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  1. As far as strange shit, I did see the aftermath of that wrong-way interstate crash that happened down here the other day. Was a bad as they said it was, maybe worse.
  2. Nepotism in education is about as common as saltwater in oceans it seems. Seems like they always have interviews set up as kabuki theatre just to show they went through the process with their person in mind the whole time, they just had to have a "process" to pretend they actually, well, check the boxes.
  3. I'm surprised he didn't have an inside track on a failed Dirk Koetter reunion.
  4. As someone who's spent considerable time in McAllen, it's not all that surprising.
  5. Gorman's sent some pretty good guys to Miami, I thought Martell was a bit of a jizzmopper, though...never was impressed with the dude.
  6. I won't be surprised if we have @Ibanez coming around soon, bragging about being a big-time pizza critic, holding court at his mirrored apartment in the Kuna metro area, and then bragging about washing Roger Federer's jock strap. Just wouldn't be surprised.
  7. I'll bet Rayburn wishes he stayed in Lima. You can piss on the front door of the gas station in that town in front of the people who own it and no one cares... As to the rest, I think the new Gay Panic of 2021 is beyond retarded. The whole "The corporations are putting the rainbows out to indoctrinate the kids and turn them gay"...the fact that it's a serious talking point around those uber American Taliban groups is retarded, scary, maybe a bit of both. Like the +++++ing Rugrats reboot...the twins' mom is a lesbian, and there's a ton of teeth gnashing, and hand wringing over how aw
  8. It was like that for me...I always used to think it’d never get weird enough for me...but it did, like a god damned illusion machine being turned on and then off. Hella reminded me of Threed from the old SNES game “Earthbound” when the zombies take the town over.
  9. I've had run-ins before with them, being out in the fringes of civilization in Central and Eastern MT. The last time was probably 3 years ago in Lewistown, MT though...thinking about it still freaks me out a bit.
  10. His takedown of John DeLorean was legendary.
  11. There’s people doing the same shit around here. I’ve been in a hole the last week or so, didn’t realize it was happening here until yesterday. Haven’t been out much though, either.
  12. RIP Legend. What a great time he represented in UH football.
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