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  1. Oh. So that's it. The vast majority of Democrats really are socialists who want to nationalize the manufacturing, financial and agricultural sectors and very few Republicans are white nationalists. Got it.
  2. Until the full, unredacted, report is made available for all of us to read every word uttered about the report can only be considered to be political hogwash.
  3. Not only that, on his last round of golf Trump shot 3 holes in one and finished the 18 holes 20 under par.
  4. The issue is how many Russians illegally in the United States have been deported. You keep trying to change the subject.
  5. I am not so quick as you to overlook the context. Like, a person says once that "I am sure some of them must be good people" and then spends 2 years says they are rapists and murders. You can't have it both ways, even though some people want it both ways.
  6. Those were illegal residents of the United States? I don't think so. I think you are referring to the Russian hackers who are in St. Petersburg.
  7. No I didn't. His comment was about freedom of speech but the emphasis was on the freedom of speech for the right wingers. Context is everything.
  8. What you don't seem to understand is that for people like NVBlueNeck the media outlets that do not cheer lead Trump's activities are Hyper-partisan left. To them the neutral medial is represented by the Moonies' Washington Times.
  9. The arms industry loves mass killings almost as much as they love anti-gun laws. Both serve to increase arms sales.
  10. How many illegals from Russia have been deported in the past 2 years? Anybody know?
  11. You said a hateful bigot, left or right wing, does not deserve to be assaulted and battered unless in self defense. You said the tern Nazi is being thrown around way too loosely. You did not say that the term socialist is also being thrown around way too loosely. Is that because you do not believe that term is in fact being thrown around way too loosely?
  12. We never should have eliminated the draft. Every U.S. citizen, male or female, should be eligible for induction into military service and the various branches of the military should be primarily staffed by draftees. It works for many countries, including Israel. A nation that relies solely on mercenaries will not survive. The citizens must have a stake in foreign adventures and national defense to the extent that each person is exposed to the possibility of shedding their own blood to defend the nation or advance the politicians' desires for foreign adventures. Otherwise too many people will just sit back and watch the politicians engage the nation in ill conceived military adventures.
  13. There are areas of France that are prone to wildfires and they do have airborne firefighting equipment. Here is a story about a recent fire in France: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-40725294 From what I have heard one reason air drops were not done is because of the height of the flames and the height of the buildings. Evidently, the aircraft would have to fly too high to make an effective drop. What I don't get is all the people ready to second guess the firefighters on the scene.
  14. So now Mr. Trump wants to do a catch and release with the release into urban areas. What California cities should do in that case is provide the immigrants with bus tickets to Idaho, Wyoming, Kansas and Reno. I add Reno because a couple of decades ago the good people of Reno were caught sending their bums (i.e. homeless) by bus to San Francisco. Turnabout is fair play, is it not?