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  1. Part of that is I believe usc and Utah will be a lot better then last year. Also the tourney is better then the crappy Vegas tourney
  2. Nevada’s schedule is shaping up better then last years.
  3. I said this in the other thread, but the issue with Sling is it doesn’t carry CBS Sports net. Which is where like 90% of MWC games are televised.
  4. Not if Dunson stays, moves Nevada from favorites to probably 25/30% chance now. Dunson is a key in that recruitment
  5. It doesn’t take our AD weeks to hire a coach, or let wrong info leaked.
  6. Coaching changes is great business for @mugtang
  7. Matta never even met with anyone at UNLV, was just a “unlv booster” bad rumor. Murray just reported Knuth actually interviewed him so this is definitely different. Murray also said he’s pretty sure Alford is the guy. Not real reporter said anything like that with Matta and UNLV. Just the WaddiLOLe of the world
  8. Well his “buyout” is only good for 2 more years. If someone is offering you a big 10 year deal you probably take it
  9. It was great to see so many UNLV fans triggered when Whatabuger was announced as the hire.
  10. This was so so so predictable. UNLV fans in absolute meltdown mode when Hamburgerler was named front runner. “We want Miller” this is a huge mistake etc etc. Now deleting all those tweets and everyone saying, “you know after doing more research and listening to presser I’m liking it.” See you guys in 3 years again.
  11. I mean can you be a flagship if you’ve never won the conference you’re in outright? Before 1990 fans comes along, Wyoming has a NCAA title too