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  1. It's better for them if they do drop a game or two as a catalyst to refocus the team. I'm not sure that you want them going into the tourney complacent and reading about how unstoppable they are, and that can happen to the best teams and coaches. It's just human nature.
  2. That's one example, not a rigid policy. I'd guess that Paras' coursework was such that he had no path to graduation and probably hadn't demonstrated at his last stop that he'd be able to stay eligible. If a basketball player with a 2.0 in some decent coursework (not necessarily hard but just enough to show that he could stay eligible in some sports management or kinesiology major) applies, he's getting into UCLA. Now, I don't know how many of Musselman's transfers fit or don't fit that profile, but I doubt the transfer philosophy alone is going to keep him from getting the job.
  3. You really think that UCLA, or any highly selective public university with big time sports, doesn't have a massive gap between what it takes for a normal student to get in and what it takes for an athlete in a revenue sport to get in? I'd guess that the average UCLA football/basketball SAT score is at least 300 points lower than the average for the school as a whole. How that relates specifically to transfers, I don't know. But I assume as long as the kid had a 2.0 at his last stop, Musselman would have no problems getting him through the admissions department.
  4. What the hell, guys? That was an epic choke. Thank God, Nevada was 4th on my rooting list yesterday after Ohio State Football, Ohio State Hockey and Wales Rugby or I might actually be pissed off.
  5. Christianity has led to infinitely more death, repression and misery in the world than these people.
  6. It's a shame that Dwayne Haskins can't hit High Street tonight wearing a necklace made out of the ears of the Michigan defensive starters while drinking ale from that hippy Winovitch's skull.
  7. Let's be honest. This religious zealot didn't give two fxcks about the people in the tribe. He would have been just fine with every single one of them dying from some pathogen he introduced to the island so long as they had a fxcking bible in their hands when they checked out. Then he would be hailed as this great missionary and move onto a lucrative career traveling the fundie chitlin' circuit giving speeches at a megachurch near you. Fxck him. Give him a well deserved Darwin Award (irony fully intended) and then forget about him.
  8. So, you're saying that we invade Utah and change the culture?
  9. The Christians are not sending their best people. They're disease riddled. They're cultural rapists. Sure, some of them are probably good people.........I guess.
  10. Don't look now, but Arizona State has skated their way to #7 in the pairwise rankings. The polls haven't quite ranked them that high (14th and 17th), but it's looking like the Sun Devils have a real shot at making the tourney in only their 2nd? 3rd? year.
  11. To talk smack and poke a stick at some other posters? Nah, I think I got it.
  12. So everybody gets a trophy, and there's no difference between Berkeley and UNR, but there is somehow a difference between UNR and UNLV. Now, you do understand that 99.9% of the people see a fundamental difference between Berkeley and UNR while viewing UNR and UNLV as essentially the same. To answer another poster, I wasn't condemning academic rankings nor pretending there's no difference between schools. I was pointing out the hypocrisy of those who see no difference between their school and schools higher up the food chain while talking academic smack to schools they view as inferior. And as for those "not real degrees," you do know that a Silicon Valley VC firm or blue chip New York consulting firm will crawl over a hundred UNR grads with a real degree to hire that Swarthmore history major.
  13. No, a general observation of Nevada fans. Apologies for the confusion.