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  1. Low ratings for title game could cause change

    Who is Gomer Pyle?
  2. Will Utah ever win a PAC-12 Title?

    29-35 in conference play...LMAO.. like I said Oregon St status forever.
  3. Question for Utah/TCU fans

    You don't belong in this conversation if you think Boise St loss to USC and Arizona this year. They didn't even play. I think you're thinking of San Diego St's WIN over Arizona St. & Stanford. Boise St loss to Washington St in OT after blowing a 3rd QRT 31-10 lead. Besides you're ruining my trolling of Utah fans that are "slumming" here.
  4. Question for Utah/TCU fans

    With schools like North Dakota St, San Jose St and BYU on your OOC schedule this year, any P5 school would do the same. Great OOC schedule this year, that's the only way you got into a bowl game this year.
  5. Question for Utah/TCU fans

    Boise St 31 --- San Diego St. 14 San Diego St. 17 --- Stanford 14 Fresno St. 27 --- San Diego St. 3 Stanford 30 --- Washington 22 Nuff said. Ya Boise, Fresno St and San Diego St would have finished in the middle of the PAC this year. okay nice one, now tell me more.
  6. Question for Utah/TCU fans

    Haha nice picture of the Mormon revival at aloha stadium. Resorting to "fake" pictures isn't going to save face for you.
  7. Question for Utah/TCU fans

    Now I heard all the excuses. They got better as the season went on...lol. Got stronger for their bowl losses too I see. Since we're dishing out excuses I can say the same for Boise St and Fresno St. At least I can support my excuse and say those MWC schools finished with bowl wins unlike those strong finishers in the PAC-12 who all crapped their bed in their bowl games.
  8. Question for Utah/TCU fans

    lol, The same Stanford that San Diego St put a whipping on? The same Stanford that won their division and beat Washington? the same Stanford that loss to USC in the conference championship by a FG? lol, you guys are too much. Boise St, San Diego St and Fresno St. would have finish at the top of the PAC-12 this year.
  9. Will Utah ever win a PAC-12 Title?

    ya those spelling errors you pointed out really hurt.
  10. Question for Utah/TCU fans

    No, no different than playing TCU, Air Force, BYU, San Diego St and Boise St. every year. Get over yourself, the PAC-12 is a lower level conference right now, Boise St would have won it this year.
  11. Question for Utah/TCU fans

    at least I don't have to use a calculator to figure shit out. There you go again, always relying on spelling and grammar to bail out your lame ass.
  12. just to shut the P5 cry babies on why they didn't get in. Now you can tell them to win your ficken conference if you want in. BTW, Alabama don't deserve to be playing for the National Championship, they didn't even win their division.
  13. Question for Utah/TCU fans

    LMAO, the better recruits you get the more losses you're getting, okay thanks for doing the homework but you're calculator is obviously broken. My calculator which is the RANKULATOR says Utah is getting worst every year and on a downhill hill trend. Soon to be in the Oregon St status, I'll give you a couple more years of competing with the big boys and loss recruiting battles for you to reach Oregon St. status. Don't worry you'll get there.
  14. Question for Utah/TCU fans

    This doesn't add up, better recruits + better facilities = more losses. Okay I believe you when you say you're getting better recruits.
  15. Question for Utah/TCU fans

    late rounds draftees are the same as free agent pick-ups. doesn't prove they were better rated high school recruits.