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  1. Jaredcg

    BYU vs UNLV - T-Mobile Arena

    And at Nevada 86-70.
  2. I was rsponding to someone that changed the subject 🤷‍♂️. If you want my thoughts on Kyree here you go. Nevada is currently a front runner and is recruiting him for 2019, same as Memphis. Penny is a stud and obviously is building a winner. However, Penny also has yet to get a commit from outside of Memphis or someone that played for his AAU. With KJ Hymes (who was a 4 star at 1 point) stumping hard for his friend id say Nevada has slightly better chance then Memphis at this time. Also rebel fans including you PH90120 has been saying Muss is leaving for 3 years. Get a new shitck
  3. How’s that worked out for you?
  4. Jaredcg

    Lyndsey Drew to redshirt

    Actually it’s both hips. According to the story he’ll have surgery on the other hip in few weeks
  5. Jaredcg

    MW is Largely Below Average

    I always enjoy sparring with WaddiLOL. Now I have to get back to work.
  6. Jaredcg

    MW is Largely Below Average

    You’re the one that compared UNLVs schedule to USU. I replied directly to that comment with facts. Keep changing your tune. As far as your red herring, how excited were people about the signing of your now senior Juice? Has he made improvements? No one before the season was saying he was going to be underperforming compared to USUs or anyone else. Marvelous
  7. Jaredcg

    MW is Largely Below Average

    LOL all I ever give PH is facts and then he shrinks away like normal. I tell him freshmen/sophomores make up 50% of USU minutes and he says not true. I share the data he disappears. Heres some more facts for you qwelish. Yes you’re correct on sports reference shows USU has worse SOS. However, KenPom shows USU has played 4 top 100 KenPom games. UNLV has PLAYED ONE! That is cupcake city. USU is 2-2 against top 100 KenPom. The closet comparison in KenPom would be UNLV on the road against Illinois(104) they lost (close game kudos) . Utah st played on the road UC Irvine (98) and crushed them. So keep making sh*t up, I’ll keep coming with facts.
  8. Jaredcg

    MW is Largely Below Average

    It actually is. Use google. Or I’ll do it for you https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/schools/utah-state/2019.html
  9. Jaredcg

    MW is Largely Below Average

    I just checked, Freshmen and sophomores play 50% of the minutes almost exactly for Utah st. What’s your next excuse?
  10. Jaredcg

    MW is Largely Below Average

    If that’s the case so is UNLV. The 3 top MPG are seniors, top 2 scorers are seniors, top assist guy is senior, top rebounder. UNLV is literally a senior led team in all categories. Utah st is good this year. What’s UNLVs excuse?
  11. Jaredcg

    Rank um basketball

    Was a good shooter in the NEC. He needs to prove it in the MWC before we attach that to him. He might not play much next year either, he’ll be behind a lot of guards again Jazz, Drew, Harris not to mention the big time guards they are after in the 2019 class.
  12. Jaredcg

    #6 Nevada vs GCU (Talking Stick Resort Arena)

    I’d be shocked if Caleb keeps shooting this bad. Ugly win is still a win. Was always looking like a trap game. Move on and I’d be shocked if they look like this Saturday at home.
  13. Jaredcg


    What? I was giving UNLV credit. I thought they played very well down the stretch.
  14. Jaredcg


    Credit to UNLV took advantage of the prevent the D offense by Illinois and had a chance to tie. Fought hard. Just terrible last possession obviously
  15. Jaredcg


    Moral victory?