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  1. Aggies looking locked in and focused to start the half. Leave no doubt.
  2. Aggies having fun with this game. Lots of smiles.
  3. Stanfordaggie makes Aggie fans hate Aggie fans
  4. No shit? I had no idea. Seriously though, it's a 2.2 mil gamble for them even with his connections to Nebraska. I'm not very concerned about it. He does leave though it's because USU had a good run in the tournament. Smith deserves a raise. He is already making much more that Turdyea could have ever dreamed of.
  5. Nebraska would have to pony up some $$$$ to get Smith with his buyout being over 2 mil. Personally I think he is worth it.
  6. Have you seen KUTVs Facebook page? All they do is continuously stir the pot on issues to get people to click on their page. My brother bitches about them quite bit for their clickbait tactics.
  7. All I can hope is it gets this crazy in there.
  8. No, they will just cry to the other schools president wanting an apology a la USUs "pull out" chant on Brandon Davies from several years ago.
  9. Too bad the Spectrum wasn't full for your first trip. Tim Duryea's hire, his total lack of energy, and piss poor coaching really shot the fan base in the ass. Couch Smith is a complete 180 from turdyea.
  10. Dudes a beast. He is special and I'm happy I have got to see him play in person so much this season.
  11. The University has lit the A blue on old main for pops tonight. Heaven has another great soul.
  12. It really depends on if the players voted for letting him be there. If they had a say and want him there then he should be there. If I heard they voted him not to be there then he better not be there.