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  1. BacksThePack

    Chris Webber, Benn Wallace HOF'ers?

    Ben would ne starting if you had no other offensive liabilities out with him. Would love him in Golden State spelling Draymond.
  2. BacksThePack

    OT: NFL and Kaepernick settle

    I think the NFL didn't want any workings for how ot signs players to come out. Nothing to do with wrong doing on the NFL's part legally, but there are practices that they don't want public.
  3. BacksThePack

    Rick Pitino Lakers

    Or Arizona.
  4. BacksThePack

    Committee releases current top 16 seeds

    If we're the lowest fourth, we'll just end up in the last available open site, no? Higher seeds take precedence?
  5. BacksThePack

    Kyree Walker

    2020 for you, yet 2019 for us. A year behind like always.
  6. BacksThePack

    Power 6

    The altitude certainly doesn't hurt conditioning
  7. BacksThePack

    #6 Nevada vs New Mexico

  8. BacksThePack

    MWC-Super Bowl Trivia

    https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwjvrNyJnaLgAhWtHTQIHTs1AVwQzPwBegQIARAC&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cbssports.com%2Fcollege-football%2Fnews%2Flist-of-colleges-that-produce-the-most-super-bowl-players-miami-hangs-on-to-no-1%2F&psig=AOvVaw2zMzSXkI26HrCkdfg-1fCb&ust=1549374808038957 2 years old, but says SUDS with 52
  9. BacksThePack


    Did we even post Running with the Wolves here yet???
  10. BacksThePack

    Nevada @ unlv prep

    But Raising Canes chicken!?!?
  11. Would rather see an expanded conference challenge that incorporates 6 conferences at a time and you play the team that finished same position as you did last season basically. B10 ACC B12 P12 SEC BE AAC MWC WCC A10 MVC MAC CUSA HORIZON WAC NEAC OVC SOUTHERN ETC...
  12. BacksThePack

    Vincent Lee to Cal State Fullerton

    Please never mention a player from Washington named Mcloughin to a Nevada fan again, we offered one instead of Klay Thompson ...
  13. BacksThePack

    Two MWC cities make the list

    It is going 80
  14. BacksThePack

    Ok which MLB team is coming to Vegas?

    Easiest answer is two expansion teams for Vegas and Portland and Montreal gets the Rays (wish it was the Marlins as a Marlins fan, but they're anchored now)