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  1. Nah. B12 or ACC still gonna get torn apart in the next expansion wave. They're gonna lose teams in all directions.
  2. I was actually under the impression it had something to do with Oregon ducking a game in Reno and somehow finding the Beavs as a scheduling substitute? Could be completely off base though.
  3. Beavs also schedule 1 off road games with G5s apparently
  4. Best of luck to Papi in a speedy recovery.
  5. Best of luck to JB. Just like I've always wished best of luck to guys like Wooten. Time to roll the ball out with the guys we do have and try and be our best.
  6. Poor GCU getting the death penalty
  7. Good thing we started recruiting Europe hard. Thanks Noodles!
  8. We had 2 for 1s with UNC and Kansas. Both Reno games were electric, more so Kansas...
  9. 2 for 1s with a beatable school are great. Cal is still kicking our third game with them down the street.
  10. Where's video of Amaya laying out that crybaby Ryan Matthews?
  11. It pays to be the punching bag that counts as an FBS win.
  12. Bah gawd, that's Idaho's music King!