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  1. Lmao he isn't a great shooter. Sports media is as fake news as the rest of the media.
  2. Haha I'm not that bullish. But the Aggies have the talent to pull it off if everyone is on top of their game the rest of the way. Alfonso Anderson had a great game. Play more physical and I've seen him play in a while. I'm hoping he's turning the corner with his game and getting used to this speed. The team does a little more healthy since the bye.
  3. It's rough being an Aggie fan. Even harder when the expectations were so high this year. It will be a two bid league if SDSU poops it in the MWCT.
  4. 5. USU defeating Louisiana Tech in overtime to claim the final WAC championship. 4. Spanking the Zoobie Boobies asses in Provo when they was ranked. First win in Provo in 36 years. Spanking BSU in Logan is up there but this I enjoyed more. 3. USU joining the MWC. Years of being in no man's land conference wise, it's nice to be in a conference with you folks compared to what could have happened. 2. The hiring of the most bad ass basketball coach. Don't get me wrong, I love the big guy, Stew, but the game evolved past him. Seriously though people should give Craig Smith's interviews a listen. The guy is infectious as hell. 1. Is easily USUs come back win against Hawaii in November of 2011. it didn't seem like much then but as time went on, that was the turning point for USUs program. Going 69-43 since. 8 bowl games in the nine years since. This game is forever known in Aggie lore and his referenced quite a bit.
  5. 🤮🤮🤮. Probably have another year of defense like this season. Ena is a joke.
  6. One of the ones that really kind of didn't want him back but it is what it is and I will support him as long as he keeps winning. I'm not going to complain about going to bowl games every year.
  7. When we lost Woodward, the keystone cops would slow the players down enough to let Woodward make the tackles.
  8. I'm here just getting pissed how our defense can't tackle worth a shit.
  9. I hadn't seen that update till now. Those quick UA tests are not 100% accurate either. They have been known to give false positives.
  10. Quote from Love's attorney: Love’s attorney, Skye Lazaro, issued a statement via email to The Salt Lake Tribune regarding the incident. “Contrary to initial reports Jordan Love was not arrested for any offense, but simply cited by the officer for a low-level misdemeanor possession charge," Lazaro said. "Based on the information available at this time, there was no marijuana or other illegal substances recovered at the scene. Jordan maintains his innocence and is confident he will be exonerated as this matter progresses through the judicial process.” I'm guessing no one fessed up to who smoked it so they charged everyone there. Utah being Utah.
  11. Not bad for my first time playing. 9 out of 10 teams bowl eligible! Freaking Matt Wells disappointing me again. Suppose I better cheer for Hawaii next week. Thanks for putting this together it's been fun.
  12. Depending on when in the 90s I would have been 5 to 15. Really I wasn't there rabid fan then as I am now.
  13. Maybe not ever but in most fans lifetimes. Sad but true.