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  1. El Donald cheated w/Playmate-of-the-Year 

    A politician/business man lying - how shocking!! Didn't this all happen prior to him becoming President?
  2. El Donald cheated w/Playmate-of-the-Year 

    This is news why???? Kennedy & Clinton both cheated in the White House - Oval Office to be exact. I don't think people voted for Trump because he was the end all but because he was the lessor of two evils.
  3. Stay current on the

    I'm not saying that. But maybe kids shouldn't spend 12 hours a day playing them. Kids feel invincible as it is and the video games don't help. Not to mention the general isolation of just playing video games all day.
  4. Stay current on the

    When I was in high school, almost all of the pick ups had a rifle rack with at least one rifle, against the back window (not exclusive to males) at school and chances were the pick ups were not even locked. No one blinked an eye. They also had them in the teacher's parking lot. One of my classmates said on FB last night that he got in trouble for the dead coyote in the back of his pick up but not the two rifles. People with bad intents, are going to find ways to kill. At Columbine, they had bombs made, which could have killed a lot more people. Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, yet have one of the highest murder rates. People in Europe are now killing with bombs and cars. You are right Mug, we need to get the the underlying problem and fix that. I think kids have been desensitized by video games and parents that are not invested in their children's lives. Not to mention bullying in this day and age is so much more brutal with social media. There needs to be a fix to that. Some of these kids were bullied and felt no one was doing anything to stop it. Basically, I think it starts at home. Be aware of what and who your children are around. Be invested in their lives. I kept my Daughters so busy with sports, girls scouts, band etc., that they didn't have time to do anything else or come home pregnant. Worked out pretty well, they grew up to be strong & independent women! One is one a Forest Service Helitack wildland firefighter crew and the other is a Marine.
  5. Peterbilt Arena ... It Could Happen!

    I think the Idaho Potato Commission would be better - then we can call it the Spud Arena!
  6. Shame, shame Notre Dame

    4UNLV, it wasn't just a cheeseburger, it was a happy meal. The player got to keep the toy that came with the meal. Major, major infraction there. If it had only just been a cheeseburger....
  7. Immigration Reform

    But taking in other third world countries uneducated peasants is not the way to fix the problem either.
  8. Living in Laramie, the only place to fly out of was Denver - Stapleton. The airport was so close to the mountain, you were constantly thrown around - especially landing!
  9. The "Maynard" Appreciation Thread

    Hey - don't knock it until you have tried it!!
  10. The "Maynard" Appreciation Thread

    Tool!! They sold out The Gorge in like an hour, so they added the show in Boise. Sold out in about 10 minutes.
  11. The "Maynard" Appreciation Thread

    So did I. Saw them in Boise last June.... for being in their 50's they can still bring it!!
  12. For those that still think the Blue is a gimmick

    That's all Boise does - is WIN!!!
  13. MW 20 Win Seasons

    Boise will actually be part of the 20/10 club!
  14. The problem was his reaction to that grape juice your produce at Fresno...
  15. Probably what really happened, is he drank to much of that cheap Fresno State wine!