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  1. Only 127?? Sounds like we might just have 12 editions of the border war this season since they seem to be the only 2 schools who can stay virus free
  2. Smoked a 13 lb brisket yesterday that has more than enough leftovers to carry us through the weekend. I was nervous but it turned out pretty good! Backyard fire right now for the kids to do hot dogs and s'mores until it's dark enough for fireworks. Happy 4th everyone!
  3. I saw on Twitter that apparently Lebron's son who will graduate HS in a few years is currently planning on attending a HBCU as well. Not sure what his talent level is like but it would be big for whatever school lands him with his name alone
  4. Thanks guys! We're promised speeds up to 40 mbps, I did the speed test last night when I noticed our speed was especially bad at it came in at only 6 mbps down / 5 mbps up. When I access the modem configuration, it's showing that I'm getting 43.6 / 5.5 (if I'm reading it right, screenshot below), so it seems like a router issue? It's a modem/router combo that we've had for a while, and it looks like it can only use a 2.4 ghz frequency. I've convinced CenturyLink to send some new hardware, so hopefully that can fix the issue and the new set up can let me try a 5 ghz frequency. Anything else I can try to improve things before the new hardware gets here?
  5. I've got CenturyLink DSL internet and it's been a pain in the ass lately. Signal strength isn't a problem at all but the speed is awful most the time. I've been ignoring it and blaming it on the whole neighborhood being home watching Netflix instead of at work/school, but we're getting to our breaking point. Any internet wizards here willing to shoot me a PM and I can walk you through the issues to see if you can think of any recommendations? Thanks in advance!!
  6. Wyoming looks like the favorites to win the 2020 COVID championship
  7. Turns out it's just the new name for the Belk bowl... ACC vs. SEC/Big 10. Too bad. Since AAC fans consider mayo it's own food group I would have assumed they were involved in some way.
  8. ... and it's sponsored by Mayonaise! I can picture it now... Brady Hoke getting showered with a Mayo-filled Gatorade cooler as an 11-win conference runner-up going against some 6-6 team from the Sun Belt.
  9. FIFY And don't even get me started on the sexual tension between Mayor Goodway and her counterpart from neighboring town Foggy Bottom, Mayor Humdinger...
  10. ‘Paw Patrol’ Writers Defend Episode Where German Shepherd Cop Shoots Unarmed Black Lab 17 Times In Back
  11. I don't care what kids show is cancelled... as long as Caillou gets killed first
  12. The husband had his first appearance in court today. Looks likely that the remains found are the 2 kids.
  13. I think they've been there before and even searched the yard area with metal detectors and rakes, so my guess is they got some new information from someone that led them back there to dig
  14. Boise is closing off a block downtown to allow restaurants to have more patio space available. Probably will be so popular that social distancing between people passing through will be impossible, but hopefully this last for a while... I wouldn't even mind to see this become permanent
  15. I'm probably just going to write in @mugtang...
  16. Thank you for your continued interest in, and support of, Wyoming Cowboys athletics!!
  17. Was going to do it earlier this year until March Madness was cancelled... maybe next year.
  18. Isn't there a rule that grad transfers can only happen if the athlete enrolls in a new degree program that isn't offered at his previous school? I guess the one thing he learned at USC was to plan for life after football... and truck driving is a very respectable profession.
  19. Nature is healing... https://www.foxnews.com/us/wyoming-strip-clubs-reopening
  20. With the mountains in the background... is that Utah?
  21. Well that took longer than I would've liked... finally convinced the supplier to ship a replacement for a slide section that refused to align with the rest of it. Was pretty close to just tearing it all down and having a bonfire!!