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  1. We also thought Lindsey Drew would be back, the transfers were an upgrade and Muss would play Jordan Brown. It wasn’t outlandish, at one point they were 24-1 I believe and that included throttling Utah St. For whatever reason it just fell apart, maybe it was bench usage, maybe overrated, lockeroom issues, pressure, who knows. As I said before Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown. Good luck Utah St
  2. Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown. Good look Utah st
  3. Man that’s not a lot of fire power next year. That’s simply just a worst team then last year. I’m not trying to troll but yikes
  4. He’s announcing his decision tomorrow
  5. Meeks MADE 80 3s at 44% for the national championship prep HS team. That’s pretty insane.
  6. He announced transfer before the coaching change. He was a walk on. He wasn’t going to get a scholarship regardless of staff, so good on him finding a landing spot where he can compete and get a scholarship
  7. I just didn’t want you to pee your pants with a knock knock joke
  8. You’re getting worse at this. Knock, Knock....
  9. Noah committed elsewhere this afternoon
  10. I don’t think people realize how important an AD is until you have a bad one. Gary Groth ruined a lot at Nevada. What Knuth has done is simply amazing, and it’s not even the hires (which he does without search firms) his ability to raise money and relationship with donors is amazing.
  11. I think will start to see more guys take officials in the next week too. Alford has gotten guys to return and now guys are starting to visit. Love the first visit is quality HS kid too. With 5 scholarships (if all return) can get a nice blend of transfers and HS guys still.
  12. Given I’ve never heard of that ever happening before, I feel sorry for you as that must just be a you problem. I’ll ensure I don’t tell a knock knock joke in the future to keep your pants clean.
  13. 😂😂😂😂 he was only going there if Jalen stayed. Washington is the overwhelming favorite now.
  14. Part of that is I believe usc and Utah will be a lot better then last year. Also the tourney is better then the crappy Vegas tourney