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  1. Its a shame that Urban Meyer is retiring now. He was just coming into his own as one of college footballs top heels.
  2. Part 2 is a bit choppy, so ill include part 3 of this bit in the same post These videos highlight a new weapon unleashed in this war.
  3. I would argue that those spiked German helmets are one of the great lasting visuals of WW1
  4. "The Japanese had a problem, they couldn't tell a German European from an English one" Well, I cant necessarily blame the Japanese.
  5. In the video above, we begin to take brief break from the troubles of mainland war in Europe and focus more on the Naval aspects of Britain and Germany during WW1
  6. The "Trench Warfare Begins" videos above includes highlights of: 1. The First Battle of the Marne 2. The Siege of Antwerp 3. First battle of Ypres. 4. Austria's war with Serbia 5. The British Empire enlisting its colonies to fight for the crown. 6. Sven Hedin's observations 7. The famous peaceful exchanges during Christmas and carols sung between enemies in the trenches