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  1. USU hires Craig Smith

    Oh man. Loved being in the Hurd that night. I miss it terribly.
  2. Utah State HC search rumored to be down to three...

    How many years ago? Like 15? Lots have changed since then.
  3. Utah State HC search rumored to be down to three...

    Hard to say which one I would like more. If Lloyd is not coming I would lean towards Peery. He knows the west and has a pretty good CC coaching record. But Dooley is an East coast guy, and has some success there. So I'm supporting Hartwell in that he will make the best hire he can.
  4. Dave Rice to USU?

    Personally if USU could land Fox, I would be one happy fan. I think I like the prospects in the order of the article. Maybe take Jim Les over Barret Peery. McMahon and Peery are a toss up if all others are not it.
  5. Fresno Coaching Update

    The same company that failed Utah State and Pitt. I'm sorry Fresno.
  6. PAC12 0 for 3 and out of the dance

    Glad I had pac-12 being shit in my brackets. I only had Arizona in the sweet 16 on one of my brackets but no further. They are all overrated.
  7. NIT: Boise State vs. Washington

    You wouldn't say that if you seen or met my mother. LMAO
  8. NIT: Boise State vs. Washington

    I actually had no idea that Rice was working for Washington. In fact, I didn't even notice him while watching. I would want Duryea back if they hire Rice. To be far, I was hoping BSU would win.
  9. NIT: Boise State vs. Washington

    Haha the truckers got plowed.
  10. Utah State Fires Duryea

    It takes a little getting use to compared to the home board.
  11. Utah State Fires Duryea

    Oh look out for the grammar police. I blame myself for not proof reading and fixing my phone's auto-correct bull shit.
  12. Utah State Fires Duryea

    I would be extremely surprised to see Sam leave USU. He just got engaged to a woman who plays for USU in another sport so unless they both can leave I doubt he goes anywhere. I have to admit, there are some smart people on this board.
  13. Utah State Fires Duryea

    I'm happy the AD made this move. It's not easy letting someone go who has been in Logan for so long. But unfortunately for Tim, it's the best move for the future of the program.