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  1. Knicks are the Dolphins of the NBA
  2. Avalos is the Manny Diaz of the MWC
  3. No one outside of Montana takes MSU seriously. UM has better basketball, too.
  4. Ok. Montana. Better facilities, better school.
  5. https://dailymontanan.com/2021/09/27/um-law-students-dean-associate-dean-of-students-discouraged-reports-to-title-ix/ Their law school deans discouraged Title IX reporting.
  6. Not my thing, but I’ll eat it, especially if there’s jalapeños with it.
  7. UM has a terrible problem with the whole rape cover up thing…it’s still happening there.
  8. I think Joe’s decided to go out and dig wells for the less fortunate in the rural Atlas Mountains. Likely in cahoots with the crazy Baptist who told me I was going to burn today. Joe Hidden, Whereabouts Unknown.
  9. Not a Wyoming fan, but keep +++++ing that chicken.
  10. Lmao at BYU being any sort of a real top 10 team. They’re overrated, just like every other season.
  11. Webb’s looking good tonight. Boston’s hitting is as good as its pitching is terrible too.
  12. https://www.google.com/amp/s/406mtsports.com/high-school/montanas-most-awesome-high-school-mascots/collection_cc96fc3c-dc60-577d-86bc-286a1acb611d.amp.html Missing a few good ones, like the Rapelje Rockets, Geyser Wranglers, and Lame Deer Morning Stars. Not a bad list though.
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