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  1. Nice Deflect by Sumlin.

    asss-dumb is also pretty good.
  2. hawaii@ucla

    That's why you are a sucker to take that bet.
  3. Cal Poly @ SJSU Game Thread

    Simmer down, Cincy. Is that IW game really that boring? Post up some white T-shirt pics, lol!
  4. Incarnate Word game thread...

    Camacho has a had a Bulldog tattoo since he was 13. He was originally a futbol player.
  5. Incarnate Word game thread...

    Game is not on television, radio only. There is a used car salesman doing the commentating.
  6. Incarnate Word game thread...

    Good job Dogs. Looks like everybody is excited to see the Spelling Bee champion. Hope you can take care of FCS tonight.
  7. Incarnate Word game thread...

    Nice angle. Now show the sunny side!
  8. Cal Poly @ SJSU Game Thread

    Not showing all of our cards. Don't worry about this one.
  9. Incarnate Word game thread...

    3 and out for the Bulldogs. IW moving the ball well. Not going as scripted.
  10. Incarnate Word game thread...

    National Spelling Bee champion is scheduled to be there. Bulldogs pulling out all the stops for this one.
  11. Kickoff time. Anybody there to give us some updates?
  12. Cal Poly @ SJSU Game Thread

    Fresno is doing car wash rags to get people in the stands. Looks like it really worked.
  13. Cal Poly @ SJSU Game Thread

    I hope CBB is giving an inspiring half time talk.
  14. Cal Poly @ SJSU Game Thread

    Never met him, but I'm pretty sure I'd swipe left.