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  1. He left for personal reasons. Not much more to discuss other than mere speculation. Maybe he was home sick, maybe he didn’t fit into Coach Bohl’s scheme. On the other hand we have a RB transfer from Louisville who is intent “to help Wyoming get on the big stage” (AKA the National Championship). I don’t care who you are or where you’re playing, gotta love that drive. https://www.7220sports.com/hes-still-my-dad/
  2. Michigan @bigd on the clock
  3. And please, by all means, post any of your old memes here. I know there’s been some good ones throughout the years.
  4. In honor of the drama that seems to be stirring up around this time of year (nobody really knows why)...I was scrolling through some of my old pics and would like to take a moment and share. Because if you don’t get a kick out of them, at least I will!! In response to @Warbow AKA warblow Highlighting ultimate SUDS fandom MWCboard gets weird sometimes Keeping the Josh Allen train rolling Nick Stevens...better than Josh Allen No pretty cheerleaders in Wyoming?? Dr. Dre’s famous comeback “LOLOLOLOL” This was nice 👍 To all Trucker U fans The mighty rainbow warriors in action An Aggie orange ram I’ve ate crow once or twice WTF?!?! the avatar @Headbutt would have rocked if he was brave enough for a challenge @halfmanhalfbronco and his beloved TG wife The go-to response to any Fresno fan The go-to response to any Utah fan @ph90702 To all the Homers on the board...myself included @#1Stunner‘s fav BUY player The Borg will assimilate you And finally....we got the boot. #SCOREBOARD #TROLLDERBY2019 #IRESIGN #MWCBOARD @Jim Jam
  5. Just remember....10,131 days since Hawaii won a football game in Laramie.
  6. @wablow I’m sorry I offended you by making fun of your tiny baby helmet collection next to your hazmat binders, and your service in the chairfoce. SF right???
  7. G’damn....this dude is obsessed with me. Haven’t really even posted for the last 6 months (or more) and I’m automatically pinned up against PH8675309. @ph90702 please put an end to this nonsense once and for all.
  8. I haven’t posted here for a while. It was deliberate. Someone was doing a little creeping on their down time or going through some old threads. Either way...just dropping in for the Troll Derby as the reigning Troll Derby President. Also...I just so happened to view my profile....and who was at the top of my views? Too precious!!
  9. Hey WARBLOW @Warbow....why are you creeping on up my profile on the eve of this year’s upcoming Troll Derby??? Hey @mugtang, are we no longer allowed to upload pictures from photo library?!?
  10. It is, without question, the premier training facility in the Mountain West Conference.
  11. I predict cow farts will end the world in 2020.... Thus, bringing an early end to the 2020 season. Unfortunately....this will be SJSU’s only winning season in program history and it will be brought to a premature end.
  12. Which one of you degenerates did this?!?! Sighted somewhere near Nashville, TN!!!!!!!
  13. I said IT SUCKS to be...a CSU Ram!! I’m just here to troll these days. 😘