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  1. UNLV recruiting

    Any more news on Rafus and elgibility?
  2. UNLV recruiting

    Don't get me wrong I want Mccoy to go to UNLV but it must be hard sell when he could go to a national championship team and get a lot more exposure. If there is truth to the Mccoy/Walker deal then it would interesting and UNLV would be a good fit to bring both in. Especially seeing Walker added us as a contender.
  3. UNLV recruiting

    Mccoy's latest inverview (yesterday) seemed to lean him going to a school that has some good players. In his words "I want to play with great players" that might rule us out. It was also interesting in the interview at the beginning he said he was going to announce Thursday but changed his mind. The question is did he just plain change his mind on what day he was going to announce or change his mind on what school he was going to choose. All articles out there as of late dont even mention UNLV in the same breathe as Mccoy its all about Mich St. and Oregon being the 2 schools he is down to.