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  1. New California?

    Don't you know that's not going to be an issue because when they need it California is simply going to annex all the Great Lakes (and Columbia River) water and have it transported to Cali via giant aqueducts, just ask them.
  2. OT: MWC Schools With Club Hockey

    For what it's worth, I'm a Chicago asshole. As for LV's pro teams, I really don't care much either way, though I think it was a smart move by both leagues to put franchises there. Comparing a pro league's decision to put a franchise into one of the major tourist destinations in America has no bearing on whether a bankrupt athletic department can create an expensive D1 hockey program. There is zero chance that you will have D1 hockey. Your athletic department took nearly a $20M subsidy last year, and you want to add a high expense sport (and the necessary women's program too)? It took an $80M donation for Ped State to start their program. To put that in perspective, UNLV's entire endowment disburses less than $10M a year to the university. To throw money after a hockey program that would certainly lose money and be an NCAA bottom-feeder is such utter recklessness, irresponsible behavior from a public university that I hope the legislature would get involved were UNLV stupid enough to try. As for the NHL's feasibility studies, I'll save them the money. Focus on schools like Illinois or Syracuse that have stable, well financed athletic departments attached to real universities.
  3. OT: MWC Schools With Club Hockey

    And that says absolutely nothing to address the points that I made. UNLV is a typical broke-ass G5 athletic department in a typical broke-ass G5 school. WHERE'S THE MONEY, LEBOWSKI? Why do you think the NHL is going to go out on limb to put an NCAA D1 hockey program at UNLV when there's schools like Illinois, Purdue, Syracuse and so on that are located in states which have both a hockey culture and a location conducive to drop them into an existing D1 hockey conference.
  4. OT: MWC Schools With Club Hockey

    The NHL is working with some schools to start D1 programs, but I doubt unlv will be one of them. They're a highly subsidized AD in a region with no natural conference in which to drop. Illinois is the first, and I'm guessing similar schools will follow. https://www.nhlpa.com/news/1-11701/nhlpa-and-nhl-announce-ncaa-feasibility-study
  5. UCF Wants BAMA

    And here's the P5 responding to any attempts by the G5 to force their way into the playoff. Seriously, what's the play here? What leverage is the G5 going to use? Their huge tv ratings? Their massive, sold out stadiums that allow them to give the P5 million dollar paydays for visiting? Their status as the flagship state schools in heavily populated states? Tell me how the P5 comes out of the bathroom like Michael Corleone rather than just holding nothing but their dicks.
  6. Playoff Ratings Up

    I think B1G alums have lives outside of the foosball, and the fans of cfb in general among them tuned in despite no Big Ten team in the playoff. The SEC is a different animal though. Outside of Vandy, Florida and maybe UGA, football is all those universities have. It'll be interesting to see what happens if the SEC gets left out one day. I think there would be some organized boycott, and those necks really would make a point of not watching.
  7. Playoff Ratings Up

    Now, I thought they'd take a slight dip just because of regionalism, and I was wrong even about that. But for those thinking that the G5 fanbases are influencing this thing at all, you're highly mistaken. As are those who think there's any desire on the part of the average college football fans to see auto bids for all G5 champs. Best of the best G5 taking a shot? Sure. Another round that included Ohio State, Wisconsin and USC? Sure. But nobody is boycotting this thing because a three loss Troy team isn't being included. College Football Playoff National Championship Delivers Massive 16.7 Overnight, Up 9% Year-Over-Year Three-Game College Football Playoff Drives Ratings: Up 18% Year-Over-Year http://espnmediazone.com/us/press-releases/2018/01/epic-college-football-playoff-national-championship-delivers-massive-16-7-overnight-9-year-year/
  8. UCF Wants BAMA

    Nobody, and I mean absolutely nobody, outside of a small band of G5 hardliners wants to see some 9-3 Sunbelt champ in the playoffs over a USC or Ohio State. The best G5 in an 8 team format be given a shot? Sure, there'd be interest on that, but that's about the extent of it.
  9. UCF Wants BAMA

    In an 8 team playoff, I think UCF would have had a chance against Clemson (assuming 8 and 1 seeds respectively), but Clemson was horribly over seeded and was certainly the weakest team in the playoff and probably behind Ohio State too. The real question isn't whether UCF could have played the game of their lives against Clemson. It's whether they could have come back the next two weeks and done it against UGA and Bama.
  10. I don't know if Vegas is still buying into the Harbaugh hype, or more likely, they're counting on legions of Michigan fans laying out some sucker money.
  11. Game Thread: Georgia vs Alabama

    You're correct, but in a sense, you're proving his point. There will always be significant gaps between conferences and schools, and no amount of playoff "access" is going to change that. Schools like Ohio State and Michigan were building massive stadiums and regional radio networks when football was nothing more than a glorified exhibition at schools like Nevada or UNLV. They baked the pie, and now some schools feel they have a right to demand an equal slice, but the world doesn't work that way. Ohio State NETS around $6M for each home game. How are you going to make that fair? Throw all attendance money into a pot to be shared equally? Even a mediocre Michigan team pulls in more viewers nationally than an entire slate of MWC games. Does the MWC get to demand a cut of their media deal too? And if they want to share it with Indiana but not Boise, that's their right because it's their money. Hell, Michigan and Ohio State are sitting on 10 and 5 billion dollar endowments respectively, why not demand a cut of that action too? And FWIW, I support an 8 game playoff with a guaranteed, no-conditions G5 spot. I just know that it will never bring the illusory parity and "level playing field" that some think it will.
  12. My P5 Expansion Slant

    I think the B1G is far more concerned with academic requirements than the PAC. Yes, the PAC has the academic block (Cali schools + UW) that would block any truly unworthy applicant, but they did take Utah with no AAU membership. Nebraska's invitation, even when they still had AAU membership, was pretty controversial and opposed by a few schools. Also, the B1G has an actual organized consortium that helps coordinate and collaborate on research.
  13. Why the hell not. After all, their AD only took a $27M subsidy (46% of the entire budget) from the students and academic side last year. It's not like they're playing with house money......just go out and raise the student fees a bit more to pay for it.
  14. My P5 Expansion Slant

    Most B1G schools are pretty liberal politically. Having watched Missourians essentially try to disembowel their flagship university because some football players went Muhammad Ali doesn't sit well. Also, Mizzou is probably the weakest AAU school currently and is certainly first on the chopping block should the AAU choose to thin the herd again. Mizzou, despite their earlier dropping to the knees to get a B1G offer, is probably where it needs to be. They're in one of the two rich, stable and equal sharing conferences in the land, and they're in the one where they're an academic point of pride rather than being an academic outlier
  15. And remind me again how many 15-16 seeds in the ncaa's have won. Look, everyone loves switching the channel when a 16 seed is playing close in the second half. That, however, doesn't meant they'll bother tuning in when that's the centerpiece game on tv, keeping in mind that you won't have multiple games going on at the same time in a football playoff.