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  1. Broncomare

    Huge Wildfires In California

    Fire management can be traced all the way back to the Great Fire of 1910, that burned prime timber in Washington, Idaho and Montana. People were upset that much timber burned. It created the Forest Service but also created fire suppression. When the fires are in the wilderness and nothing is in danger, the fires should just burn but people expected them to be put out. This all could be seen in the 1988 fires at Yellowstone. In the 90's my mom was the executive admin to the regional forester in San Fran and he stated back then, that due to all of the building in the wildland urban interface and encroaching more into wildland, fires are going to become worse and many people are going to die. I guess he was right.....
  2. Broncomare

    Mass Shooting In Thousand Oaks

    People intent on evil will find a way, whether it's by a vehicle driving into a crowd, knife attacks, bombs, etc..... Bombs can be home made and will generally have a higher kill rate. Guns aren't the problem, it's the person behind the gun.
  3. Broncomare

    Mass Shooting In Thousand Oaks

    Yet, we can come up with money for refugees and illegals but can't take care of our wounded who fought for this country!!!
  4. Broncomare

    Mass Shooting In Thousand Oaks

    Some Vets can't admit they have a problem. I think Vets that have seen combat should be more thoroughly debriefed when they leave the military. However, the 22 suicides a day are more troubling than one Vet becoming a mass shooter.
  5. Broncomare


    You're a sheep grad aren't you???? Because reading comprehension is taught at the University of Wyoming - or at least it was in the 80's.
  6. Broncomare


    We still walked away with the most important trophy in the MWC!! BTW, when was the last time Wyoming hoisted one of those trophies??? Oh, yeah, in the MWC you haven't!!!
  7. Broncomare


    This is something that DUI fans are very acquainted with!! Every weekend DUI takes in the a$$ by a bunch of FBS teams!
  8. These costumes were for an after school activity. Non of the students saw them dressed like this. No one would have known if they hadn't posted the pics on FB. The wall was satire. Now every teacher in the Middleton school district has to take sensitivity training.
  9. Broncomare

    OT - NFL's Homophobic Agenda Strikes Again!

    They use to throw flour tortillas at Boise State games!
  10. Both FSU & USU have to come to Boise to play. Now depending on which Ryp shows up, we could give both teams a good game or we could roll over and play dead! Boise State has looked dead in the water before and then pulled it out of their nether regions.
  11. Broncomare

    BYU Gathering Up the Troops to Reignite WAC Football

    He's better than Hair!
  12. Broncomare

    Trump to terminate birthright citizenship

    Of course my grandson would have automatically been an American citizen, no matter where he was born. Both Mom and Dad are active duty military and US citizens, going back generations. She just happened to be transferred state side before he was born. Plus, Camp Pendleton looks pretty cool on a birth certificate. The point was, had he been born in a Japanese hospital, on Japanese soil, he would not automatically become a Japanese citizen. Many countries are like that and it is time for the US to become that way too. I also said through Congress!
  13. Broncomare

    Trump to terminate birthright citizenship

    Which is done by ????
  14. Broncomare

    Trump to terminate birthright citizenship

    I agree that just because you have a baby in the US, that should not automatically make the baby a US citizen, unless one parent is a US citizen. But this needs to be fixed by congress. There are a large portion of countries that don't give you birthright if you are born in their country. Had my daughter given birth to my grandson in a Japanese hospital, while she was stationed at Okinawa, her son would not get Japanese citizenship because both parents are American. However, it didn't become an issue because she was sent state side several months before he was due and his birth certificate says Camp Pendleton.