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  1. Lol at losing to the Bobcraps...way to make your conference look bad Rebs.
  2. He had 2 sisters that were 6’ or taller...they made the RedHawks a power in NE MT basketball for a few years...it’s a shame they ran into Box Elder at state the one year, they had a good chance to win it all. Their boys’ varsity team should be great in basketball...they’ve been building something good up there the last few years. I saw all of these kids at a JH tourney a few years ago and was impressed with them then.
  3. I think Heidi Heitkamp will be the Ag Secretary.
  4. Why are you so defensive about it? I see all of these right-winging people that are pissed off about the election going and making these proclamations "IM GOING TO PARLERRRR!!!11!!1!!" and "WE'LL SEND FACEBOOK A MESSAGE BY LEAVING!!!11!!!1!!" (Probably has about as much effect as the "Osama Your Mama" rallies in Billings, MT back in 2001, but that's a different topic...)...I was just wondering what it was all about? Is Sean Hannity on a stripper pole or something? Just seems like a Lemon Party. Everyone can go and give each other felchers under the delusion that Trump is going to have the
  5. I see all of these right wing snowflakes putting up "AdD mE oN pArLeR!" things on social media. WTF is it? Some sort of lemon party for the far right? It's not my crowd, so I've never gone to go and look.
  6. I voted for Kanye West. I liked his marijuana stance. This whole charade that they keep trotting out there about there being this massive voter fraud is beyond retarded. I think Karl Rove said (and I completely agree), in order for there to be a voter fraud scheme on the size that is being alleged, it'd have to basically be the plot of a James Bond film. There'd have to be literally thousands of people in on something like this, and at all levels of gov't. Given the amount of loose lips that would undoubtedly be in that mix, I just can't see that many people with locked lips. I can't bel
  7. Thought you were talking about that Parler site
  8. Seeing a lot of these floating around...not sure what the case for SCOTUS even would be??? More dumbassery aflutter at the Circle K.
  9. Those Trump Steaks aren’t going to sell themselves, you know. I think he’s doing this to milk what little is left from the legions of believers that worship him as a human BossRoom. They cling to this misguided belief that if they cup their ears and scream “Trump was screwed enough”....that it’ll change reality. It won’t, and they’ll go back to the Parler Circle Jerk a little more light in the wallet, while Der Cheeto sits and laughs, as he swims in his new found dollars like a deranged Scrooge McDuck.
  10. Which Howard's? The dirty old building downtown or the trendy new one out by Malmstrom? There's that other one too, but I've never been there so... Cabin Creek? Gettin' pretty depraved with that there. I've seen things that would make most reasonable people's skin crawl in that place. Justin Bieber doppelgängers making out with midgets and the like, you know? Weirdness like that just doesn't grow on trees.
  11. I’ll take +++++ 2020 for $1000. Make it a Daily Double.
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