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  1. They were in Boise last year and then three years ago. They went to Freak Alley three years ago.
  2. Wiskey @TheSanDiegan You're Up @blind_squirrel54 You're on deck
  3. Lead/Backup Singer Layne Staley Lead/Backup Singer Chris Cornell Lead Guitarist Dimebag Darrel Bass Guitarist Cliff Burton Drums The Rev
  4. With a dick that small, the best he is ever going to do is rosy palm and her five sisters.
  5. You know the best part about having one daughter being a Marine and the other a Wildland Firefighter??? One can kill you with her bare hands, or maybe even your bare hands, and the other knows where in the forest to hide the body, so that it would never be found!
  6. And you being such an asshole is probably making up for the fact that you have a small dick. Don't believe the women who say small doesn't matter - it does.
  7. I agree with everything you say. Women are shamed if they don't look a certain way. All the way through grade school to high school I was teased for being too skinny. It's assumed if a blonde is busty, then she isn't very smart but yet you don't have the equivalent on the male side. I thought some of the posters on this board were bad but Orange is in a whole different stratosphere.
  8. Boise State @WYO1016 u r up @godogsgo your in the box
  9. There were a couple of big name schools in "trouble" when Boise State got hammered with LOIC, for sleeping on couches and happy meals.
  10. @Nevada Convert do you think Jake E. Lee is better than Zakk Wylde?
  11. There was a woman on the OJ jury that admitted she voted not guilty to "even up" the Rodney King verdict.
  12. Hopefully, it's toxic sexism!!!
  13. I knew I would forget someone, as in Prince. Also, Glen Campbell. Maybe it should be a top 20.
  14. See if we can have a post that doesn't get political. My top 10 in no particular order: Eric Clapton, George Lynch, Eddie Van Halen, Dimebag Darryl, Slash, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Brian May, Tony Iommi & Randy Rhoades.