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  1. sandiegopete

    Hey authoritarian gun grabbers...

    Obama sold guns to Islamic terrorists in Mexico and now there are caravans of Islamic terrorists moving toward our border, scattering prayer rugs and Qurans while preparing to take Christian white girls as wives. Only a wall can stop the horde of terrorists intent on creating a caliphate here in the USA.
  2. sandiegopete

    ===| Kirkland Razors |===

    Real men use a straight razor. Those disposals are for the ladies.
  3. sandiegopete

    Here’s an impeachable offense

    One possibility is that the SCO was upset that Cohen disclosed things that he should not have. Don't forget, this is a highly complex case. Comments on what may or may not have occurred are consequently highly nuanced.
  4. sandiegopete

    Here’s an impeachable offense

    The defense is saying Cohen lied to Congress and therefore he cannot be believed. However, he has made a plea deal with the feds and if he does not tell the truth after making that agreement he risks having the same thing happen to him as happened to Manafort. There is claim that evidence exists to substantiate Cohen's claim. The discussion on this board seems to center on emails and other written documents. Wasn't it reported last year that Cohen recorded many of his telephone conversations?
  5. That missile defense system is still on hold. Obama issued sanctions against Russia for the invasion of Crimea. The same sanctions that were the subject of the infamous Trump Tower collusion meeting. In fact, Trump has worked diligently to try and get those sanctions lifted as his part of the agreements with Russia.
  6. sandiegopete

    Curry's a special player

    Curry is also the undisputed leader of that team. This article from when KD and DG had the spat earlier in the season sums it up: https://www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/warriors/steph-currys-presence-was-missed-draymond-green-kevin-durant-beef
  7. Here is the story: https://www.politifact.com/texas/statements/2014/oct/19/david-dewhurst/david-dewhurst-says-prayer-rugs-found-texas-brush-/
  8. sandiegopete

    Curry's a special player

    Why do you think Curry is a defensive liability? I have seen lots of Warrior games and it always seemed to me that he played pretty good defense. Look at his defensive states compared to a recognized defensive star: https://www.basketball-reference.com/players/c/curryst01.html https://www.basketball-reference.com/players/l/leonaka01.html
  9. American football will be facing declining participation and a declining fanbase. In addition to the insurance problems many parents today try to channel their children away from American football. Add to that the fact that in their insatiable thirst for money colleges and the NFL are alienating many of the current fans and you have a recipe for disaster.
  10. sandiegopete

    Trump grounds Pelosi

    But Melania is flying today on a government plane. The shutdown does not appear to effect the elites of the Republican Party at all. While Melania is living the life fantastic the little people are suffering. Is it true that when informed the unpaid government workers could not buy even bread Queen Melania said "let them eat cake".
  11. sandiegopete

    Poll: When does the shutdown end?

    Did you read that article? What it describes is times that Obama acquiesced to the Republican Congress.
  12. Why would there be a secret investigation of Obama? There has never been a hint that Obama was allied with Putin.
  13. sandiegopete

    Poll: When does the shutdown end?

    No, they never did. https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2016/12/republican-party-obstructionism-victory-trump-214498
  14. sandiegopete

    Poll: When does the shutdown end?

    While the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress the military budget increased. It was only after the Republicans gained control of both Houses that the military budget started to get cut: https://www.statista.com/statistics/272473/us-military-spending-from-2000-to-2012/
  15. sandiegopete

    Poll: When does the shutdown end?

    Not surprising. (You really left yourself open for that one)