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  1. Victor Maitlin

    One of us made Forbes

    I honestly don't know how good or bad the CSU stadium situation might be, but there is legitimacy in questioning the author. Vedder has a definite agenda, and it's pretty radical. He doesn't believe that there should be public universities or any type of financial aid (other than school administered scholarships) at all. If you can afford a private university, great. If not, it's some form of in-house corporate worker-bee training for you. And to that end, he takes something of a PETA approach. He uses things that a large portion of the population are troubled by such as rising tuition, athletic subsidies, administrative bloat to further the more radical core of his agenda in the way that PETA focuses on things like factory farming or furs as gateway issues for their much more radical ultimate agenda of government mandated veganism and the abolition of pet ownership. So in other words, he'll talk about a possible financial boondoggle with CSU's new stadium as a means eroding support for the very nature of public higher education and of furthering his ultimate aim which is that CSU shouldn't even exist. As for his rankings, they're a joke and completely useless. I think the first couple of years even Berkeley and Michigan were ranked outside the top 150 or 200 schools in the country. After the rankings were ridiculed relentlessly, he tweaked them a bit so the private bias wasn't so glaringly obvious, but they're still incredibly biased against public universities.
  2. Victor Maitlin

    2018 World Cup

    The result sucked, but the party didn't. 20180711_142407_1~2.mp4
  3. Victor Maitlin

    What day is it??

  4. Victor Maitlin

    Congrats Thai Navy Seals

    Yeah. He should probably spend more time on making his company profitable so that it can get off the corporate welfare tit. And finding a way for his cars brakes to work and for them to stop catching on fire. His utterly unrealistic proposal to dig the O'Hare Express tunnel has boondoggle written all over it. Chicago taxpayers are already preparing their anuses.
  5. Victor Maitlin

    Congrats Thai Navy Seals

    And screw Elon Musk for trying to hijack the rescue effort with some untested, thrown together tech to make the story all about him. It was ghoulish.
  6. Victor Maitlin

    UNLV to Join P5

    I can speak a bit to the PSU situation. The Paterno cult likes to believe that JoePed turned the place into a serious university, but they were invited into the AAU in the late 50s, and were a solid top 25 public when the B1G took them in. They've also always been something of a powerhouse when it comes to doing DoD research. The CIC definitely helped them improve though there was already a foundation of strong academics and research in place. Today, I'd put them as probably the 6th best public in the Big Ten right after the Wisconsin-Ohio State-Illinois-Minnesota grouping, and maybe even a part of that group. They were much stronger academically in 1991 than Nebraska was in 2010. Nebraska will always be a head scratcher. They literally bring nothing except football to the table: weak academics, weak basketball, weak Olympic sports, no major metropolitan media markets. And since they haven't moved the needle for the conference in football, I wouldn't be surprised if there's more than a little buyer's remorse among the B1G Presidents. If you want to get a sense of the real pecking order for American research universities public and private, this is the best synopsis. It evaluates schools based on research funding, endowment and fundraising resources, faculty quality, breadth and scope of doctoral and post-doc programs and undergraduate selectivity. Publics ranked just against other publics starts on p.20. Publics and privates grouped together starts on p.12. http://mup.umass.edu/sites/default/files/mup-2015-top-american-research-universities-annual-report.pdf
  7. Victor Maitlin

    Dershowitz has gone off the rails...

    At this point in his life, Dershowitz pretty much views everything through the prism of what's best for Israel. Trump's made it clear that he'll do Netanyahu's bidding, so Dershowitz is pro-Trump and uses his legal arguments to rationalize Trump staying in office no matter what.
  8. Victor Maitlin

    UNLV to Join P5

    And the fact that Louisville is ranked as VHRU just proves my point about the Carnegie classifications being so overly broad as to define nothing. Louisville is pretty much a shitty local commuter school with a middling medical school attached to it. It has far more in common with UNLV (or Nevada for that matter) than it does with Pitt, Duke, UNC or UVA. Again, the ACC was more than willing to push academic considerations aside to take the best fit athletically. And anyone who thinks that Nebraska's Carnegie Classification makes them anything close to an academic peer of the rest of the Big Ten schools, doesn't know what they're talking about.
  9. Victor Maitlin

    UNLV to Join P5

    Carnegie classifications are so broad as to be useless. What matters on the academic side is AAU membership or at least being in the conversation as being a candidate for membership. After that, undergraduate reputation and prestige are secondary. That being said, the B1G taking Nebraska (and now possibly Oklahoma) and the AAC taking Louisville seem to demonstrate that if other metrics are in place, academic considerations will be pushed aside.
  10. Victor Maitlin

    Liberal Arts Degrees

    Economics IS a liberal arts (social sciences) degree, not a business degree.
  11. Victor Maitlin

    US Ambassador Quits Over Trump's EU Comments

    He's career FSO, not a political appointee. Maybe he's just a conscientious career diplomat putting his principles and loyalty to his country over his career interests.
  12. Clearly, any university would do everything in its power to derail one of its alumni from being the next Speaker of the House.
  13. Victor Maitlin

    Liberal Arts Degrees

    A couple of thoughts. First, law schools--particularly highly selective or elite ones--greatly value a liberal arts degree over a business degree. Even elite business schools prefer liberal arts degrees over business degrees for MBA candidates. Generally, the hierarchy is engineering/hard science>>>humanities & social sciences>>>business>>>other more vocational degrees such ag, nursing, education. You may not agree with it, but that's just the way it is among the admission committees at places like Cal, Northwestern or Duke. As for my kid majoring in a liberal arts degree, it really would depend on where he's going. I probably wouldn't be comfortable with it at a school like Boise because there aren't many companies recruiting their arts and science graduates, and the school is not going to ring any bells with graduate programs. At more competitive schools, arts & sciences have plenty of corporations, government agencies and selective law, med & mba programs recruiting. Walk into a Silicon Valley VC firm or blue chip consulting company in Chicago and see how many business majors from Southern Illinois or Boise there are compared to History majors from Northwestern or UCLA.
  14. Victor Maitlin

    UNLV b-ball schedule

    Cincinnati v. UNLV should be called the "We Haven't Done Sh!t In Decades But Our Fans Think We're A Blueblood Classic."
  15. Victor Maitlin

    USA Today Athletic Department Revenue List

    Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Auburn combined for over $11M in subsidies despite revenues ranging from $147M to $174M, and none of those schools are funding 30 something sports like Stanford or Ohio State. Disgusting. And respect is due to Boise for running a G5 program that only subsidizes a quarter of its budget when many are subsidizing 2/3 to 3/4 of their budgets.