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  1. The only thing better is a San Diego St defense and Hawaii offense.
  2. I think Wazzu has 5 open recruit spots, maybe not.
  3. Apparently Rolo though highly of Wyoming’s defense. Probably the hardest he experienced to game plan against. I’m sure Bohl will reload.
  4. NEWS: Washington State HC Nick Rolovich hires three Wyoming defensive assistants to his Wazzu staff. Wyoming held Rolo’s Hawaii team to 21 points in 2017 and 17 points in 2018.
  5. Isn’t it week 1 we play UCLA? Isn’t the year we play New Mexico St twice in the same year?
  6. Sounds like a great week zero game with Hawaii
  7. The Anae family has no loyalty to Hawaii. Next!
  8. Word is he refused to partake in the freshman roid indoctrination program.
  9. UCLA has just as much. Check it out.
  10. Rolo won’t last 3 years at Wazzu, the program was on a downhill slide with Leach. He left knowing what he had returning, which wasn’t much. only in America do we give a 28-27 white football coach 3 million dollars a year.