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  1. Victor Maitlin

    OT - Taurus SHO

    Even if the Panamera has the current edge, it does look like a Panamera. Give me the RS7 lines any day. That's a design that's going to be looked back at as legendary. You can see it in the draft that everyone from Merc to Honda has been riffing on it for years. Panamera looks like an obese Alabama version of an e type.
  2. Victor Maitlin

    OT - Taurus SHO

    Erroneous. RS7 with the 604 hp engine is quicker. I'll double check on the google machine, but I'm pretty certain unless there's been a big upgrade on the Porsche this year.
  3. Victor Maitlin

    OT - Taurus SHO

    Of course, if you really want to step up to a performance 4 door sedan, there's always the Audi RS7
  4. Victor Maitlin

    OT: Long Beach State to change their mascot

    For those who want their history a little more accurate than that found in a Texas textbook. The sad reality of this country is that it was built on a foundation of mass extermination and chattel slavery. https://www.history.com/news/californias-little-known-genocide
  5. That's the difference between building a program and just having a great year.
  6. Victor Maitlin

    We should get rid of the AP poll

    I like the AP Poll. It gives some historical context to the game: number of weeks ranked all time, number of weeks at #1, all time top 5 finishes. Of course, if one's team never shows up on any of these lists, they might want to flush history down the memory hole. The B1G was grossly overrated to start the year. It will sort itself out by the middle of the season.
  7. Victor Maitlin


    Lost a few games to a few G5 schools. Don't mean nothing to the B1G.
  8. Victor Maitlin

    The PAC 12 is terrible

    Big Ten said hold my beer yesterday.
  9. Anyone who volunteered to fly bombing missions during Rolling Thunder was a willing participant in war crimes. And if the heaven and hell he professed to believe in actually exists, I have no doubt where a mass murderer like McCain ended up.
  10. War crimes don't happen by some nefarious government. They're the actions of individual soldiers. Following orders and government policy is not absolution. The Nuremberg Trials were quite clear on that. If a US soldier dropped napalm on a village, he was a war criminal. You flew the planes dropping agent orange? War criminal. Dropped bombs as part of Rolling Thunder or Linebacker? War criminal. Racked up the body count for the generals by "destroying the village in order to save it?" War criminal.
  11. Vietnam was a decade long war crime by this country. As for firefights, it's well documented that Westmoreland's maniacal directives to crank up the body count numbers led to the wholesale slaughter of civilians by ground forces and tactical bombing. As for the strategic bombing, it's estimated that rolling thunder alone fried as many as a 150K Vietnamese civilians on top of the 100k we were slaughtering in Cambodia at about the same time. All for a completely unnecessary and unworthy cause.
  12. Victor Maitlin

    "Last thing we need to do is monkey this up"

    Perhaps not in 1941, but they were developing long range bombers that could have reached the Eastern seaboard by the end of the war. And if they'd managed to conquer Europe and Heisenberg developed an atomic bomb everything about their driving philosophy said that it was their destiny to come over here and wipe out our large Jewish population.
  13. How many civilians did you slaughter? Did their deaths make you feel "glorious?" Did it make it seem like your pee-pee got bigger? And as I watch the scumbag Van Dyke about to go on trial here in Chicago, just let me add that #BlueLivesMurder.
  14. Victor Maitlin

    A president with nothing to hide.

    So, I'm taking two things away from this. First, Democrats and Republicans are no different in their attempts to use the "Imperial Presidency" to block incriminating evidence from being made public. Second, there's a judicial precedent in place to overrule Trump's attempt to block the release of Mueller's report.