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  1. Broncomare

    USS Hornet found

    Sorry, I must have you confused with another Aztec fan.
  2. Broncomare

    USS Hornet found

    @TheSanDiegan IIRC, you are one of the Proud, right? If so, I'm going to post a picture next week that will probably illicit a strong reaction. Sadly, other branches won't get it.......
  3. Broncomare

    USS Hornet found

    Which, several Admirals in the Japanese Naval fleet, Yamamoto being one of them that studied at Harvard, tried to tell the Emperor and other high officials, that the US had the resources to ramp up and make everything needed for a war. Where as Japan was very limited. At least Yamamoto convinced them not to try and invade the main land, as there would be an American behind every blade of grass with a gun.
  4. Broncomare

    USS Hornet found

    Yes, we did deploy our resources more effectively. Which helped tremendously in winning that crucial battle.
  5. Broncomare

    Which school brings more the MWC, Wyoming or USU?

    This post really offends me!!!! I don't have junk to rub.....
  6. Broncomare

    USS Hornet found

    And some just plain damn luck at the battle of Midway.
  7. Broncomare

    Which school brings more the MWC, Wyoming or USU?

    Well, I gwaduated from yoming.... what ar you sayng?
  8. Broncomare

    2019 Mountain West Conference Softball

    Nothing wrong with me!! I raised my Daughter right - she went into the Marines and not the chair force!!!
  9. Broncomare

    Anyone else have a garden ?

    Mom would grow the flowers, would only have big paw prints in her garden but the dog didn't hurt any of the flowers. Other than carrots, Dad never had any other problems in his garden, we think because the big black "rabbit" kept the other rabbits out.......
  10. Broncomare

    Anyone else have a garden ?

    You are limited in Laramie. My dad always had a nice garden and planted carrots but we never got to eat a single one. The first year my dad would go out to get the carrots and all he would find were the tops. Since our house backed up to the UW Ag farm, he thought it was rabbits. Then one day he looked out into the back yard and saw that our 125 lb black lab had jumped over the fence into the garden and he grabbed a couple of carrots and ate them - he always seemed to know when they were just right. Dad kept growing carrots every year, even knowing we would never have them........
  11. Broncomare

    Abortion Poll

    There are medical reasons to abort. Or how about the 12 year old being raped by a family member, should she have to go through pregnancy & child birth? This is going to start a crap storm but frankly, I don't think men should have a say in it at all. Do women tell you what to do with your penis??? Because until you go through pregnancy & child birth, you have no idea what in the hell you are talking about!!
  12. The Army has to wear it the American flag, Marines don't. When you get your a$$ handed to you by a Marine - you know it is a United States Marine!!!! Ooo Rah!!!!!
  13. My daughter is a rappeller on a Forest Service helitack crew and a few years ago on a fire in the Boise National Forest, she ran into a male cougar. He was on a rock outcropping and started following her. She didn't have a chain saw but she did have her Pulaski. He followed her out until there was a green area and then he ran away. She's pretty tough but she did say she needed a fresh pair of undies after that......
  14. Japan is a country that does not offer birthright citizen ship. Plus, they have very stringent laws on obtaining citizenship.