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  1. If Boise State loses to bwhineu tonight, there will be a lot of Boise State fans clamouring for Harsin to be fired.....
  2. Need to get the sheep off the field.
  3. Don't worry, Boise State doesn't have a very good defense. Shoot, one of our players is named Whimpey & that's how he plays.
  4. Wyoming, please play this way when you play Boise State. Be a nice Christmas gift.
  5. That's BS. That was roughing.
  6. Pokes are going the wrong way...
  7. Boise State did win though, didn't they?
  8. Maybe Boise State and the Pokes could play for a big bag of dicks trophy.
  9. Left 2 minutes for the sheep to score. Oh, wait, that's what Boise State does.
  10. Oh, look run up the middle. Who would have thought?
  11. The sheep have great fans??? Now they are flat out lying, definitely fresneck grads on meth.
  12. Wyoming, cock gun, shoot foot.
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