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  1. Another Katree Kriggs in the making, good luck Crayfish Curetoon.
  2. And I though Nevada’s rival was Dr. Dre’s mom. The only school that didn’t get a piece of her.
  3. The rival just started a few months back. They tried to poach some of our players and got slapped on the wrist by the NCAA after Rolo called them out on Twitter. Plus they stole 3 of our worst assistant coaches a couple years back. We had a couple players transfer there after the coaches left. Now we are going to kick their asses when they come here to play this season in front of 50K fans who don’t forget. That’s makes for a great rival to replace previously hated BYU.
  4. As much as some of you can’t admit it, here are your real rivals. Boise St.—Idaho Nevada—UNLV Fresno St—-San Jose St New Mexico— New Mexico St Colorado st — Colorado hawaii —- Oregon St air Force—Army no other school has no other rival period.
  5. From a reliable source (Twitter), Eran Ganot is the early front runner for the NeVaada job.
  6. He’s one step above a glorified high school coach. Sanchez ruined it all for high school coaches.
  7. This seems like the weakest field they have had n years or maybe forever. Serious
  8. I don’t understand the question. Hawaii will have their PPV deal no matter how the new MWC deal turns out.
  9. The Big West is killing all of Hawaii ‘s oly sports programs. It hurting Hawaii’s recruiting as nobody wants to play all their road games in high school gyms.
  10. Seriously I didn’t know but I have to say, the answer just totally ruined it for me.
  11. Oh I must have missed that. Who was it, Nevada?
  12. When was the last MWC win in the NCAA tourney?
  13. It does, just ask @jdgaucho
  14. Bad news comes in 3’s. 1. Shit the bed 2. Musselman leaving 3. Probation
  15. Not! from getting a #1 seeding to final 4 to the national championship talk all year long, you end up shitting the bed with what was supposed to be your best team in history. Sad story indeed. Roll on Murray St...