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  1. Hawaii at Wyoming

  2. Hawaii at Wyoming

    Does this mean Wyoming fans have to root for Hawaii now to make this win even matter? I'd rather root for BYU. Except for the fact they are BYU.
  3. Hawaii at Wyoming

    I expect some talk of a new conference without Wyoming in it from Hawaii fans. Keep talking Warbow. Just start it now.
  4. bad tv year for BYU

    We're talking about you. You know the schedule sucks. J The whole schedule should be less than impressive as a Cougar fan, minus the Badgers and LSU. Shouldn't you expect better? Shouldn't you deserve better? Shouldn't you just scream from the top of a mountain, "We are the BEST!!!!!." "Please!!!! For the love of all that's holy!!! We're here, too!" "As long as we can beat one of teams from the conference we were too good for . . . and UMASS. We should play in the Superbowl!!!"
  5. bad tv year for BYU

    Uhhhh, pretty sure you already named five schools on your schedule you should beat easily. Just saying, I thought BYU's schedule last year was a little better.
  6. bad tv year for BYU

    Stop deflecting. OP said it was a bad tv schedule. I think it's just a bad schedule. We'll all be able to watch the glory of BYU football somehow.
  7. bad tv year for BYU

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh??? Is there??? I'll be sure to tune in after I'm done pulling all my teeth and eyeballs out with a pair of rusty tweezers. But I will check the scores.
  8. bad tv year for BYU

    It's not a great schedule. Just hope Wisconsin and LSU are good. And don't be too upset when Utah wins on a last second play.
  9. bad tv year for BYU

    I hate BYU more than child molesters, or Warbow, but I liked their schedule from last year. All it got them was a bowl game with Wyoming, so I'm not sure what good it did. This year's schedule for the Cougs doesn't seem nearly as sexy. It'll be tough to choose between a fun Friday night, and watching BYU play football. Thankfully, I've got a few months to think about it.
  10. Music Thread

  11. Shove that ship out west and it might hit Hawaii. I heard they have a football team. Kind of.
  12. SUDS played basketball on an aircraft carrier. Any way to put some goal posts up on one of those bad boys and keep the seagulls off the field? Wyoming has the altitude advantage. Maybe SUDS can have some kind of sea sickness advantage? Either way, anti-aircraft guns can be pointed at the sparse crowd and the players.
  13. Former Frog's thoughts on the MWC - 2017 edition

    Pretty sure a FormerFrog is eventually evolved into a human being. It takes time.