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  1. Welcome to Boise State's world! But we still sold out last Saturday.
  2. @Warbow are you sufficiently unsteamed to talk about the bet?? Or do you need another day or two?
  3. Why stop them for inches, when ypu can give them a TD.
  4. Do either team have their defenses with them?
  5. Plus, you have me, @bsubroncochick & @4UNLV to keep all of you guys in line!!
  6. I know being on the islands makes it feel like time has stand stilled but honey, that was only 4 minutes. Hence, ypur premature "problem".
  7. I was trying to be discrete, I thought you didn't want anyone to know.
  8. Hey - at least UNR got to play in a bowl game.
  9. Well, they did end it by showing Nevada's football team....
  10. So Boise goes to both CSU & NM this year.... I'm sure both teams would like to have some of the conferences NY6 bowl money Boise State would bring in. Better the MWC than the AAC....
  11. Hey sheep - please go back to the old style horns on your helmets!! These horns remind me of your basketball scoreboard that looks like limp dicks hanging on the side.
  12. I like the one announcer who is smart enough to say that Boise State is going undeafeted and to a NY6 bowl!!! That's all I'm watching the game for, to see how much they'll talk about Boise State and all of our awesomeness. Because it appears that neither team wants to win this game....
  13. That's okay Dallas, please let Kellen go. Then he'll come home to Boise State, where he belongs!!
  14. I learned something about other females with that car, they are flat out sluts!! I can't tell you how many times I got flashed but the looks on their faces when I rolled the window down was priceless!!! I might have said something along the lines of no thanks, I have my own.....