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  1. SD taking over the thirsty for a team spot everywhere threatens to move to to get their own stadiums publically funded? Classy.
  2. They get what the state is willing to put in to it's athletics monetarily, not much.
  3. But does it come with a casino? Get on our level.
  4. Those dang couch offerers most definately still cheat. Bet they still offer a happy meal too.
  5. Thought this was gonna be about how much ramen Neal could afford on hus 270k salary
  6. Puig giving the Reds a good bye for trading him lol
  7. Todd Okeson and Chad Bell are both assistants at SUU now.
  8. From what I know of OSU and OU fans, nope.
  9. When was their last New Year's Day Bowl?
  10. Worse. Don't want no direct competition, then we'll get kicked to FCS.
  11. I heard they were talking to Hawaii about this for P12 games, 6AM kickoff.
  12. Rotating match ups just leads to uninteresting bowls further away on the East Coast.
  13. Only if it's held at Sam Boyd. Would we get a discount on tarping off sections?
  14. Nolan Richardson won a title in like 93, though I believe it's been vacated.