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  1. Just remember....10,131 days since Hawaii won a football game in Laramie.
  2. @wablow I’m sorry I offended you by making fun of your tiny baby helmet collection next to your hazmat binders, and your service in the chairfoce. SF right???
  3. G’damn....this dude is obsessed with me. Haven’t really even posted for the last 6 months (or more) and I’m automatically pinned up against PH8675309. @ph90702 please put an end to this nonsense once and for all.
  4. After all the vitriol I’ve seen on this forum over the last 2 years...it was the “idiot” button that had to be censored. We live in a very strange world these days.
  5. What happened to the idiot button anyways??? I no longer use the reaction buttons now that it’s gone.
  6. CU Boulder sucks ass and will suck ass for a very long time!! I wasn’t amused by their props to Wyoming for beating CSU. We don’t need their approval.
  7. Please Stunner....quit creating new accounts and just post as your old self.
  8. I don’t think it’s too bold of prediction. I’ve always had the mentality of “all in or nothing”. I’ve seen a lot of expectation management coming from Pokes fans with regard to Sean Chambers, but talent is talent. I have no doubt he’ll become an impact player for Wyoming as long as he stays healthy. Might be a tad early to say he’ll make an NFL roster though haha. The goal should be to get bowl eligible without burning Chambers’ redshirt.
  9. The question is....do we burn Sean Chambers’ redshirt or sit him out in one of the last 3 games? SJSU seems like the most likely game that we don’t start him in.
  10. Sean Chambers is a stud...soon Warblow will be questioning his existence. This is a good sign Pokes fans. On a serious note, the guy is very mobile. Probably more mobile than Brett Smith. Still have to see where his arm is at.
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