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  1. I think there is a chance the Wyoming wrestling team could take the basketball team on the court. Hyperbole maybe, but then again maybe not. Edit, and given the injury bug already hitting this team, count me among those who absolutely in no way want any football players getting involved.
  2. Jimbo_Poke

    Two MWC cities make the list

    How are you with cardinal directions?
  3. Jimbo_Poke

    Two MWC cities make the list

    Long ride? It is shorter than my shortest commute when I was living in the Denver area (from west Centennial to east-central Centennial).
  4. Jimbo_Poke

    Two MWC cities make the list

    Not to mention while the Snowies are some distance away, CGSP, Vedauwoo, Happy Jack are a 15-30 minute drive. It takes longer to get from north Denver to South Denver. Or from Centennial CO to the foothills of the Front Range.
  5. Jimbo_Poke

    Important stuff from Wyoming

    Yeah same in Wyoming as well typically either WYDOT or the county depending on road type will put up the fence as part of the road project. After that, then it becomes a question of maintenance.
  6. Jimbo_Poke

    Interception Bowl

    Huh, no Taco John's in Utah. Interesting.
  7. Jimbo_Poke

    Houston vs Army (Armed Forces Bowl)

    Did army get to bring these guys for their line and back? I think you have to go back to 1991 to find the last time Army put a beat down like this on someone. Joking aside, nice win by Army that is just plain domination and assertion of will over your opponent.
  8. Would we get sideline access, specifically the BYU side? My arm ain't what it used to be and I am increasing the weight of ordinance.
  9. If that is really the case (doubt it, likely more G5 vs P5), than that is an example of small time, non-competetive thinking. Suds is better off without. Plenty of QB's go to run heavy programs and enjoy success.
  10. Jimbo_Poke

    New Bowl Tie-ins?

    Hey no skin off my back. While you may think I am full of garbage, may want to read what some folks are saying here. https://www.sltrib.com/sports/utah-utes/2018/05/19/monson-pac-12-is-no-longer-the-conference-of-champions-its-the-conference-of-trying-to-stay-afloat/ Now as for future MW bowls I generally concur warmer climates are better. To try a cold climate I think would require working with other industries like ski, snow mobile, breweries, etc to add to the game.
  11. Jimbo_Poke

    New Bowl Tie-ins?

    This isn't about the MW. I don't know anyone who thinks the MW as being a top tier league. This is about the position of the PAC and whether they will stay a top tier league or become second tier. You want to make this about MW vs PAC fine, but you are admitting then that the PAC is closer to the MW than they are to the other P5. If the PAC wants to keep up with the big boys they have a lot and I mean a lot of work to do. The PAC CG attendance and TV ratings was a joke compared to BIG, SEC, Big 12, and ACC. The PAC had a TV ratings of 3.1 vs the next lowest of the P5 of 5.6 (BIG which was down from last year) meanwhile the AAC had a 2.1 MWC had 0.6. That puts the PAC smack dab in the middle between the MW and the next lowest P5 and closer to the AAC than the BIG. Right now the PAC is the smallest fish among the "P5" and the bigger fish are beginning to circle. Right now the PAC has a seat at the top tier, the MW and AAC do not. It is the PAC that has the most to lose here, they need to either up their game and numbers or they better start supporting an expanded playoff for their own sake.
  12. Jimbo_Poke

    New Bowl Tie-ins?

    Don't worry keep your head in the sand. We will keep a spot warm for you out in the wilderness of the second tier level. It isn't locals, these teams have enough diehards that it would be their vacation. Have you ever been in the South or Michigan/Ohio during college football season? This is their life, they are crazy. Nothing I have seen in the Mountain West or Pacific compares.
  13. Jimbo_Poke

    And so it begins...8 team playoff that is.

    Trying to take an intellectual high road here . You are talking to a Wyoming Cowboy fan. The highlights of their football during my time has been beating a mediocre UCLA team in the Las Vegas Bowl, winning against CSU more times than not, a few wins against SEC teams, and the safety dance game. If the Ohio State-Columbus fan base as a whole was so laid back about getting left out, there would be no push about expanding the playoffs am I right?
  14. Jimbo_Poke

    New Bowl Tie-ins?

    Answers? I am not giving any answers all I am trying to do is get non USC/Stanford PAC fans to wake up to the reality they are facing. That stadium would have sold out with any of the above teams I listed playing that is how big and devoted their fan bases are. If the PAC wants to maintain a spot at the top tier that is who they need to be able to compete against and be comparable to not the MW and certainly not Wyoming. PAC better either push for an expanded playoff, improve their results in the next few years, or prepare themselves to be picked apart in the upcoming realignment if the 4 seed playoffs remain in place.
  15. Jimbo_Poke

    New Bowl Tie-ins?

    You think that matters if it was Bama, Georgia, Texas, Clemson, Oklahoma, Michigan, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Auburn, Florida State, etc?