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  1. Pulling for the Bills here, want the new team to win
  2. I see that Chaote is only going to be the LB coach in Austin, not ST Coordinator. Still probably a pay increase and working under a DC he is used to from his time at UW.
  3. Dodge better be sponsoring for that much of a lame name. Just call yourself the Lights then
  4. I'll just throw out the Maynor full court 3 in the Bracketbuster in 09 vs VCU. He covered to lose by 1.
  5. Pulling for Bills, Rams, and WFT today
  6. UNLV would love this, imagine how many football coaches they could cycle through
  7. Yep. 700k sounds right. He can get the higher rates when he starts winning. Despite being higher now, think Norvell made 450k when he started out here. I like a Chaote hire from everything that people say about him. And maybe that dip in pay can be spent on high quality assistants.
  8. NMSU also has Texas G5 schools willing to play not in the MWC, where Idaho's closest non-MWC G5 is Tulsa. The fact of the matter is, the further East you are, the easier time you'll have finding oppenents.
  9. Odds Idaho ends up back here? Or did they miss the boat for a second time?
  10. I'm sending that to my Buckeyes friend lol
  11. You'd have to disable adblockers to find out. An amazing setting, I'd love to go.
  12. Of your "originals," SDSU is the only one who is keeping pace with the rest of us from the WAC. Boise, Fresno, Hawaii, Nevada, run the joint, USU had a nice run, we'll see on SJSU. UNM, UNLV, CSU, WYO, AFA, are the anchors of the conference dragging ua down.
  13. Can't help but think it should be us getting pummeled in a bowl game by a MAC team
  14. I heard that Tulsa is talking to the front range schools
  15. Call me conservative, but I don't think Moore is the best hire without more experience.
  16. Could you rebrand yourself as Idaho and get a P12 invite? Just the Athletics programs
  17. Is Houston Nutt up to anything? I know I saw Dirk Koetter mentioned.
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