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  1. Can they get a running clock? the boise school is terrible
  2. P5 will have their pick of the top talent now out of the G5 schools
  3. Fine with me, hoping ill bet able to grab some of the limited tickets this season.
  4. Yeah doubt the players want to be bussed two hours for their home games in front of a few thousand people
  5. UNLV leading the charge to play
  6. Lol yeah, just what all recruits want to hear
  7. Pretty sure majority of the country will be playing football
  8. What a dumb move, this is not safety drive.
  9. ACC OOC game has to be played at the ACC school, so all OOC games will be home games.
  10. byu might need to play all road games to fill a schedule
  11. ACC is all in, they are going as far as making ND a full member for this year
  12. Drove past the other day and my wife asked where are we going to park at.
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