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  1. WaddiLOLe is a joke and everyone knows it. He’s wrong 95% of the time.
  2. They went 2-1 on the night including the correct Boise pick.
  3. Boise is one of 3 man weaves best bet. These guys are pretty good.
  4. No one cares what you think about recruiting.
  5. That’s a mid year transfer so yes unless a waiver is granted. Very solid pick up though, Boise will be very good team next season with all these guys eligible
  6. Really only about 90 second bad stretch for Nevada near the end of this would have been 15-20 point halftime lead
  7. It was a joke as the suds fanatic can’t understand the gist of an argument. Of course they’d be in today. The whole point was what another poster said. It’s great start, great looking team right now and still their margin for error is thin because of the MWC
  8. If you’re going to nitpick. This whole post is categorically false because “at the moment” the most important resume tool is not available. NET rankings haven’t been released yet. It’s possible SDSU has 3 QUAD 1 wins it’s possible they have zero. If the committee met tomorrow no team would have a NET resume to review. Bottomline great record for SDSU, team is looking great. However, the margin for error is still thin, 3 wins will only take you so far when land minds are plentiful in the MWC. This goes for all teams in the MWC until more teams start doing well in OOC.
  9. There was a lot of discussion about Nevada near the end of last season about if their resume really deserved an at large bid, because their “big wins” didn’t end up being that big, so far SDSU wins are starting to do the same. Creighton, BYU and Iowa are already starting to drop in Kenpom . That was a 4 loss Nevada team too. SDSU could end up in the same boat and I’ll be surprised if they end up with 4 or less losses. They are very good, but a ton of season left.
  10. Very very little. Nevada went undefeated in non-conference last year with at the time seemed like big wins (BYU, USC, Utah, ASU) yet all those ended up Quad-2 NET wins. BYU is already trending that way for you guys. MWC is land mines that don’t help. Far from at large at the moment unfortunately.
  11. My thoughts too. Kudos to Dutcher I didn’t think he was a good coach. Proving me wrong
  12. Then you went on to talk up the great Tennessee st. You’re getting worse and worse at this.
  13. Sure you weren’t talking up a 277 KenPom home win. Great win!!!