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  1. With hoops starting tomorrow here are some bold predictions we wrote up. Feel free to add any more or make your own. https://mwwire.com/2018/11/04/nine-bold-mountain-west-basketball-predictions-for-2018-19-season/ 1. Wyoming’s Justin James scores 25 points a game 2. Justinian Jessup, Anthony Mathis, and Sam Merrill combine to make 350 three-pointers 3. New Mexico is the Mountain West’s final undefeated team 4. Nico Carvacho records 15 double-doubles 5. Tre’Shawn Thurman starts more games than Jordan Brown 6. San Jose State wins a conference game 7
  2. This is a bit of a longer read but the case is made as to why San Diego State, Fresno State and Utah State should be ranked. It mostly goes into how the back end of the CFP rankings is a bunch of bunk by placing rando P5 teams that typically falter off, but when looking at G5 teams in those same weeks they clearly outperform those teams ranked 20th-25th. https://mwwire.com/2018/10/25/put-fresno-state-san-diego-state-and-utah-state-in-the-first-cfp-top-25-you-cowards
  3. As for the coaching award, the only two to get votes were for Nick Rolovich and Matt Wells. I am guessing voters went with who exceed expectations or overperformed which would make sense for Rolo and Wells getting the votes. As for the player awards, a lot of it is stats and that is probably how most voted. Fresno State had one real legit candidate at the skill positions with KeeSean Johnson and wide receiver is really deep. That is my guess as to how most voted.
  4. Over at MW Wire did an all-league team at the halfway point. We will have a few more pieces on surprises, disappointments over the next day or two so check those out if you'd like. Here is the list. There is a bit more info and other awards at the post itself. OFFENSE QB - Cole McDonald, Hawaii RB - Lexington Thomas, UNLV RB - Darwin Thompson, Utah State C - Colby Meeks, Colorado State & Quin Ficklin, Utah State OG - Tyler Roemer, San Diego State & John Molchon, Boise State OG - Aaron Jenkins, New Mexico OT - Ezra Cleveland, Boise State
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