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  1. I can't remember, was he as popular as Dale Sr.? But that's exactly what I was saying, thank goodness NASCAR has made it safer. Otherwise, Newman would not be walking out of the hospital today.
  2. Lake Pend Oreille is beautiful and is a Naval Station. The only landlocked Naval Station in the US.
  3. Of course North Korea denies that they have any corona virus cases but with their poor medical care, it is probably ravaging their country.
  4. I completely agree!!! How Newman is even able to walk out of the hospital is amazing. Thankfully, NASCAR made the changes. Right before he died Dale Sr. was telling either Childress or his head mechanic that if they didn't make changes in the cars, someone was going to die.... just a couple of minutes later...... It was sad that it took Dale Sr's death to make the safety changes. There had been at least three if not four deaths before Dale Sr. in the year period but I think people really started questioning with Dale Sr's death because he was a popular driver and had a lot of wins.
  5. I imagine Dale Jr. was having PTSD while watching it because he got to see his dad's deadly crash in his rear view mirrors.
  6. I think we should follow the VA model. The government is already running ruining it. How many vets have committed suicide in VA parking lots???
  7. Those are the most delicious finger steaks. Honey child, you missing out on all the goodness in that one basket!!!!
  8. It's either a fortune cookie or a stripper. Your choice.....
  9. Don't forget the yummy Westside ice cream potato!!!
  10. IIRC, if you graduate with a 4.0 from a Wyoming high school, you get a full ride to UW. Then it goes down in increments of how much is covered according to your GPA. I believe this was set up with Wyoming setting aside a billion dollars in an endowment to fund this. I believe Wyoming's out of state tuition is still cheaper than most of Colorado universities in state tuition.
  11. What's eerie is that Dale Earnhardt died 19 years ago today at Daytona.
  12. Yet, they are old enough to make the decision to enlist in the military. Which for a lot of people, actually makes them grow up. Plus, there is another benefit - you get your college education paid for!
  13. Oh, yeah... she was terrified the whole time.....