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  1. I was at ND watching them kick reno up and down the field
  2. Same here, im taking it pretty hard. Kobe was the only reason I have ever cared about the NBA. I haven't watched a game since he retired. I am gutted thinking about his family and what they are going through right now.
  3. There are some but no where near the support the Knights receive
  4. Majority of people in Vegas aren't even going to back the raiders
  5. Was at the game, it was awesome. Saw two people in sdsu hoodies. Later that night saw a news report that it was the first time San Diego has had football since the chargers left lol
  6. 8 teams, top 8 teams get it no auto bids.. that would make scheduling matter
  7. at least only about 5k in the crowd for this game
  8. I can't see them wanting to schedule big and risk hurting their players, would be like a SEC OOC schedule full of teams we have never heard of
  9. I don't think all P5 winners should get in as then they would water down their OOC schedule even more than it is now
  10. Angel stadium is nicer than some of the stadium built after it