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  1. Did you know in one of the last frames, the lone man that runs into the alley, is Aaron Rodgers.
  2. I guess Dany was mad, so she was going after the innocent people. I don't understand why she couldn't leave them alone and just go after the Red Keep. The whole thing reminded me of Sheridan & Sherman's scorched earth policy during the Civil War. I liked the carnage that Drogon created by not on the innocents. Do we know for sure Cersei is dead?
  3. That was exactly my thoughts, why not fly the dragon and night and torch the ships. The scorpions would do no good because they wouldn't be able to see the dragon in the dark.
  4. The Magnificent Seven - loved McQueen & Brynner together, as well as Charles Bronson! The Searchers is probably one of Wayne's best movies and of course his Calvary trilogy with Ford. Stagecoach really brought out the Duke on his way to stardom! Horse Soldiers and How the West Was Won!!!
  5. Standing Hampton is one of the best albums ever!
  6. That is just effed up. But insurances, medicare, etc. don't seem to put a priority on women's health care. I think someone needs to make diagrams to show how the female body is different to the male body for these idiots!!!
  7. The largest margin that Fresno has beaten Boise State by is 20. The largest margin that Boise State has beaten Fresno is 51 - twice and 50 once.
  8. Boise State does have Fresno to thank for Cozart. If Fresno wasn't such a sh#thole, Cozart and his Dad would not have been robbed at gun point on his official visit. That shook him up so bad, he was going to quit football all together, until he got a call from Boise State and the rest is history!!!
  9. I highly doubt Marines would turn over their weapons to a foreign military voluntarily.