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  1. Shame, shame Notre Dame

    I think one of the most frustrating things of college athletics is the double standard, especially when it comes to enforcement of the rules and punishment for violations. I mean, Cam Newton gets a one game suspension and a slap on the wrist because his "preacher" father whores his services out to the SEC, all with his knowledge. But BSU gets lack of institutional control because of some couches and happy meals? What is interesting about this case is Notre Dame is one of the bluest of blue bloods. I mean' if you are going to be heavy handed, that's fine. But how bout some damn consistency?
  2. For those that still think the Blue is a gimmick

    A lot of teams in the conference have already beaten you to the punch and left their sh@t on that field. Boise included.
  3. Ryan Leaf chimes in on Mel Kiper's projected #1 pick

    Nose candy and hookers are expensive habits that tend to chew up a "rainy-day" savings account.
  4. Does just Boise State & fresneck

    Won it two years in a row????????
  5. BSU @ SDSU Live game thread

    Don't worry SUDS. I haven't seen a Harsin team "sweep the leg" yet. We'll do our best to let you back in the game and I feel Penny is too good to be bottled for long. I hope we can hold on.
  6. Solid Road Win by Boise in Provo but...

    If the Rammies are ever going to get over the hump and get the W over Boise, this is certainly the year to do it. I moved to Colorado for work and am thinking about going to see new stadium and support the Broncos. As far as the Aztecs are concerned, I just hope we keep it respectable. BYU's run game was getting some respectable yards last night, and they don't have a stud like Penny. It could get ugly quick.
  7. Stanford at San Diego State

    Special season so far for the Aztecs. Congrats on a big win tonight fellas. Without doubt the class of the conference. Here's to hoping Rocky doesn't pull his usual "1 game a year" head-scratcher.....although I wouldn't be too disappointed if it was against BSU. All joking aside, great win.
  8. Boise State #16 preseason (USA Today)

    I just don't think we have anything to be cocky about, honestly. Until we can learn how to beat Air Force, preform consistently, and actually make it our of our division, we have nothing to crow about. I agree, the preseason ranking is nice for BSU and for the conference, but in my opinion, it means absolutely nothing. The past few years have tempered the TBSUF hommerism.
  9. More evidence that the flagships carry this conference...

    I'm an Idaho State Alum, and there is no way this can be accurate. ISU has been a horrible for as long as I can remember. How do they define success? Just curious.
  10. Boise State #16 preseason (USA Today)

    Never let the truth get in the way of a good troll....Real or imagined.