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  1. Fresno State Basketball Head Coach Finalists

    What can I say? I have a high tolerance for pain.
  2. Fresno State Basketball Head Coach Finalists

    I say we just discontinue the men's basketball team, and start a circus instead. Castro, Robertello, and the search committee would be the clowns. I bought season tickets last year for the first time. Needless to say, I will not renew them no matter who the coach is. I am embarrassed to be a Fresno State basketball fan for the first time in my life. I will support the football team still, but the basketball games are pretty much meaningless now.
  3. fire Rodney Terry

    You are probably right, but I will always miss being 13 years old booing former UNLV center Keon Clark.
  4. fire Rodney Terry

    I wasn't referring to why people don't go. I was there when it first opened. It was nearly full at points early on. The venue is bad itself. Selland Arena only had about 10,000 or so seats. The fans were right on top of the court. The sound was deafening at times. It's echoes were amplified. It made it hard for opposing teams. SMC is bad for basketball, because the fans are too spread out. They don't sit where they can harass the other team the same way. The arena should have been designed with the fans closer like at Selland. Cameron indoor arena is built like that. Duke plays in front of about 9,300 fans. That is capacity. They could get 18,000 in an arena, but it won't be the same. I am not comparing us to Duke, I think their arena is great.
  5. fire Rodney Terry

    Outside of Boyd Grant and Tark, no coach has really had success at Fresno State, in basketball. Grant no doubt was the most successful. Sure there have been a few good seasons here and there. Terry has probably been the third best we have had. The university killed the home court advantage with the SMC. Why they wanted a 16,000 seat arena is beyond me. Yes, it is fine for concerts, but terrible for basketball. 9 to 10 thousand seats would have been about right. Selland arena was hard for opposing teams to play in. Why I am saying this is, if the University can't even get the arena right, what makes us think that they could hit a home run with a new coach? Terry has built a winning team. No, not a consistent team. If it wasn't for Marvelle Harris, we never would have made the NCAA tournament. After he graduated, our shot at the NCAA tournament went with him. Terry is an NIT caliber coach, but who else has done better? ( aside from Grant and Tark ) Steve Cleveland? He was called the worst game day coach. Ron Adams? He was fired after a 6 win season. Gary Colson? He was ran out of town to make room for Tark. I won't even mention the one who got us on probation. The only chance we have at a top coach would be to accidentally hire a young up and comer. Though we would lose him in four seasons or less. What truly are our options? Fire Terry, and go back to the musical chairs of coaching hires? That is where we would be. Someone mentioned Terry not knowing how to coach offense? If I look into Boyd Grants history, he didn't have great offenses either, and he got us to a sweet sixteen. I am aware of the shot clock, and three point basket changes since then. Also going from 32 teams to 64 in the tournament. Tark came here because he played at Fresno State. Who else in our history would come back? There are no more Tark caliber coaches from our past. It is more likely we go from 20 win seasons to 10 if we let Terry go.
  6. MWC vs Power 5 in 2018

    Boise will be better, Oklahoma St will be worse. I like Boise's chances in the game.
  7. MWC vs Power 5 in 2018

    I know UCLA has a new coach, but I still think Fresno has a decent chance to get a win.
  8. He wants us to get a RB, but when will he play? The Bulldogs are overstocked there now.
  9. Chason Virgil transferring from Fresno State

    He's a good kid, and deserves to succeed. This was a good move for him. I hope he has a big career there.
  10. 10th Coach

    Just so I understand this, you intentionally want to lead the MWC and possibly the nation in dropped balls? Well, we all have dreams.
  11. Good luck next year, I mean that honestly. I hope you do make a bowl.
  12. Ohhhhhh, okay. I haven't watched wrestling in a long time. Yeah, I just looked him up. He and his brother had just came in when I stopped watching it. Thank you very much.
  13. I hope that you are joking, because this makes as much sense as a one legged man in a butt kicking contest.
  14. Who in the world is that? He looks like the guy who lives in the park, down from my house.
  15. Wyoming will be capable of more than 4 wins next year, so relax, you'll be fine.