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  1. Ain't happening. More likely they'd just split it off from college club style
  2. hawaii isn't playing anyone if they still have a 2 week quarantine just to get in
  3. Fold it up. Sports won't be returning to college campuses as school sponsored activities.
  4. Nevada, Colorado, California, Oregon, and Washington, are all in an agreement to take the same stances on this actually.
  5. The Sheffield kid we're getting from Wichita State?
  6. more likely the NCAA declares bankruptcy at this point
  7. Hope they(AAA) don't get Portland'd out of a stadium to better serve the soccer team.
  8. Why not just axe football entirely since it's at a loss for all but a handful of programs.
  9. Wonder if Florida would have considered that an essential business like it does WWE
  10. Old Dominion reminds of the theme park called such I used to go to as a child. Such is the case in the Old Dominion State.
  11. Is Knuth making president hires now too? This one's a no doubter
  12. Fresno or SUDS. What a studly home schedule we have.
  13. We aren't gonna have the season so it won't matter