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  1. Broncomare

    Ten dead in Houston suburb school shooting

    Also, how many of these young men had been bullied? Have you seen some of the videos out there of kids being bullied? That is something that needs to stop! How, I don't know but I think it is part of the problem.
  2. Broncomare

    Ten dead in Houston suburb school shooting

    #4 - young people less than 21 are going off to war. Are they not able to own a weapon, even though they are issued a weapon through their military branch?
  3. Broncomare

    What's the elevation of Laramie?

    What's the elevation of Medicine Bow Peak? How deep is Lake Marie? How many dead people are still on Medicine Bow peak from the plane crash in 1955? Enquirering minds want to know!
  4. Broncomare

    2017 MWC NFL Salary by school

    That is interesting! Thanks for doing it!! To all you Boise haters - football is King and Boise is King of the MWC!!!!!
  5. Broncomare

    Is this the bunny hugger Troll Derby?

    You'd think after 1000's of years, men would know that woman are the expert manipulators!!!!
  6. Broncomare

    Troll Derby 2018- Trolls Region

    Honestly, I'm just honored to be nominated and mentioned in the same breath as such classic trolls.
  7. Broncomare

    BSU women just won the MWC Softball Championship

    Boise State feasting on ducks is what Boise State does best! Especially, this 2017 - 2018 school year!!!!
  8. Broncomare

    Wyo joins the small group of G5 conf schools

    That also has THREE Fiesta Bowl trophies!!! Then yes, it will be Boise State.
  9. Broncomare


    Been of the grid for awhile... did Gonzaga pull a bait & switch?
  10. That's because we are THE Boise State University. The best known name in G5 football!!!
  11. Broncomare

    Troll Derby Nominations 2018

    Of course you say that! Nevada sucks in football!!
  12. Broncomare

    Troll Derby Nominations 2018

    Thank you halfmanhalfbronco!! Is this the post, where I remind everyone that is not a Boise State fan, that football is KING and therefor Boise State is KING of the Mountain West!!!! Don't believe me, check our term sheet!
  13. Broncomare

    USU vs. Alabama

    Why can't Boise get these type of games??? Oh, right, we could actually beat them! They only want body bag teams....
  14. Whatcha talking about Willis??? Kellen is god of the world!!!
  15. But has SUDS even sniffed a BCS/New Year's Day Bowl???? Guess who's picked to return to the NY6 bowl this year?