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  1. The Vandal Guys Ought to Be Happy

    Ole Red Steer might just be phucked. As if butt gate, drunk Erikson's one season, the epic failure of the football program to fill the tiny little dome and becoming the first school to basically get kicked out of FBS wasn't enough. It was mishandling of sexual assault cases (3 that we know of) that is taking him down. AD's don't usually come back from 60 day admin leave's of absence. A week ago, ole Staben himself went to the Student Senate meeting and pleaded for Rob Spear to keep his job. Talked him up and asked students to look at all that good old poor Rob has done well. A week later he is forcing him to take 60 days off and hiring an outside party to investigate. Either they have found more mishandlings, or maybe the pissed off boosters that they have left are forcing his hand. Hell, maybe Staben found a copy of the Yardley Report. But Rob Spear is gonna be hung out to dry. Question is, who in the hell will they find to replace him? Talk about an uphill job.
  2. It’s official, Gonzaga staying put

    I suspect that it was something along these lines. Craig thompson picks up the phone last fall and calls Mike Roth. "Hey Mike, I've heard rumors that you are not happy with the way things are shaping up for Gonzaga in the WCC. I want you to know that the MWC is very interested in adding Gonzaga as a Basketball member of our fine conference. The seating capacity of our arena's, our schools commitment to excellence and our exposure on CBS sports would be a great benefit to your program and we feel that our schools would help you increase your RPI". Mike Roth "Thanks for the offer, we'll think about it". A few emails sent back and forth with offers and requests but nothing close to a commitment. Nothing follows.. Craig leaks to the press that the MWC is talking to possible expansion schools and is talking specifically to Gonzaga. He does this during March Madness for full exposure and press coverage. Already knowing the outcome, hoping for the off chance that it gets Gonzaga boosters interested. Also hopes to use this to get other schools interested as well. Nothing occurs, except for a shet load of message board threads and posts. A desperate attempt at exposure by a man desperate to keep the money flowing in.
  3. SJSU fans finally posting

    Craig Thompson using Spammers to try and shut us up
  4. Thompson: "We’re going to continue to grow our league.”

    And the price of Meth in MWC cities would drop quite a bit too.
  5. Thompson: "We’re going to continue to grow our league.”

    Well, the only school I see making us better from the West Coast is Gonzaga. Oregon and Stanford probably are not interested, lol. So while we start tossing up names who wont really help us, might as well include Idaho.
  6. Thompson: "We’re going to continue to grow our league.”

    This will be very unpopular, but we could consider adding Idaho as a basketball only member. Idaho has a decent Basketball program.
  7. NFL Cheerleading Needs To Go......


    I don't care for Craig at all. But you gotta remember he only does what the University leaders authorize him to do. He cannot spend their money, he cannot make sweetheart deals unless the university leaders agree to those terms and cough up those dollars. He is just a speech reader. A very well paid speech reader. In this case, I would guess that if the above is true, then the University Presidents did not authorize him to offer a good enough deal to entice Gonzaga. Perhaps this is why he makes so much money. He takes the heat and criticisms for the university presidents. He is paid very well to be the guy to blame and hate.
  9. What Will Thompson's Gonzaga 'Sweetheart Deal' Look Like??

    Pretty sure they are gonna demand that Craig Thompson dresses up like a ballerina and sings "I touch myself" at mid court of their first game.
  10. Gun shopping advice

    First thing I taught my son to shoot at was the Idaho Vandal sticker that I put on the bottom of the toilet for him to aim at when he was 2.
  11. BSU fans can now create their own free blog on Broncofans

    $99 per month blog fee for haters
  12. Gun shopping advice

    Ruger single Six is the pistol that I taught my kids on, and will start the grandkids on when they are 12. Single action and a great training pistol. https://ruger.com/products/newModelSingleSix/models.html I also enjoy shooting it in the desert myself. .22 ammo is cheap to shoot all damn day and the kids love shooting that pistol as much as I do.
  13. BSU fans can now create their own free blog on Broncofans

    It's like 1000 years more advanced than Cougar board. We offer free blog to our forum members, cougar board still runnin with inline threads like 2002 Our Blogs are here https://www.broncofans.net/blogs/ We'd even let a Coug start a blog for fun.
  14. "Rocket" Ismail's son just committed to Wyo

    I love watching big name kids lose on the Blue.
  15. For a limited time, we are allowing BSU fans the ability to create their own blog on https://www.broncofans.net/ Eventually, this will be a paid feature for those who choose to become supporting members, but while we develop the forum and member base, anyone who creates a blog will be grandfathered into the "free for life" category. To create your blog, simply go to Broncofans.net and then click on Browse, Blogs, then click on "create Blog. You can upload your own header pic and name your blog but please do not put "Boise State" in the title as BSU protects their brand. Your Blog will have all social Media links on the bottom, this allows easy sharing to your choice of social media. Normal rules apply, no porn, no guns, no blood and gore. The forum is getting around 800 visitors a day, and is sure to get much busier when Football season comes along. Make yourself known by creating your own blog on broncofans.net. We are soon creating a "front page" for the website and interesting blog posts will be featured on the front page.