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  1. Congrats! What a great accomplishment for him. You must be so proud of him.
  2. And it snowballs. The west is losing it's best recruits to the SEC because they are losing their best recruits to the SEC.
  3. This was a funny story. You are very creative. You should apply to work for Trump 2024 campaign
  4. The recommendation is to remove all of FBS not just P5. Also making sure players don't get paid.
  5. Perfect size! This is going to be a very nice stadium for local fans and the full stadium will be quite the experience for fans, television, and players. Looking forward to the first roadie to San Diego post Covid!
  6. Minor injury not worth aggravating in a sure win? Ok, now Fresno loses.
  7. Fuller needs game practice. Good gimme for 3.
  8. Coleman hit in the hands. Needs to catch that. Ends a drive. Kid has worked hard to even get a chance at this point early in the game. Forget it and do better!
  9. Announcer said 31 million for new Raider stadium. Seems like a pretty good deal to me?
  10. Game is not over! The caravan is on their way... Go Sanchez!
  11. I can't do this with you. Hawaiian history is very interesting. You should read about it sometime.
  12. Yes it is part of the union. Did Hawaiian royalty give paradise to the mainland freely? Hell no.
  13. Started out by highlighting Marcus Marion. Good grief!
  14. The spice right! Totally agree.
  15. Put some nori on Laiki. Gotta cover dat guy!
  16. Honda 2000 you already know cuz.
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