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  1. But you can get a whole keg with a buffalo hide!
  2. Yes, when it comes to sheep poon, Fresno is on top because Boise doesn't touch that!!!
  3. Are you sure? My daughter has a "saw" in her closet. It's actually the son-in-laws that he had when she was stationed at Miramar. Some how it made the move back to Boise with her. He got it in case of a mass shooting while she (and he, when he had leave) in the SD area. I thought it was over kill but you can't reason with an alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha male!
  4. I picked mine up at Bed Bath & Beyond. Isn't that were everyone gets their grenade launchers?
  5. Yes, because in Africa all of those kids are voluntarily entering rebel's armies. The Palestinians are not as innocent as you make them out to be. Especially, in the 80's & 90's an Israeli family could not go out to have pizza without getting blown up. Or go to the Olympics with out dying. You are the clueless one because you only see one side. Mossad makes the CIA look like choir boys and there is a reason for that.
  6. They've also been to Africa and have seen appalling conditions there. Heck, just look at the homeless in LA and SF, that's pretty appalling too.
  7. Times three!! Except my Dad held on for about 10 weeks, in the ICU in a drug induced coma because the damage was so severe. He was only 48 and healthy all his life, with a strong heart, is why he held on so long. But he finally got pneumonia and that weakened his heart. Don't know for sure but he was in Vietnam, so that could have been a cause.
  8. The Searchers was a great movie, I thought better than the book by Alan Le May. Arguably, John Wayne's finest performance.
  9. Same thing with my grandmother and her late stage of bone cancer. She thought it helped more with the pain then the fentanyl patches. But at least it gave her a little bit of appetite and let her sleep.
  10. My information comes directly from my son-in-law who is spec-ops & spent a lot of time in the sand box, including Israel. His father, back in his spec-ops day, actually had a joint mission with Mossad. I am very informed about the middle east. Again, have you been there?