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  1. He took money and they had to vacate a tourney win because of him. Pot meet kettle
  2. I mean that’s what we said/heard about Miller at the start of the year.... this isn’t the last shoe to drop
  3. As a Nevada fan if Arizona ends up a 2 seed and Nevada a 7 or 10 I’ll take it (or 6 and 3) No Ayton or trier, just win baby.
  4. You might be on the back on the bubble for the NIT, those games are vacated not won.
  5. I mean your coach might not make it thru this.....he’s all over the latest yahoo story tonight, makes sense as he was an assistant under Miller.
  6. They might, but Arizona won’t. Miller is done and Ayton or they are the dumbest school alive
  7. That is the first real bomb drop of the day. Miller AND Ayton are finished. Maybe Nevada won’t keep Muss if PAC-12 jobs keep opening up.
  8. So back on track. Is Musselman the best coach in the MWC? Yes, yes he is.
  9. Malik Pope Paid - NCAA Probe

    I mean no one should throw stones. Two LSU players are on the list as well. Who was the coach? Johnny Jones. Who is now obviously Nevada’s associate head coach. In all these cases the player took money from an agent, would be hard to say in most cases a coach would know.
  10. Malik Pope Paid - NCAA Probe

    Not surprised he was suspended, probably end of his disappointing SDSU career
  11. Tim Duryea - hot seat?

    Wyoming has more regular season titles then UNLV.
  12. OT: Ticket Services (VGK Games)

    When I went in December we used vivid seats it was a bit cheaper than stub hub.
  13. Nevada vs SJSU

    The nice thing is Boise and Fresno went up. According to RPI forecast if Fresno wins their last 3 games they’ll be at 75 which would mean another quad 1 win for Nevada
  14. Rank em

    Nevada BSU Fresno suds New Mexico Wyoming Utah St UNLV AF CSU SJ
  15. Fresno State at UNLV

    As I said on Saturday, glad Nevada already played Fresno twice they are playing great these last couple of weeks. Going to be a tough out in the tourney. As the saying goes, always next year right UNLV fans?