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  1. BacksThePack

    MW Preaseason Media Poll

    Should have renamed 1st Team "Nevada" and just done 2nd team as best of the rest
  2. That's how Josh Allen explained it at least
  3. BacksThePack

    Question for Wyoming & Nevada fans

    Fresno wins handedly.
  4. BacksThePack

    Nevada vs Boise State

    Hitting the reset button, like starting a new game next half. Puckered tight yet Boise?
  5. BacksThePack

    MWC/A10 Challenge in Discussions

    Big East split gutted the MVC and A10. MVC lost Creighton and Wichita, while the A10 lost Butler and Xavier. A10 still as relevant as ever as a conference, the MVC is an after thought.
  6. BacksThePack

    MWC/A10 Challenge in Discussions

    Ahh, the yearly tradition. Pillow fight at your house? Or theirs?
  7. BacksThePack

    MWC/A10 Challenge in Discussions

    Let me see who finished 8th for who UNLV will play. A10 is solid.
  8. BacksThePack

    MLB in Vegas?

    Makes sense, adding Portland and Vegas to balance West Coast travel
  9. Really disappointed in the Lobos injury woes. Would have been eadier to be a 3 bid league, rising tides and all that.
  10. BacksThePack

    What happened to the idiot emoji?

    Dunce cap emoji if we can't get a John Wayne Gacey clownface emoji
  11. BacksThePack

    What happened to the idiot emoji?

    Retired it in your honor I guess PH
  12. BacksThePack

    If UCF wins out I think they're going to the playoff

    2010 already proved two straight undefeated seasons can get you there, Boise was on the cusp
  13. BacksThePack

    New Mexico at UNLV

    Leave some meat on the bone for the Pack Lobos, damn.
  14. BacksThePack

    Holy Crap!

    You mean the guy going to Arizona?
  15. BacksThePack

    FBI arrests several NCAA basketball coaches

    I don't know, the DOJ is investing MLB for the same thing in Latin America. Sounds like they're looking at all sports now.