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  1. Baloney. You don't get to determine what the debate hinges on. Read the language of the majority opinion of Roe v Wade and you will see the nature of the fetus absolutely plays a role. Also why do you use the term alive in quotes? There is no question that the fetus is a living human being that is scientific fact. I also don't buy that simply ending the life of ones offspring equals giving women value. I would argue it is more the opposite. Men who don't value women and want to use them for primarily for sexual pleasure want that option of abortion to be available to avoid having to take responsibility for possible natural consequences of sexual intercourse.
  2. Yeah and now look at modestobulldog's post or even look at Mayo Clinic Fetal Development. Thing is by the time one knows they are pregnant, that human has developed quite a bit.
  3. I thought it was midmajor level programs that had to watch out for the hammer. Wichita State better watch themselves here.
  4. Tinfoil hat time. Possibility that this was a tanking performance to get two bids and more money for the conference?
  5. Well here is the thing with a living person, you can show up and get yourself back to being a registered voter. Not hard. If I move back to Laramie, Centennial, or Denver where I have been purged from the voter registration, I can get myself back as a registered voter even after being purged. And as a general aside, yeah if I have to display photo ID to purchase a firearm and exercise my 2nd Amendment rights, it is not unreasonable to ask that one offer evidences that they are who they say they are in order to vote.
  6. It is the right of individuals to defend themselves and their property that is a big foundation to ensuring a continuing free market. Perfect example is the Johnson County War. If the people of Buffalo had not been armed they would have been at the total mercy of the politically connected. That wasn't that long ago and human nature hasn't changed that much. Heck look at certain neighborhoods in modern day Chicago and you see the dynamic of disarming and then disenfranchising the people while giving them a little bread and circus. And a certain Nazerene. Sorry of I side with him rather than George Lucas's opinion.
  7. Meh Utahns wearing blue, close enough. Besides the Utah State - Wyoming rivalry dates back to 1903 earlier than BYU. Nope if this means the destruction of BYU athletics Wyo will be just fine. Now Wyo just needs to get that rifle back...
  8. Scoff all you want, but as BYU fans look longingly at watching Utah State not only beat their team but then engage in actual meaningful rivalries that their school left behind (your own posts betray this longing), and they watch those unholy Cowpoke infidels launch their tirades and perhaps even ordinance at Utah State while BYU becomes late season P5 cannon fodder or playing far away G5 programs there will come a breaking point.
  9. Fellow MWC fans, do you not see it? Utah State while perhaps appearing as BYU's lackey is actually an integral part of putting down BYU athletics for good. As BYU struggles to find meaning as they are out wandering in the desert, the people of Utah (who aren't Utes fans) will begin craving relevance of some sort. Utah State will be there. Things are already progressing that way. By the way while the Boot is the trophy for Wyoming. The Bridger Rifle is one heck of a traveling trophy for Div I athletics.
  10. See like I wrote earlier Eastern Montanans (assuming with the Billings moniker) hate Missoula and UM.
  11. Eh Wyoming vs Utah and Wyoming vs Colorado is a culture clash. Montana and Wyoming is fighting over water and landmarks. Not to mention eastern Montana (the area close to Wyoming) is too similar to Wyoming and hates Missoula probably more than Wyoming ever has.
  12. Meh, if UW was in the northern part of the state maybe. As it is Laramie is closer to Boise, Logan, Albuquerque, Colorado Springs, and FoCo than Missoula.
  13. Different rules in different eras. It was far easier to have a tough defense in the 80's and before.
  14. A string of f-ups. Assasinating the heir to the throne of Austro-Hungary who was sympathetic to Serbia, Serbia refusing to give up the assassin, Austria including some questionable requirements in their ultimatum to Serbia, Austria deciding the assasination and refusal of ultimatum required military response, Russia deciding to get involved, Germany getting involved, France not telling Russia to cool it, Germany then thinking they had to hit France first and do so by going through a nuetral nation. That right there is the mother of all clusters.