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  1. LaradiseCowboy

    Arkansas @ CSU

    98-74 Arkansas. Final
  2. LaradiseCowboy

    Arkansas @ CSU

    76-60 Arkansas
  3. LaradiseCowboy

    Former President George H.W. Bush Dies At 94

    .................. The world needs more Alan Simpsons.
  4. LaradiseCowboy

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    ^ This...I miss this. Never change @Wyovanian. I haven’t been able to post much lately because job responsibilities have really ramped up. This place never gets old. The best way to control our own destiny is to get the job done on game day. Should have won that Hawaii or Utah State game. Hopefully better luck next year for the Pokes though! I like the direction we’re going in.
  5. LaradiseCowboy

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    Surely more people in the Bay Area would be inclined to follow the SJSU Facebook page than there are Wyoming fans.
  6. LaradiseCowboy

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    I wonder if your Bay Area theory also applies to social media?? Let’s take a quick look!!
  7. LaradiseCowboy

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    Who is this idiot Russian bot with a whopping 60 posts since 2014?? @Utefan1211
  8. LaradiseCowboy

    No Bowl For Wyoming

  9. LaradiseCowboy

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    I guess I’m trying to understand the disconnect from Wyoming fans on this forum to Wyoming fans in a group like “Pokes Nation” for example. Here even the thought of games against the Borg is highly criticized, but there it’s a different story. Realistically speaking, the donor fan base can range from 24 to 90+...so yes, some of the donors are part of that younger generation.
  10. LaradiseCowboy

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    Which donor base are you talking about? Maybe the elite few?? Seems to me like a lot of the younger generation Cowboy fans would actually like to see the games happen. I don’t agree with them, but I think it’s becoming more common.
  11. LaradiseCowboy

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    False. It has nothing to do with a committee’s selection. In fact, there were a couple bowls that would have really liked to host Wyoming. The Arizona bowl being one of them. It has everything to do with ESPN and their agreement with independent BYU.
  12. LaradiseCowboy

    No Bowl For Wyoming

    It’s a tale as old as college football my friend. Whenever Wyoming gets screwed over BYU is somewhere lurking around corner. Only this time it was a 6-6 YBU football team that was given an MWC bowl tie-in.
  13. LaradiseCowboy

    Arizona Bowl

    MWC team will be announced on Sunday at 12:30 pm MT. NOVA bowl is asking fans on social media if they want the Cowboys to go...I hope we get the nod!!