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  1. college basketball FBI probe ...

    Teams will have to vacate wins and that'll be all that happens.
  2. The MWC Tournament

    Nevada's not built for a 3 games in 3 days tournament. Rotations too short.
  3. Our Olympic Team blows this year.

    I blame the NHL
  4. OT: Discussion of WCC possible expansion candidates

    Didn't Seattle apply for readmittance and Gonzaga blocked it?
  5. Titus Young piece by LA Times

    Sad. Reminds me of Kirk Snyder.
  6. OT: Chief Wahoo's swan song

    Cowboys are a symbol of white oppression and taking of natives lands How'd I do guys?
  7. OT: USC’s stadium being renamed...

    Will still be just the Coliseum to everyone. Much like the Rose Garden is reffered to by it's actual name by nobody here.
  8. Coach Musselman

    Maybe the league should require some anger management courses
  9. Wow, XFL Football coming back in 2020

    Kaepernick signing with them would be hilarious given the McMahons long time relationship with Trump.
  10. Discredit Everything (Republicans)

    The problem is solization of ideas on the internet. You mostly read similar ideals to your own and over rate their prevalence, so everyone thinks they're in the majority.
  11. Definately never had to wash his mouth out with soap before
  12. Where are you from?

    Haven't done anything gene wise, but all of the great grand parents immigrated here in the last century. 5/8 Swede 3/8 German origin wise.
  13. Eric Musselman’s Likely Landing Spots

    Bucks job just opened up.
  14. New Redshirt Rule

    Gives new meaning to clearing out the bench in blowouts.
  15. Post your favorite UNR memes and gifs