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  1. If there was going to be a football season this year, this news would be more upsetting than it already is. The Pack is super thin at the QB position. I thought Kaiden had a real chance of getting significant playing time. This one stings.
  2. Dang, a 6.5 will definitely get your attention. Stay safe up there.
  3. Solid schedule. Good job Rebs.
  4. God bless you Mug for your kindness. You’re a good man.
  5. Nevada fans are so gracious; we get excluded from polls like these.
  6. This ^^^, plus the Big Sky Champ would have a losing league record in the AAC or MWC.
  7. Pack is doing everything it can to save your coach’s job.
  8. That last hit he took will give him something to think about.