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  1. Sounds like Hoidberg has a handful of impact transfers
  2. What was going on with your return man letting him tack on 15 yards of rolling every kick? Lol
  3. I'm not scarred after the last couple seasons. Will probably be a good game though. Here's to no injuries fellas.
  4. I bet whoever settles in to the leading scorer for the Pack wins newcomer
  5. Man, those must be some real good magic mushrooms.
  6. Just another in a long line of UNLV QBs having a career game vs us :P
  7. I'm feeling pretty good about this one, think we win by 4 scores or more.
  8. Gotta admit, wish we could have a nice title sponsor like Taco Bell Arena.
  9. Probably not if the semester has already started.
  10. Wait, was that the former UGA QB on the call, Aaron Murray?
  11. Hate that schedule, we should play Boise every year.
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