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  1. Did the Lobos really let Reyes get a double double?
  2. We took notes for tonight. It ain't over with the football game.
  3. Hymes fouls out in 12 minutes is my bold prediction.
  4. Niners because I'm still sore about the SB4 loss, 15 years before I was even born
  5. LSU doesn't help themselves saying it was fake money.
  6. I can't see Cora not getting a season ban as well once the Red Sox case is wrapped up. He and Beltran (was player then, now Mets Manager, MLB said they wouldn't punish players for this) were considered the ring leaders of the set up in Houston, and now he's caught up in doing it in Boston too.
  7. Only saw the 4th Q after work, but I liked what I saw. Can't hit ever swing you take.
  8. They never really recovered from the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl
  9. I think more teams means more chances to trip, regardless of blowouts now.
  10. To be fair, at least we know the B12 doesn't play defense