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  1. Why do you keep posting non recruiting stuff in the recruiting section? @mugtang can you remove/move these threads
  2. Jaredcg

    UNLV at Utah State

    Neemias is going to feast in this game if Diong doesn’t play much. Blair already 2 fouls
  3. https://247sports.com/Article/College-basketball-recruiting-mailbag-No-1-class-128574217/ “In terms of his recruiting the two teams that I’ve heard the most are Memphis and Nevada. As of today, I’d expect Kyree Walker to land at one of the two. If I had to pick a favorite between the two, I’d probably go with Nevada, but that’s nothing more than a guess. In terms of reclassifying, I fully expect Walker to end up in the 2019 class. He hasn’t publicly made that official, but behind the scenes it’s pretty clear he will end up in 2019.” Thats basically what I wrote on the first page of this thread btw.
  4. No one can replace Caroline. That dude is so unique. The twins obviously are amazing too. Nevada will take a step back no doubt, how many times have we’ve seen a top 10 team in the MWC? With that said I remember everyone saying Nevada would take a step back when Cam Oliver and Marcus Marshall left as well. In came the twins and Kendall Stephens the next year. Nevada has some stars sitting out ready to step in next year too. Will Nevada be a top 10 team next year? Of course not. The MWC will still run thru Reno though.
  5. Jaredcg

    2019-2020 Nevada Starting 5

    You’re correct.....yet how has that worked out for him? The recruiting pitch was he got Porter a natural center so you could play your NBA position of PF. If they brought in another grad transfer like Trey Porter after the season why would the Brown camp think it’s different next year? Brown and Porter have probably played together a total of maybe 5 minutes this year. Muss likes having only 1 big on the floor, that won’t change magically next year. Thus if they brought in another grad transfer big next year it’s likely it’d cut into Browns minutes drastically again leaving it more likely he’d transfer. I can see them absolutely adding a grad transfer for next season but I’m sure it’d be focused on a wing/PF or a shooter
  6. Jaredcg

    2019-2020 Nevada Starting 5

    From Chris Murray’s mailbag last night. I agree with everything he said. I can see a grad transfer that’s a shooter. I don’t see them adding a grad transfer like Trey Porter or you’re just asking for Jordan Brown to transfer. PG: Lindsey Drew/Jazz Johnson/JoJo Anderson SG: Jalen Harris/Nisré Zouzoua SF: Eric Parrish/Jalen Townswell PF: Shamiel Stevenson (eligible in December) C: Jordan Brown/K.J. Hymes Plus, Nevada has four scholarships remaining. Add some shooting and another power forward and that's a solid lineup and the favorite to win the Mountain West.
  7. Jaredcg

    UNLV recruiting

    What sticks out about those two schools? UNLV: “Home, closer to my family, can stay with my family, that’s it.” 😂 https://247sports.com/college/basketball/recruiting/Article/UNLV-Arizona-State-already-prioritizing-2021-guard-Zaon-Collins-128380102/
  8. Jaredcg

    UNLV at San Diego State

    Huh? Porter has started every game this year and Thurman 17 of 20 games.
  9. Jaredcg

    UNLV at San Diego State

    Easy money for the books when you bet, yep.
  10. Jaredcg

    It’s settled!

    I’ve said many times, I don’t mind UNLV fans using UNR. It’s good for a rivalry, but given AP Stylebook even shows it’s Nevada, Zero reason the LVRJ should use UNR
  11. Jaredcg

    New Mexico at UNLV

    Credit to UNLV for taking care of business with the early easy schedule. Will know a lot about this team in the next 5.
  12. Jaredcg

    Nevada Back To #7

    That was multiple games ago. Brown played excellent defense against AF. Maybe he got the message. He deserves more run
  13. Jaredcg

    The NAIA?

    If you go to Ashland go to Sammich for lunch. You can thank me later