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  1. callen

    Fresno State Basketball Head Coach Finalists

    What can I say? I have a high tolerance for pain.
  2. callen

    Fresno State Basketball Head Coach Finalists

    I say we just discontinue the men's basketball team, and start a circus instead. Castro, Robertello, and the search committee would be the clowns. I bought season tickets last year for the first time. Needless to say, I will not renew them no matter who the coach is. I am embarrassed to be a Fresno State basketball fan for the first time in my life. I will support the football team still, but the basketball games are pretty much meaningless now.
  3. callen

    San Jose State 2018 Commits

    I am glad Tyler Ostrom house got spared, my prayers will go out to Jake Lanski and the families that lost their homes. Football seems unimportant in those times.
  4. callen

    San Jose State 2018 Commits

    It looks like one of your recruits live in Ventura. With the fires there how is he doing? Tyler Ostrom, I mean.
  5. Fresno had the CAL bowl years ago. I do not want to go back down that road.
  6. callen

    Fresno State 2018 Recruiting

    He is bigger than I thought he would be.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't their coach get fired even with those All-Americans?
  8. callen

    San Jose State 2018 Commits

    He looks like a nice get. Underrated for sure. Tall with closing speed. He also seems to find the ball well. He needs to get into the training room, but a good pick up.
  9. Not a big fan of Cousins, but I would think that Vince Carter is the most overrated player of all time. He was great for dunking contests, and could put up points. Although he accomplished next to nothing. He was another ' next Jordan" types when he got drafted.