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  1. Not going to worry about Edwards right now, just enjoying this run 1 game at a time.
  2. Thing is this isn't helping BSU. There might, might be some short term gain here but long term this is not helping BSU's reputation as an institution. I grew up a Michigan fan as my family has a strong UM heritage and alumni. There are ways for your big schools to use their power while building up the conference as a whole rather than irritating them. This isn't about moral high ground. If Wyoming or Michigan was doing this I would be embarrassed. I don't fault Utah or TCU jumping up to join BCS/P5 conferences that is something that is in the best interest of your school. As for the start of the MWC, the WAC wasn't working and I don't fault the founding members of the conference wanting to form a conference that was closer to the original WAC than the mega conference that wasn't working. A dysfunctional not working WAC is worse for the schools left behind then the conference they ended up with that generated decent BSU, Hawaii, SJSU, USU, and Nevada teams. The MW is on the upswing, but what BSU is doing is sabotaging that. Part of me thinks that the increasing competitiveness, their recent stinking bowl performances, plus timing of the contract is why BSU is doing what they are doing.
  3. One of the reasons I am trying to not to jump to too many conclusions is we don't know what has been said between parties and a lot in general we don't know. What we do know is that BSU gets an additional amount out of media rights. That was a mistake made, and it is something you don't see in other conferences and for good reason. We don't know how the dialogue has been between the universities maybe the other 10 are being incredibly obstinate and BSU is trying to work with them. In my experience in contract disputes and lawsuits (generally engineering and construction related) it is pretty rare that if it is a lone party against many others for that lone party to be in the right. Not writing it is impossible. It is just when I know I don't have all the information and sides of the story, I think what is more likely.
  4. I don't fault the Utes for leaving for PAC 12. But even when you guys were beating the likes of Bama in big bowl games you guys weren't pulling these stunts or demanding what BSU is. Those Utah teams were leagues better than any MW Boise State team. They didn't need last minute trick plays to beat top teams, they outright beat top teams. Regarding the tbsuf post above yours I would not want Wyoming doing this because hurting the conference is hurting yourself. I just think it is unlikely to have out of 11 University Presidents who are likely getting legal counsel having the side with 10 being wrong. If they are everyone of them should be canned. But honestly what is more likely? As for Boise State earning more in the media rights deal, Ohio State couldn't, Alabama wouldn't, Boise State shouldn't.
  5. Where Wyo goes the ewes go. They don't realize it yet but Wyo's Big 12 wrestling program is their ticket to eventually, maybe someday invite to the Big 12. Still would be a shame to bust up that great gopher-sheep rivalry. One good year and all of a sudden Minnesota thinks their place is competing in the B$G. What can you say, egos. Shame really. As for this I know I do not have all the info to fully form my opinion. I will say it is time for BSU to act like the other top programs in other conferences and accept that raising all boats is better in the long run than getting preferential treatment.
  6. Louisiana Lafayette, Louisiana Monroe, and Louisiana Tech better be scrambling to report transgressions of the others because the hammer is coming and coming soon.
  7. By year 4 who recruited those players? Who coached those players? Who was supposed to develop those players? QB was but a part of it. Also this isn't about not beating Ohio State this was not beating Rutgers, getting owned by CSEwe archrival Minnesota in your own stadium. 11-2 then 8-5 then 7-6 then 5-7. A whole lot more was going wrong than just the QB and the constant regression is a warning sign. Things were getting worse and look up the student er activity towards the end of 2014. Yeah of course this does not mean Hoke is going to necessarily fail as a coach at SDSU, I just don't see him as a proven commodity.
  8. Hey we knew the MBB team was going to be rough so we acted in a prudent manner and proceeded to set the Arizona Bowl record for beer sales. Didn't stop there so we are still a bit hungover, should start to sober up a little on signing day and when spring practice starts.
  9. I wouldn't call Hoke a proven commodity. You give him Michigan resources and he loses to Rutgers. Yeah he had a great first year, then things got progressively worse every single season after that. Maybe he learned or maybe SDSU will be a better fit, but proven eh....
  10. I am also going to put this out there, ESPN marketing efforts for the MWC makes a sloth look like a highly caffeinated squirrel. They did diddly-squat. I am thinking and hoping that Fox and CBS (especially for the OTA games) don't repeat that mistake. A little bit of marketing can go a long way and I think if you do a cost vs rating there is a path to greater profit for the costs.
  11. Yeah and one isn't paying attention if they think Bohl is happy with where the passing game was this year. Difference is how people think you fix it.
  12. Meh, I remember being that excited while watching Mizzou's bowl game from their 2008 season. Then, well, let's just say I am glad DC is long gone. Different roster, different staff, apples and hamburgers.
  13. Well front range mountain schools took care of business. Lets go Nevada lets finish this bowl season with a victory. 5-2 for bowl season would be a solid finish. Also Washington who has loads of talent but mucked up their conference season resulting in a pedestrian 7-5 looking record coached by the coach who knows Boise St better than anyone is about the worst draw Boise could have gotten.
  14. Wish nothing but the best for him in the future. A lot of guys would have transferred, but he stuck out this season and was great support for the team. Class act all the way. Nah, db's don't make you have soft hands. That one grab by Rocket Junior was sweet.