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  1. And yet there's nothing about Chicago in my profile or signature line. I only mentioned it in this thread as part of a joke. I think you're trying way too hard to pound that square peg into the round hole. But go on. Enlighten us some more with your message board psychoanalysis.
  2. It's better for them if they do drop a game or two as a catalyst to refocus the team. I'm not sure that you want them going into the tourney complacent and reading about how unstoppable they are, and that can happen to the best teams and coaches. It's just human nature.
  3. Jesus, man. It's not academic smack. There's a three page thread with Nevada and UNLV people talking about their T1 classification. Are you upset by that? I'm here because I have a rooting interest for Nevada and also have an interest in higher education policy. I've posted plenty on the Nevada system. And what, pray tell, is your school? Florida?
  4. Funny, since I'm not the one who takes the internet soooooo serioiusly. In the future, it would probably be best if you simply refrained from clicking on any link of college rankings or higher education because Wyoming ain't gonna shine too bright no matter what the discussion is nor who starts it.
  5. Well, that and my eleven inch penis. I've never been accused of being a man of the heart, but I am the next best thing....a man about town....a raconteur and a boulevardier....a sinner who knows how to order a dinner. I collect first editions and other men's wives. But enough about me.
  6. Thought it was an interesting metric by which to judge schools, and fwiw I question Ohio State being ranked higher than several of the universities below it. That being said, I'll take it. As for academic smack, I use my Chicago degree for that; the Ohio State degree is for sports smack.
  7. Hate the empty P6 nonsense, but I still want UCF to win because that's another step in building pressure towards an 8 team playoff.
  8. "Powering Silicon Valley," so you're saying they work in building maintenance and facilities?
  9. According to the Times of London's Higher Education Rankings. Dios Mio, BYU. I see you rolled your way into the top 20. That Mormon Mafia must be doing it's job. US Rank 2018 Graduate Employability Rank 2018 Graduate Employability Rank 2017 University State City 1 1 2 Harvard University Massachusetts Cambridge 2 2 1 California Institute of Technology California Pasadena 3 3 4 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Massachusetts Cambridge 4 5 7 Stanford University California Stanford 5 7 11 Princeton University New Jersey Princeton 6 8 10 Yale University Connecticut New Haven 7 14 3 Columbia University New York New York City 8 15 43 New York University New York New York City 9 21 28 Johns Hopkins University Maryland Baltimore 10 22 20 University of California, Berkeley California Berkeley 11 27 33 Dartmouth College New Hampshire Hanover 12 40 37 Duke University North Carolina Durham 13 41 97 Rice University Texas Houston 14 42 52 University of Chicago Illinois Chicago 15 47 42 Brown University Rhode Island Providence 16 54 39 Brigham Young University-Provo Utah Provo 17 57 107 Ohio State University Ohio Columbus 18 61 53 Carnegie Mellon University Pennsylvania Pittsburgh 19 62 40 University of California, Los Angeles California Los Angeles 20 65 51 Cornell University New York Ithaca 21 67 6 Boston University Massachusetts Boston 22 68 NR Tufts University Massachusetts Medford 23 93 117 Georgia Institute of Technology Georgia Atlanta 24 94 95 Georgetown University Washington DC 25 106 93 University of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Philadelphia 26 109 115 University of Texas at Austin Texas Austin 27 115 106 Northwestern University Illinois Evanston 28 118 110 Texas A&M University Texas College Station 29 125 132 Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey New Jersey New Brunswick 30 126 114 Purdue University Indiana West Lafayette 31 135 86 University of Southern California California Los Angeles 32 136 NR George Washington University Washington DC 33 145 NR University of Boston, Massachusetts Massachusetts Boston 34 148 NR Vanderbilt University Tennessee Nashville =35 150-200 NR Arizona State University Arizona Tempe =35 150-200 NR Brandeis University Massachusetts Waltham =35 150-200 56 University of California, San Francisco California San Diego =35 150-200 NR Case Western Reserve University Ohio Cleveland =35 150-200 NR Florida Institute of Technology Florida Melbourne =35 150-200 NR University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Illinois Champaign =35 150-200 128 University of Michigan Michigan Ann Arbor =35 150-200 NR Northeastern University Massachusetts Boston =35 150-200 NR Pennsylvania State University Pennsylvania State College =35 150-200 86 University of Southern California California Los Angeles =35 150-200 NR Stony Brook University New York Stony Brook =46 200-250 NR Babson College Massachusetts Wellesley =46 200-250 NR Boston College Massachusetts Boston =46 200-250 NR University of California, Santa Barbara California Santa Barbara =46 200-250 NR Emory University Georgia Atlanta =46 200-250 81 Michigan State University Michigan East Lansing =46 200-250 NR University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill North Carolina Chapel Hill =46 200-250 NR University of Notre Dame Indiana Notre Dame =46 200-250 NR Pomona College California Claremont =46 200-250 NR University of Virginia Virginia Charlottesville =46 200-250 NR Washington University in St Louis Missouri St Louis =46 200-250 NR University of Wisconsin-Madison Wisconsin Madison
  10. Disagree. Trump's path to the nomination was that it was a crowded field that cannibalized itself while Rubio and Cruz stubbornly refused to drop out when it became apparent that Kasich had the best shot of derailing the Trump Train. If the establishment rallies around Kasich early and clears the path for him, I certainly think he could oust Trump. I'm not so worried about Cruz and the fundie path this time because the fundies have become Trump's base. At the same time, if the Dems come to their senses and back an economic progressive who can win back some of the blue collar votes in the Great Lakes, I think that could siphon a lot of Trump's primary support in states that have open primaries.
  11. Didn't they just play a payout game in Columbus a couple if years ago?
  12. Everyone is aware that all charges were dropped against Smith and the wife signed a statement that no abuse occurred. That being said, his handling of the situation did justify a suspension and I'm thrilled that it's been made crystal clear that Michael Drake runs that place, not Urban Meyer.
  13. Not that it's relevant to this conversation; only that's it's pure unadulterated awesomeness.
  14. It's like somebody said during last year's NCAA final when they were getting routed by Villanova; "Michigan students and alumni haven't been this mad at a private university since they got their rejection letters from Cornell and Dartmouth and Georgetown and Colby and Kenyon and Carlton and Northwestern and Bowdion and Colby and Notre Dame and Vanderbilt and Emory......
  15. Depends on which ones. The ones who grew up in Michigan aren't all that bad. It's the out of state ones, which are at least half of them, that are the worst. These are the ones from affluent suburbs of NYC, DC or Chicago who ended up in Ann Arbor after getting rejected by eight or nine private universities. They pay a ridiculous out of state tuition of over 40K a year, and usually at full ticket since Michigan is notorious for using them as cash cows and not giving them aid packages. They go through their entire lives with a chip on their shoulder and hellbent on convincing everyone they ever come across that Michigan is even better than all those private universities that they couldn't get into.