the praying coach, I abhor religion, but I thought he got railroaded. I agreed with the ultimate conclusion, but again, using it to kill the Lemon Test was too far for my liking.
  10. No, it’s all firearms. The previous 2 (Heller & McDonald) dealt with handguns; Bruen enshrined the 2A as basically the one amendment to rule them all. Basically, it’s that gun laws regulating conduct protected by the Second Amendment are constitutional only if they have a parallel to the firearm measures in place at the time of the Constitution's framing. I think it’s an asinine standard personally, and I’m probably as pro-2A as they come.
  11. He should sue the attorney for sure, the girl too, but definitely the attorney; file an ethics complaint while he’s at it.
  12. Won’t happen after the Bruen decision, unless there’s some precedent for it back in 1783.
  13. Too many frothy mouthbreathing SJWs lining up to be prosecutors and/or public defenders these days because it’s the only job they can get after graduation. The justice system greatly suffers as a result. Punt God is yet another reason why the wheels of justice should be allowed to roll before rushing to any judgments. All this does is further discredits actual rape victims. Dude should sue for defamation, lost wages, and punitive damages to the max.
  14. LBJ is a reboot of Magic, Kobe was a reboot of MJ. Neither beats the original, maybe LBJ ahead of Magic?
  15. Buy a week pass on the subway (Charlie Cars they call them), was excellent for me when I went.
  16. Fresno is one of the craziest places in the US. I’d put Alba-krakee as the WOAT.
  17. Drugs, like what they did in Portugal. It’s been pretty successful there.
  18. Getting rid of cops hasn’t helped, nor has the whole catch and release thing. It’s like, sure, arrest rates are down, but crime is up. Even the blanket decriminalization (which I support wholeheartedly) has its pitfalls, drug arrests are down, but ODs and shit are up.
  19. It’s not. You’re speaking with your spending. It’s a conduct category of speech, not a spoken one.
  20. Money is free speech. I see nothing wrong with it…it’s a lot like NIL’s legitimizing college athletics bagmen; it only lifts the curtain off the sausage making process underpinning the country’s electoral process.
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