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  1. Shame on the UEFA broadcast for continuing to show him being given CPR and zooming in on his wife's face during the on-field care. I can't remember the last time I felt that sick/concerned watching live TV. So glad to hear he's apparently on a path to recovery. Here's to Denmark winning the whole damn thing.
  2. Yep. I saw some people (even the ESPN broadcast) saying that a player is cap tied if they play in 4+ friendlies, which I'm 99% sure isn't true
  3. FIFA drafted some new rules last year about the requirements for a player to switch between countries, and that has left some confusion about what is actually required to "cap tie" a player in the first place. The way I understand it, a player isn't tied to a country unless he plays for them in at least 1 "official" match, such as World Cup qualifiers, the just completed Nations League, etc. Friendly/exhibition games don't count.
  4. He, along with nearly everyone else who played Nations League, will not be playing in the Gold Cup. That roster will be MLS guys and maybe very few European guys (Hoppe, de la Fuente, etc.). It would be better to get our main guys rolling with their club's preseason and have them in form for the qualifiers starting in September.
  5. Sure, but "5-6 years of school" needs a little asterisk when the social worker-to be is in classes like a geology lab or intro to theater for a good chunk of time. Is a cop well trained if he has a criminal justice degree before entering the academy?
  6. A graduate degree in social work only requires 30-60 credit hours. Not really sure I'd trust one more than a cop alone when dealing with a multi-faceted situation that may be endangering multiple people. I'd trust my barber more than any public servant.
  7. Not really a "crazy" thing that happened, but definitely a funny experience. We went and visited my wife's family in southwest Wyoming over the weekend for a wedding. To avoid having to help set up the reception, we went and visited my wife's grandparents farm for lunch and to let the kids play with the animals, since their exposure to farm life has been pretty limited up to this point. Well, when we arrived, great-grandpa handed my 6 year old an apron and told him to put it on. We happened to visit on chicken culling day. They have a dozen or so chickens, but 4 of them were some bro
  8. His age and reduced speed was definitely exploited against Mexico. A big part of that was due to a formation change like @sebasourmentioned. The US decided to try 3 guys at the back (allowing the wingbacks on the outside to stay further forward). One weakness of this formation is a lot of times the 3 central defenders might get forced out wide and/or be isolated 1v1. Also, Ream was kind of picked to start out of necessity, as we have 2 solid central defenders who were unavailable because of injury (Chris Richards, Aaron Long). Another issue is that the US didn't start the game with a
  9. A men's and women's basketball tourney title and a division championship in football during that time? While not stellar, pretty sure every fan would prefer that resume to whatever UNLV accomplished during that time frame
  10. Different folks will have different answers depending on who's in office when you ask that question. Immigration is an easy talking point to get your base fired up every 4 years... why risk actually solving the issue?
  11. I meant to say that her message to Central Americans shouldn't be "don't come" but instead "stay where you are, we are 110% committed to making your current community the safest place for you to raise your family, and making the dangerous journey to our southern border isn't worth the risk" if there really is any substance to their plan. Simply saying "don't come" and not visiting a border town after being appointed a "border czar" 6 months ago doesn't really instill any confidence that the US is really serious about fixing the issue.
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