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  1. Sputnik46

    Nevada at Toledo

    582 yards of offense and we lose by 19. Pitiful.
  2. Sputnik46

    Nevada at Toledo

  3. Sputnik46

    Nevada at Toledo

    Haha. No doubt. Kick goes from, “it’s not even close,” to “its good.” Camera work is even better.
  4. Sputnik46

    Nevada at Toledo

    Rocket touchdown courtesy of poor clock management. Sheesh
  5. Sputnik46

    AAC vs their Peers

    That is definitely an interesting picture of the past several years. AAC P6 bluster is a bunch of crap but still brilliant marketing by their commish. I like that we’re up on the AAC 2-0 this year. MWC is 16-3 against non-P5 OOC opponents so far this year (although many of those wins are against FCS cupcakes). We’ve gone 3-5 against the PAC and have even knocked out an SEC win (good job CSU). Overall I’d say the MWC is trending up.
  6. Sputnik46

    Chip the Buffalo shot himself

    Right in the Rocky Mountain Oysters
  7. Sputnik46

    Should BSU Miss The Playoff

    Just hoping to avoid a whammy.
  8. Sputnik46

    Rank Em

    I’ll go with this one. MWC has some really solid teams from the top to middle this year.
  9. Sputnik46

    Should BSU Miss The Playoff

    I hope Nevada basketball fans followed this thread.
  10. Sputnik46


    Good for Chris. He works hard and has always done a great job getting us info on the Wolf Pack. I’m sorry to see him leave the RGJ.
  11. Sputnik46

    OT: Long Beach State to change their mascot

    Oh for Pete’s sake
  12. Sputnik46

    Scratch UTSA off of the expansion list

    Dang, you actually made me go back and do research to make sure my old guy memory wasn’t failing me haha. I found an article from when Dan Gustin retired as the Pack announcer. He mentioned that one of the memorable things he saw during his career was when the guy who was in charge of the cannon shot it off as the team ran out on the field and it blew Steve Bryant’s jersey right off his back.
  13. Sputnik46

    Scratch UTSA off of the expansion list

    Both of those were hilarious. Archie’s reaction to the dugout fall was classic.
  14. Sputnik46

    Scratch UTSA off of the expansion list

    A Wolf Pack linebacker had his jersey shot off when he stepped in front of the cannon back in the early nineties. Good times.
  15. Sputnik46

    How many points will Vandy score today?

    Less than a Big Sky team hung on SJSU