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  1. Bad loss for the Aggies and the conference. VCU was predicted to finish near the bottom of the A-10.
  2. Great win Aztecs. You guys look every bit as good as last year.
  3. Where’s the aloha spirit?
  4. 1. Nevada 2. SJSU 3 SDSU 4. Hawaii 5. Boise 6. Fresno 7. Colorado State 8. Wyoming 9. New Mexico 10. AFA 11. UNLV 12. Utah State
  5. The Spartans are the real deal. A legit defense and two QBs who can win for them. I’m happy for you guys who have remained loyal and get to enjoy a year like this. Congratulations on a great win last night.
  6. Thanks for the heads up. Not being sarcastic-I do appreciate it.
  7. You’re right. It’s the fault of the MWC that the Broncos were so badly embarrassed last night. You guys really should take what remains of your greatness and join the P6. On your way out, act like BYU and try to take a few teams with you.
  8. I wonder what could have triggered a message like this at 1 a.m? Enjoy your new league. I’m certain the kids and fans will appreciate the travel and great new rivalries that await in the P6.
  9. I agree, except I’d take ML on AFA and Boise.
  10. 1. Aztecs 2. Broncos 3. Wolf Pack 4. Spartans 5. Wyoming 6. Warriors 7. Bulldogs 8. Rebels 9. AFA 10. Lobos 11. Aggies 12. Rams
  11. That was an incredible catch. The Spartans are looking good.
  12. He was named our backup.
  13. BYU has a solid team, but no way will they be part of the CFP. They haven’t played anybody to date. Plus, Boise and/or SDSU will bring them back down to earth.
  14. I’ve never understood how these ratings are calculated. I was surprised to see Bachmeier higher than Strong.
  15. Dang, the Pack had a legitimate shot at going 4-0 in nonconference. The highest rated FBS opponent according to this ranking came in at #60. We also had #74 & 76.
  16. If there was going to be a football season this year, this news would be more upsetting than it already is. The Pack is super thin at the QB position. I thought Kaiden had a real chance of getting significant playing time. This one stings.
  17. This ^^^, plus the Big Sky Champ would have a losing league record in the AAC or MWC.
  18. Pack is doing everything it can to save your coach’s job.
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