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  1. Fresno fans might find Rocky's press conf entertaining

    Rocky is and looks tough. Sessions is and looks soft. If you can't see it then you don't understand the concept.
  2. Good job trucker. Beat us at our own game. Hopefully on down the road, we can return the favor. Keep on trucking, good buddy!!
  3. Hey Boise, you realize if you losers had won a game or two more outta conference that ESPN College Game day would be at our game, promoting our teams. Thanks for sucking, losers!!
  4. I'm getting static on my CB, say what trucker?
  5. Don't sleep on Boise ST. They're plenty good. Their punting is better on both sides, their kicker hasn't missed and Wilson returning kicks is better than most.
  6. Sorry I'm a bit slow. The hyphen has me so confused. Did he mean boisewithals? That may explain your recent decline.
  7. What does boisewithass even mean? Is there a lack of tail in Boise? Or did you forget the n? Do they teach English at your trucker school?
  8. How can you be a fan of a team in the heart of silicon valley and have no clue what talk to text is?
  9. Golden Knights inaugural home opener storylines

    Decent start but they're not as good as SDSU. I say we stay above them in the rankings.
  10. http://digital.boisestate.edu/cdm/ref/collection/archives/id/1876 lolz
  11. On average, Boise's defense is holding teams 75 yards under the opponents season avg. That's pretty good. SDSU is holding teams 111 yards under their season average. That is noticeably better.
  12. I would like to offer for the record, I thought boise was 4-2. They are not that good. SDSU has faced 3 teams in the top 20 in rushing offense and we are ranked 24. You can't run and we can. Your defense is good, ours is better.
  13. Can't wait for your second reply. I bet it's epic. Think hard will ya.
  14. You're the dumbass who couldn't respond to my one post in a single post. Just had to add in that nobody had run for 200. Nice argument stat guy. I like numbers. The numbers say we can run on you. They also say you can't run on us. Your weak defense has faced 4 teams ranked over 100 in running. Try not to shoot your wad too early.
  15. KP you should try watching the games rather than reading box scores. It helps give an informed opinion.