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  1. All I’m saying is his shot during the game hasn’t improved yet. I literally wrote I Hope is yips end. I never wrote he should stop shooting either. Nevada won’t go far this year without him turning around this year. When Harris is back will need a scoring punch off the bench and he’s the most likely to provide that. As of now though he’s not helping on offense
  2. He is 5-20 on the season 25% and 2-8 from 3 on the season 25%. I mentioned those 3 shots as they literally wide open. The offense worked and he still couldn’t hit it
  3. A lot of missed shots. Zouzoua had at least 3 wide open 3s and couldn’t hit them. His shooting from last year has not improved at all, super frustrating. Hopefully the yips end at some point
  4. Losing to the 9th place big12 team at home, that’s a bad loss.
  5. The team they beat is 352 out of 353 on kenpom so you’d expect a slaughter but no one would expect a record margin of victory. I’m guessing you’d expect 30-40.
  6. Anyone that loses to unLv is a bad loss with this logic. They were picked 7th in the MWC.
  7. Lol got to admit good screenshot
  8. I mean Nevada best player lost to injury after 5 minutes 🤷‍♂️, I actually expected to get blown out after that
  9. Yeah I’m thinking like 12-14 wins without Harris
  10. At least we aren’t losing to Montana st at home with 5 minutes remaining while ranked lol
  11. Win or lose the story is Jalen Harris’s injury
  12. Nevada looks awful and if Jalen Harris is out, well rebuild will officially be on
  13. I was more correcting the USU fan who thought they had the best schedule. With that said you should care what other teams schedule are. Good schedules mean you have a chance of going into conference schedule with a better NET. If you want multiple teams in the NCAA tourney how others schedule is important.