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  1. Cool. Keep up the name calling too. I really care what anonymous people on the Internet have to say.
  2. The masks definitely make nice Halloween costumes. No one should be forced to wear one...if you want to wear one for "protection" and be a dumbass about screaming how great you are with your mask-ness...then do it, but don't force me or anyone else to do it...I'll fake a coughing fit around you for laughs.
  3. That’s how GWB won in 2004. They put a bunch of anti gay marriage amendments on the ballots in the swing states.
  4. I'd go to Glacier instead.
  5. I wish the Giants would do the late 70s orange pullovers every Friday...but the ones that they have now aren’t bad either.
  6. I'm not a Wyoming fan...but the fact still remains, the Rams new uniforms are ass.
  7. https://news.sportslogos.net/2020/05/13/los-angeles-rams-unveil-new-uniforms/ May have pole position for the worst in the league. Yikes.
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