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  1. Here is the Republican strategy for the November elections: https://static.politico.com/80/54/2f3219384e01833b0a0ddf95181c/corona-virus-big-book-4.17.20.pdf
  2. Typical half-assed right wing nut response. Like, budget was increased to it is impossible for the screening to be half-assed. How dumb can you be? There were thousands of people returning to the USA from coronavirus ravaged Northern Italy and they were just waved through without being screened at all. Budget increase? To pay high salaries for alt-right consultants and luxury plane travel for Trump appointees. With Republicans feeding at the public trough the money goes pretty quickly.
  3. California is doing its part to help other states: https://abc7news.com/california-ventilators-coronavirus-in-covid-news-lockdown/6081160/ Good to see someone stand up for the American people.
  4. It is quite interesting that hydroxychloroquine was developed with the help of medical experiments conducted at Dachau, Germany in the 1940's. I.G. Farben was one of the prime movers for the development. Around the same time experiments on American prisoners in Illinois, Georgia and New Jersey were conducted which contributed to the development of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for malaria. With Trump pushing the drug so much I have to wonder whether he has a financial interest in a hydroxychloroquine manufacturer.
  5. So the difference you have with mysfit is that he/she believes Trump is worse than Pritzker and you believe Pritzker is as bad as or worse than Trump. One just has to take into consideration Pritzker's allowing bars to be open on St. Pats and Trump's March 23, 2020 statement that people should go back tor work because the staying at home requirements were hurting the economy and therefore his reelection prospects. Federalism is the belief that a group of individuals is stronger than a group of united entities. That is why the federalists believe that if one individual state was to fail it does not effect the other states. The individual states have no responsibility nor should they have an interest in the well being of other states.
  6. I would not be surprised if this was the theme of Trump's coronavirus TV rally tomorrow.
  7. Seems like the basis of this thread is to support Americas refusing to follow the shelter in place and social separation directives. Instead Americans have rights under the Constitution to assemble and worship God and the government cannot stop that. In the name of religious freedom holy people are entitled to infect each other with a deadly virus and pass that virus on to other people. That is a right in the Constitution. If God did not intend us to pass the virus on to others He would not have given it to us.
  8. I think the most important thing to the nation today is not the coronavirus death count but Trump's TV ratings. Only the never Trumpers deny it.
  9. Sounds like a reasonable scenario. I would add that it is likely Trump personally ordered the stupid port call in Vietnam because he believed it would assist in his negotiations with North Korea and China. Trump has always believed the coronavirus was just like the common cold (Rush Limbaugh) or just another common flu (FoxNews) since he gets all his information from right wing media and ignores the intelligence community because the intelligence community is out to get him as is demonstrated by the fact that intelligence briefings do not center on praising Trump himself. Who can blame Trump? The entire intelligence community does not provide him with information that can help him in his reelection campaign to make America great again.
  10. I paid my own way through college by working. As far as the student loan debts go, how much of that debt was incurred by people going to scam schools like Corinthian Colleges, ITT Tech, etc.? As citizens we should have a reasonable expectation that our government will prevent such criminal enterprises from preying on the population rather than encouraging the criminals by fronting student loans for useless programs like those offered by scam for-profit schools.
  11. In order for Trump to make America great again he must get better support from some governors and senators. One way to force the Democrats to gush praise on him would be to withhold critical medical supplies until they toe the line. That is leadership!
  12. He will be on a vent soon. Pre-existing condition: obesity. Anybody that out of shape will have a hard time with the corona.
  13. So it turns out Washington ordered the TR to Vietnam and now the higher ups have made Crozier take the fall. https://thediplomat.com/2020/03/even-coronavirus-couldnt-stop-the-2nd-us-carrier-visit-to-vietnam/
  14. The pressure is really getting to Trump. He is acting more erratically each day. His press appearance today was another meltdown. I am worried about what he may do as his mental state continues to deteriorate.
  15. I don't see where anybody is blaming the people who voted for Trump. I do think Trump is eligible for criticism. Indeed, that he deserves criticism. People need to know there are some leaders other than Trump that can be listened to. I doubt many people, even those who did not vote for him, thought he would fail so spectacularly in this crisis.