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  1. WaddiLOLe is a joke and everyone knows it. He’s wrong 95% of the time.
  2. No one cares what you think about recruiting.
  3. That’s a mid year transfer so yes unless a waiver is granted. Very solid pick up though, Boise will be very good team next season with all these guys eligible
  4. I just didn’t want you to pee your pants with a knock knock joke
  5. You’re getting worse at this. Knock, Knock....
  6. Noah committed elsewhere this afternoon
  7. To clear one thing up, he definitely is on scholarship not walking on as some have mentioned. Nevada could not announce the addition otherwise, can’t talk about walk-ons until they are actually enrolled at your school. He’s still at LSU finishing his degree. Not all Nevada transfers are good signings, see Darien Williams, Leland king, Nisre, and Henson to some extent. Edwards signing is probably in this catergory, a 4.4ppg this year (his senior year) and had foot surgery last month. This signing is a head scratcher
  8. What sticks out about those two schools? UNLV: “Home, closer to my family, can stay with my family, that’s it.” 😂 https://247sports.com/college/basketball/recruiting/Article/UNLV-Arizona-State-already-prioritizing-2021-guard-Zaon-Collins-128380102/
  9. I’m a Nevada fan but no reason Nevada should jump Duke or Tennessee. Duke lost to the # 3 team by 2 points and Tennessee lost in OT vs #2 team. Tennessee should stay right where they are. Nevada really hasn’t beaten anyone yet so imo should stay where they are for now.
  10. I wouldn’t read to much into this one. Dook is just absurd. Xavier will be a better test to see where SDSU is.
  11. He’s extremely athletic and can get to the rack, however is shooting from deep is below par right now. That’s what he is working on this redshirt year, with improvement he’ll be a star next year.
  12. Since both programs weren’t relative before the turn of the century. Let’s break it down from there. Tourney appearances: Nevada 6, SDSU 9 (nice) (both more then New Mexico 5, UNLV at 7) Toueney wins: Nevada 6, SDSU 6 (tied for most in MWC) Sweet 16s: Nevada 2, SDSU 2 (New Mexico 0, UNLV 1) So If Nevada is #NewMoney then so is SDSU. Nevada and SDSU are the class of the MW and have about an equal history in basketball.
  13. Transfer recruiting has led to a tourney berth, a sweet 16 and now a top 10 ranking. I love transfer recruiting (so did Tark) I’m not a fan of UNLVs recruiting and losing to a bad wcc team, it’s so so marvelous.
  14. I was curious for multiple reasons but if mediocre Marvin continues to suck it up this is a main reason to fire him.
  15. What was the announced attendance?
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