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  1. Doom and Gloom me: No season for the next 2 to 3 years. CV/19 becomes a seasonal thing like the flu. Vaccine rolls out in about 18 months. Optimist in me: Yes to football but only half a season. A miracle drug will be found to treat (not cure) this thing with-in a couple months.
  2. Ahh memories.... you’re welcome
  3. As your agent I paid good money to get you in this.
  4. Putin called, he’s not happy with these results.
  5. Any damage to the underground practice facility? What about the pixie stick stadium, did it knock one of the sticks out?
  6. False alert, @Broncomare just had an orgasm. stay safe everyone. She usually have multiples.
  7. I did pretty good in my prime for someone who never really was a troll in the first place. I considered myself more as a sports forum entertainer.
  8. As his agent, mugtang has informed me not to vote for Rebels18. He has informed me that everyone who clicks a vote for Rebels18 will get a computer virus that is unfixable. Just a fore warning to everyone, you will be directed to gay porn sites immediately after clicking to vote for rebels18 and won’t be able to leave. So if you don’t mind your computer or iPad stuck on a gay porn site and like it, go ahead and vote for rebels18.
  9. As his agent, I get $1 for every vote #1stunner gets. I don’t understand why people don’t hate BYU fans here anymore. I also got word that #1stunner doesn’t practice self quarantine policies and is planning a trip to Wyoming.
  10. Yes, they have a high arrest rate there too. Players there are afraid to leave campus for fear of getting arrested. It doesn’t help that Wyoming has a sports deal with a former Nazi company. It doesn’t help that their coach looks like a skinhead.
  11. The lack of oxygen has an effect on all major organs.
  12. 4 weeks ago: 60 cases, 0 deaths 3 weeks ago: 227 cases, 12 deaths 2 weeks ago: 1,636 cases, 41 deaths 1 week ago: 13,229 cases, 195 deaths Right now: 82,135 cases, 1,195 deaths