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  1. Boom! 3 more outs! Question is who does Roberts go with in the 9th... Treinen or Jansen? Or just Urias keep dealing?
  2. Same tactic nearly worked for Wyoming on Saturday and it just gave the Dodgers the lead after 6.
  3. And just like that Barnes gets a hit and rays go to the bullpen! Go Blue
  4. Do you even MWCboard, bro? A reverse jinx works every time
  5. Runs against Snell were always a long shot... was hoping they could at least drive his pitch count up so he was pulled after 5 or so. Here's to game 7...
  6. In a culture dominated by talking points and "gotcha" moments, it definitely is refreshing to see people take time to seriously consider things like this.
  7. I think the whole premise that there is a great balancing act between inflation and unemployment is decaying. We haven't really had a clear period of growth/recovery along that curve since the 60's. There's a lot more to unemployment than just macro policy, of course. I guess I'm not convinced that we need to keep trying to find a correlation between that and target inflation. But you're point that unemployment has a higher social impact than inflation definitely makes sense, so when politicians are looking to be re-elected you can guess which axis they will priori
  8. Somehow he is still listed as the #1 returner on the latest depth chart released yesterday...
  9. A gif thread on a Monday after a nearly full slate of MW games. Nature is healing. Bless you @East Coast Aztec
  10. Just playing devil's advocate... It could be that the on-field officials in real time thought the ball hit the ground and called it incomplete. Then when they took it replay, they didn't have a clear and obvious view of one player or another having possession so they had to stick with what they called on the field. I think Wyoming got screwed on that play... but there were many other aspects of the game that are to blame for the loss than that 1 bad call.
  11. "An eye for an eye and an RPG for a dog turd"
  12. Now the question is... bullpen will be stretched thin in game 6, how big will the lead need to be for Roberts to perhaps throw Buehler in there for 3 innings to close the series out? I think it would be stupid to give away a big lead in game 6 by sticking with Baez, Kelly, etc. with your best pitcher sitting in the dugout.
  13. I thought they announced Buehler isn't going until game 7?
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