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  1. Go Gauchos! I’ve got you guys going to the Sweet Sixteen in my bracket.
  2. NMSU was outgained 337-55 yards in the first half. Wow.
  3. I’m not sure how we are favored in this one. I never bet against the Pack, but if I was doing this for a living, I’d take the Rebs ML.
  4. No more Runnin’ Rebs. Bummer. The two other southern Nevada colleges beat UNLV to two mascot names that might have been good fits . . . Coyotes and Scorpions. My friend suggested the Runnin’ Elvi. Works for me.
  5. It would be outstanding to get four teams in the tourney, but I would be surprised if we landed more than two.
  6. Wow Rams. What a comeback. Incredible mental toughness.
  7. All we need now is a leaked Brennan email whining about the MWC stifling SJSU’s true greatness.
  8. How’s the beatdown going...this is great!
  9. Hard to watch Pack sports the past few days.
  10. Impressive win last night Aztecs. You have all the pieces to make a deep run in the tourney.
  11. Bad loss for the Aggies and the conference. VCU was predicted to finish near the bottom of the A-10.
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