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  1. One of the best Fins games I’ve ever watched. Best offense in the NFL.
  2. No, I think he just found the woman’s story very touching, that’s all.
  3. Team looks improved, can’t complain. Hope we beat up the ACC school next week.
  4. Shit, just go camping up by Meeteetse…won’t be people around out there. You might get devoured by a family of angry grizzly bears, but at least there won’t be anyone else around to witness it @Bob
  5. Striped bass and bluefish. Not much was biting though.
  6. That’s what I get for fishing all afternoon
  7. The poor bastard in 1750 enslaved must have lived a long assed time to start that blacksmith business when emancipation. I didn’t think it could get more retarded than Gianforte in MT saying old people didn’t need Social Security because Noah was working well into his 500s, but here we are. Jeebus. Dystopian as +++++.
  8. You’re a royal dumbass on so many levels. Jeebus.
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