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  1. LaradiseCowboy

    Where’s the Josh Allen thread?

    Every throw.
  2. LaradiseCowboy

    Where’s the Josh Allen thread?

    +1000 Warblow has been wrong on so many levels it’s not even funny. His disdain for Wyoming athletics is actually rather entertaining. I never would have thought a Hawaii guy (???) was that perturbed with Wyoming.
  3. LaradiseCowboy

    Where’s the Josh Allen thread?

    https://www.buffalobills.com/news/bills-today-bills-young-leaders-working-on-discipline-comfort “3. Josh Allen’s passing yardage total among the best in franchise history in first career start Josh Allen and Jim Kelly have been compared to one another on more than a few occasions over the past number of months. Stylistically, they aren’t all that similar to one another. However, Allen and Kelly are consistently compared to each other because of their role. Kelly, who played for the Bills from 1986-1996, was Buffalo’s last franchise quarterback. Fans hope that Allen, Buffalo’s highest selected quarterback in franchise history, will develop into the team’s next franchise signal-caller.”
  4. LaradiseCowboy

    Wofford at Wyoming

    Welcome to the board Zach.....you arm chair coach you!!!
  5. LaradiseCowboy

    Wofford at Wyoming

  6. LaradiseCowboy

    UConn @ Boise State

    All jokes about the princess chair aside, the team looks great BSU. Seriously looks like the class of the G5.
  7. LaradiseCowboy

    UConn @ Boise State

    Har har....look at the Boise retard make a funny.
  8. LaradiseCowboy

    UConn @ Boise State

    Your mom should be sponsored by mattress firm.
  9. LaradiseCowboy

    UConn @ Boise State

    They pulled out their basic white girl princess chair lol
  10. LaradiseCowboy

    Wyoming @ Mizzou

    You guys really need to get Hulu TV. I can watch just about 95% of all televised college football games.
  11. LaradiseCowboy

    Wyoming @ Mizzou

    Missouri football vs. Wyoming: Game time, TV channel Time: 5 p.m. MT Date: Saturday, Sep. 8, 2018 Location: Faurot Field, Columbia, Mo. TV channel: ESPNU Not really expecting a competitive game today, but who knows?! Maybe the Pokes can pull an upset in Columbia. GO POKES!!
  12. LaradiseCowboy

    If you liked the turnover chain BSU has something for you

    Where’s the effort in all of this BSU?!?!? No school colors, no designs or decals!!! Just a generic little princess chair! AND IT WAS ON SALE!!!!! One would at least expect something like this with blue upholstery and metallic orange trim...
  13. Boise State has a turnover throne for the ‘Kings of Chaos’... “A turnover belt isn’t going to cut it, not for a group that calls itself the “Kings of Chaos.” The Boise State Broncos unveiled their turnover throne on Saturday, taking it with them to Troy, Ala., and it’s as grand a piece of furniture as you might expect. All a defender has to do to be allowed to sit on the throne is, duh, come up with a turnover. Senior linebacker Tony Lashley was the first to place his cheeks upon the throne of honor, recording an interception during the Broncos’ 56-20 victory over Troy.” https://www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/news/early-lead/wp/2018/09/02/boise-state-has-a-turnover-throne-for-the-kings-of-chaos-and-its-magnificent/
  14. LaradiseCowboy

    Washington State @ Wyo Game Thread

    Stats weren’t for losers last year when all Warblow could talk about was JA’s 56% completion rate.