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  1. Nevada fans Eric Musselman.... can Nevada keep him?

    Show me these studie's that athletics drives money into the academic side. It's an absolute fact that most athletic departmets suck millions in subsidies from academics and tuition, but I've never seen any proof that athletic departments, particularly money losing ones, do a damned thing for academics. Maybe an Ohio State or Michigan are able to transfer over a few million a year (which is literally couch cushion change for those two schools' academic sides). That, however, is the gross exception to the rule.
  2. OT: For you Texas Expansionists

    I love how the community college in Vegas is so desperate to leave NEVADA behind. Seeing as NEVADA has had much greater success in both football AND basketball this century than UNLV, it's almost as though they subconsciously are acknowledging that the the only way to beat Nevada is to have them relegated to an inferior conference.
  3. OT: Disneyland Gear Report

    You usually see all the Spartan gear at places like Davos or the Monaco Grand Prix hanging out with other billionaires.
  4. Nevada to play @Penn State in 2020

    Actually the ped state stadium is pretty crappy. It's huge, and it's loud because of the aluminum bleacher seats, but it's pretty unimpressive compared to many. It's a giant erector set that clearly started out in the 40K range with multiple expansions slapped onto it with little thought other than increasing seating. Mackay looks like Ohio Stadium or the Rose Bowl in comparison.
  5. Shame, shame Notre Dame

    They're so mad at Brian Kelly for killing people that they're going to slap the shit out of some poor student-trainer.
  6. SAN schedules Penn State

  7. UNLV at Nevada

    I see that Sandoval has quit wearing his Nevada jacket at games. Does his exit from the Governor's Mansion mean that he'll be putting the Scarlet & Grey back on and hosting Ohio State alumni game watches on Saturdays rather than going to Mackay?
  8. UNLV at Nevada

    Raoul Contreras was robbed!
  9. Super Bowl

    And all credit in the world needs to go to Michigan. Nobody else could take the GOAT and turn them into a 6th round pick.
  10. Super Bowl

    If anyone wants to rewatch the halftime show, I gif'd it.
  11. Super Bowl

    Buckeye safeties. Accept no substitute.
  12. Super Bowl

    Jesus, I hope not (the broken neck part), but the first thing that crossed my mind with that hit was JACK MOTHER+++++ING TATUM!
  13. Who's boycotting the Super Bowl?

    I don't watch the NFL, but I am interested this year and rooting for the Eagles precisely because of this guy.