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  1. New Redshirt Rule

    Gives new meaning to clearing out the bench in blowouts.
  2. Post your favorite UNR memes and gifs

  3. AAC not considered mid-major in basketball?

    The MWC (and MVC) used to be above mid major to be fair, just haven't earned it lately.
  4. Nevada @ San Jose State

    We'll see how we fare starting Cooke or Hall.
  5. Wolf Pack down to 8 Scholarship Players

    Maybe he just went to UNLV grad school
  6. Does this mean we'll be able to rate posts as poop emoji?
  7. Utah State @ Nevada

    Did USU expect a 7pm mountain time start?
  8. Wolf Pack down to 8 Scholarship Players

    PH will get to see our bench depth when we play UNLV, even some walk ons. We're gonna blow them out of the water.
  9. OT: Seahawks Fans Rejoice, Bevell is Gone!!!

    We were glad to see him leave in Minnesota too. Gotta be something when whenever he's gone, fans rejoice. Probably just a boring offense really.
  10. Nevada @ Air Force

    We close with road games at the Rebels and Aztecs, so you could certainly pass us at the end there.
  11. If Trump didn’t want to be President....

    Trump had his eye on the after presidency all along, best selling memoir ever.
  12. No RichRod Thread?

    Rich Rod to UNLV, right?
  13. Is Texas Tech a better job than UNLV?

    Looks like it now
  14. Camel Toe Panties And Camel Toe Pads...

    Women cod pieces! What an idea
  15. My P5 Expansion Slant

    Can't really see the B10 expanding without UVA and Duke, they'd probably be willing to swap the Huskers for Jayhawks though.