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  1. It normally does great in bowl games. It won the Phil Steele predictions game one year and does well in ESPN’s bowl mania.
  2. Lol, you must of got the welfare check this year. Only way you can afford travel to Hawaii. Wyoming is the biggest MWC leech.
  3. How long before the next coach gets you to Arroyo’s 5-7 record. You guys are just going around in circles using 4-5 wins as the standard to shoot for.
  4. One of best records in 50 years and you listen to @RebelRobert and fire the guy.
  5. Unko June said he could take UNLV to a bowl game in year 1. Something 10 previous other UNLV coaches on the rise couldn’t do.
  6. 40 years, 10 football coaching hires. 10 times of hiring someone to build the program, 10 fails. 40 years of building to what they have now, a 5 win season and another fired up-and-coming coach. I’ll be posting the same thing in 10 years and another 2-3 more fired coaches. See ya then!
  7. That’s what you had for your last 10 coaching hires. Didn’t work, try something different
  8. That’s the problem with you UNLV fans, you expect instant success with your new coaches. It’s not going to happen there, no matter who you hire. Hire someone who can get you to a bowl game first and build on that towards a MWC championship. You expect someone to win the MWC in his first year.
  9. What was SMU’s records before June Jones? The last 20 years before him? How many bowl games before June Jones got there? Didn’t they go like 20 years without a bowl game? JJ got them to a bowl in his 2nd year. 4 straight bowls games for a school that been to 1 bowl game in the previous 20 years. Pretty sure he can top that at UNLV. Just a 3-4 year hire to get the program in the right direction and pass the torch to someone bring them the rest of the way. If you’re looking for an instant fix to a program that like SMU was, dead penalty status, it’s not going to happen. It’s not going to happen when you keep firing your coach every 3 years and replace them with so called “up-and-comers”.
  10. How old is Saban? He’ll give you a good 3 years and pass the torch.
  11. Perfect hire to take UNLV off the doormat. I’d give him a 3 year contract w/options for a 4th. I guarantee he’ll have UNLV contending for MWC title in his 2nd year there. I guarantee he would average over 35K in attendance with his style of play in his 1st year. He lives for turning programs around. UNLV has all pieces together now except a decent head coach. June is the missing piece to the UNLV success puzzle.
  12. UNLV, if you know what’s good for your program, you’ll hire June Jones. Hire him for 3 years and he’ll get you up to SMU level. Competitive with a chance to steal a conference championship.
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