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  1. San Diego State, if they aren't picked.
  2. I've been sick. When is my pick?
  3. At least you got ripped off by one of your own...... a choo-choo state fan has Boise State. As if 2020 wasn't already bad!!
  4. @renoskier now, you can go!
  5. @mugtang you big stud, take me to bed or lose me forever....... oh, yeah, uhm, football - so what happens if some of the P5's decide not to play?
  6. Can someone do a list of schools that have been picked?
  7. So, who all has been picked?
  8. @rudolro I'm not face palming you, I'm face palming brain eating sh%t and anything else that can go wrong with 2020!!!
  9. Assuming quackers haven't been picked. @renoskier you're up. @Del Scorcho you're on deck.
  10. I'm just spewing because the low down dirty dog @mondego STOLE MY Boise State Broncos..... I have thick skin and it is hard to offend me..... unless you choose MY Boise State Broncos!!!
  11. As the only female in this group, I feel like I'm being discriminated against. If you don't want this to get ugly and have me take it all the way to the top, I have just one demand!! @mondego must immediately give me Boise State and in return, I will be fair and he can have choo-choo state!!! You have one day to meet my demands or I'm going to go PMS'ing all up in here!!!! Thanks gentlemen and have a nice day!
  12. I bet they go in the last round!
  13. You %#@#$%^!!!! You're ugly and your mama dresses you funny!!!!
  14. Actually, it was aimed at a Wyoming fan. My first hubby was from Wyoming, my second from Idaho....
  15. Uh, @gold-n-brown you do know how it works right??? The guy gets 15 seconds of enjoyment and the woman 9 months of hell..... But I was there when my grandson was born and it truly amazed me what the female body can do!!! When my two were born, I was a little busy with the pain, pushing, etc. to really notice it.
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