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  1. Then why does anyone have kids? Yeah my wife and I would be better off economically if we didn't have kids, yet we have kids. The economics definitely plays a role, but the choice of what we choose to pursue for happiness is absolutely reflective of the culture. My wife and I did not fit in Denver, and a big reason is we did not fit the Denver culture. What we want to pursue and obtain was at odds with what I personally see as a rat race. That something has to have an economic incentive is a reflection of a culture that values the dollar above other objectives. I want to be clear I am not judging you Happy, size of family is a very personal issue and should be left to the parents to determine what is best for them. I would be amicable to 35 standard hour work weeks. Has to happen at a time of low unemployment though. Oh, I absolutely don't want the government to get involved. Forced culture changes directed by the government tends to not end well. I think we as a society are too reliant on the government to fix things. I used the nurses as one example. Also it wasn't a nurse "mentioning" it was a full court press by multiple personnel. You try being a mother, go to a follow up appointment and have each of the three medical personnel you see at your appointment push this stuff on you. Then when you reply that you aren't interested be treated like you are some zealot weirdo. You deal with getting told "You must be done having kids, RIGHT" by strangers in the grocery store, the department store, some lady sitting at a restaurant. It is there in medical professionals pushing an agenda straight out of Malthus and Ehrlich and pushing hormonal B.C. even with all the known side affects and not being up to date on other options developed from accredited medical schools. Additionally, there is the pressure that work is more important than family. Look at the new homes being built and the layout, here are some examples link 1, link 2, link 3, they tend to be geared for smaller families with fewer bedrooms. The pressure is there and I didn't know how much until seeing it directed at my wife and talking about it with my wife. I am not trying to change your or happy's mind. I am simply sharing my experience and more importantly the experience of my wife. I really don't care if you think this is BS or not because it is reality for my wife. Guess which is more important to me? Also, can you count any undocumented workers as an acquaintance? Have you had any over to your house for dinner? Listen to them discuss the real fear of losing everything they have worked for? I have, so please, drop the xenophobic ad hominem. The proponents of amnesty are proponents of keeping the current system and that is a system that exploits people. The poor immigration setup we have hurts them arguably the most. That said, I think the American culture of limited government, hard work, and valuing the worth of the individual is worth keeping in tact. It isn't about who is superior, it is about if you rely on immigration to bolster your population there are ramifications to that. It isn't all roses, especially if you rely on persons coming from a region that is culturally very hostile to your culture. Ask Mexico about how relying on immigrants to more fully populate Texas worked out for them. Look at some of the news out of Europe now.
  2. Well there are somethings we can do to help up that birthrate among Americans. First, drop the idea a family needs to stop at only two kids. Since you have many married/cohabitating couples with no or one kid not to mention how many single folk out there, to meet that replacement ratio you need families with 3, 4, or more kids. Quit treating larger families as if they are horrible or insane. After our son was born (our second child born, our first a daughter) the nurses all asked us if we were thinking of trying permanent birth control since we had the "perfect" family. Will we have more kids, at this point who knows, we hope so, but we have had experiences that reinforce that there are no guarantees. I won't judge a childless, one child, or two child household, but as long as our replacement ratio is below 2.1, can we quit judging larger households? There is serious pressure on families to stop at two kids, this is just dumb with where we are today. It would be one thing if we were at a large replacement ratio, but we aren't. I think we are actually seeing a shift in the pro-life movement. You are seeing more and more emphasis put on this and there is a local center up in Sheridan that focuses on supporting mothers (unwed, single, or married) and providing families with job training to help them not choose abortion. I never really participated in the rallies, marches, etc. I have my doubts about their effectiveness. Giving to and supporting an organization that actually helps women, child, and men in a tough spot, I think that does far more to change our culture for the better. I know of similar centers in the Denver area, Houston area, and a number of other areas.
  3. UCF Wants BAMA

    That just explains the system we have and shows how bad of a system it is. It does not justify the lack of logic involved in determining Team A is better than Team B based on who played a harder SOS. The ridiculously small playoff requires the use of poor logic and is just one more example of just how poor of a system it is. When you have a division (FBS) with 10 conferences and over 120 teams and you limit the playoffs to just 4 teams, it is just a bad way of determining who is the best team. But this isn't about determining the best, it is about keeping power in the "P5" and making them more money. The hell I am going to defend that system at all. It deserves to be called the horrible system it is whenever discussed. If UCF's antics bring a black eye, and when you have non-sports fans talking and blasting the current playoff setup because of this (my wife even mentioned this and outside of the Pokes she doesn't follow college football at all) that is good in my opinion.
  4. UCF Wants BAMA

    This line of thinking drives me bonkers. How many times has the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA mens bb, etc titles been won from a team coming from a weaker conference/division sometimes the weakest division? That team A played an easier schedule than team B does not mean that team A is worse or better than team B. It is a non sequitur. We need an expanded playoff to include more conference champions, end of story. I don't think we need a a field of 16, but 8 will do with either 8 conference champs or 7 conference champs and one wildcard. "P5" will likely keep their spots as top dogs, but the "G5" will get a much more equitable shot with getting to earn their way as one of the top 8/7 conferences that season. This will also encourage schools to work on strengthening their conference as a whole rather than just their individual school. Will it happen, doubt it, but it isn't an impossibility.
  5. UCF Wants BAMA

    Part of me thinks that while, I may not be doing things exactly as UCF is, but shoot as one of the "G5" something needs to be done. Wondering if they should send an official challenge to Alabama. Will they come off looking like "All it does is make them look desperate like a underage whiney little sister trying to get into the club with a fake ID." yeah or something similar, but that is already how the AAC, MWC, CUSA, SBC, and MAC are viewed by these schools anyway. At least do this, and then portray the "P5" as cowards, elitists, any sort of negative slander to sling at them. The "G5" are already viewed as the little brother, may as well start forming a narrative to try and drag the "P5" down. The other part of me thinks such antics won't do any good. What we need is the MWC and AAC and the other conferences to actually work together for once. If we ever want to see a somewhat equitable seat at the table it is going to take all our resources and then probably figure a way to threaten the "P5" money and power. That likely means standing a harder line to get our TV deals more equitable as far as dollar per rating to the P5 rates and probably as much as I hate saying it political pressure. That was a heck of a game, it was also that bowl selection that I swore off being a fan of any of the "BCS/P5" leagues. Writing was on the wall then. AAC should take note because nothing has changed since then.
  6. Oprah 2020

    Failed? Here is a right slanted opinion piece, but it gives some insight to what Trump is trying to do Rasmussen Article. I want you to pay particular attention to the part about deregulation. Like him or not, Trump is getting done what he wants to get done in the bureaucracy. To do the sort of changes he is striving for is going take a lot more than one year. That said as I work with a number of federal agencies, already I can see changes. That you think he has failed just shows, you have little idea what he is going for. Note this isn't about if that deregulation is good or bad, simply that he is getting it done. Keep your head in the sand if you want, or you can look at what the other side is saying to get a better idea of what Trump's actual strategy is while he has CNN, NBC and the others distracted by whatever dumb tweet he put out today. Trumps tweets serve as the look an eagle from this clip As for people confirmed, a number of those unconfirmed positions are unfilled because he wants them empty. Is that the case for all the unfilled positions, no, but it is certainly true for a number of them. How many of Trumps nominees have been rejected for confirmation? At the cabinet level there is one, Obama had 2 his first year. Also I am not a huge Trump supporter. I like some things he has done, but I don't care for a lot of his behavior and tweets. I also do think there are others that would do a better job (I did not vote for the Trump delegate at my local GOP county convention). Yet at general election time, Hillary wasn't one of them in my opinion. You mean like Tim Scott? Alan West? How about David Clarke? How about Rubio who was a tea party favorite the first time he ran? Nicki Haley? Sarah Palin? or perhaps one of their favorite justices Clarence Thomas? Herman Cain was getting some support from what came to be the core who supported Trump. It isn't about the race or gender, it is about what the person is saying and does. I know you are writing a parody here, but anyone that actually thinks this, needs to get their head out of the sand. Of all the potential candidates mentioned in this thread, Oprah is the most dangerous to Trumps chance of reelection. Oprah is a rags to riches story and an epitome of what can be done in this nation of opportunity. Those who write off Oprah are making the same mistake as those who wrote off Trump.
  7. Oprah 2020

    Forget the Senate, run for Governor. Heck if she was able to turn Illinois around and get that State Government above water she would win president by a landslide.
  8. Oprah 2020

    Not all political experience is created equal. Political experience at legislating may not be as good as experience as being chief executive of a large company when it comes to running for the head of the executive branch. I can just about guarantee that none of the other GOP candidates running gets that tax legislation through. Also legislation is a small part of the President. Their main duty is being the chief executive of the federal bureaucracy. Personally, right now I would be wanting to look at successful governors since that job mirrors the president far better than being a Senator. There is a reason why so few senators have had success running for president. Also laughing at the idea a CEO, or business owner gets to act like a dictator. Ever act like a dictator to a client? Also acting like a dictator is not a good way to keep talent on board. I sincerely doubt you have a lick of actual business management experience. Like I wrote before I will reserve judgement until I see a platform from her.
  9. Have we gone too far?

    This is sick on multiple levels. Careful Mug, you may trigger my over-protective dad instinct here. I cannot be held legally responsible for what happens in that event.
  10. Oprah 2020

    Let her put together a campaign platform. Let's see what she wants to do. I will say Oprah probably has a whole lot more business sense and savy than just about any of the Democrat politico's named in this thread.
  11. Has anyone been to Badlands National Park?

    Black Hills are worth exploring. If you have any train aficionados I would recommend the train from Keystone to Lead. Lots of touristy stuff in the Black Hills to take money from all the Easteners and Midwest folk on their way to the Rockies. Does the family prefer more primitive (hiking, camping) or more developed (amusement type stuff) recreation? If you want to check out some bad land type terrain closer to Glacier than Badlands NP, you can check out the McCollough Peaks BLM area Outside of Cody/Powell Wyoming. This is pretty rough and primitive area. Be mindful of storms because the roads turn to a horrible mud with rain. The pizza place in Burlington close by is a great hole-in-the-wall place to get a bite. There are also some badlands outside Lovell by Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area as well. These aren't as extensive or jagged as Badlands NP, but if you want solitude and less people around they may be worth checking out.
  12. Sessions clears the path for the Feds to go after weed

    But is this not what Sessions is doing giving federal prosecutors and agencies what they need to enforce federal law? Part of the reason some were pushing for it was to attract firearm manufacturers to the state. I have doubts it would have worked. I also know of several people that are big affianados of these sorts of firearms with thousands of dollars in M1, M14 (before sale of them were banned), and then AK and AR based civilian models. That is just little old Buffalo. The interest is there, but yes Wyoming does have a low population severely limiting it's market power. Even then though the Obama Administration made clear they would act similar to what the Trump administration is doing now, i.e. ignoring the state law and enforce federal law. That is why I mention it. I would like to see both private, state, and local groups lobby firearms manufacturers to relocate from their anti-firearm states to a state that would be friendly to them.
  13. Sessions clears the path for the Feds to go after weed

    Not sure I fit the above, but I administered a self imposed exile after a certain game until Wyoming redeemed itself in Boise, plus life and work. What was your reaction when some in Wyoming were floating the idea of ignoring federal fully automatic firearm laws?
  14. Sessions clears the path for the Feds to go after weed

    No, federal law gets changed by two ways. Either an act passed by congress, or if congress won't act by a national convention other than congress and then either state legislatures or state conventions to amend the Constitution.
  15. Tapeworm salaries out of control

    When we were in Colorado, my wife was a teacher at a school in the Denver area. School never had money for field trips, those kids desperately need field trips, but the admin always got to go to Florida, South Cal, Hawaii, or some other warm weather destination for conferences. You have another solid point on the retirement side. Don't worry if markets stay growing at or above 6-7% PERA (Colorado pension) will be solvent.