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  1. This is exactly what I was hoping for when I opened the thread, lol. Then again, with COVID extra years and everything... lots of teams have been a bit more "mature" lately. Hunter Maldonado had a NIL deal with Social Security
  2. Hot take... but those Utah "shakes" aren't milkshakes. If you can't drink it with a straw, it's not a milkshake. Still good, but they're closer to DQ Blizzards than anything else.
  3. But the real question is... Does Cleopatra qualify for reparations?
  4. GARNACHA QUE APAPACHA LLC https://maps.app.goo.gl/vcKptNsUjmq6Fekw5
  5. The best thing Nampa had going for them (birria truck) will be opening a brick and mortar in Boise sometime this year. Believe it's somewhere off the Overland/Cole area. Those quesabirrias are legendary. Ran by a couple from Mexico City
  6. As a blonde-hair, blue-eyed guy who is 1/16 black, I feel seen... lol But at least I can get a tan really easily
  7. Sharing a six-pack and a pound then walking across the street to watch a football game is how I met my wife. TJ's will always hold a special place in my heart
  8. Hopefully leads to Excalibur and Luxor doing some much needed improvements as well. All they had going for them was they weren't the ugliest building (Trop) on the block
  9. Looks like they have an agreement for the current Tropicana site (SE corner of Tropicana and the Blvd). Was the earlier announcement about the site on the other side of I-15 not an "agreement"? The optics of changing stadium sites a couple weeks after announcing a stadium site seems... very A's
  10. Well shoot... I see mine and everyone else's. Not sure what the issue would be. Exceeded our board cuteness limit perhaps? Paging @retrofade... Got $5 worth of toys and treats already. Local rescue is providing food, litter, and everything else. Doesn't seem to like wet food all that much. Was on a hunger strike until we put wet and dry in separate bowls, then has eaten the dry only
  11. Harvey is a rescue that we guess is 8 or 9 now. Our best guess is a bulldog/mastiff mix. Hopefully he's got a lot of miles left. Pinto is a dumb but lovable 2 year old cockapoo that we took in from a friend who could no longer care for him. They're pretty much best buds. And as of 2 days ago, we're the foster parents of this hairball. Has slowly warmed up to give the occasional head boop on your leg if you walk into her room while she's out of the carrier. Maybe we'll become friends enough to let her get a decent picture taken at least. Eligible for adoption starting next week if nobody claims her before then.
  12. Would you be opposed to removing the 3-point line in basketball and having the on-court refs decide how much the shot should be worth in real time?
  13. Nice try... We can all see this as a ruse to give yourself another opportunity to show everyone your giant "snake"
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