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  1. The boot is still in Laramie. The cannon is still red. You won't be able to win them back until 2021. That is all.
  2. I've always understood it to cover sales tasks that are done 100% done from "inside" the office, such as online product demos, setting up meetings for field sales reps, pre- and after-sales support, etc. but I'm sure that definition varies quite a bit for different industries.
  3. Kudos to whoever had "presidential candidate bitten by a bat" on their 2020 bingo card
  4. In case you wondered what a couple thousand tons of ammonium nitrate looks like when it explodes... Reports of broken glass up to 15 miles away. I can't imagine how high the injured/death count is going to be. Not to mention the infrastructure rebuild.
  5. @halfmanhalfbronco did you end up going to that Bigfoot expo here in Boise? Can't remember when that was so not sure if COVID cancelled it or not...
  6. Probably explains why he thinks the coronavirus is a hoax... all that social distancing might just make him go over the edge
  7. Seems ambitious... I mean, they only pay their God 10%. I say we demand free ice cream vouchers for all visiting fans and make them promise to not accept any bowl invite that would impact MW tie-ins.
  8. As my mom used to say, "the only places open after midnight are the ER and the county jail. So you better come home before you do something stupid enough to end up in either one"
  9. Yep. And at the same time we might see a boom in residential real estate with people looking to upsize... gotta get an extra bedroom for that home office!
  10. Only 127?? Sounds like we might just have 12 editions of the border war this season since they seem to be the only 2 schools who can stay virus free
  11. Smoked a 13 lb brisket yesterday that has more than enough leftovers to carry us through the weekend. I was nervous but it turned out pretty good! Backyard fire right now for the kids to do hot dogs and s'mores until it's dark enough for fireworks. Happy 4th everyone!
  12. I saw on Twitter that apparently Lebron's son who will graduate HS in a few years is currently planning on attending a HBCU as well. Not sure what his talent level is like but it would be big for whatever school lands him with his name alone