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  1. I actually did some research and came across these interesting little statistics: Jim Mora's record in six seasons at UCLA 46-30, Record vs Top-20 opponents in first six seasons: 8-12 Terry Donahue's record in first six seasons at UCLA 45-21-1, Record vs Top-20 opponents in first six seasons: 11-10-3 Henry Russell Sanders record in first six seasons at UCLA: 42-12-1, record vs Top-20 opponents in first six seasons: 9-8-0 Jim Mora wasn't doing that badly, but UCLA lost patience with Mora
  2. Warbow switched the Wisconsin and Iowa game slots to make it look like everyone is picking Wyoming to get blown out the most. After all, it is his thread
  3. would wrestling be considered an "animal sport"?
  4. *Revive the AWA from the Ashes and win the AWA World Heavyweight Championship and AWA British Empire Championship.*
  5. Johnny Dawkins won two NITs at Stanford, still got fired the year after winning his second NIT. If you want to live in the CBI and CIT, then the rest of college hoops will rejoice
  6. I used to think that his name was pronounced Kaw-Hi, but was shocked to hear that it was actually pronounced Ka-Why
  7. I realize that nobody wants to ever take a pay cut, but some coaches have made enough money to where their financial necessities(a la kids college tuitions, housing costs, autbomobile costs etc etc) are all mostly paid off so taking a paycut from $2.5 Million to $1.5 Million really isnt that much for these coaches who make over $1 Million dollars annually.
  8. Im generalizing but I would say about $500,000 to $1,000,000
  9. 1. Dark Knight(My favorite superhero movie) 2. Batman Forever 3. Captain America 1 4. Toby McGuire Spiderman 1 5. Edward Norton's Hulk
  10. Ive got to think that somebody would take a slight pay cut to coach the lobos though, money cant be everything.
  11. ......... try to get a head coach that is already established in the college ranks, like these 2 for example: Greg McDermott - Creighton(The last Creighton coach to go West has had great success, why not try him?) Mark Turgeon - Maryland(Kansas alum not currently loyal to Maryland and could leave them at any time) In my opinion, what you need is a coach that is succeeding at a good program stuck in a power conference overflowing with good coaches. You've got to get somebody who is doing a good job, but is underappreciated by his current fan base. UNM is our last hope of salvaging what has been a boring and uninteresting coaching carousel in 16-17 Make it happen Lobos, take the risk and give McDermott and/or Turgeon interviews!
  12. Why would you want Gonzaga? They have no football program And why would you want BYU back when they have already broken up with you in the first place?