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  1. You sir are a racist...get out of here with your anti-avocado bigotry.
  2. You damn Aggie’s....Bob is trying to create some bad Juju here for BSU by making a statement and hoping BSU fans will jump on the wagon. You could let ride and bring Jubo to your side but no...you have to chime in and try to run a double reverse juju on yourselves. Dumbasses.
  3. I'm thinking about going to the FSU/Bama game to start the season. I haven't booked yet but I'm shopping for flights and hotels.
  4. Please God be true. please God be true. please, please, please.
  5. Wyoming will have to replace pretty much all of our skill positions on offense and our center. Wr- CJ Johnson started emerging as a playmaker last year. Austin Conway will get more use downfield instead of all the LOS stuff. James Price/John Okwoli need to step up to replace Maulhardt. TE- Harshman looks like the next guy but there are 3/4 other developing guys that will push him RB- Nico Evan got a bit of play last year, Overstreet is highly touted, we could rotate 3/4 backs with Green/Hall. Need someone to step up and take the job. OL- We get 4 back, 2OT and 2OG plus a
  6. There are no USU fans....there are only Cougars and Utes whose five favorite shirts are in the laundry.
  7. Oh damn it, now you are encouraging him. What the hell man?!? Next thing you know you'll be telling him about the California Goldens in the Big Horns....oh crap.
  8. You shut the hell up, right now. Those are my god damn fish...why don't you just stay in Teton county with the rest of the bastards and leave my fish alone!!!!
  9. I should clarify, it's sad that this shit got passed forward another generation. His choices are his responsibility and you and I are in agreement.
  10. Couple of things jump out here.... How was LSU 8-4 this year? Paper Tigers? Sorry couldn't resist. Our league does not have the depth but the Big 12 is not that far ahead of us in terms of invites. To the stars don't matter crowd, look at the SEC...holy crap. To the stars are everything crowd Air Force and Wyoming are in. SDSU nice job....it would be very cool to have 4 guys drafted.
  11. I could be wrong but I'm pretty damn certain that Jerry abused him, too. All to often the victims of childhood abuse become the perpetrators as adults. They get a messed up idea of what love and intimacy are and end up becoming predators themselves. So sad, and unfortunately pretty predictable.
  12. ACC 2015 was 26.2 million per school. Big 12 (10) was 23.8 million in 2015. But WVU and TCU were not getting a full share, so that would have effected the per school average.
  13. Cry me an f-en river. We're only gonna get 27 million dollars this year and 31 million per school next year. Boo F%@ken hoo. Deal with it. When you build a system that effectively excludes 1/2 of the schools you don't get to whine when your partners out earn you.
  14. Wow....remember when he crab-walked on the 5 yard line against us and then sprinted for another 40 yards. I'm guessing it wasn't his left shoulder or I don't think he makes that maneuver.
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