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  1. This is stupid!! But our legislators, would rather legislate morality than important things.
  2. Oh, I know. My daughter's Nomex have holes from ashes and she has been painted many times - which never comes out. Almost looks like blood you've been trying to wash out.
  3. Actually, when it comes to fighting wildland fires, America is the best and wrote the book on fighting these fires.
  4. They are even reluctant to do bucket drops in an area with a lot of wildland firefighters. Water is heavy and gravity adds to that. Many wildland firefighters have been hurt by bucket drops and one or two even killed. They can barely control it in the wild, I doubt they can take that chance in a city, with many firefighters and civilians around on the ground..
  5. How many fire retardant drops have you seen in cities? Slurry is a special mixture and you have to have special planes to drop it. I doubt France has either of these.
  6. I thought Jon would have been a little more skeptical with Sam telling him his heritage. Cool to see Jon finally ride a dragon!
  7. He was an accomplice to Manning's theft.
  8. Kind of like having all the athletics in Laramie and all of the academics at Casper State University?
  9. Yeah, he has a hard on for Boise State and the term sheet, that no one can figure out. Unless, he's butt hurt that his team will never get the honor to play on the historical & beautiful football field, know as The Blue!!!
  10. I was thinking the same thing as I typed my original post. Still no response......
  11. What is your hard on for Boise State????
  12. Yes, there is and it is right under Neyland Stadium.
  13. I think that nature is taking care of stupid people all by it's own, case in point.
  14. But how will they get the pube hairs out???