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  1. Ranking players before they have even arrived on campus or even been to a single practice is a complete dog and pony show. None of these rankings take into account discipline, heart, grades or the ability to do what coaches tell them to do. I'll get excited when some of these kids actually play on the Blue and pass their classes.
  2. Surviving full on combat comes down to luck, not toughness or gender. If they want to be drafted, let em be drafted. Because the next time we have a Real war against a country that actually has a Navy, Airforce and Missiles, we will all be fighting tooth and nail, right here in our own front yards. The next real war will be right here. Until that horrible time comes, I don't see a draft occuring because the govt knows that this generation will flip out and start civil war the first day that a draft occurs. As they should. The kids of the 60's protested the draft. Can you imagine what today's crazy bastards would do?
  3. Is it +++++ing football season yet? 

  4. Can you guys even imagine life and death in those trenches? I would imagine that after a while, death was probably welcomed. Anyone have any stats on Suicide in the trenches during WW1? Though in retrospect, the govt's probably kept those stats buried. (excuse the pun).
  5. Thanks to the OP for sharing this website. I enjoy studying the horrors of WW1.
  6. I think they should just stream the MWC games right here on the forum.