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  1. That’s because they read your idiotic drivel and ran away.
  2. @VandalPride97 in the Sweet 16? What has he done besides cry about Idaho being relegated to pee wee football?? I posted once in the last 3 months and increased social media interactions around here by 5,000% Go ask @mugtang
  3. Thanks for the nomination with no explanation...although I completely understand. I haven’t provided much content to support it! Life has been busy with work, a new house, and a baby boy on the way!
  4. Yeah I get what you’re saying, but that’s not a unique characteristic to the Wyoming fan experience. Most fan bases are like that - go talking smack about what others are passionate about and they aren’t going to take kindly to it. I think some of the things that have been said here about Wyoming though have been especially defamatory and are just not true at all! But hey, we’re all anonymous here so let’s just say whatever the f*ck we want. While we’re at it f*ck yer mom too!!
  5. Screenshot has already been posted, but it’s a FB group so you wouldn’t have access unless you were already a member. 12K fans looking at you @BSUTOP25. You’re representing Trucker U with the utmost class! Drive on!!! 😛🥰
  6. Yeah their fan base is dwindling along with their accomplishments. We know it, they know it, everybody knows it.
  7. Speaking of marriage of convenience, when was the last time you were sucking up to Wyoming fans?? A couple days, weeks, months ago??? I haven’t been around for a few weeks but Joe made a single comment and you decided to throw a fit - or are you making an early run for this years troll derby?
  8. Who is the reigning Troll Derby champ...just curious?? No mention of the previous winner.
  9. Bet that rally gets more reactions than the 59 whopping votes this poll has!!
  10. No seriously @BSUTOP25, your thread has been shared with a Wyoming fan Facebook group. A very strong one at that! So the visibility should be high on this one.
  11. @BSUTOP25 you’re about to have 12,000 disgruntled Wyoming fans looking in your direction... 😘 @mugtang you’re welcome
  12. Most Democrats couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag. They’re having a hard time finding the right restrooms these days! I highly doubt seizing military supplies is within their capabilities.
  13. Buffalo has $83 million in cap space available for the offseason - 4th highest in the nation. They have new leadership from top to bottom who are bought into the process, and they have Josh who is an ultra competitor and will only use this loss as fuel moving forward. I think they’ll be just fine. Don’t get me started on the MWCCG. You on the other hand will still be here next year writing glaring restaurant reviews for a whopping audience of 2 people. You should be proud.