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  1. Neither did I, but I’d like to think it’s because I class this damn place up too much...........or maybe because I post maybe 5 times a year.
  2. Freudian slip???? Although a puss rush does sound quite interesting...
  3. Meh. We got our asses handed to us. It happens sometimes. This team had flaws that have been discussed ad nauseam (O-line, coaching decisions, etc.) As far as Bachmeier is concerned, I try to keep a little perspective. Prior to this game, he only came in and won all 7 games he started in as a true freshman, including his first start on the road at Doak. You can poo-poo that all you want (yeah, FSU sucks this year, etc.), but I’m excited to see how he develops. I’m still proud as hell of this team and the season taken as a whole, even if last night tasted like a soggy [email protected] sandwich. Just my $.02
  4. Proud of the team one their fight. Still scratching my head about Provo. By the way @UofMTigers, congrats to your team on their likely Cotton bowl bid. I admit I was cheering against your guys, but they took care of business.
  5. Harsin pros: I feel like he bleeds blue and is loyal. His recruiting (according to stars) is great for a G5 school. I don’t know him personally, but I get the feeling he really does care about the team and culture and wants to continue the legacy. The team has a “never die” attitude and has fought from being down and adversity and I love that grit he has instilled in the team Harsin cons: Lack of killer instinct. Games don’t have to be close. When you have a team that is down, don’t let up. Sweep the damn leg!! Certain position coaches need and have needed to be held accountable (Riddle and Bledell). Lack of improvement through the season. Stubbornness (we are going to continue running the ball on 1st and 2nd down even when it is not working because reasons) Harsin’s “what the [email protected]#&, man!?”: Every year we have 2-3 games at least where it feels like we didn’t even get off the bus. I can handle losing to a better team. I don’t love it when the team looks unprepared and plays like hot garbage. Just my uneducated $0.02
  6. Geez, all that SPAM has made you guys......salty. I’ll admit there were some questionable calls, but if you look at total penalties and yards, it’s pretty even. Plus, I saw lots of holds on Weaver that weren’t getting called. Hawaii: 10 penalties for 88 yards Boise: 11 penalties for 95 yards Regardless, Hawaii played a heck of a game. You guys have some special players on offense and I love what Rolovich is building. Best of luck and Maybe we’ll be both be lucky enough to meet in the championship game.
  7. I didn’t think you played BYU this year...
  8. Glad to see the bows pull out a W. Rolo seems like a pretty cool dude. Hope you guys can build on this success.
  9. I just don't think we have anything to be cocky about, honestly. Until we can learn how to beat Air Force, preform consistently, and actually make it our of our division, we have nothing to crow about. I agree, the preseason ranking is nice for BSU and for the conference, but in my opinion, it means absolutely nothing. The past few years have tempered the TBSUF hommerism.
  10. I'm an Idaho State Alum, and there is no way this can be accurate. ISU has been a horrible for as long as I can remember. How do they define success? Just curious.
  11. Never let the truth get in the way of a good troll....Real or imagined.