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  1. That's strange because wolves are apex predators. Makes me wonder if she was killed by the top apex predator...
  2. Ok, just for you, we'll go with three, as long as everyone else knows it was 2 1/2.
  3. @mugtang is a full on hottie. I stand in line with the other Boise State grandma's, to be pushed down the stairs at UNR games just by him!!
  4. Did you know there is a big wolf pack in the Boise National Forest back in the area past the high bridge. I know @halfmanhalfbronco has a better description of the area. My daughter seems to always see the alpha when she's in that area - he's jet black and she said almost as big as a horse. Just like all males, he follows her around but she honestly doesn't even know when human males are hitting on her....
  5. I already claimed first dibs on picking my spot on @mugtang's beach!!!
  6. As long as you stay away from my daughters!!!
  7. I was 2 1/2... get it right!!!
  8. Yellowstone is gorgeous and it's hard to believe you are standing on one big ass active volcano!!
  9. Born and raised in Wyoming, I'm made of tougher stuff than your usual granny!!!
  10. My ex-husband and youngest daughter, who was about 10 at the time, were on an inflatable kayak aka duckie when we were floating the Salmon River. They hit the Time Zone rapid and were completely thrown off the duckie into the water. There was one of the large rafts coming down right after them, my daughter was in the perfect position to be sucked under the big raft and probably would have drowned. She was smart, she kicked off the rocks, went in front of the raft by a "c" hair and the people were able to pull her into the raft on the opposite side. Even the people in that boat thought she was going to be killed & couldn't believe how smart she was for kicking off the rocks like that. Our raft had gone first, so I got to watch in horror, the high possibility of my daughter being killed. What was my STUPID ex doing??? Sure wasn't trying to help his daughter, he was trying to get the paddles.
  11. I'd play tackle football with him!
  12. Not only are Idaho girls gorgeous and smart, they are also bad asses!!!
  13. Hey, you've got this!! And the people on the MWC board has your back!!! Here's to everything being fine!!!