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  1. Your guess is as good as mine! I think it’s just a failed attempt at stroking each other’s egos over there on the CSU fan forum (a lot going wrong with that single comment). With as tough as they talk you’d think they’d want someone other than ram fan to respond. Here’s another one I found hilarious (in reference to Josh Allen):
  2. That’s a very good question! Pic below from the Air Force game. And we all know their fan base doesn’t travel well....even if it is just a 50 minute drive north. Will CSU have more than 100 fans in the stands???
  3. A quote from a completely delusional ram fan from the ram fan forum: Wyoming is not good They have very little talent. Their offense is very boring and has a hard time scoring. They will have a freshman quarterback. The altitude advantage they have that normally trips up their opponents will not be an advantage. You can name on your 1 hand the number of players on that roster that would start at CSU. I know we have stunk in this game but it honestly has been dumb luck. The lucks runs out this Friday. Stadium will be full of CSU fans watching a Ram victory. We've won 2 out of the last 3 in Laramie. This happens.
  4. People can defend him all they want, but AE plain sucks as a head coach! I haven’t watched a game for a while and don’t plan to anytime soon.
  5. It’s not going to happen bro. Just give up already
  6. Boise will go for it....guaranteed
  7. YES!!!! That’s what we need
  8. We gotta get one of these turnovers
  9. Haven’t seen any mention of this on the forum... Didn’t realize BSU’s president is an alumni and from Wyoming.
  10. The world doesn’t need more Broncos. The world needs more Cowboys! GO POKES!!