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  1. The team would be ashamed publicly to find the entertainer was not naturally female.
  2. You forgot salsa. Who doesn't love a good salsa?
  3. Skating is hard. I can barely ollie, but I can climb a 4.10, race A class in motorcycles offroad, Snowboard double black diamond, I also make all my own furniture.
  4. Great find, terrible news. Say an individual had access to as many N95 masks as they needed, would it be prudent to start wearing them in public at all times? I get test fitted every year.
  5. It's for the fan that can't decide Chargers or Rams.
  6. To think, I suffered through over 100 pages of you ++++++ ass bitches to come to this!
  7. That was part of our conversation when I finally caved. Kids had been asking for faster internet and I justified the price increase by kicking Directv to the curb, and the caveat that there may be certain times they have to get off the web. As long as I get 6 to the Roku I am happy with the picture. There is a setting called "Stats for Nerds" that you can turn on to see exactly how much bandwidth it is pulling.
  8. Youtube TV. You can try it free for 2 weeks. You can have 6 unique accounts on the same subscription, each with unlimited cloud DVR space. 12 is going to be tough to stream HD if there are multiple users on the system, but like I said, it's free to test.
  9. Minor injury not worth aggravating in a sure win? Ok, now Fresno loses.
  10. Fuller needs game practice. Good gimme for 3.
  11. Coleman hit in the hands. Needs to catch that. Ends a drive. Kid has worked hard to even get a chance at this point early in the game. Forget it and do better!