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  1. Seriously Hawaii and UNLV would be the best adds for the PAC, been saying this for years. Both are great destinations with great potential, plus new stadiums.
  2. Biggest bust in UNLV history? I truly wish him well and congratulations on being a graduate.
  3. Never been to either. I stay at the Trump when in Vegas.
  4. Sorry to hear that. im waiting for the day someone is charged with manslaughter for someone who knows they have the virus and knowingly spreading the virus to someone who passes from it. Or even not having it at the time but is exposed to it and makes contract With someone who dies from it. I think they had it happen with AIDS.
  5. Just want to state this right now. I’m not responsible for whatever my cavemen ancestors did that was wrong.
  6. Wearing a mask or not is a common sense decision. Most Americans don’t have any common sense when they have to decide between choices. How many of you have a natural reaction of covering your face when you sneeze or cough even before the COVID?
  7. They couldn’t give it a real name? Just because the color was white they called it the White House. I don’t think so. There are so many other buildings that are white in the country but not called White House. Why? I think at the time of naming it was more of a symbolic statement than the color white.
  8. What is America’s war record in the last 100 years? Dont get me wrong, I too believe that America is the greatest country on earth but not for the reasons of wars fought.
  9. A hidden fact by the US. The Russians liberated the most concentration camps.