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  1. Rahm Emanuel: Impeachment isn't "a political tool"

    Privatizing everything in sight. Massive funneling of taxpayer dollars to corporate headquarters through his TIF slush fund. Saddling the schools with high interest loans to Wall Street. Buying toxic debt swap derivatives from Wall Street and then paying $100M to the banks to get out from under them. Turning a blind eye at the most thuggish, corrupt police department in the country. There is absolutely nothing progressive or left about Rahm Emanuel.
  2. Rahm Emanuel: Impeachment isn't "a political tool"

    I always have to shake my head when conservatives demonize Rahm Emanuel. The guy is what the old Rockefeller Republicans were: socially moderate but firmly 100% pro Wall Street and big business. He's my mayor, and there is no bigger corporate bootlicker in this country D or R. The fact that he's a Democrat rather than a moderate Republican shows how utterly radicalized the latter party has become over the last quarter century.
  3. https://www.dallasnews.com/news/education/2018/04/20/biracial-teens-harvard-acceptance-questioned-former-state-board-education-member Apparently, this "educator" wasn't aware that racial quotas in university admissions have been outlawed by the SCOTUS. Also probably clueless that schools like Harvard (Chicago excepted) do keep quotas that overwhelmingly benefit wealthy white kids called legacy or development admits.
  4. DNC suing Trump, Wikileaks & Russia

    Meant to put that in the Fresno State prof thread.
  5. DNC suing Trump, Wikileaks & Russia

    And just a public service announcement for any of you sh!tbricks who'll want me fired for what I plan to say when Henry Kissinger dies, I work at the jerk store. My boss is named Norm.
  6. DNC suing Trump, Wikileaks & Russia

    The hypocrisy of our blood drenched nation whining about foreign election interference is something straight out of The Onion.
  7. DNC suing Trump, Wikileaks & Russia

    I'm a lifelong Democrat, and there was never any possibility that I would vote for Hillary. ZERO. And Russian memes and leaked emails had nothing to do with it. That was written in stone the moment Slick Willie repealed Glass-Steagall. This is just more of Hillary's bullshit pity party and blame tour.
  8. Fresno State Professor

    Except the booze. Give me a good old Chicago Mick or Polack funeral or Minneapolis Swedish-Norwegian-Kraut funeral any day over some assholes with their wives drinking Coke Zero in 20 dollar overly starched white shirts.
  9. Fresno State Professor

    I did hear that Henry Kissinger is deeply upset at her passing. Understandable, since she was one of his horcruxes.
  10. UNR Med School Receives Scathing Audit

    Reading the article, it seems like both universities and the state governing body are in need of some reform. Unfortunately, this kind of a clown show just gives ammunition to those politicians who seek to undermine and delegitimize the very notion of public higher education.
  11. I think we just struck Syria

    The Gulf of Tonkin was a lie. Yellow Cake Uranium was a lie. That's two wars and the two greatest blunders this country has stumbled into in my lifetime based upon lies fed to the American public. The last US soldier who died protecting anything close to our shores or our "freedom" did so in 1945.
  12. OT: New Ranking of Only Public Universities

    And here's the view from The London Times. Top 20 and other schools of interest. Purdue is a head scratcher, and probably MSU and A&M too. 1. UCLA 2. Michigan 3. North Carolina 4. Berkeley 5. Purdue 6. Davis 7.UCSD 8.Illinois 9. GA Tech 10. Texas 11.Virginia 12. Florida 13. Ohio State 14. Wisconsin 15. Pitt 16. Michigan State 17. Maryland 18. Washington 19. Texas A&M 20. UCSB ............................. 48. SLO 75. Colorado State 80. Nevada 92. SDSU
  13. OT: New Ranking of Only Public Universities

    Nope. Just a casual fan of Nevada having grown up in Reno. I did go to graduate school at a UC school, but it's the one in Chicago. I've never worked in academia but do have an interest in the workings of higher education, particularly as to how states structure and run their systems. I don't look down at anyone who went to a csu school. I'm just questioning whether it's good public policy to start chipping away at the Master Plan. Everyone wants to see their alma mater go as high up the food chain as possible. It's understandable human nature. That doesn't mean it's good policy.
  14. For You Flutie Effect Believers Out There

    I've seen that. To really dig down into the numbers though, you'd have to start looking at other factors and attempt to isolate the Flutie Effect from them. They're in one of the hottest growth regions in the country (and in particular, one very attractive to people outside the region), so did other schools in the region also see those kinds of bumps? Has UW tightened up their admissions leading to a better pool of Washington kids looking to Gonzaga as a safety? How, without the basketball success, have peer Catholic colleges' (say somewhere like St Mary's or Santa Clara) fundraising and admissions profiles done over the same period of time? That's the difficult thing in trying to discern the validity of the Flutie Effect. How can you isolate out all the other variables that might be driving those same metrics.