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  1. Not yet, we have a tuff non-conference schedule. I pick with my brain not my heart.
  2. Hawaii got hammered for the North Carolina St infractions a few years ago.
  3. Here’s to a long successful career for Makick Henquese.
  4. Why you gotta use the race card? Just because 6 of the 7 Wyoming transfers are black doesn’t mean Bohl has race issues.
  5. LARAMIE — Three University of Wyoming football players announced via Twitter that they plan to transfer. Redshirt freshmen Reow Jackson and DeVaughn Brown, and sophomore Jalani Ellison posted that they have entered the NCAA’s transfer portal. umm, coincidence. What do all 3 have in common? how many is that now like 7 total?
  6. Not in the one he pm me👩‍🏫
  7. Be prepared, when I choose Nevada later, I’m using @Nevada Convert‘s sisters pic.
  8. The only thing they need to discuss is eliminating travel subs for those that use their 13th game option.
  9. Oh course, UCSB is going to get slapped hard by the NCAA in place of Arizona @jdgaucho
  10. Does Santa Barbara still have a basketball program?