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  1. WilliamHicks

    Boise throwing the cash at Bryan Harsin

    What we need to do is come up with a mega raise for Andy freakin Avalos. We would probably only have 2 wins if not for Andy and what he has done with our Defense.
  2. WilliamHicks

    Competing boards?

    Not at all and I hope nobody thinks we are competing. One leads to another. In this case, a "new" member joined our forum and Slap told him to head over here, I read that as in over here instead of there. I didn't delete the post, I didn't go all forum nazi, I stated that we support the MWC board but telling a new member to go to another forum is poor forum etiquette. @Slapdad Yes, I mentioned broncofans on here a few times when it was a new forum and nobody knew about it, but I stopped around the start of football season because I didn't want to be a forum promotion whore. This is all I'm going to say about this matter on here. It should be discussed on the original forum, not litter this forum.
  3. WilliamHicks

    Competing boards?

    Wow, I didn't figure you for a Crying Drama Queen, @Slapdad . Didnt even get so much as a pm about this before you came running over here with it like a spanked step child. It's ok, Slappy.
  4. WilliamHicks

    Mangum benched

    That guy looks at least 35 years old.
  5. WilliamHicks

    Las Vegas Raiders

    Maybe they'll make em move to Boise instead.
  6. WilliamHicks

    OT - Taurus SHO

    I owned a 1989 SHO. This was back when American cars were still underpowered and this car came with a Yamaha engine and I think around 240 hp. I used to smoke a lot of cars with it at the red lights and it was good car. But Ford sucks now. No, really, they suck bad now. Tons of recalls, warranty issues, their cars are breaking down left and right. My Buddy owns a 2 year old Ford sedan that has spent more time in the dealer's shop than in his own driveway. In fact, Ford leads all car manufacturers in the number of recalls since 2004. And they have many other faulty breakdowns that they don't even officially recall. Stay away from Ford. In fact, stay away from Chevy too. https://www.yourmechanic.com/article/10-most-recalled-car-brands-by-jason-unrau
  7. WilliamHicks

    Redbirds @ Rams

    I guess that Big-12 invite will have to wait another year
  8. WilliamHicks

    OT - Keto Diet

    My buddy just started walking for 45 minutes during his lunch break each day since March, has lost 40 lbs. Neighbor lady drives her car half a mile to the gym just to walk on a treadmill and her ass is still as far as ever.
  9. WilliamHicks

    It would best if Fresno St.

    Did you watch their last game? First 3 quarters they were running basic pee wee football plays on offense. Went from that to desperation plays in the 4th.
  10. WilliamHicks

    BYU is NOT a P5 Team Per ESPN Reporter

    The one guy that can't ever be banned can say whatava the phuck he wants to. Especially when it pisses off BYU fans (so easy to do).
  11. WilliamHicks

    It would best if Fresno St.

    The flyin Hawaiians. Don't think Fresno's offense will keep up with them. And the West is lucky that Utah State is in the Mountain Division. I'm dreading our last game of the season.
  12. WilliamHicks


    I actually own four forums. Am always open to looking at new forum opportunities. Which forum do you own?
  13. WilliamHicks


    HA ha ha hardy ha ha
  14. WilliamHicks

    It would best if Fresno St.

    Don't worry, Fresno won't even be in the MWC championship game this season.
  15. WilliamHicks

    Should BSU Miss The Playoff

    I still have hopes for a super bowl invite. +++++ NCAA football, I want the big trophy