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  1. Thanks for making this a fun place for us lowly, degenerate MW fans to love and hate each other, Mug.
  2. Boise might want to put some zip on those lazy passes.
  3. Can you believe the second half line was plus 4.5 points for Syracuse? Easiest money ever.
  4. Aztecs would trip over the tape and hurt themselves.
  5. SUDS is a football school. This humiliation doesn't matter.
  6. Aztecs act like they're playing Oral Roberts or something.
  7. Eight minute scoring droughts are nothing new for the Aztecs. This is familiar territory. Just gotta regroup.
  8. White Chocolate with 16 first half points. Damn. He could use a forearm to the Adam's apple.
  9. Two big plays in a row by Stevens Saves the day and beats the spread! I hope.
  10. Rams seem bored. Last couple of minutes should be better I think.
  11. Thistlewood hits a three. Roddy having his way and Rams are up 55-51. Thistlewood looks like Cameron from Ferris Bueler.
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