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  1. UTEP is straight up awful in football. I went to last years NMSU/UTEP game and if NMSU was not constantly shooting itself in the foot. NMSU probably would have won by three touchdowns instead it squeaked by with 9 point victory. UTEP has fallen so far... I feel sorry for them.
  2. I agree. Never stepped foot in Boise but I absolutely love the landscape. I could say I’d even love to travel to Boise or the Pacific Northwest in general. However I’m not sure I could actually live there. I enjoy having tan skin and sunshine throughout the year. I also could not go with out eating Chile with about every meal and the traffic is so awesome lol. Plus our Boise is Ruidoso and that’s about an hour and half away from Las Cruces. It’s a shame you’ve overlooked New Mexico we have so much culture and natural beauty to offer. Although I agree that Albuquerque Is more like the Detroit o
  3. Never been to Idaho but I could imagine it being something like Napoleon dynamite lol.
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