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  1. Need a recurring payment for those those working reduced hours as we enter in to new lockdowns.
  2. Nice, I was driving up the East Cost at night for Hally Bopp in 97, and reminds me of that
  3. Wait and see if there's even a season first. This is just a dieing grasp to save the season.
  4. We're below them and they're below us
  5. We're below them and they're below us
  6. Bill Walker tried doing that at Kansas State way back when Beasley was there. Graduated early, was gonna play the second half of the season, and fart his way through meaningless academics. Then he tore his ACL for the third time in his third game.
  7. Because they find places to waste it like tvs in the floor so that they can go ask for more
  8. Babbitt showed what an All-American can do at low level conference and still get drafted high
  9. Nevada, Fresno, Hawaii, and SUDS fans, are all asking for this realignment right now. Maybe AF? I don't know.
  10. Let me know when they tear down Christ the Redeemer for depicting a white guy in place of another race, now that'll be cool.
  11. I find it more believable he leave Nevada for a higher paying coordinator position at his alma matter. I don't see Iowa hiring him as head coach outright.
  12. I don't think so. There is a lot of bad labor blood in the MLB that the other leagues just don't have.
  13. I was raised new age christian in Falwell's hometown, I don't think any of these answers are true.
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