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  1. Bet anyone can't guess what I'm going to ask?????
  2. I'm sorry to offend you, since you obviously don't have one.
  3. Wasn't Deliverance a true story about Arkansas?
  4. Really???? I know a woman that was told by a Recon to put a certain appendage of his in her mouth and the next thing he knew he was in a position to put it in his mouth. They were PT'ing so he was even wearing those sexy green shorty shorts. They took pictures and it looked liked he was fellating himself. Better be careful, who you say those things too!
  5. Do you think it will be just as good without Tony Scott directing?? Would love to see Tom Skerrit back!
  6. The Mist literally showed us why this is not a good idea!!!
  7. Of course I had to go to rehab, during college, I accidentally dated a sheep football player. Didn't find out until he lined up against my uncle that year in the Border War......... That alone would make anyone a meth head!!
  8. Tetons in Wyoming Sawtooths in Idaho Geological they are cousins.
  9. I got me that Ebola stuff...... Actually, I met Orange at a Best Buy parking lot & after kicking his a$$, I realized he's as disease ridden as a $2.00 whore in Thailand!
  10. Louisville @TheSanDiegan I believe you are up @blind_squirrel54 You are on deck
  11. Hey guys - I'm back! What summer would not be complete without a few days in the ICU? Is Ole Miss still available?
  12. @Agent Orange/Blue tag your it
  13. How many picks do I have? What teams are left?
  14. Normally, you don't hear David's voice the way you do in this song but man, he can sing!!!