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  1. WilliamHicks

    SDSU at Fresno

    Да, они придут в Бойсе и будут сильно избиты, как собаки
  2. WilliamHicks

    SDSU at Fresno

  3. WilliamHicks

    SDSU at Fresno

    Just think, the winner of this game will earn a trip back to Boise to get beat
  4. WilliamHicks

    Do You Read Your Rival's Homer Board?

    I used to troll the Vandal board, but we dont play anymore and that place is a phucking nuclear wasteland now days.
  5. WilliamHicks

    Guess who’s tweeting again

    SJSU to the SEC, Im callin it now
  6. WilliamHicks

    Brett Rypien is the MWC all time leading passer

    Many of my fellow BSU fans are still waiting for the 2nd coming of Kellen Moore. Which isn't ever gonna happen again.
  7. WilliamHicks

    Brett Rypien is the MWC all time leading passer

    The WAC had craptastic Defense. We wern't complaining of course, we won the WAC in dramatic fashion many years in a row. Scoring 50 plus points on a ton of WAC teams. Then we joined the MWC, and discovered that teams in the MWC actually play defense instead of just lining up to chase our RB's and WR's.
  8. WilliamHicks

    USU & BSU ranked in CFP poll

    And then BSU gets invited to the NFC East.
  9. Currently at 12,921 yards. He broke the record vs Fresno State. Good ole Fresno State.
  10. WilliamHicks

    USU & BSU ranked in CFP poll

    I can say without any uncertainty that coach Harsin is a 2nd half of the season kind of guy. No matter how much returning talent we have any given year, we seem to forget how to play and coach football until late October every single season. By the time we play Utah State we will look like an all star team. Next September we could lose to Portland State, and then by November we will be in the hunt for the MWC Championship.
  11. WilliamHicks

    Boise throwing the cash at Bryan Harsin

    What we need to do is come up with a mega raise for Andy freakin Avalos. We would probably only have 2 wins if not for Andy and what he has done with our Defense.
  12. WilliamHicks

    Competing boards?

    Not at all and I hope nobody thinks we are competing. One leads to another. In this case, a "new" member joined our forum and Slap told him to head over here, I read that as in over here instead of there. I didn't delete the post, I didn't go all forum nazi, I stated that we support the MWC board but telling a new member to go to another forum is poor forum etiquette. @Slapdad Yes, I mentioned broncofans on here a few times when it was a new forum and nobody knew about it, but I stopped around the start of football season because I didn't want to be a forum promotion whore. This is all I'm going to say about this matter on here. It should be discussed on the original forum, not litter this forum.
  13. WilliamHicks

    Competing boards?

    Wow, I didn't figure you for a Crying Drama Queen, @Slapdad . Didnt even get so much as a pm about this before you came running over here with it like a spanked step child. It's ok, Slappy.
  14. WilliamHicks

    Mangum benched

    That guy looks at least 35 years old.
  15. WilliamHicks

    Las Vegas Raiders

    Maybe they'll make em move to Boise instead.