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  1. Rams can't run from the Pack anymore now! You have to play us!
  2. At most 3 teams if someone besides Boise or SDSU wins the conference tourney.
  3. Maybe make the make ups that need to be worth 2 games in the standings only?
  4. Good news for SDSU right? Surely he'd spread it around to his home schools, no?
  5. Should make a statement that any conference that has the #1 team sit out, automatically goes to the regular season winner, but will be reflected in seeding or something. Good for all leagues.
  6. Fresno drops from AAA to Low A. Former teams that were in New Orleans/ Wichita and Colorado Springs/ don't recall dropped to AA. Sugarland Skeeters jumped from Indy to PCL. St Paul Saints also jumped from indy to AAA. St Paul and Jacksonville (jumping from AA) are moving to the East AAA league. I was excited because the Hops league is moving to High A from rookie league, buf I guess Boise got cut from that league.
  7. Sherfield, Patterson, Baker? Think the practice team is winning every practice again
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