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  1. Ok bud. Prior to last year you hadn’t gone since 2011.
  2. Best team won. Aggies will be a tough out in the tourney if they keep playing like this
  3. It’s very similar to Caleb Martin’s junior season. All American, award candidates for SG/SF (can remember which one). He should have stayed in the draft that year. Was going to be very hard to duplicate that year.
  4. As long as they get a 2nd round draft grade they should go. IF because it’s guard heavy and they don’t get that 2nd round minimum grade the yeah comeback.
  5. Both Jalen and Flynn will declare, and they should. Both if given a 2nd round grade at minimum should go. I’m not going to rehash this as in-depth as I did before, but bottomline the “only go if you’re a 1st rounder for sure” is no longe true. Almost ALL second round picks get guaranteed deals now. This is due to expanded roster. Last year is a great example. Cody Martin went early in 2nd round AND Jalen McDaniels very late. Both got guaranteed deals. Jalens is a the test case of why you go. He was like the 59th pick and then didn’t play in summer league or basically any of preseason and still got the deal.
  6. Thanks for the thread bump. And whoever merged threads.
  7. Bumping this thread as there was no reason for a SUDs fan to create a new thread after yours.
  8. You just made the case for Harris being POY.
  9. I think 95% of fans would say Flynn after today. As I wrote earlier Flynn needed the best game of the year for SDSU to win and he delivered.
  10. Unlv or Utah st maybe? In all seriousness as I wrote earlier MWCT is wide open. 1-4 could easily win it
  11. Congrats to SDSU. They needed Flynn to have his best game of the year to win and he did.
  12. Win or lose tonight, no one in the conference fears SDSU anymore. MWC tourney is wide open
  13. Both teams shooting 60% plus lol.
  14. Refs have a quick whistle both ways right now
  15. Each team making some runs, should be a good game.