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  1. Never too early for WAY too early projections

    But they have all that SEC type talent coming to sheep land......plus add in the SEC coaching, how the heck do they go 7-6 3 years straight............just mind boggling! But they live on the "woulda" "shoulda" and "coulda" philosophy. "shoulda beat Boise" "Coulda beat Bama and played them the best of any team." "Woulda won 10 games, if not for one or two defensive lapses." LMFAO!!!!
  2. Is this Eustachy's last year at CSU?

    Did they catch Larry with Cam the Ram in his office??
  3. How healthy is your team?

    Malaulu is playing Saturday. Dline has stepped up big time! Cain and Holt on Dline out for year after contributing significantly Meader never played, so hardly missed. But there is depth that has stepped up! Cain has been out since Boise game and UW hasn't lost. Holt injured during CSU game. Even with losses on Defense, the defense continues to get better and thrive!
  4. Why are we using this song again?

    Win? How the hell did you win it? Free drawing at Target? LMAO!!
  5. Football Turd of the 2017 season

    Are you serious? You really care about pre season magazine predictions? First of all you didn't contend and second you didn't even win the division. But hey I'm sure you believed all the news when they reported Clinton would be the next President! LMFAO!!!!
  6. Any news on Josh Allen?

    Played 4 years of College Football? He played one year at a JC, then played in one half of a game against eastern Michigan when he got hurt. One full year last year then this year. So hes played 2 years at the FBS level. Basically 14 games last season and probably 13 this year.........so 27 total!
  7. Football Turd of the 2017 season

    No way? You mean CSU is a middle of the road team like usual? But wait..........you all think the MWC is garbage and there is no way you shouldn't win the Mountain Division every year, especially this year because you have a shiny new stadium. NEWS FLASH: You didn't and wont beat a team with a winning record, unless your bowl game opponent is better than 6-6? But he congrats on scoring all those points and leading the league in something!
  8. CSU Uniforms - copycats

    Sheep aren't the brightest................its their "state pride" uniform. LMAO...............they are the worst team in Colarado the last two years having lost to both CU and Air Force, but hey they have Pride this year! I think they are bringing in Blue Turf as well for the Boise game!
  9. GG Rams.

    WHo care about any cheap shot or knee, I hope CSU loses every game no matter what! But seriously, I love when fans come on after a win or even a loss and complain about cheap shots or dirty play! If there was a legitimate knee to Allens jaw then why wasn't there a flag thrown? I rewatched the game, and nothing on the last drive other than the face mask warranted a penalty! It was a rivalry game and the officials let players play through their emotions. Unless there was a late hit, or punch thrown there surely was not an intentional knee to Joshs jaw!
  10. Fire Bobo

    LMAO, your counting UNC Greeley in 2015!!
  11. Wyoming vs CSU The Border War

    And you have the worst High School Gym(Moby Dick) in AMERICA, with 8K capacity you cant even sell it out except if CU or UW comes to town! True you have a nice new shiny stadium, but that wont make your team any better! New stadium with middle of the road capacity, Boise, Hawaii, SDSU, AFA, FSU, and UNM all hold more fans.....................oh wait if you count the SRO tickets you can get 41K in the new sheep pen.............yet you aren't selling those tickets yet, or the real reason is the DEMAND isn't there!!
  12. New Mexico @ Wyo

    I'm sure you can get a ticket to the sheep game.........they claim its sold out every game but its not! They claim a 41K seat capacity, ,yet there biggest crowd(and supposedly sold out) has been what 37K? Its about an hour drive down 287 to Laramie from Sheepville. So you should be able to catch the first half of sheep/zoomies game.
  13. Diet Coke man is a tool! So its all about the money for him? Anything he can say to the media to keep them out of his sheep pen in Fort Collins. How about he reveal why he doesn't live in Fort Collins year around? Hell maybe he doesn't make enough to afford housing there? Oh wait, isn't housing more expensive in California? But now you know, UNM, if you can pony up 2 million per year, diet coke man will come coach the Lobos and put up with any crap that comes along
  14. Pokes & The National Anthem

    UW football players have been running to the endzone and taking knees in past games. This isn't a big deal!! Its not some sort of protest or anything!!
  15. Yet more pub for Josh Allen

    Its not new information, all this has been written already. I cant wait to for the season to start so they can write about how UW is doing. GO POKES