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  1. The NFL is a violent game as well. Yet when a team has a playoff spot clinched, and especially if they are going against a potential future playoff opponent in the regular season what do you see? The playbook is not fully open, players may rest/sit out, or a whole assortment of tactics to better the potential to win the games that actually matter. I am not saying that Georgia and Bama were not the best two teams, what I am saying is the situation resulted in circumstances that cheapened the SEC conference game. No matter what Georgia did they were in. 41-24 barely winning, not buying it.
  2. Was Georgia sand bagging the conference championship? This complaint is directed less at the championship game and more at the conference championship. In other words if Georgia wasn't giving their all and not wanting to show their hand in the conference championship because hey even with a loss we are in, that is what I don't like. I understand why Georgia would and it makes sense, but I don't like it.
  3. I think Burman called Colorado State the "University of Nevada at Fort Collins"
  4. We may have dodged a bullet, but as of now it is looking like we have dodged straight into a semi truck. I guess we will see how good the backups are or if we are able to find a QB in the portal or JuCos. Oh what the heck maybe this is the start of an epic journey for a QB with a quintessential Wyoming name Beerup.
  5. Hey now none of that. Wyoming wasn't limping, we were drunk stumbling with some fine moments riding high and some nasty stumbles into dark, dark and not to mention dirty stairwells.
  6. Thinking on this, I am going to change what I would rank. I need to be consistent. Playoff spots are a premium and there is little to no room for wild cards, and no room for wild cards with head to head losses (adios Notre Dame and Georgia). That means looking at the next best conference champ. Will take time later today. Oh but the playoff committee will likely be lame and we will get Alabama, Michigan, Georgia, Cincy. That is the wrong decision in my opinion.
  7. How I would do it 1. Cincy (no losses, suck it P5) 2. Michigan (lone loss road rivalry and ref ball) 3. Alabama (worst loss among top three conference champs) 4. Notre Dame (Lone loss to #1 team) Georgia, sorry you got beat and I mean beat in your conference championship game, as such you forfeit any right to the playoffs. Adios. *Edit Now do I think Cincy is better than Michigan, Alabama, Georgia, no, but with a small playoff field Bama showed decisively they are better than Georgia, so if the SEC is tops Bama will carry, no need to muddy waters and
  8. So Montana State changed QB, and now McKay enters the transfer portals in the middle of the playoffs. I know people need to keep their best interests in mind, but is waiting one, two, three weeks really going to matter in the long run? Heck, if I am a prospective coach, this sort of bailing is a warning bell to me. Who knows, maybe something happened behind the scenes, but on the surface, not a good look. Kiss of death, I am hoping for an all Montana final, get er done Griz and Cats.
  9. Congrats Aggies, enjoy the win and now please take care of business in your bowl game!
  10. You are missing a few other conferences New Mexico > Wyoming > Utah State (MW) > SDSU > Yoots (PAC) > Oregon > Ohio State > Michigan State > Michigan (B$G) > Wisconsin > Iowa (B$G) continuing this string that Iowa (B$G) > Iowa State > KSU > TCU >Baylor (Big 12) > Northern Illinois (MAC) Edit* Oh there is actually another string here Ohio State > Tulsa > Memphis >
  11. College football fans watching Georgia - Alabama
  12. Wyoming fans wondering how they beat two eventual conference champs on the road, yet remembering the events that transpired 10/23 and 11/27 in Laramie... MW fans watching Utah State take it to the Aztecs The SEC Mountain regaining the throne
  13. I must congratulate UNLV fans here. Seems all the recent swagger being posted has generated enough bad juju that it has brought Nevada back to life. On a serious note, good night for the MW and adding another win over the PAC.
  14. What is your point? You wrote we need to get back to deciding it on the field not in boardrooms, but also write 8 is too many. If one wants it decided on the field, that means at a minimum each conference champ and someway to address independents.
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