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  1. Dang, a 6.5 will definitely get your attention. Stay safe up there.
  2. Solid schedule. Good job Rebs.
  3. God bless you Mug for your kindness. You’re a good man.
  4. Nevada fans are so gracious; we get excluded from polls like these.
  5. Spartans played great D last night. Picked Drew’s pocket cleanly several times, which I’ve never seen. That was a frustrating game to watch as a Pack fan.
  6. Congrats Aztecs. Way to represent the conference.
  7. 1. Aztecs 2. Aggies 3. Wolf Pack 4. Lobos 5. Rebels 6. Broncos 7. Rams 8. Cadets 9. Bulldogs 10. Spartans 11. Cowboys
  8. Congratulations AFA. Great way to end a stellar season!
  9. Listening to Walton’s incoherent ramblings was especially irritating when the Pack went cold in the second half.
  10. Fantastic win Aztecs. Great day for the MWC when paired with the Aggies win vs the Gators. I hope my Wolf Pack can surprise St Mary’s tonight.
  11. I’m really enjoying this Aggies team. They play so unselfishly. I hope Quetta is OK.
  12. He plays with a ton of energy as well.
  13. This ^^^, plus the Big Sky Champ would have a losing league record in the AAC or MWC.