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  1. I know who he is/was. Hell of a ball player. For some reason, I thought you omitted him originally. I just never went back and corrected my post.
  2. Fultz vs. Bennett

    Looks like Boston knew what they were doing when they traded back for Tatum.
  3. ISIS.....stronger or weaker? Does it matter?

    They literally held nothing of importance. No Baghdad, no Damascus, not even Aleppo. Just worthless desert.
  4. ISIS.....stronger or weaker? Does it matter?

    This. They've never committed an attack on American soil. Al Qaeda has, but we're too busy arming them to go fight Assad in Syria to care about that. I don't want to hear about the "inspired" folks either, because that's the dumbest shit I've ever heard. Anyone can go out and commit a mass murder, and then claim something stupid like "Ronald McDonald", or "The Grimace", but it doesn't mean that a clown or a stupid purple guy are behind it. People get scurred for the sake of getting scurred.
  5. ISIS.....stronger or weaker? Does it matter?

    https://syriancivilwarmap.com/ Most of the areas conquered is in Syrian government territory...not our own.
  6. Like I said...we didn't do much to destroy ISIS anyway... Russia, the legitimate Syrian Government under Assad, Hezbollah, the Iraqi Army and and assist from Iran with Qassem Soelemani did most of the heavy lifting in chasing them out of the region. Not us.
  7. I'd have worried a lot more if they'd have controlled Aleppo, Damascus, Baghdad, or something more of importance. Mosul, Raqqa, and the others weren't much of importance....much of that territory was unguarded and patrolled by a few units in sparsely populated desert. There was nothing special about it. Seriously.
  8. ISIS.....stronger or weaker? Does it matter?

    That map is inaccurate as it doesn't take into account the ISIS pocket in the Southern Idlib/South Aleppo governates...it's not really a black and white issue.
  9. No, they really didn't. It was pretty much useless desert.
  10. It isn't the US killing ISIS anyway...Russia, the Assad gov't and Hezbollah have done more to get rid of ISIS in the region than we could ever dream of. Bombing Raqqa to pieces and royally pissing off the Turks is about the only thing we've accomplished in Syria.
  11. ISIS was never a threat to the US. The Russian and Syrian Armies (plus Hezbollah) have done more to destroy their capabilities anyway than we've done.
  12. OP - MW needs to keep options open

    Need to become something like the Western AAC, right now a step above the CUSA.
  13. Super Bowl

    Landry is such a polarizing figure. I think he's a solid WR...top 5 in the league? No. I wouldn't pay him what he's asking, especially the $14-15 mil that he seems to be wanting to get paid. If we used him all over the field and he was getting 12-15+ YAC, it'd be one thing, but a solid 8-9? No. He's a slot guy, a glorified possession WR. We've had many go through here. To me, he's basically doing for us what we had OJ McDuffie (minus the toe problems) and Orande Gadsden (minus the 6'5'' height and dinner plate hands) do for us over the years. Bess and Hartline are two others I can think of that did similar things, as well. I think he's replaceable...I'd probably miss his intensity, but he's a bit of a pain in the ass and commits a lot of boneheaded penalties. Take his penalties, add them up, and how much does he really contribute? Brandon Marshall was a guy we had that was a pain in the ass, but he was a guy you could line up all over the field, not just in one place....a true #1 guy. I view Landry as a #2 at best. But...when I see people go..."Well, we can get Braxton Berrios to replace him! He's the next Wes Welker!" Why? Because he's a small undersized white receiver? People don't think about these things...they see one thing and make a generalization. Same thing with these QBs from small schools...well shoot, they've got to be the next Jimmy G! Anyway...I think Landry can be replaced, but I'd consider bringing him back if the price is right. At Davante Adams money, I'd laugh in his face. We have too many issues to be paying him that much money. He's not the missing link to a Super Bowl. We have too many holes to be paying a possession WR $14 million a year to go out and commit dumb penalties every year. I view the slot as a complimentary piece. You can find someone to go there...either as a rookie or a low cost FA. They're out there, possession WRs aren't that hard to come by. I may get strung up for saying this, but I think Parker has the potential to be a much better WR than Landry is, should he ever get his head out of his ass and be able to stay on the field. He's got the size, the speed, and everything you look for in a WR. I'd be upset if we backed up the Brinks truck for Landry and Parker went out and balled out this year, and we lost him and he went on to have a fantastic career. Quite a conundrum, but I really hope we don't cave in to Landry's demands. I'd rather get someone like Amendola in FA, roll the dice on Parker and find a guy or two in the draft. Let Landry be Cleveland's problem.
  14. Super Bowl

    Landry's good, but not $14/mil a year good that he's seeking.