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  1. 406WarriorFan

    Pick 10 Sign Ups

    I’m in
  2. 406WarriorFan

    Don't speak Spanish in Montana

    Not a finer establishment in Big Sky Country.
  3. 406WarriorFan

    Lordy, there are tapes...

    I could care less about either ones’ extra marital affairs...none of my business in the least.
  4. 406WarriorFan

    Lordy, there are tapes...

    Are the same people bitching about Trump screwing around on his wife the same people who defended Slick Willie and said that what he did with Monica was his own business? Hypocrisy.
  5. 406WarriorFan

    Facebook etc.....

    There's a way to completely delete your entire FB page/account.
  6. 406WarriorFan

    Top 125 Best Places to Live in U.S.

    Every place I ever went in downtown San Jose was either filled with Indian techworkers that resembled a mass-warped version of the Butabi Brothers from "Night at the Roxbury" or Mexican cholos. Nothing more, nothing less.
  7. 406WarriorFan

    It could be a wild evening in the Middle East

    https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/breaking-us-defense-secretary-says-us-doesnt-have-proof-chlorine-sarin-used-in-syria/ Mattis is the only sane one in the White House these days.
  8. 406WarriorFan

    It could be a wild evening in the Middle East

    The opposition would be plenty motivated because they would get the response that's going on right now...which is foreign intervention to attack their enemies. They don't value human lives...and chances are, many of those "victims" were prisoners... I do find it laughable that we're pissing on the Syrian government for some alleged incident (that I still don't believe they did), when we ourselves are actively (and eagerly) participating in a bombing campaign down the Arabian peninsula that has killed thousands upon thousands of innocent civilians and has created a huge humanitarian crisis... Do you have outrage over Yemen?
  9. 406WarriorFan

    Paul Ryan will not seek re-election

    I can't see the House turning blue. Easter Bunny thinking right there.
  10. 406WarriorFan

    It could be a wild evening in the Middle East

    I'm wondering where these reports of barrel bombs happening are at...or if its just more conjecture from the war-mongering crowd.
  11. 406WarriorFan

    It could be a wild evening in the Middle East

    The CW narrative they're trying to push is sarin gas...which they haven't found any proof of at this point. Syria and Russia have let the OPCW in, and the Russian military has secured the site the attack allegedly took place at.
  12. 406WarriorFan

    It could be a wild evening in the Middle East

    I'd read that back then, and there were a few other sources alleging those things. What also makes me wonder is that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia was meeting with the French president the day those attacks allegedly took place.
  13. 406WarriorFan

    It could be a wild evening in the Middle East

    30 minutes later he sends another one out saying that we need to work with Russia and that basically, this is all one big misunderstanding... Dude's a +++++ing madman. His problem in this whole little Syria escapade is that he's a +++++ing amateur and has surrounded himself by a bunch of hawks and religious fundamentalists. Not a good combination.
  14. 406WarriorFan

    Another Chemical Attack in Syria

    Russia has a reason to be there, several reasons, actually...we don't....they were actually invited by the legitimate government of Syria, we're actively providing an illegal occupation of certain parts of the country (the area around At-Tanf, plus the oil fields in the east)...so yeah. Russia's been a long-standing ally of the Syrian government since the days of Papa Assad...they have to worry about the jihadis coming back to Russia, and they've been invited. This whole "chemical attack" is nothing but a false flag. I don't buy it was Assad at all.