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  1. callen

    Week 7 gifs

    It might be fixed, remember WWE wrestling is fixed, and yet they really sock each other sometimes. To be honest, I really didn't care for watching sumo at all. It was up in Ukiah, Ca. I have family there.and I went with them to that show. It was boring watching them walk into that crazy circle, they threw salt, I think in the circle. The only interesting part was watching them take whacks at each others faces, while trying to push the other three hundred pound guy out of the circle. There were a couple of crazy looking takedowns, I guess. They looked more like belly flops though.
  2. callen

    Week 7 gifs

    I saw a sumo match live once. It was supposed to be an exhibition. Those dudes were slapping the taste out of each other. You could hear the slaps from the bathroom.
  3. Yeah, Fresno State beat Houston, and your precious Oliver last year. He was pretty much held in check all day. Don't give me that sea urchin crap either. Netane Muti from Fresno stepped on one too, but he didn't get the ESPN cronies to whine on national television for him. Boise, Fresno, and Utah State would curb stomp Houston this year. A healthy SDSU would do the same. Houston would be a fourth or fifth place MWC team this year, yes even with your " precious".
  4. callen

    San Jose State 2018 Commits

    I am glad Tyler Ostrom house got spared, my prayers will go out to Jake Lanski and the families that lost their homes. Football seems unimportant in those times.
  5. callen

    San Jose State 2018 Commits

    It looks like one of your recruits live in Ventura. With the fires there how is he doing? Tyler Ostrom, I mean.
  6. callen

    San Jose State 2018 Commits

    He looks like a nice get. Underrated for sure. Tall with closing speed. He also seems to find the ball well. He needs to get into the training room, but a good pick up.
  7. Not a big fan of Cousins, but I would think that Vince Carter is the most overrated player of all time. He was great for dunking contests, and could put up points. Although he accomplished next to nothing. He was another ' next Jordan" types when he got drafted.