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  1. Who? Is he related to Katree Cribbs?
  2. It’s back! Hawaii’s 1st fall practice was today. Looking over Hawaii’s fall roster, it’s not as bad as I thought with the losses we had. Some say we will be better at QB, DL and LB where we had the biggest loses from last year. We shall see.
  3. How the dancers look this year ?
  4. I can’t believe I haven’t been nominated yet or won this thing before. okay no more Rankulator for you guys, do you own ficken ranking
  5. Athletic performance has nothing to do with expansion. That changes from year to year. It’s how much money one can generate is what matters. TV being the biggest money maker for conferences will make final decision on who goes where.
  6. Correction… nobody in Northern Cal cares about any college sports period. Ask San Jose St!
  7. So says the old Southwest Conference schools like Rice, TCU and SMU.
  8. Oregon and Washington has applied for BIG entry, they’re as good as gone. Arizona, Arizona St, Utah and Colorado will apply for the Big-12. They are as good as gone. The new MWC Mountain 1. Boise St 2. Colorado St 3. Wyoming 4. Air Force 5. New Mexico 6. Utah St 7. Nevada 8. UNLV Pacific 1. Oregon st 2. Washington St. 3. Cal 4. Stanford 5. San Diego St. 6. Fresno St. 7. Hawaii 8. San Jose St
  9. With UCLA gone, the PAC doesn’t care about BB anymore. They would add Gonzaga if it cared. Hawaii does bring them championship caliber volleyball programs.
  10. I would say that the only 2 California schools left in the PAC will have a controlling interest in the league now. Without those 2 schools the PAC will become a higher level Big Sky conference. California is we’re all the $$$$ resides at in regards to TV and marketing interest. They have the power now.
  11. Nope, not with Cal and Stanford having all the PAC power now.
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