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  1. It is, without question, the premier training facility in the Mountain West Conference.
  2. I predict cow farts will end the world in 2020.... Thus, bringing an early end to the 2020 season. Unfortunately....this will be SJSU’s only winning season in program history and it will be brought to a premature end.
  3. Which one of you degenerates did this?!?! Sighted somewhere near Nashville, TN!!!!!!!
  4. I said IT SUCKS to be...a CSU Ram!! I’m just here to troll these days. 😘
  5. Notice how many of the posters here were nonchalant about the ad....or saying it was stupid??? I noticed. There are some real degenerates in this forum!!
  6. http://kowb1290.com/bohl-picks-miller-to-coach-wyoming-football-offensive-line/ “The Wyoming Cowboy football team has a new offensive line coach. Head coach Craig Bohl announced the hiring of Bart Miller Wednesday. Miller comes to UW from Ohio University, where he coached the Bobcats’ offensive line in 2018. Ohio finished last season 9-4 overall, went 6-2 in the Mid-American Conference East Division, and beat San Diego State 27-0 in the DXL Frisco Bowl.”
  7. That’s what I was wondering. I saw a few comments on social media along the lines of “thanks John Elway”. Was just curious how he had anything to do with it. Seems like a stretch to me.
  8. What’s the rumor behind John Elway being responsible for this? Anyone hear anything about it?