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  1. BacksThePack

    WTF Wolfpack Weak Sauce OOC

    See this is why they schedule UNLV year in and year out.
  2. They'd send you to Dayton again in that scenario since there's another option.
  3. BacksThePack

    The first bowl projections

    Hawaii for us again I guess then
  4. BacksThePack

    Nevada Basketball Schedules Home & Home with BYU

    About as good as our home opener vs Idaho last year.
  5. You mean like Bracketbusters when Gonzaga refused to participate in such an event beneath them?
  6. BacksThePack

    Gonzaga BB vs. Boise FB Poll

    Zags. Boise fell from the pinnacle years ago, Zags are 20 years strong.
  7. They prefer it kept under the rug, not so in your face with it.
  8. BacksThePack


    One of these things is not like the others
  9. BacksThePack

    Jordan Brown to Nevada

    Diet State
  10. BacksThePack


    We screwed BYU again is how I see it.
  11. BacksThePack

    Jordan Brown to Nevada

    Next step is chartered flights. Think that might get him to stay for a while.
  12. BacksThePack

    Jordan Brown to Nevada

    Bighorns leaving was the precursor to the NBA coming to town
  13. BacksThePack

    Jordan Brown to Nevada

    Martins Caroline Porter and Brown Everyone else fills in from there, Drew and Hymes red shirt.
  14. BacksThePack


    Grizzlies and Pelicans are a starting point. Sacramento and the Bucks just got new arenas. One to Seattle, one Vegas, makes sense.
  15. BacksThePack

    Jordan Brown to Nevada

    Time to complete the triple crown this year