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  1. Get Chris Petersen as AD, Kellen Moore as head coach, and Bob Kustra as MWC commish. Get the band back together, unite the [email protected]&*ing clans, and lets kick this bitch in the teeth!
  2. Have we mentioned “Long may they reign”? That thread was comedy gold.
  3. As someone said, Mosquito abatement Hal MWC board juju/ JOBU Why does everyone hate Utah State? THE PROJECT... Jack Bauer/Loboblast feud Bet welchers (wasn’t it jeffkills and k5james?) I don’t post much, but I’ve lurked this place for years. These are just a few I can remember.
  4. I didn’t think you played BYU this year...
  5. Glad to see the bows pull out a W. Rolo seems like a pretty cool dude. Hope you guys can build on this success.
  6. I just don't think we have anything to be cocky about, honestly. Until we can learn how to beat Air Force, preform consistently, and actually make it our of our division, we have nothing to crow about. I agree, the preseason ranking is nice for BSU and for the conference, but in my opinion, it means absolutely nothing. The past few years have tempered the TBSUF hommerism.
  7. I'm an Idaho State Alum, and there is no way this can be accurate. ISU has been a horrible for as long as I can remember. How do they define success? Just curious.
  8. Never let the truth get in the way of a good troll....Real or imagined.
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