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  1. Rainy weather and post-COVID shopping crowds probably helped minimize the number of folks in harms way. But yeah, even retirees and stir-crazy stay at home mom's don't deserve to experience this.
  2. Lots of people coming in with "I have the same dog walker as an ER doc at St. Al's and he said..." Not sure why people think it's some cool thing to announce stuff like that. It's not like the facts will never come out as police are able to assess everything and notify involved parties... Also shame on KTVB for posting a picture of a car with a local license plate completely visible with a very obvious bullet hole through the driver side window. I'm sure their family really appreciates seeing that before the Boise PD can possibly contact them.
  3. Rumor on Twitter says 2 confirmed dead. So sad when things like this happen close to home...
  4. Well, it's been fun. Good luck Braves. Hope you sweep those cheaters.
  5. Lol! I made carne asada fries for dinner. Maybe that Wyoming loss played a subconscious part in meal planning...
  6. Man, Haener is getting beat like he stole something *insert Haener-wheelchair-grandma-Nevada joke here*
  7. 3rd down spot looked fine. Thought he got it on 4th, though
  8. Figured the CSU field goal scramble would be a runaway winner... but there go my Pokes
  9. Bring back Hazelton as head coach. I'm sure he can pry some hot shot from the big 12 to run the offense
  10. A whopping 2 TD's in the last 10 quarters of football... and they need to score at least 2 in the next 30 minutes in order to get a win. Good game, Lobos. Congrats on the conference road win.
  11. Down 2 scores. My money says Bohl takes a knee before half.
  12. I'm using the app through my fire stick. Based off Twitter, I'm behind by a minute or 2, but it's been steady with clear picture for me
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