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  1. You can't use a name/title/occupation of any people or you're just setting yourselves up for criticism and outcry at some point in the future. UNLV should stick with an animal mascot. Everyone loves animals. Why not use an animal native to the Las Vegas area as the next mascot? How about Rhinos?
  2. Change in mascot because of racism? Or because of self-realization that UNLV basketball has been turning into SJSU?
  3. Got it working now through the conference website. Couldn't get it to load through gowyo.com for some reason...
  4. Anyone else having issues opening the stream for WYO vs. AFA?
  5. @The Ghost of Jack Graham trying to deny @BSUTOP25 and @halfmanhalfbronco claims that he was Cowboy Junky:
  6. @Joe from WY to @Orange after visiting his theater
  7. Best you can do is bronze behind the Belgrade Bulldozer and this guy
  8. Would also be cool if the refs let Wyoming play 6 on 5. Or make Kigab play with his shoes tied together
  9. Lots of back and forth action, both teams shooting around 50%, refs aren't too whistle-happy. Overall a really fun half to watch (Except for the score)
  10. Same. I think they're expecting Boise's quickness will close out too quickly to allow many open 3 looks so might as well attack inside. Maldonado and Marble are really underrated inside scoring threats
  11. Well I'm right so far... hopefully Wyo can settle into a groove
  12. I'd be interested to see how much the relationship between coaches affects the game flow. Boise will win, but I think Wyo will have a good chance to send Boise back home with at least 1 loss. Even if the losses pile up, this version of Wyoming basketball has been much more fun to watch compared to last seasons. Screw the football championship tonight, give me Cowboy basketball!
  13. Wyoming is still getting comfortable in the new system and is truly live or die by the 3 at this point in time. Marcus Williams is a really skilled PG who can get to the rim when needed, but it still remains to be seen if he has that skill set when going up against a defense as talented and long as Boise. The lack of a solid post guy (meaning not a 6'10" 3-point shooter) on both ends of the court is less than ideal against a team like Boise. My guess is Wyoming will come out to a slow start as they get used to the Boise defense, but will eventually find a way to keep it close at the end.
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