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  1. Buffalo has $83 million in cap space available for the offseason - 4th highest in the nation. They have new leadership from top to bottom who are bought into the process, and they have Josh who is an ultra competitor and will only use this loss as fuel moving forward. I think they’ll be just fine. Don’t get me started on the MWCCG. You on the other hand will still be here next year writing glaring restaurant reviews for a whopping audience of 2 people. You should be proud.
  2. Hmmmm.......an idiot with fat thumbs who lives in a Chicago high rise??
  3. What’s a “retrad”??? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. Yer mom is an extremely average lay. Yer wife though....solid 2.3 out of 10!
  5. Allen Edwards may go down as the worst head coach in the history of Wyoming basketball. It’s truly pathetic.
  6. Just wait until next season. 🤪🙃
  7. For those who missed it, this was after Josh ran for a good chunk of yardage too...
  8. Seriously though, how f**king shallow, vain, and narcissistic can one individual become??? I thought this was the MWC SPORTS forum...yet here we are witnessing some prissy dimwit premadonna spend hours of their day comparing restaurants in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming!! Who really f*cking cares?!?!? Sometimes a few people on this forum really irk me to no end.....
  9. You know you’re a shitty human being right? You should take your Chicago high rise and attempt to shove it up your a$$!!
  10. Why did you google “trailer park laramie wy” for a CSU guy lol?
  11. @pokebball was posting on the CSU Ram forum leading up to the border war...so I know he’s still around. Not sure why he discontinued posting here. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  12. Maybe...but it will just be a flash in the pan. As the 21st worst college football program in the country, it’s unlikely they’ll ever be able to replicate any success for a sustained period of time. The 25 Worst College Football Programs Ever No. 21 - CSU https://bleacherreport.com/articles/1188460-the-25-worst-college-football-programs-ever#slide0
  13. And the theatrics continue. It’s all just a show. The ultimate dog and pony show.