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  1. The Rampart is pretty nice too, great golf.
  2. WilliamHicks

    One of us made Forbes

    I think Rob Spear just found his dream job in Fort Collins. That's Vandal mathematics right there.
  3. WilliamHicks

    We’re in a full blown trade war

    Havent we always been in a Trade War? Im no fan of Trump, but have always thought that we should be on he winning end of any trade wars because we have the strongest economy in the world. We are the big land of Walmart's, we buy the world's shet. And when we run out of money we go deep into debt to keep buying the worlds shet. Therefore, the world needs us. If we stop buying their shet, they go to shet. In fact I have always thought that our strongest weapon of "mass destruction" is the ability to tell a country "+++++ you, we won't buy your shet anymore". Again, no big fan of Trump here, but I have always thought that we could perhaps get a better deal with the world. They might raise tarriffs on us for a while, but they stand to lose a shet ton more than we do and they all know it.
  4. WilliamHicks

    Can Anyone Give Me A Good Answer?

    My son just moved to San Jose. He is teaching Highschool Math and History and will be going for his PHD at Stanford. He likes it there but is always the brokest guy in the room around programmers at every party. He and four women share a house, he's doin ok. The students at San Jose State don't give one flying phuck about football or most any sports. The people who like football like Stanford or Cal. Raiders or Niners. He hasn't run into any Fresno State fans either, though. So, watch that glass house. But yeah, San Jose should not be in the MWC and they really shouldn't have a football team either. Kinda silly to even try. Waste of money. Nobody cares.
  5. I saw the video and thought it was just a normal Nevada practice session, good thing there weren't any grandmothers there.
  6. WilliamHicks

    Immigrants being discharged from the military

    A biased media is essential to upholding democracy in our republic. But a click hungry media writing half truths in their headlines, and then slowly backing off their headlines in the body of the articles is driving everyone insane. We need to have a biased media to some degree, but the readers need to grow some freaking brains and not be so easily scared, alarmed and influenced. People are now just skimming the extreme news headlines and sharing those links here and on every forum on the internet. The media loves that shet and it feeds their hysteria machine. They would love nothing more than to push us into civl unrest and then reporting the civil unrest that they fed. There is no more voice of reason in the media. This is because we the people no longer are even interested in hearing a voice of reason. Walter Cronkite wouldn't even get a job cleaning the bathrooms at CNN or Fox News now days.
  7. You are counting ALL of the surrounding communities way out past Caldwell. Boise is actually currently at around 230,000. Meridian is at around 100,000 Eagle is around 28,000 Ada county is around 434,000 My 300,000 was being generous. Either way, that little stadium should not ever have unsold seats. We have a powerhouse FB team.
  8. WilliamHicks

    Immigrants being discharged from the military

    Some of the very best Sergeants I knew in the Army were guys who joined from other countries. And our unit was tough and smart, you had to have a certain GT score on the Asvab test just to qualify for Q course. I can't imagine why they are doing this, unless they secretly caught spys entering the military to gather intel. In that case, the US would never admit that it happened, they would probably do the very thing they are doing now.
  9. The established media and bloggers make money nowdays from shock and hysteria. Its all about generating clicks and we have mostly all fallen for it hook, line and sinker. As bad as Trump is at handling the media, I honestly believe that Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush junior would have had it just as bad with today's internet click desperate media. Everyone on Facebook and forums are political experts. All typing to get clicks and responses. Everything is reported on. Everything is spun. We are now judged by how we vote and everyone is dumb enough to proudly display who they voted for, like it makes them part of some privileged club. The voting booths have those sliding privacy curtains for a reason. Freedom of the press is both the best and worst elements of our young country.
  10. Someone broke into my car back in 2005 thru the window that they broke, stole my stereo and damn near everything from my jockey box. Including my .45 . So, I stopped leaving shit in my car ever since.
  11. You end up being the one out of place looking person in your section, maybe a few people joke ya about it. But yeah, it' s just one more pain in the ass thing to have to remember to bring to the game, besides tickets and tailgating stuff. You wont believe how many times I have had to drive back home because I forgot our tickets.
  12. He's good, but @DesVandal is the king of getting under the skin of my fellow Bronco fans.I think he went into retirement but he still has the belt.
  13. Back to original topic, we need to sell more tickets and seats out before even talking about expanding the stadium anymore. It blows my mind that 300,000 plus people in this area cannot sell out a little 37,000 seat stadium each game. All kinds of excuses too. Ticket prices are in line with a winning team that goes to bowl games every year. Ticket prices cannot and will not drop because we are a growing school in a state that does not fund education. The money is needed to fund the program. Bsu has an option where yo can make payments on the tickets from January on thru September and my own adult kids do this for their tickets. I do think BSU should get rid of "special colors schemes" for every damn game. It pisses people off, myself included. I know they want to sell more shirts and jackets, but most people are sick and tired of having to wear special shirts just to go to a damn game. But they would be foolish now to expand the stadium until the Boise area starts to care about and support it's football team better.
  14. I believe most people deserve a second chance. There have been times in my life where I just stopped posting on forums for months at a time simply because life had gotten rough and I didn't trust what I may say to people. I didn't believe in temporary insanity until I got divorced and hated the world for six months or so. Another was October 2008 when I lost most of my 401K and housing investments. Looking back those where times that I probably would have gotten myself banned from most any forum community but luckily, I had to foresight to just read for a while. Pretty sure we all have done things in our past that were unpopular and wrong. That's life, doing stupid things and learning from them.
  15. WilliamHicks


    Slims in St Johns is my favorite dive bar in the world. Very stiff drinks, low prices, great food. And they often have good but loud live music at night.