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  1. sandiegopete

    Huge Wildfires In California

    A very large percentage of the former residents of Paradise are retired and living on a fixed income while drawing down any retirement savings. Going to be difficult for many to find new housing. Some will probably wind up permanently homeless.
  2. sandiegopete

    Huge Wildfires In California

    But why didn't he criticize the failure of the Wyoming government to manage its forests before all those fires this past September?
  3. sandiegopete

    World War 1. 100 years ago right now

    Trump figured those guys were losers because they got killed. Trump likes the winners who survived.
  4. So, why did Sarah Sanders-Huckabee tweet a doctored video? https://www.apnews.com/c575bd1cc3b1456cb3057ef670c7fe2a
  5. sandiegopete

    Interesting graph on GDP

    Here is where you can review a more interesting, if not more important, graph relative to GDP: https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/A939RX0Q048SBEA
  6. sandiegopete

    Ginsburg Falls at Work

    I tried to catch your drift but it floated out to sea. However, since you are a Nevada person I have an idea. You guys are pretty highly regarded early in the season. Good luck to you except when you play the Aztecs.
  7. sandiegopete

    Ginsburg Falls at Work

    Raptors https://www.basketball-reference.com/players/l/leonaka01.html
  8. sandiegopete

    Ginsburg Falls at Work

    Kawhi > Jimmer.
  9. sandiegopete

    We’re a nation of tribes

    That's me. If my opinion conflicts with your belief that we should all sit by the fire and sing kumbaya while praising king Donald then I must be divisive. After all, you and I don't agree so I must be the one who is divisive because you are not. Got it. You really put me down. Another notch on your lap top.
  10. sandiegopete

    Ginsburg Falls at Work

    Perhaps I misunderstood the comments about Ginsburg being frail and not lasting much longer. If so, I apologize if I offended you. BTW: I have never been a Clinton fan. Neither Bill nor Hills. an And I left the Republican Party when the nut case Reagan became governor.
  11. sandiegopete

    Ginsburg Falls at Work

    Yeah. She got bored listening to Trump drone on while he read from the teleprompter during his state of the union address. Like, such a thing is improbable.
  12. sandiegopete

    Ginsburg Falls at Work

    The problem with trusting your eyes is that your pre-conceived notions always get in the way. The majority of scientists believe climate change has been at least accelerated by burning carbon fuels. Do you agree with that majority?
  13. sandiegopete

    Ginsburg Falls at Work

    Well, I wouldn't want to test her.
  14. sandiegopete

    We’re a nation of tribes

    I think we were a united nation for a couple of decades after WWII. The greatest generation came back from fighting dictatorships and knew the strength of the United States was in democracy. I believe that was a major reason why there was so much social upheaval during late 1950's and 1960's. Although the veterans who saw their buddies' guts flow from their torsos were most likely fairly conservative and quite a few were most likely racists, they also saw the damages inflicted by totalitarian regimes. I think enough of those vets and homeland support personnel returned to civilian life with a greater understanding of the importance of an open, democratic society. Sadly, that generation has passed and what we have now are a bunch of people who don't have any conception of the horrors of WWII and the ambitions that spawned it. We are now seeing a repeat of those ambitions.
  15. sandiegopete

    Ginsburg Falls at Work

    ?? Care to elaborate?