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  1. Sputnik46

    Dirtiest basketball play ever

    Man, that is about as bad as it gets. He could have scrambled that kid’s brains with a shot like that.
  2. Sputnik46

    OT - Anyone in Reno Want an Easy $50??

    Are you a Nigerian prince?
  3. Sputnik46

    Byu @ (#7) Nevada game thread

    Anyone know if JC is going to play?
  4. Sputnik46

    Fresno @ Boise

    The Dogs will win this one by at least a touchdown.
  5. Sputnik46

    The Bear Just Picked A MWC Upset

    He actually used the phrase, “two words.”
  6. Sputnik46

    The Bear Just Picked A MWC Upset

    He also said the wrong team was favored. Happy to hear that, but a little surprised. Also happy to hear him say Wolf Pack, two words, and he actually knew the Pack plays in Mackay stadium.
  7. Sputnik46

    Nevada vs SF State (Exhibition)

    Couldn’t go to the game tonight. Lots of concerns looking at those stat lines vs SFSU. We were down at the half. Three point shooting was abysmal. Henson went o-fer. Also not sure why Brown played so sparingly.
  8. Sputnik46

    MWC Condensed Games

    Thank you!
  9. Sputnik46

    CBS Sports Ranks 'Em 1-351

    Wow, Norlander appears to have done a lot of legwork to compile these rankings. Hats off to him.
  10. Sputnik46

    Utah student-athlete murdered

    Those were my thoughts as well. Prayers are with her family.
  11. Sputnik46

    Nevada vs Washington (Exhibition)

    Just got home from the exhibition. Man that was humbling. Probably the dose of medicine needed to keep everyone grounded.
  12. Sputnik46

    Nevada @ Hawaii

    Can’t believe how many passes are being dropped by Hawaii receivers.
  13. Sputnik46

    MWC NBA Player Streak

    Chris Murray at Nevada SportsNet compiled a list of the MWC teams with the longest streaks of players in the NBA. No slam on the Rebs but I was surprised to see UNLV topped the list by a wide margin by having a player in the NBA for 44 straight seasons. New Mexico was second at 28 followed by Fresno (19) and the Wolf Pack (15). Pretty impressive Rebs.
  14. Sputnik46

    Turd Of the Week- Week 7

    The SJSU loss was probably the biggest turd, but I voted for Hawaii because they lost badly when I expected them to clean BYU’s clock.
  15. Sputnik46

    Warbow - Mini helmet bet?

    Playing on the Rock?!?! Bold move Mug.