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  1. The over-the-top chumminess with the Chinese is disturbing. I get they're a big market, but organizations can have principles.
  2. AFA, UNM, UNLV, Wyo, etc. This is for basketball too. Who wants to go watch a BYU-South Florida game instead of BYU-UNM, or BYU-UNLV, etc?
  3. MWC is the only fit for them. They have their natural rivals...etc. AAC might be a novelty for them for a year or two, but games against Tulsa, Tulane, the directional Florida schools, etc. won't draw the same that MWC games would.
  4. Why would you join the AAC from the MW? it's only a lateral move, at the best. If AFA doesn't like the MWC, they'd be better off as an independent.
  5. It's one of the biggest issues with the Twitter culture and the intensity that goes along with it. Shoot and kill first, ask questions later. When you're wrong, stuff it somewhere far away that no one can find it.
  6. Still, it’s these types of ideas that cancel out Dem votes at election time.
  7. I’m wondering if they’ll bundle this with HuluTV
  8. This is why the darlings of the left are going to have a hard slog come next November. These things sound good to the crazies on the coasts, but are things that most sensible people are going to look at with googly eyes.
  9. They've even tried bringing out the powder blues full-time, and that hasn't gotten them anywhere.
  10. This sums up the state of professional sports pretty nicely.
  11. Leaving San Diego. That stadium was a dump, but it beats the hell out of being a second-class citizen in their new town. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/chargers-players-not-pleased-that-steelers-anthem-was-played-at-home-game/ I think the Stoolers had more fans than the Bolts did last night...and I think that's been an issue since they moved. The LA Raiders would have had a better ring to it, and would have had a ton more fan support....too bad that never came to fruition.
  12. Despite the beating that got laid down on us by BSU this weekend...I'd say we've usurped FS in the division.