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  1. Oprah 2020

    Oprah and The Rock 2020
  2. Chicken and the egg. They thought they would make more money by going family friendly, which in turn lead to the limiting of embarrassing key points to a family friendly target market that they happily advertised before (non-stop party, random hook ups, anyone can get laid, blow all your cash with no regrets). My point is the many key points being plastered everywhere today by LVCVA was at one point considered embarrassing and non-conducive to the image they were trying to portray to potential visitors. Hey New York, make sure you omit any single thing that Times Square offers when referring to New York City. Louisiana, you have to do the same with Bourbon Street. I'm looking at you Miami with South Beach. Yes, there is a big urban landscape full of upstanding Nevada citizens outside the Strip, but the Strip is the major piece of what Las Vegas represents. Own it.
  3. Jesus Christ, the Vegas mob is out in full force with stupidity. Read his question and then read my answer in context to his question. At one point in the 80's, the Vegas populace was embarrassed enough of the image of Vegas that they wanted to transform it to be more family friendly. It failed and thankfully they haven't looked back.
  4. You mean to tell me that in the storied history of Vegas, no one in the entire time frame has been embarrassed by the slew of escort and strip club ads coupled with the trademark flicking of the escort cards up and down the strip? As renoskier pointed out, at one time they tried to "adjust" their appeal to be wholesome for families. Reno should only try to replicate Vegas ever so slightly with the remaining casinos. Northern NV shouldn't be Vegas of the north, because we will ultimately cannibalize the same target market. Instead, the state can capitalize on the recent push industrial investment coupled with the incredible alpine adventures up north available to make it so a trip to either portion of the state won't be too similar.
  5. Nevada Fans: How Would've Polian Fared as 2017 HC ??

    With the importance of keeping Muss, I don't think the AD could have found the budget for the justified demands of a salary increase by the sideline babysitter.
  6. Embarrassment evolved to embracement a long long time ago for Vegas. And it's a great thing it did because it's one of, if not the top destination from visitors worldwide for it. I'm happy to see Vegas exploit it to the max and Northern NV is diversifying in a different direction.
  7. Top 3 Most Embarrassing Incidents For You.

    - In 6th grade it was class reading time all together and I was stretching out my body to stay awake and a fart I had no idea was there came out. The teacher looked at me in disgust and I apologized and swore it was an accident. - In college I met up with this very cute girl from high school for some drinks and hoped for it to lead to a great night. Everything was going good with us connecting well and drinking a lot. End up blacking out and waking up the next morning so incredibly hung over. Not sure how the night ended, I texted her and all I got back was a "phuck you, never talk to me again." I was able to piece portions of the night back together from people I saw from the night and also a voicemail I had left on my friends phone during the evening, and evidently I had turned into a giant douchebag after I blacked out and made a giant ass of myself. Cock blocked my damn self.
  8. Why isn't San Diego State in the Pac 12?

    USC and UCLA. Two big votes that will never allow another Southern CA school into the PAC.
  9. Worst Team in MWC History

    If we lose to SJSU this weekend, our body of work this season should guarantee us at least a podium position for this debate.
  10. Air Force vs Nevada

    Gangi is looking pretty good now and his long ball timing has been terrific. Defense looked lost all game trying to follow the football. I'm just happy to see competitiveness and progress in this new regime.
  11. MWC Action Items for a successful future

    How about this amendment to your proposal: 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Only BYU to the mountain, drop SJSU and move Boise to the west. 4. Yes 5. Pay half in travel subs for all sports with no end date. Price to pay to join as a full member and only being available to host with a long flight. 6. A lot of outside economic influences can impact attendance, so I vote no on this for now seeing we will be dropping our biggest anchor with SJSU. 7. Yes 8. As first act of commish, all AD's and coaches must sign up and participate on the MWCboard. Resistance will be futile.
  12. Is It Time To Resume the Korean War?

    I like the trade angle, but the issue I see is that it doesn't seem like Kim's plan is to make his country thrive. He wants to maintain complete control, and the storyline of "us against the world" is what fuels his country's fear. A strong capitalistic society would chip into his reign. The world needs to take the little fat phuck out and then open the eyes of the populace that working together with the world can be a good thing.
  13. Do I have a right to be angry?

    Dick move for her to stand you up and then lead you on to think it could work out again. But getting mad and not letting go of the anger will accomplish nothing. Just say phuck it and move on to the next one. Nomascows is spot on with his advice. Meeting girls in person rather than relying on an online ice breaker worked wonders for me in college in the late 2000's. Do you have any guy or girl friends to go out to the bars and be your wingman? Not sure if you drink but a nice buzz can help calm the nerves and not make you overthink things.
  14. Combo of a giant asteroid hitting us and setting off a chain of super volcano eruptions world wide.
  15. Aren't hunting rifles usually bolt-action and not semi-auto/full-auto? I think the time it takes to reload could be a starting point for segmenting the "high-powered" grouping.