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  1. Top 6 champs is fair. If you have an off year as a conference, you don't wanna get embarrassed showing up and getting blown out by a 4th place SEC team.
  2. I like that 6 highest champs thing. Some years the B12 or P12 champ is hardly ranked in the last 10 to 15 years.
  3. Let's just jump straight to 24 and give all conference champs an auto bid and cap conferences at like 6 teams
  4. Cal game should give us a good read on how the season will go
  5. I like to think the TWolves are more in with the Bucks, Bulls, Pistons, Pacers, Cavs, then the Thunder, Nuggets, Jazz, Blazers. Pelicans can stay with the Texas teams. That's why I think that split works better. Great Lakes to the East, Gulf Coast to the West.
  6. Could see them adding two though. Move Grizzlies and Twolves to the East.
  7. Is Javale McGee gonna win his 4th ring in 6 years???? ­čĄú
  8. West looks like it'll be a fun 2nd round with lots of fresh blood.
  9. 7 rivals are north of UNLV...
  10. No MWC Tourney, no tripping for us!
  11. I'm still confused how Oregon and Oregon State neither have a medical school and Oregon created a Uni just for the medical school in Portland (OHSU)
  12. At least Bramah is supposed to announce tomorrow, so we wouldn't be waiting long for him.
  13. They're the get healthy game after we play Boise I think
  14. Wade left and now Addison Patterson didn't cut it, have one scholarship open still after Blackshear from FAU committed.
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