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  1. What the hell, guys? That was an epic choke. Thank God, Nevada was 4th on my rooting list yesterday after Ohio State Football, Ohio State Hockey and Wales Rugby or I might actually be pissed off.
  2. Christianity has led to infinitely more death, repression and misery in the world than these people.
  3. It's a shame that Dwayne Haskins can't hit High Street tonight wearing a necklace made out of the ears of the Michigan defensive starters while drinking ale from that hippy Winovitch's skull.
  4. Let's be honest. This religious zealot didn't give two fxcks about the people in the tribe. He would have been just fine with every single one of them dying from some pathogen he introduced to the island so long as they had a fxcking bible in their hands when they checked out. Then he would be hailed as this great missionary and move onto a lucrative career traveling the fundie chitlin' circuit giving speeches at a megachurch near you. Fxck him. Give him a well deserved Darwin Award (irony fully intended) and then forget about him.
  5. So, you're saying that we invade Utah and change the culture?
  6. The Christians are not sending their best people. They're disease riddled. They're cultural rapists. Sure, some of them are probably good people.........I guess.
  7. Don't look now, but Arizona State has skated their way to #7 in the pairwise rankings. The polls haven't quite ranked them that high (14th and 17th), but it's looking like the Sun Devils have a real shot at making the tourney in only their 2nd? 3rd? year.
  8. To talk smack and poke a stick at some other posters? Nah, I think I got it.
  9. So everybody gets a trophy, and there's no difference between Berkeley and UNR, but there is somehow a difference between UNR and UNLV. Now, you do understand that 99.9% of the people see a fundamental difference between Berkeley and UNR while viewing UNR and UNLV as essentially the same. To answer another poster, I wasn't condemning academic rankings nor pretending there's no difference between schools. I was pointing out the hypocrisy of those who see no difference between their school and schools higher up the food chain while talking academic smack to schools they view as inferior.
  10. No, a general observation of Nevada fans. Apologies for the confusion.
  11. Nevada Fan talking about Boise's and UNLV's academics: "These are inferior universities with inferior academics full of inferior students who could never cut it at UNR. These schools should be mocked relentlessly and mercilessly for their inferiority" Nevada Fan talking about all the public universities higher than it on the food chain: "Rankings don't matter. Endowment, research levels, student selectivity and faculty stature all don't matter. College is what you put into it, and my education was no different than one at Berkeley, and besides, UNR was 'better for my major.'"
  12. Yes, but if we don't allow them to make these obscene profits on life or death drugs, how will they ever have the funds to develop the next generation of restless leg syndrome drugs?
  13. Too busy attending Hamilton performances and parties with donors in The Hamptons.
  14. Ohio State job is definitely opening up. Meyer was doing his best Fred G Sanford imitation on the sideline yesterday with the migraines, and the Ohio State trustees on Friday gave the President who insisted on a suspension the maximum raise and bonus allowed by his contract. Ohio State has made it very clear who they plan on keeping. Any interest in Harsin on their part? I don't know.
  15. I don't hate it, but I don't blindly love it either. I've spent enough time overseas (a lot of it in the service of this country) to have an opinion of its post-war history that's a little more nuanced and realistic than what's taught 7th graders in a Texas textbook. And we've done some pretty hideous shit around the globe for the last 70 years that has had f×ck all to do with protecting our shores or FREEDOM!.
  16. Great. Then I eagerly await the justified vaporizing of Dallas, Atlanta, LA, NYC and Chicago by the Chileans, Argentinians, Iranians, Cambodians, Iraqis, Yemenis, Nicaraguans, Guatemalans, Indonesians and the countless other countries that this nation has reigned terror down upon. 3,000 dead innocents? That's a good month for this country.
  17. More likely that a one-loss Ohio State gets leapfrogged by either a two-loss UGA or Bama that's just lost their CCG than does a one-loss Michigan (better loss & the whole Harbaugh circus to drive ratings). Therefore, if you want the playoff to become the ESPN invitational in order to awaken the sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve, the odds favor you rooting for Ohio State next weekend. As I said above, nothing changes until the B1G decides it wants to fight for that change, and that's the opening for the G5 to negotiate an auto bid for joining that fight. The PAC will do
  18. My bad. Billions, not millions. And yes, 200B and half a million non-dead civilians would have been great.
  19. They weren't victims of bad intelligence. The United States and the world were victims of a weak and corrupt CIA that pandered their conclusions to the conclusions that the administration wanted to present.
  20. Yep. Remember when Cheney fired the head of the OMB because he dared to suggest that the Iraq debacle would cost $200M instead of $50M. If only.
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