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  1. I feel bad for Solano. That kid has worked hard and really earned his shot at the starting spot. With that said, I think the job is Strong’s to lose at this point. He looked really solid in the spring game. It would be nice to have a kid who could eventually become a four-year starter.
  2. Horrible news. Sending prayers for his family, friends, and teammates.
  3. Sorry, got tired of hearing about possible candidates from the MWC joining the AAC. Our commissioner needs to go on the offensive and make AAC sweat losing some of their top teams.
  4. I’ll never understand how certain people can take so much pleasure in seeing someone’s dream career ending.
  5. Tonight changes nothing as far as Muss’ prospects are concerned.
  6. As thanks for your attempt to increase traffic on our tourney thread, I thought I would return the favor and post on your NIT thread. Can you give me an assist and tell me where it’s located?
  7. Really looking forward to this game. After watching the Aggies handle the Aztecs, I’m not sure the Pack gets out of Logan with a W. I think this game will be a good indicator of how Nevada will perform in the dance. Good luck Aggies-you guys are legit. Go Wolf Pack!
  8. Aztecs get pumped up for their game of the year. Meanwhile the Pack keeps winning MWC championships and going to the tourney. I’ll keep Muss thanks. You guys hang on to your annual consolation trophy.
  9. OK, so would you choose Dutcher over Muss?
  10. So you’re saying you would choose Dutcher over Muss?
  11. This ^^^, plus the Big Sky Champ would have a losing league record in the AAC or MWC.
  12. Pack is doing everything it can to save your coach’s job.