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  1. For a minute or so at the beginning of the game I thought Boise traded Shakir to Hawaii....lol
  2. Let’s not forget the Boise fumble that was not called a fumble because they blew an early whistle. Oh yeah and the reverse of a spot when there was no clear video evidence to do it. Yes the officials were bad but bad against Hawaii as they took away 14 points from Hawaii.
  3. I have a feeling Kneevada is going to come up withh some false positives and cancel.
  4. You are right, it was a badly officiated game on both sides of the ball. The call that Hawaii got a TD taken away was a bogus block behind the back call. I watched it over and over, it was a legal block.
  5. But we are going to ruin your perfect season once again.
  6. One small correction... they will let you on the plane without a negative result. You’ll just have to quarantine upon arrival.
  7. If you’re over 50 you should have it checked on an annual basis.
  8. We have no political beliefs. We have our own personal beliefs. Whether it crosses over to a political agenda or not, we don’t give a $hit. As long as these political decisions don’t mess with our daily routines, once again we don’t give a $hit.
  9. TV money made that choice for you.
  10. Hawaii did shut your run game down to an extent. Hawaii actually had 15 tackles for losses. Minus the 3 big runs I think force you to pass the ball more. 15 tackles for losses is almost unheard of.
  11. It’s part of the new offense that Graham said he wouldn’t chance. He didn’t run much when playing for Rolo. Plus he is forced to fun half the time because of pressure.
  12. You know nothing of what you speak of. Cordeiro is a passing QB as he came from a high school that ran the run & shoot. Same high school where Tua, Mariota, Jason Gesser, Timmy Chang came from. He was undefeated then and led the nation on passing yards.
  13. The guy is a flat out liar. Said he wouldn’t change the offense that averaged 36 points a game last year. “Why change something that works great?” So what does he do? Changes the whole fricken offense that has almost been shutout twice already this season. One of the best group of returning o-linemen in Hawaii history has turned into one of the worst in history. They allowed only 6 sacks last year as a whole but now they average 6 a game.
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