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  1. The recent complete domination by Ohio State has weakened the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry to a degree. I mean what can a Wolverine fan say right now, they can't talk trash all they can do is silently stew as they take their beating year in year out. Before this stretch though and it was actual back and forth yeah it was a brutal rivalry with some of the stuff you listed above occurring.
  2. Meh I want Wyoming to beat every team they play. If I had to pick winning against CSU or Boise State and losing to the other I will pick getting the bronze boot every time. Of course would prefer winning both, but if I had to pick one definitely beating CSU.
  3. To be on the safe side, yes. As for rivalries all I got to say is it sucks to be a sheep. Though it is tough playing second fiddle to Minnesota. (Damn it BSU...) How about inter vs intra state rivalries? In some cases like Michigan vs Mich St/Ohio St there is not near the animosity between the Michigan schools as each has for Ohio State. On the flip side you have rivalries like Montana - Montana State that are just gold. My thoughts is while history, tradition, of the game itself all has a role, but what really makes a rivalry is cultural differences between the fans that permeates the lives outside the game.
  4. The same local counsel that were ok with Eaton, the Judge, and individual players meeting? They got over ruled by the Michigan lawyer. As for Tinker vs Des Moines there are a few key differences. First and foremost is that athletes are representatives of their Universities. Wyoming allowing them to wear armbands on the field could be taken as the University taking a stand against a certain religion that would be problematic legally no matter what you believe. (Courts agreed with the AG on this by the way). Have you read the affadavits and testimonies for the associated Black 14 case?
  5. I was going to take the under on Wyoming this week, but after their showing last weekend not so confident on that call anymore.
  6. Except it is the truth and it used to be adults could understand in situations like this not all the blame is on one person or side. Big picture who cares if the members of a different religion are a bunch of racists? (The only reason I made that one comment that may have been deleted is to show I have no personal affinity for the Mormon faith but this is America where people have the right to practice their religion and associate with who they want to) Beat them on the field. What those athletes wanted to do was not allowed by the rules and law. Had Wyoming allowed them to do what they wanted the University could have ended up in legal and WAC trouble. That is on those players. The bringing in a lawyer from Michigan that also hurt the situation that is on them. The over reaction by Eaton with the kicking them off the team is on him. If he used racial slurs at them that is on him. The inability of the University to work out the situation without it blowing up is on them. So speaking of male bovine sourced fertilizer get out of here with your all the blame is on one side. If you want to know more than what is typically talked about, read the link I posted earlier.
  7. I could add to your list. I need to step out, don't want get banned. Nothing against stunner but I just have to step out of this conversation
  8. One of the reasons I am likely in the minority in thinking instead of the institution apologizing the best thing that could have happened was get all involved together in private and let them work it out. Nobody involved in this was 100% in the right. What the 14 players wanted to do was expressly against University and WAC conference rules. The sworn affidavits cast conflicting accounts on if the players were either refusing or not refusing to play BYU depending on if they were allowed to wear the armbands or not. Have the 14 ever apologized over blowing up the season by wanting to do something that was against the rules? Others here have already highlighted the wrong done by Eaton in how he handled it. For the life of me I wish it would have been a no we can't wear the armbands, take it out on their players on the field and show them your quality on the field. The question I have is in regards to how it went from no armbands to you are off the team? One account says it was instant the other account says it was in response to a refusal to play if not allowed to wear the armbands. Unless you were in the room we can't be 100% sure. I don't want to be harsh on the Black 14 but I also don't like seeing the one sided portrayal
  9. A lot of rash decisions were made. Eaton's decision to escalate from simply no arm bands to off the team, the jumping to a lawsuit against the state within days of the event, the University not finding a way to thread the needle, and the Pontiac, Michigan lawyer who prevented the opportunity of possible reconciliation between Eaton and the players. Not all of the blame should be placed on Eaton. For all his mistakes in this, he did make an effort to reconcile with the players, but was denied that chance.
  10. Wyoming Almanac Wyoming AG recollections on Black 14 An interesting read of the recollections from a man who dealt with the subsequent fallout.
  11. Those spaceships may be shiny, but I would go with the rebels that can fire lightning out of their arse
  12. That is one way. The preferred method is to drink the other under the table. Lead or alcohol poisoning take your pick I suppose. Others you didn't list Rebels are we talking Army of Northern Virginia? Army of Tennessee? James Dean? Broncos, well here we have a dilemma. The horse in the Cowboys logo is Steamboat and if Boise's bronco was Steamboat I would give it to him. But that bronco is clearly white and Steamboat was not white so I am going to mark this as a loss for Boise. Ok, I can't help but think I am forgetting something. Thinking, thinking, nope, nothing, well that must be all the mascots worth mentioning.
  13. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 3-0 is a whole lot prettier than 2-1 even if two of the wins look "better". In the meantime I may need to borrow some chickens to help out the passing game.
  14. I also suspect they miss the fans of the old MW. I mean if this new relationship was really working for them, why are they here with the ex so to speak. Their school may be rolling in more dough, but money isn't the be all end all. Nah there is a longing for what really makes college football week in and week out great.
  15. Yeah sure thing. When should one be more worried when a San Jose St fan or a Bama fan tells you you have a crummy team? This isn't about arguing about the tallest midget, this is a midget telling one of the Giants, hey you are looking a little shorter.