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  1. Nevada vs Iowa State

    I want to see them. So bad. It has quickly become a series that resembles a rivalry. I don't know that it is there yet, but we certainly don't really like each other. Like I said, win or lose, it would be a great game.
  2. Nevada vs Iowa State

    We gotta get past Purdue. It could be tough as they are a tough interior team. Our post defense is not stellar. But against KU, I like our chances. I believe ISU is 5-4 or 4-4 against KU since the 2014-15. If we got to that game, I like it because we know them. Our seniors have played these guys for four years. What a way to end it, win or lose.
  3. Nevada vs Iowa State

    Keep Muss and work the transfer market. A great, exciting, and NBA style of basketball with a constant flow of talent with players developing along the way.
  4. Nevada vs Iowa State

  5. Nevada vs Iowa State

    I look forward to watching some Nevada next year. Nevada has some great younger talent. Their turn around reminds me of ISU's when Hoiberg arrived.
  6. Nevada vs Iowa State

    @thelawlorfaithful Thank you. It is gonna be a tough game, but the homer in me likes my 'Clones. I will try to. I gotta add this to my google pages so I see it and remember to. I really like the community you guys have. @UNLV2001 The thing about this game is that no body really broke out and took over the game. The players can though. Monte played super sloppy. 4 turnovers in the first half? He can't do that against Purdue. But that said, he still played great down the stretch. We are going to miss him tremendously next year. Burton can be dominate. And he is so fun to watch. You should tell those NBA players to check out Ames, Iowa. I hear it is a great place. @halfmanhalfbronco - I plan on it. I like politics. Space is pretty neat. I don't know?! But have you heard about the man that fought a bear with his bare hands?
  7. Nevada vs Iowa State

    A hard fought victory. There were times ISU would have folded. Thank you. And again, thank you for welcoming me onto your board.
  8. Nevada vs Iowa State

    Nothing to be ashamed of. ISU is senior laden and a great team. I said it earlier. Not the most talented ISU team I have seen, but the best coached and overall team.
  9. Nevada vs Iowa State

    Well played Nevada. Great game overall. Hoping Muss sticks around and keeps you guys going. Thank you for the tremendous welcome onto the board. I will be stopping by in the future.
  10. Nevada vs Iowa State

    Long lives off of those kinds of shots. He is also known as Naz "The Cowboy Killer" Long. Oklahoma State shudders whenever someone mentions of his name.
  11. Nevada vs Iowa State

    How do you feel about floor slapping?
  12. Nevada vs Iowa State

    I mean, they are college kids playing in one of the biggest games of their lives. At least he isn't playing dirty like WVU kids.
  13. Nevada vs Iowa State

    Just sayin'
  14. Nevada vs Iowa State

    Lol. And ISU fans are the sensitive ones.
  15. Nevada vs Iowa State

    "call home"