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  1. I must have been. That or high. Don’t remember ever writing that. I think that’s when @IanforHeismanwas a mod and he use to write stuff using my account. That bastard slip one past me.
  2. So according to my weights, if you win big on the road against a winning team, you should finish in the top 5.
  3. It’s just my own believes on what wins championships. Like the old saying goes, offense wins you games but defense wins you championships.
  4. Excuses excuses I didn't see any of those guys you mentioned drop any passes.
  5. The same Northern Illinois team that is 123 in team defense that Michigan hung 63 on? Michigan, really, they haven't scored 60 points since Harbaugh took over. The same Ball St that is 118 in team defense?
  6. We should find out more about K-state this Saturday, they play Oklahoma St who beat Boise. BTW K-State barely beat Southern Illinois by 8.
  7. You should have stopped at "A team drops 20 passes". The rest of it makes you look stupid.
  8. Here's the breakdown... There are 3 factors used, 1. Win percentage 33% (breakdown below) a. Win Percentage 16% b. Away Win Percentage 11% c. Home Win Percentage 6% 2. Scores 33.3% (breakdown below) a. Points Allowed (defense) 16% b. Points Scored (offense) 11% c. Margin Of Victory 6% 3. SOS 33.3% (breakdown below) a. SOS 16% b. Opponents Records 11% c. Opponents-Opponents Records 6% There you have it. I'm willing to make adjustments if someone can prove their case on the changes.
  9. There are 3 factors used, win percentage 33.3 % scores 33.3% SOS 33.3% I’ll break it down for you tomorrow.
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