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  1. Kind of reassuring knowing there are educated people on this board. Guess I'll have to waste MORE time here.
  2. I thought Boise was pretty well coached when they played Wyoming. They knew exactly what to do.
  3. That dude's fists can fly. Fun to watch. And no wrestling in that fight. Awesome.
  4. I'm pretty sure somebody got hurt in that fight. That Kattar guy can take a beating. Holy shit. That dude is probably still throwing punches in the ICU.
  5. I'm no John Wick. More like James Bond. I'm really good looking and need a little pistol in case the boyfriends come after me. Not looking for a war. Just want a few bullets, or freedom seeds, as the kids are calling them these days!
  6. Because you get a little buzz from smoking. Some of us like a buzz I guess. Don't judge.
  7. I like a good fist fight. Anyone watch that UFC fight with Max Holloway and Kattar? Great fist fight. Holloway put on a show. Warbow, isn't Holloway an island boy?
  8. These days, I just treat everybody like they're dumb. I've got a really good chance at being right. I just should have prepared for a Democrat to maybe run for President and bought a box of ammo. It's cool. I can wait till spring when I go up hunting for antlers and need ammo to fight off a hungry bear. I assume there will be plenty of ammo then. No worries.
  9. I'm on my smoke break when I check this board out.
  10. Josh gonna be cashing in. He's way beyond funnel cakes and Buffalo wings at this point. I hope he doesn't do too cheesy of a commercial. Then again, Doritos might be perfect. Everybody loves Doritos! And everybody should love Josh Allen! Or they will eventually. I think I'm on to something. Note to self. Call Doritos in the morning.
  11. Just bought a really nice black jacket. Forgot I've got to spend a lot of time keeping white cat hair off it.
  12. Okay! Keep that barrel down unless you're aiming to shoot.
  13. Rule number one is don't point guns at people!
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