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  1. Utah State's chartered plane takes off and lands in Logan majority of the time. Can't speak for other schools but if they're busing them that's their own fault.
  2. Everytime Aggie fans say a game like this is a trap game I just 🙄
  3. The best part is the girl hopping on one leg from the UNLV bench to the brawl 🤣
  4. Stanfordaggie makes Aggie fans hate Aggie fans
  5. Idaho isn't safe from polygamists, I've seen some flds people in Weston Idaho now. They are traveling north like a migrant caravan.
  6. All the USU and Utah bashing aside, I like you just for this comment.
  7. So happy Timmy is gone. Coach Smith is going to bring the Spectrum Magic back.
  8. I know a few of my fellow Aggie fans are not feeling well after that performance, but my gut is telling me it's good it happened this week. Puts some fire in the team to put extra prep work into getting ready for BSU.
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