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  1. Same here, im taking it pretty hard. Kobe was the only reason I have ever cared about the NBA. I haven't watched a game since he retired. I am gutted thinking about his family and what they are going through right now.
  2. There are some but no where near the support the Knights receive
  3. Majority of people in Vegas aren't even going to back the raiders
  4. stadium is only about 60% full, just saw some pictures on @emptyseatpics
  5. They need ties in baseball, no need to make a baseball game any longer than it already is
  6. boise still feeling good about their big win?
  7. that is all it was, not sure why everyone was so high on boise's win again them
  8. 1 UCF - look solid all around 2 Georgia St. - impressive win in front of a full house at a bad Tenn t3 Boise - good win against a terrible FSU and half full stadium t3 Wyoming - Great win vs the SEC 4 Cincy - made a mad UCLA team look really bad 5 App St- Offense 6 Memphis - Solid win against SEC 7 Army - D good, offense needs to start clicking 8 reno- good comeback 9 Hawaii - could have won by 30+ but needs to clean up their turnovers
  9. Did the issue refunds for a few fans in attendance?