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  1. Jaredcg

    High praise

    Maybe the Las Vegas media will finally join the rest of the country and start calling them by their proper athletic name. (For the record I don’t care that fans use UNR for athletics)
  2. Jaredcg

    MW Preaseason Media Poll

    I’m curious who picked Nevada 3rd lol. Nevada could stumble this year sure, it’s happened to a lot of favorites in history but to pick them 3rd before any injury or whatever is silly
  3. Jaredcg

    Marvin Menzies Interview

    You guaranteed a top 3 finish last year 🤷‍♂️
  4. Jaredcg

    Marvin Menzies Interview

    UNLV is an 8th place team that needs to go back to the big west to compete for championship. Coming up on 20 years since they won an outright conference title. Pathetic
  5. Jaredcg

    Nevada Recruiting for 19/20

    20 days ago or so when he got his Kstate offer and he spoke to their rivals site he basically only mentioned Nevada. Also about your other comment I’d only expect 2/3 freshmen and 4 transfers. Out of those 4 transfer might have a JC kid and/or a grad transfer too
  6. Jaredcg

    Boise State basketball unveils new practice jerseys

    Will they be unveiling a new camera angle for their broadcast too?
  7. Jaredcg

    Nevada Recruiting for 19/20

    2019 Kuany Kuany and 2020 Zach Harvey on campus yesterday for the maddness event and today. Nevada keeping that prolific prep pipe going. I’d say Kuany is a strong lean to Nevada at this point and is a good friend of Harvey. I really like Kuanys game, multiple high major offers. Not ranked but part of that is he’s an international prospect and was back in Australia this summer. The interesting one is Zach Harvey 6’4/5 guard that is an absolute stud top 30/40 player in his class. When he transferred to prolific last month he reclassified to 2020 from 2019 but specifically mentioned he could still retain the right to go back into 2019. They both had a great time last night.
  8. Looks like he dropped a bit in rankings this summer, rankings aren’t the be all end all though. Really solid get, Hutson doing work
  9. If Nevada can keep Muss (a very big if) it’s quite possible this won’t be the most talented team we ever see. With that said it’s extremly difficult to have this many talented seniors on the same team. You have to guys that are just on the fringe of the NBA but not guaranteed to make it so they comeback. With Caleb Martin specifically Nevada fans can actually thank Colorado st for him coming back. The main reason he came back instead is staying in the draft was his foot injury (at CSU) he realized that if he stayed in the draft regardless if he was actually drafted he’d immediately be going to summer league, then camp, then preseason etc. All while being a fringe guy needing to make the team. Thus no resting his foot. After opting out of draft he basically didn’t practice all of June/July, boot came off last week of summer practice fully healthy. Cant wait.
  10. Jaredcg

    Nevada Recruiting for 19/20

    Jalen Graham to Santa Clara. Id imagine Nevada will shift focus to KJ Martin, Antwan January, Kuany Kuany In the big department. They are basically in KJ Martins final 3/4.
  11. Jaredcg

    UNLV forum?

    It definitely is up and down on how active it is since you gave it up but it was very active this week and the premium side is up and down too
  12. Jaredcg

    The Kavanaughcalypse!

    That’s the hard part and I’m not sure what to do at this point. It’s the classic he said she said. I’m not sure the FBI investigating would provide any additional answers. I’m inclined to say they should try.
  13. Jaredcg

    The Kavanaughcalypse!

    As a registered independent, they were both believable
  14. Washington vs Nevada in Reno on 10/21 as well. That’s a great exhibition game